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gbamanhey guys, got a quick question, i have a rather complicated edubuntu install for testing with and need a little help :)14:25
gbamananyone around?14:25
gbamanI am trying to install ubuntu on an external HDD which already has data on it on 2 seperate partitions then i have my 3rd edubuntu partition. I have a 20gb partiton for edubuntu testing allocated and just need to install it now, but what is the best way to do this, taking into account the bootloader as that seems to be causing problems14:38
alkisggbaman: what other OSes do you have?14:43
gbamanno other OSs on the HDD, just data14:44
gbamanan HFS+ partiton and a fat32 partition14:45
alkisgSo what is complicated about it?14:45
alkisgHFS? mac os?14:45
gbamanwhen i tried to install it it complained grub counldnt be installed14:45
alkisgAre you booted into the edubuntu live cd?14:45
gbamanwell, pendrive14:46
gbamanbut yes14:46
alkisgWhat's the output of sudo sfdisk -d ?14:46
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alkisgThat one ^ :)14:46
alkisgI.e. don't paste the output here if it's many lines... e.g. above 514:46
gbamanthat would involve me rebooting into the actual try version, one sec14:47
gbamansfdisk -d did nothing14:49
alkisgThere's a sudo there too14:50
gbamanthere we go14:50
gbamanone sec14:50
gbamanthe drive i am trying to install it onto is sdc14:53
gbamanwell, sdc314:54
alkisgAh, it's GPT, not normal MBR14:54
alkisgTry another tool: sudo fdisk -l14:54
alkisg(btw how come you're using GPT? for mac?)14:54
gbamanmy main machine is a mac14:55
gbamanbut also have a windows machine14:55
gbamanwhich is why there is a fat32 partition on there14:56
alkisggbaman: fdisk doesn't support GPT disks either... so you'd need to install "parted" to check the disk layout14:57
alkisgI'm guessing that the "embedding area" is too small for grub to be installed14:57
alkisgTry asking in #grub14:58
* alkisg has never even seen a disk with a GPT table layout :-/14:58
gbamanparted installed :)14:58
alkisgsudo parted -l14:59
alkisgIt sounds a bit complicated, so #grub would be your friend there15:00
alkisgOr, you could just use an MBR-based disk15:00
alkisgCheck the wiki page above, it has instructions on what to do for grub-install to succeed15:03

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