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JamesTaitMorning all! o/09:16
gatoxgood morning!11:10
teknicohi everyone, how's it going? :-)14:40
ralsinahi teknico!14:43
teknicoralsina, hi!14:44
karnihi teknico, ralsina o/ :)15:19
mattywchaselivingston, you around?16:49
chaselivingstonmattyw: yep, what's up?17:16
Tm_Thi all19:46
chaselivingstonTm_T: hi!19:48
Tm_T2147.16 < Tm_T> looks like there's something going on with 7digital? U1 music store doesn't allow me to purchase, complains I have no card yet19:53
Tm_T2147.50 < Tm_T> indeed, 7digital.com is giving me maintenance screen now19:53
Tm_Tchaselivingston: I heard you could be a person interested of this ^19:54
chaselivingstonTm_T: sure, that's something we're looking into, have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?19:55
Tm_Tchaselivingston: I did try try hard refresh yet, I can try with clean session too19:56
joshuahooverTm_T: what country are you in?19:56
joshuahooverTm_T: this will help us narrow down the possibilities19:56
joshuahooverTm_T: when you go to https://one.ubuntu.com/music-store/checkout you're clicking on "Complete purchase" and then see the "you need to register a card" page or an error?19:58
Tm_TI'm from finland19:59
Tm_Tjoshuahoover: that I need to register a card19:59
joshuahooverTm_T: and you enter a card and the store keeps saying you don't have a card registered?20:00
Tm_T7digital.com did show my card just fine before going down though20:01
Tm_Tyeah, no matter what I do to my session, the same issue20:02

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