afournieris there a reason why upstart 1.6.1 installs upstart-socket-bridge.conf but does not install upstart-udev-bridge.conf09:22
afournierbtw upstart-udev-bridge is not compiled/installed either, could be a udev dependency problem ?09:23
afournierthat was it, too bad the configure is not more verbose when it cannot find udev09:26
errordeveloperhava used an infinite task as a place holder for a multi-instance service11:08
errordeveloperhave 4 conf files svc.conf, svc-instance.conf, svc-stop-task.conf and svc-start-task.conf11:08
errordeveloperso start and stop tasks are doing a loop around starting and stoping service instance with PORT being the instance variable11:09
errordeveloperall works good and I can `/sbin/stop svc` and `/sbin/start svc`, but `/sbin/restart svc` doesn't affect anything 11:10
errordeveloperthe stop and start task use `start on stopped svc` and `start on started svc` respectively11:11
errordeveloperi'm happy to add svc-restart-task.conf, but don't know what to put in it ...11:11
xnoxerrordeveloper: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#restarting-jobs-with-complex-conditions ?11:21
errordevelopernevermind, I fixed it by using `start on {stopping,starting} svc` in the svc-{start,stop}-task.conf11:33
errordeveloperso on restart of an infinite task you don't seem to get stopped->started, but you do get stopping->starting11:35
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vekexasiahello all15:50
vekexasiaI'm trying to undestand why i can stop/start my instance15:50
vekexasiabut not restart15:50
vekexasiasomeone that could help me '15:53
xnoxvekexasia: did you read the cookbook about restart? can you please pastebin your job?16:21
vekexasiai read it not much about restart section is "for me"16:22
vekexasiaupstart start nodejs-instance FOLDERNAME="Example"16:24
vekexasiatriggers pre-start and post-start16:24
vekexasia"stop" triggers pre-stop and post-stop16:24
vekexasia"restart" triggers only pre-stop and does not stop the instance at all16:24
vekexasiait's not a big deal i cannot restart my instances but i wanted to know if there's something i can do.16:25
vekexasiaany idea xnox ?16:27
vekexasiaping xnox :)16:36
xnoxvekexasia: change log priority to debug, start/stop your instance and then restart & compare the events / transitions.16:37
xnoxvekexasia: i am not sure if post-stop is suppose to be run or not when doing "restart"16:38
vekexasiaxnox I thought that too. Problem is instance is not getting stopped :(16:38
vekexasiasorry for the dumb question but /var/log/syslog is not reporting anything16:40
vekexasiaam I looking in the wrong place? 16:40
xnoxshould be correct place.16:41
vekexasianothing is printed in there16:41
vekexasianeither with initctl log-priority debug16:41
xnoxvekexasia: does restart work correctly without respawn?16:41
vekexasiawell should i get something with start/stop in the log ?16:41
vekexasiacause even with start/stop i do not get anything16:42
xnoxhave you check dmesg / daemon.log as well?16:44
vekexasianothing on dmesg16:44
vekexasiadoes not even exist16:44
vekexasiaand no,  it does not work even withouth respawn16:45
vekexasiaxnox ?18:39
vekexasiastill no luck18:39

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