micahgLen-nb: sorry, will take care of it tomorrow for sure05:33
smartboyhwlen-1304, I am revising for mid-year:P10:33
smartboyhwFinal is in June10:33
zequenceSeems like my server HD is dead11:41
smartboyhwzequence, oh no11:47
zequenceI've only been using it for IRC lately, so no big deal.11:49
smartboyhwzequence, :D11:52
astraljavaI installed the server version of quantal on a P4 machine for a friend for just that purpose. It's lightning-swift!12:06
astraljavaI'm once again finding myself wondering what I actually need a GUI for. :)12:07
jussicripes, its an astraljava12:17
astraljavaWhere? WHERE?!! RRUUUUUNNNN!12:26
smartboyhwjussi, wrong grammar. It is "cripes, its THE astraljava":P12:28
astraljavaWhat makes you so sure we're not a species?12:37
smartboyhwastraljava, pah I searched on Wikipedia and all sorts of bio websites:P12:40
astraljavaNot all shady, terrifying things need to be brough upon common knowledge.13:03
scott-workgood morning everyone13:23
smartboyhwscott-work, hi. 13:24
scott-workhow are you finals going smartboyhw 13:25
smartboyhwscott-work, 1. That is NOT the finals, that is mid-year13:25
smartboyhw2. OK fine, except for Physics and Geography:(13:25
smartboyhwStarting on I think 2nd January13:25
scott-workoh yeah, christmas (for christians) break13:25
* scott-work wonders what non-christians call this break13:26
jussixmas :P13:26
smartboyhwscott-work, Christmas break:P13:26
smartboyhwWell our school is a Christian school anyway13:26
scott-worki'm not shocked or upset by this, but when i went to school we had "halloween" which is now branded as "fall festival"13:27
scott-workso i was wondering if "christmas break" had been transmogrified as well13:27
astraljavaI think it just describes the festive better. Everybody's falling (down), so...13:28
scott-workand please don't misunderstand me, i do have a background as a white, american, male, christain, but i can empathize with the world-view that this is _my_ background, not theirs and it's pretty egocentric to force our customs, etc on others13:29
smartboyhwscott-work, jussi astraljava do you believe in the end of the world tmr?13:29
scott-worklol astraljava 13:29
scott-worksmartboyhw: boy i hope not....i still have _way_ too many things i want to do13:29
astraljavaI believe in not believing into things.13:30
astraljava1.5 hours of sleep a night really is a tad too little.13:30
smartboyhwastraljava, LOL13:30
smartboyhwHow come a code merge mail from Launchpad got into spam!?!?14:13
astraljavaIt smells rotten.14:14
smartboyhwastraljava, can't be:P That is actually fixing a bug14:15
smartboyhwBug 1092310 if you do care:P14:15
ubottubug 1092310 in Ubuntu Community Accomplishments "ubuntu-testcase-member test failure" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109231014:15
* astraljava looks around, finds no one, shrugs and goes shopping14:27
smartboyhwastraljava, LOL14:29
len-1304scott-work, smartboyhw have you looked at nautilus in 13.04? What do you think of switching to thunar?14:35
len-1304scott-work, I tried installing catfish and found it will not run :P14:36
len-1304bluesabre in xubuntu was going to check and see if it works in xubuntu still.14:37
len-1304If I have time I will download xubuntu and check. then bug.14:38
smartboyhwlen-1304, I think it is OK14:46
len-1304smartboyhw, "it" =?14:54
smartboyhwlen-1304, nautilus14:58
len-1304Have you tried to search for anything?14:58
len-1304is it still better than thunar?14:59
smartboyhwlen-1304, I do use search. I have never used Thunar though:P15:02
len-1304in nautilus in 13.04 rty searching for all the icons with the word application in the name... nautilus will only give the files in the current directory any more.15:04
len-1304maybe zsync should be installed by default :P15:08
smartboyhwlen-1304, LOL15:08
len-1304110 kb... and we all use it. I can think of SW we include fewer people use.  :)15:09
smartboyhwlen-1304, well normal people who are not developers or testers seldom use that don't they?15:10
smartboyhwThey use wget:P15:10
len-1304there is 11% of the last xubuntu iso I downloaded still in the new one.15:10
len-1304zsync allows updating a file without downloading the whole thing.15:11
smartboyhwlen-1304, well of course yes:D15:11
* len-1304 is off to work.15:12
smartboyhwlen-1304, bye bye15:12
smartboyhwhello ttoine 15:33
scott-worklen-1304: this afternoon/evening i will check both ubuntu studio 13.04 and xubuntu15:34
ttoinescott-work, is 13.04 stable enough to install it and test it on an intel 32bit laptop ?16:14
scott-workttoine: i haven't testing it on a 32 bit but it does appear stable on the 64 bit.  i believe len-1304 has tested and uses 32 bit machines though.16:19
ttoineok. scott-work it is interessant to test a dist upgrade from 12.10 ?16:26
scott-workttoine: if you want to do that, then i think it would be a good test. but i wouldn't really consider it critical at this point.16:28
ttoine scott-work of course. I will install 12.10 32bit on my old intel16:41
ttoineand test the upgrade16:42
scott-worki am curious to hear how it progresses16:46
ttoinescott-work, I let you know16:57
ttoinescott-work, any news from the ubunstudio.org emails ?16:57
zequencettoine, I think all of us will be notified, since we are all requestors16:58
ttoinejust to let you know17:01
ttoineI am the new treasurer of the Ubuntu Lyon locoteam17:01
ttoineI don't know if the work treasurer is the one in english17:02
zequenceIt sounds a bit royal :). Don't think it's the wrong term, but I don't really know.17:04
ttoinezequence, in non profit organisation, in France, there is a president, a secretary and a treasurer. but, yes, I think that there may be better words in english17:09
ttoineneed to go17:09

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