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Wiz_KeeDhey guys13:36
Wiz_KeeDcan someone tell me if i made a bzr pull and i had two conflicts13:37
Wiz_KeeDhow can i get the latest revision with overwrite13:37
jelmerWiz_KeeD: bzr revert && bzr pull --overwrite13:39
LarstiQhoi jelmer13:47
LarstiQjelmer: which parts of the world do you plan to see? :)13:48
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lduroshi, how can you tell the location of the "parent" of a branch15:01
ldurossuch as when you do "bzr push :parent"15:02
LeoNerdbzr info15:28
gmarkall ERROR: Not a branch15:41
gmarkallwhoops, sorry15:41
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jelmerLarstiQ: For the moment, it looks like I'm just going to visit various bits of Europe23:24
* jelmer waves from Dresden :-)23:24
jelmerLarstiQ: how's life in .fi?23:24

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