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xrsi need to erase 2 thumb drives but cant: "Unable to delete partition: Unrerognized disk label"01:38
well_laid_lawnwhat's the disk label?01:47
xrs...now i cant see them at all01:49
xrsi know one of them was a string of numbers01:50
xrsthey were working just fine untill i tried to erase them01:52
well_laid_lawnare you using gparted or something else?01:53
xrsfirst with whatever kubuntu 12.04.1 uses, and now with gparted on Ubuntu Studio 12.1001:54
well_laid_lawnI'd open a terminal and run   dmesg   and see what the kernel has to say about them01:57
xrsdmesg doesnt look out of the ordinary, but i see no where where it says the label02:01
xrs heres something: sdd: unknown partition table02:02
well_laid_lawnwhat was the original filesystem on it?02:03
xrsone was ext2, the other fat32. unknown partition table on the ext2 drive02:04
well_laid_lawnthat should have been ok02:05
xrsguess ill give testdisk a shot02:07
well_laid_lawnyou could try to dd the drive02:11
xrsbetter idea02:15
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eggggshello all02:28
XRS1dd did the trick thanx02:29
mazda01for some reason my chromium-browser keeps crashing. this is in kern.log: pool[4892]: segfault at 10 ip 000000000042e1a7 sp 00007fb2f3ffe9e0 error 4 in gnome-keyring-daemon02:43
mazda01any thoughts? it only started happening after I installed steam beta02:43
XRS1trying to setup something like Windows Internet Connection Sharing with Routing & Remote Access. my other laptop doesnt get reception so i want this: ISP WiFi Router -> Laptop -> ethernet to 2nd wifi router -> 2nd laptop03:29
alphissup all. i've an issue with 12.04 xubuntu i was hoping to get some help with04:48
alphisim uisng the alternative iso04:48
alphisi want to use full disk encryption04:49
alphisissue #1. the files xubuntu alternate uses are too long (paths and or filenames) for FAT3204:49
alphisfat32 is the fs type recommended for creating USB boot drives04:49
alphisim sure u can see the obvious flaw here04:49
well_laid_lawnnever heard of anyone having that issue before04:50
alphisthe check install disc would fail integtrity04:50
alphisoh there are forums of ppl saying the same thing04:50
alphislemme see04:50
well_laid_lawnyou can use ext2/3/4/ on a usb too04:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 1041911 in linux (Ubuntu) "Integrity Failure Alternative CD Install Failure on 12.04,12.04.1,12.10." [Undecided,Invalid]04:51
alphisapparently unetbootin wants fat3204:51
alphisso i just did what others' suggested and DDed04:51
alphisi did that and the disc integrity check passed04:52
alphisso i begin install04:52
alphissetup crypto etc04:52
alphisinitramfs fails04:52
alphisthe system will either hang OR i get an initramfs prompt04:52
alphisoh and once i got a grub rescue04:52
alphisi've been trying to install xubuntu on my laptpo for like04:53
alphis3 hours04:53
alphis12.04 and 12.1004:53
alphis12.10 actually worked...04:53
alphisthen i got updates04:53
alphisand then it stopped booting rofl04:53
well_laid_lawndoes the bootloader think the root partition is on the usb?04:53
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:53
alphisill try04:53
alphiswell_laid_lawn: no idea04:53
alphisi've been curious as to how xubuntus installer even configured its initramfs04:53
alphisso obviously its failing. i used the same steps in the manual gparted on debian squeeze to do the same full disk encryption with ZERO problems04:54
alphishowever since squeeze is using kernel 0.0.104:54
alphisid rather use xubuntu...however i need full disk crypto. any help or ideas would be useful04:54
well_laid_lawnI don't use encryption... did you try to boot before encrypting partitions?04:55
alphisinstall xubuntu without full disk crypto?04:56
alphisno i didn't try that04:56
alphisseeing as how i want full disk crypto i dont see how that'd help tho04:56
alphishowever i did notice there is a "encrypt home"04:56
alphisi was wondering how that worked. since xubuntu fails at full disk crypto04:56
alphisi can settle for just home dir encryption if i had any idea how it worked...is it using luks?04:57
well_laid_lawnI'm guessing you missed a step or two04:57
alphisi doubt it04:57
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory04:57
alphisso..do you suggest i just dont use full disk encryption? it seems broken on xubuntu 12.04 and 12.1004:58
well_laid_lawnsomeone that uses it might be along in a bit - just hang for a while04:58
alphisalso there's a weird item in the installer that isnt a bug but a logical oversight04:58
alphiswhen configuring full disk encryption in 12.10 you STILL get the option to encrypt home dir04:58
alphiswhich...makes no sense04:58
well_laid_lawnthere can be more than one user each with their own /home04:59
alphiswith full disk encryption i'd assume /home would be within the encrypted data05:00
alphisso there's no need to encrypt any directories on top of that05:00
alphisyeah maybe ill wait for someone with a success story and try to see what they did. i read someone used 11.something with full disk crypto and upgraded to 12.0405:00
alphisbut thats retarded05:00
alphisthis is definitely a known issue05:01
well_laid_lawnwho knows? maybe to hide data from other users05:01
alphislol. well id prefer full disk crypto. ill try the encrypted home dir...or encrypted home/private dir as it says in this article05:02
alphisdoesn't even encrypt entire ~ ? thats useless05:02
Abhijithi. what is the default xubuntu theme name and icon set name in latest xubuntu?05:12
XRS1greybird is the theme05:23
XRS1elementary xfce dark for the icon theme05:24
XRS1oh wow. internet connection sharing is super easy05:25
AbhijitXRS1, thanks05:28
DJJeffdoes Xubuntu have a netboot.tar.gz ? possibly for a PXE BOOT05:32
DJJeffI found the netboot.tar.gz for Ubuntu 12.10 it said my cpu cant support PAE so I tried 11.10 and it worked05:33
DJJeffbut I want Xubuntu05:33
DJJeffand I already have Xubuntu iso downloaded and mounted as /mnt/ubuntu with a symlink to /var/www05:34
XRS1closest i can find: https://forums.ubuntulinux.jp/viewtopic.php?pid=9242305:39
XRS1so i guess no05:39
DJJeffoh wow thanks bro05:40
DJJeffits too bad pxelinux.0 is compiled and I cant read the source code *shrugs*05:41
DJJeffoh maybe it was my fault I was using netboot for 11.10 and Xubuntu 12.1005:45
AbhijitXRS1, i have downloaded  a .tar.gz theme. how can I apply it?05:45
DJJeffplace your theme files in /usr/share/themes05:46
DJJeffthats what I do05:46
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/ or http://gnome-look.org/ (for GTK+ themes)05:47
DJJeffI wanna know why flash for linux sucks *sigh*05:51
holsteinDJJeff: i would take it up with the maintainers/developers05:53
DJJeffyah... was just thinking outloud there for a second05:54
cousteauback from LXDE.  Apparently OpenBox also behaves weird regarding window decoration or window focusing (in both DEs), but it at least allows dragging windows10:25
cousteauand interacting with 2 windows separately10:25
cousteauok, seems that xfwm4 allows the latter too.  It's only that it doesn't support MPX itself, but the programs working under it can do fine10:27
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MTWanyone around?12:05
elena-IKare notifications logged somewhere?13:34
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alphisquestion about sshd. when i ssh into my ANYLINUXDISTRO box15:57
alphisthe enter password prompt appears at most 1 second later15:57
alphiswhen i ssh into my xubuntu/ubuntu/debian box15:57
alphisi have to wait like 10 seconds for teh password prompt15:57
alphiswhy is this15:57
Guest52235how can i boot from a pci card?16:00
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toraxGuest52235: change boot order from bios16:09
Guest52235torax , it s not recognized by bios16:09
toraxwhat pci card you have?16:11
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toraxGuest52235: I think you´ll get better help from, maybe some hardware related channel. That issue has nothing to do with ubuntu16:17
toraxor xubuntu16:17
Guest52235torax , thanks16:17
newbiebyteHello. I have installed Xubuntu on a old computer in order to learn linux and C++ programming. After typing out my "Hello World!" program I realized that Xubuntu didn't have the g++ program installed. The computer in question can't connect to the internet (no wifi card) so using apt-get is out of the question. How can I obtain the g++ package?17:03
holsteinnewbiebyte: download it from the internet and move it over.. the easy way is to hook it up to the internet..17:06
holsteinnewbiebyte: there is a way to make a package manager generate a list of what you need17:06
holsteinnewbiebyte: the easy way is to hook it up to the internet17:07
newbiebyteThat I can't do :(17:07
holsteinwell, you can.. and i guarantee thats easier than anything im about to suggest.. but, in synaptic (the package manager) you can go to "file - generate download scirpt"17:08
holsteinif you dont have synaptic, then thats an additional issue.. you can also sometimes get the packages downloaded and use something like apt-on cd17:09
holsteinuse the downloaded DVD or whatever as the source17:09
newbiebyteI'll give it a shot, Thanks!17:10
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jochenHabe auf 2 Rechnern, einer Xubuntu, der Andere Lubuntu, das gleiche Problem dessen Ursache ich nicht kenne: Youtube bremst den Rechner extrem aus. Videos werden langsam geladen, die Bedienung des Rechners ist für etliche Sekunden nicht möglich. Ist das vielleicht ein bekanntes Problem?18:16
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:17
holsteinjochen: ^^18:18
baizonjochen: try to enable html5. Are you using the flash package?18:19
holsteinor check out the drivers18:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:19
jochenYes I have understand this. First I have to learn an ohter language. Tnx.18:20
alphisquesiton about every debian and debian based distro19:57
alphisin a terminal19:57
alphisdo i get this funky character at the end of the output19:57
alphisno matter what command19:57
alphisi mean...i guess its more of a debian issue but was wondering if someone here knew19:58
holsteinalphis: ~$ ?19:59
alphisbut no19:59
alphisits more like19:59
holsteinalphis: feel free and paste *exactly* what it is20:00
alphisits definitely related to some utf-8 nonsense20:00
baizonalphis: keyboard broken?20:00
alphiscan't i dont have access to that box atm.....20:00
alphismore like debian broken20:00
alphisim beginning to wonder why ppl use that distro20:00
holsteinalphis: i have found all my issues with debian to be just that.. my issues20:01
alphisnot me20:01
alphisive found issues with xubuntu specifically related to the alt cd/dvd20:01
alphiswith full disk crypto being broken20:01
alphisworks in stable deb tho20:02
holsteinalphis: you might want to entertain that it could be something related to how you are using it.. or just choose not to use it20:02
alphismy only issue with deb is that everything is old and the terminal spits out horrid chars20:02
alphisi cant entertain that idea20:02
alphisas it would be incorrect20:02
alphisits a known issue20:02
holsteinalphis: there are different versions... stable and less stable... more cutting edge20:02
holsteinalphis: i am unaware of what you are talking about.. i see no characters20:03
holsteinplus, just dont open the terminal if thats is the root of your concern.. or visit a debian support channel20:03
alphisnot opening the terminal doesn't solve anything holstein. ill paste the chars when i get access to the machine20:04
alphisand the version of xubuntu with the full disk crypto issues are 12.04 and 12.1020:04
holsteinalphis: it would solve you from seeing said characters..20:04
holsteinalphis: what issues are you referring to?20:04
alphisnot if i need to use the terminal20:04
alphisissues of not booting20:05
holsteinalphis: we can take the debian convo to the offtopic channel if you like, otherwise...20:05
holsteinalphis: whats not booting?20:05
alphisdebis off topic but the cryto isnt20:05
holsteinalphis: both 12.04 and 12.10 boot for me20:05
alphishave u tried full disk crypto with luks?20:05
holsteini have done that with 12.10.. i say, if the question is, 12.04 or 12.10.. i say, 12.04.. its LTS20:06
alphisits been unable to boot either20:06
alphisafter installation20:06
alphisit will reboot20:06
alphisand never come back20:07
alphisits happened several times20:07
holsteinalphis: feel free and come here with more info and myself or one of the other volunteers can assist20:07
alphiswhat more info do u need?20:07
alphisi tried all last night20:07
holsteinalphis: i would test the hardware20:07
alphishardware works20:07
alphisit was running slack no problem20:07
alphisgentoo no problem20:07
alphisi decided to install xubuntu so i dont have to compile all day20:07
alphisor write my own initramfs20:07
alphiswhich i dont MIND20:08
alphisas it WORKS20:08
alphishowever xubuntu's auto magical stuff20:08
alphishas some issues20:08
alphisi can show u the steps i made to setup gparted disks20:08
alphisthereis a youtube video shoing how to do it20:08
holsteinalphis: thats is the info i, or others will need.. more specific info20:08
alphisi based it off that20:08
alphisive given u lots of info. asking for more without specifying doesn't help20:09
alphisi can tell u my partitions if u like20:09
alphisor the mediumi used to install20:09
holsteinalphis: anything you find relevant.. 12.10? 12.04? 32bit? 64? what machine? have you tested the hard drive?20:09
holsteinwhat error messages?20:09
alphisits 12.0420:09
alphisi've also tried 12.10 32bit20:09
holsteinalphis: stick to one for now, and let me know the details20:10
alphiskeep in mind 12.04 and lower require the ALTERNATE isos for full disk20:10
alphisim giving u details for 12.04 LTS20:10
alphisim also using USB as a installation medium20:10
alphisi've verified the isos20:11
holsteincool.. hopefully one of the volunteers will sort through it. you could try #ubuntu since its not really an XFCE or xubuntu specific issue... maybe not an issue at all from what i read20:11
alphislol u haven't installed a working full disk encrypted xubuntu have u20:11
alphisif i sak in ubuntu thetll ask why im using xubuntu and asking in ubuntu20:12
holsteinalphis: we have to do tests for the qa testing20:12
alphisyeah i doubt anyone tested alternate install20:12
holsteinalphis: waht is the issue? its not booting?20:12
alphisvia USB20:12
alphisboots into either20:12
holsteinhow is it failing?20:12
alphisgrub rescue20:12
alphismore often tho20:13
alphisit boots into NOTHING20:13
alphisaka black screen20:13
holsteinalphis: and you have tested the disk?20:13
alphisi did disk integrity test20:13
alphiswhich verified that the disk is bad when i initially tried it20:14
alphis<-- going back to beginning20:14
alphisthe disk WAS bad i verified via the check disk tool20:14
alphisi fixed that20:14
alphisand am where i am now20:14
alphisbut...if u wanna know more about WHY it was bad20:14
alphisits in the unetbootin explaination on creating bootable USB drives20:14
alphiswhich if u guys ACTUALLY QAd20:14
alphisud find that the filesystem ur alternate cd/dvd uses20:15
alphisis completely incompatible with fat3220:15
alphiswhich is what they say to use20:15
alphisthat caused files to not be copied and disc integrity to fail20:15
heoyeawats the question20:15
alphiswell im giving holstein background on the TWO things that failed20:15
alphisone of which i fixed20:16
alphisthe current and remaining issue is xubuntu ALTERNATE INSTALL FULL DISK CRYPTO failing to boot20:16
alphisin 12.04 LTS 32bit20:16
holsteinalphis: can you see if this is your issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/172323/boot-screen-missing-on-ubuntu-12-0420:20
holsteinassuming its just a black screen hanging there...20:20
alphisam i not explaining the issue correctly?20:21
alphisits a black screen with NOTHING on it.20:21
holsteinalphis: you had said you booted up to a black screen.. correct?20:21
alphisthat article has a blck screen with a PROMPT that WORKS on it20:21
alphisi give u credit for being a troll20:22
holsteinalphis: cool.. im just wondering if the promt is there, and just not being shown20:22
alphisif it was there i would have said so20:22
holsteinalphis: feel free and wait patiently for another volunteer to help.. cheers20:22
alphisthat articles system also booted correctly20:22
alphisit just had a black screen...that worked...and booted20:22
alphismy system has a black screen that doesn't do anything...and does not boot20:23
alphisi dont see how u could have confused the two20:23
holsteinalphis: i was thinking you could assume you are not seeing the promt.. and try inputting the information20:23
alphisi would have tried that too20:23
alphishowever the black screen happens also AFTER a prompt for password20:24
alphiscase 1) boot into initramfs20:24
alphiscase 2) boot into grub rescue20:24
holsteinalphis: OK.. so you have already tried my suggestion then.. no worries.. try and just say that in the future...20:24
alphiscase 3) boots into black screen with prompt OR graphical blue screen with prompt. enter password. says CORRECTLY DECRYPTED... proceeds to NOT BOOT AT ALL20:25
alphiscase 4) boot into black screen with zero interaction20:25
alphisthose are the 4 cases i've seen...20:25
alphisits clearly unstable20:25
alphisi think it'd be easier if u reproduced this issue20:25
alphisits easy20:25
alphisrequirements are20:25
alphisuse xubuntu 12.04 32bit20:25
alphisboot via USB20:26
alphisinstall with full disk encryption20:26
alphisthats all.20:26
holsteinalphis: you have a bug report filed?20:26
alphisobserve hours of annoyance and frustration20:26
alphisno i searched and found various people have the same issue20:26
alphisall unsolved20:26
alphisthe only solution one guy had20:26
alphiswas to install 11.something full disk and upgraded to 12.0420:27
alphiswhich i dont want to do20:27
holsteinor, solved without reporting... i could do that in VM.. not via USB, though i dont think that is the issue..20:27
alphisi might as well just install gentoo and build my system from scratch again. at least it works flawlessly. just takes like..a DAY20:27
alphisi think it is related20:27
alphisconsidering the integrity issues before20:27
holsteinalphis: to the USB install media?20:27
alphisi suspect USB installation and alternate is related20:27
holsteinalphis: maybe you can just try installing from a CD and rule that out.. i could do it in VM20:28
alphisi can't...20:28
alphisif would have done that but this is a slim laptop20:28
alphisno optical drive20:28
alphisand i dont have a usb cdrom20:28
alphisi've installed countless distros on this and my other laptops. this is the first time i've had this issue.20:28
alphisalthough i did learn something interesting about fat32 and isos20:28
holsteinyou can install on other hardware and move the disk over...20:29
alphisi suppose but the hardware would be drastically different20:29
alphisplus i'd have to open stuff up repeatedly20:29
holsteinwont matter as long as you dont install proprietary drivers20:29
alphisi keep forgetting most linux distros these days are't optimized at all20:30
alphisi suppose thats true20:30
alphisbut it would be a giant pain20:30
holsteinalphis: link me the exact iso you got20:30
alphisjust to test if the USB is he issue20:30
holsteinalphis: if you think the USB is the issue, then this will work, and there will be no issue20:30
alphisholstein: that wont solve the problem. what abot others who install via USB. its very common20:31
holsteinalphis: then it wont matter that i test in VM?20:31
alphisjust use usb medium20:32
holsteinalphis: i cant.. and wont be able to today20:32
holsteini need to download that iso.. and intall.. that'll be like 20+minutes20:32
alphisthe torrent is pretty fast20:32
holsteinalphis: that what im about to do.. is this acceptable?.. what are the possible scenarios?.. i test and it works... i test and it fails.. what happens in both?20:33
alphisif prefer actual hardware20:33
alphishowever vm should suffice20:33
alphisas long as other params are the same20:33
alphisie: usb20:33
alphisand full disk20:33
alphisi will also try that20:33
holsteinalphis: i do not have time to do with in actuall hardware today.. what are the possible outcomes? what happens?20:33
alphiswhen i get home as well20:33
alphisoutcomes are20:34
alphisafter installation20:34
alphisit will ask u to reboot20:34
alphisonce u reboot it will just not boot20:34
holsteinalphis: what happens when either my install A. works, or B. doenst work ?20:34
alphisask for password20:34
alphisthen not boot20:34
alphisboot into grub or boot into initramfs20:34
holsteinalphis: im trying to decide if im going to take 20+ miutes and do this...20:34
alphisi think its worth it. most ppl install via USB these days20:34
holsteinalphis: will you start a bug report? and link me?20:34
alphisif ud like me to sure20:34
holsteintheres no need for us to waste time here we dont document20:35
alphishere's the only interactive medium20:35
alphisbut i can file a bug report too20:35
holstein15:35 < alphis> here's the only interactive medium20:35
holstein^^ i have no idea what that means20:36
holsteinyou mean, IRC is the interactive medium? i get that.. but im only interested in getting this fixed, and starting a proper bug is how that happens20:36
holsteinyou wont join a channel and get this fixed20:36
alphisthinking about it again20:37
alphisi dont think USB is the issue20:37
holsteinalphis: its just not thw way it works.. there are no dev's here for that purpose.. this is a community support channel20:37
alphisi will try to reproduce with CD as well20:37
alphisi used same USB to isntall NON full disk encryption20:37
alphisworks fine20:37
alphisits just alternate with full disk crypto that fals20:37
alphisu might be interested in: http://askubuntu.com/questions/180218/why-does-integrity-check-fail-for-the-12-04-1-alternate-iso20:42
alphisits not about my current isssue but its about my FIRST issue that this guy couldn't solve and resulted in just installing DESKTOP (aka not full encryption)20:42
holsteinalphis: thats the 64bit iso20:43
holsteinthats all pre-installation anyway20:44
alphiswell the issue exists for 32bit as well20:45
alphisits universal20:45
holsteinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1041911 if you feel that bug effects you20:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1041911 in linux (Ubuntu) "Integrity Failure Alternative CD Install Failure on 12.04,12.04.1,12.10." [Undecided,Invalid]20:45
alphisand yes its the first issue...pre installation but its a KNOWN issue20:45
holsteinalphis: they are different isos, and the integrity check is not the issue, correct?20:46
alphisintegrity check is not MY current issue no.20:46
alphisBOTH isos suffer that issue20:46
holsteini dont think anyonw will argue there are current issues20:46
alphisyeah i agree. its a shitstorm with canonical sening people's searches to ads.20:47
alphisi think thats a feature of the unity env tho right20:47
holsteinfolks are saying dd creates an error free image20:47
alphishopefully xfce doesn't do that20:47
holsteinalphis: watch the language please20:47
alphisholstein: correct20:47
alphisholstein: thats exactly how i fixed my integrity issues20:48
alphiswait..what language20:48
holsteinalphis: cononical pays the bills here.. making it possible for xfce and other packages to be hosted20:48
holsteinmight be helpful to remember that canonical is a company... we are a community20:48
alphishence why im here and not hanging with the company20:49
PiciAnd you can remove the amazon lens if you want.20:49
alphisalthough..if they had an irc chat...20:49
alphisi understand ur position to defend them so i wont argue the point. i just want xubuntu to WORK20:49
alphisas i hate unity and other bloated UIs20:50
holsteinyou want xubuntu to work with full disk encryption on your hardware20:50
alphisi want xubuntu to work with full disk encryption on x8620:50
alphisand i doubt it works on 64bit either20:50
alphisbut i dont have a free 64bit machine so i can't verify20:50
alphisPici: that lens isn't part of whatever xubuntu's version of xfce4 is ?20:51
holsteinwell, we are currently verifying the 32bit issue20:51
Picialphis: correct, its installed with Ubuntu Desktop only.20:52
alphisthank god20:52
alphisim glad i chose xubuntu. i like xfce anyway20:52
alphisits not as good as my customized gentoo box20:52
alphisrunning evilwm20:52
alphisand no gdm crap20:52
alphisbut its ok20:52
holsteinalphis: link that bug# for me as soon as you get it up.. if you leave i can still log my process there20:56
alphisill open a bu report soon as i can get to the machine as im sure itll ask for very specific things ill need to paste21:00
alphisalso..i just apt-get installed cryptsetup and its creating an initramfs...wtf21:00
alphisi didn't ask for that i just want the program lol21:00
alphisi hopethis doesn't bork my install21:00
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsViaUbiquity is what i would follow in the mean time21:01
holsteinalphis: ping me when you make that bug and i'll continue working in this VM21:01
zgnuuXubuntu 12.04's window manager is wfwm4 right?21:15
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uaooaudio has not worked for movies ever since i tried to install smplayer. Any idea what it could be?21:27
holsteincheck the software mute button ..check alsamixer in the terminal and dont trust any labels. otherwise21:29
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.21:29
zgnuuwhy can i not use a direct link to download something in xubuntu?21:38
zgnuuwhat do I need to have to do this?21:38
uaooholstein: i found the problem. parole switched to my system audio instead using my audio card.21:44
uaoomust have switched when trying other software21:45
uaoohow can i make my sound card the default source for playback?21:50
holsteinuaoo: try pavucontrol21:50
uaooWhat I'm really looking for is a way to use my keyboard volume keys to control my soundcard21:53
uaoopavucontrol doesnt seem to have that functionality21:53
holsteinuaoo: i am in openbox.. i set keyboard shortcuts to control the volume21:54
holsteinuaoo: pavucontrol would be just for helping select sources and set the default device21:54
zgnuuhow do I install fonts in xubuntu? I tried going into nautilus and copy and pasting the font into /usr/share/fonts but that didn't work21:58
zgnuuI couldn't paste the font folder21:58
uaooyou can try creating a ".fonts" folder in your home directory. it will only be available to you, though.22:00
holsteinzgnuu: if it didnt work for permissions reason, you can sudo mv then from the terminal22:01
xubuntu400Hi, I'm new to the xubuntu OS i just need to clarify something even if it seems like a stupid question22:23
xubuntu400I want to know if it only requires 64mb ram to run?22:24
xubuntu400Hi, I'm new to the xubuntu OS i just need to clarify something even if it seems like a stupid question [22:24] <xubuntu400> I want to know if it only requires 64mb ram to run?22:25
holsteinxubuntu400: you can try it live on whatever system you want.. i wouldnt expect much out of 64mb's of ram..i would use puppy linux22:26
knomei'm not sure xubuntu would even install with 64MB22:28
xubuntu400is puppy linux easy to install and does it come with features similar to MS office excell etc that is compatible with MS on say an MS os22:28
holsteinxubuntu400: there is an ubuntu variation of puppy.. ms office will not run on 64mb of ram AFAIK22:29
xubuntu400cheers and thanks for the info22:30
holsteinxubuntu400: you can try puppy linux live and see how the software works for you.. if you are just intersted in text editors, there are plenty of resources for them.. even online ones such as google docs22:30
z2389how come when I download jupiter, I don't see the lightning bolt symbol for it?22:35
holsteinz2389: maybe its not running? lemme look at how i set it up real quick22:35
z2389the only time I see it is when I run it in terminal and it leaves after I exit terminal22:36
holsteinz2389: try jupiter &22:37
z2389same thing22:37
z2389when I exit the terminal22:37
z2389jupiter exits22:37
z2389or at least the lightning bolt doesn't appear in the top right22:37
holsteinz2389: i have the bolt...22:38
holsteini do have an EEE22:39
holsteinz2389: sorry.. i dont rememer doing more than what you have done... any error output?22:43

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