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bacgood morning frankban and teknico12:03
frankbanhi bac12:03
teknicobac, good morning12:03
bacno mayan sightings in italy i presume12:04
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teknicobac, none that I know of12:13
teknicobac, trunk and uistage are both broken right now, gary_poster's branch in review fixes them12:30
* bac looks12:32
teknicojust a fyi12:32
bacteknico: ok, i'll review it now12:33
bacfrankban: are you working on gary's card or just reviewing it?  (your face is on it)12:34
bacteknico: how is staging broken?  is there anything heroic i can do to get it up in the short term?12:35
baci can try to figure it out but wondered if you had thoughts12:35
teknicobac, frankban and I already reviewed that branch, we're only waiting for gary_poster to land it12:41
teknicobac, since trunk is broken, I assume staging also is as a consequence12:42
bacteknico: i don't see your review here: https://codereview.appspot.com/700504412:42
bacalso neither of you added tags to the kanban card12:42
bacso i didn't think it was fully reviewed12:42
bactsk, tsk12:42
teknicobac, right, sorry, the tags12:43
teknicobac, I'll add them now, it was a pair review, as apparent from the review text12:43
teknicooh, you added frankban's tag already, ok12:44
teknicoI'm having lunch  now12:44
* gary_poster is about to land, teknico and bac12:48
bacgary_poster: cool12:48
bacgary_poster: i'm logged into uistaging so let me know when it lands and i'll kick it in the shins12:51
gary_posterthanks bac.  double checking then will let it fly12:51
gary_posterbac, done.  note that the "build" directory will need to be manually removed--it is now called "build-shared."  thanks again.12:56
bacgary_poster: i'll just let the cron job do it's thing at :0012:57
gary_posterok bac, but you may need to manually remove build still.  Maybe after :00 though, yeah12:57
bacgary_poster: the cron job may blow everything away.  let's wait and see12:58
bacooh the excitement12:58
gary_posterthe tooth I had a root canal on officially cracked all the way through yesterday :-/  Gonna try to find someone who can pull it for me today so I don't have to worry about all during break12:59
bacooh, yuck12:59
gary_posteryeah :-/12:59
bacthere is nothing left to put a crown on?12:59
gary_posterno, just two halves12:59
bacugh.  that's gross.  i'm very squeamish about teeth issues13:00
gary_poster:-) sorry 13:00
gary_posterdunno what uistage looked like before but seems to be happy now13:01
benjiooh, gary_poster; sorry to hear that13:07
gary_posterthanks :-/13:09
bacgary_poster: so the update worked with no intervention13:09
gary_posterbac, awesome. I didn't know it blew things away13:10
bacthat kapil is smrt13:10
gary_posterI mean, I expected it to work, I just didn't expect it to clear out the old build dir13:10
hazmatany preference on commercial cert vendors? godaddy, namecheap, thawte?13:51
bacnot godaddy13:52
gary_posterI have a bad taste in my mouth from godaddy for various reasons, but that probably shouldn't influence you13:52
baci like gandi.net for domain registration.  they probably do certs.13:53
hazmatnamecheap is like 10/usd yr.. comodo cert based13:53
* hazmat checks gandi13:53
baci have a weird testing issue i haven't seen before.  my 'before' gets called if i run the whole suite, but if i run just the one group of tests it does not.13:53
bacit jumps right into beforeEach13:53
gary_posterbac, benji has been having slightly related issues.  his solution *might* affect your problem13:54
bacgary_poster: it seems to have happened after i merged your latest commit.  :(13:54
gary_poster(if he doesn't jump in to describe it I remember what he told me :-) )13:54
gary_posternot sure what I would have done to influence that13:54
bacgary_poster: but i may have merged other versions of trunk earlier.  can't recall the ordering.13:55
gary_posterbac, if you push your branch I can try to help13:55
benjibac: which is defined first, the before or beforeEach?13:55
benjiactually, that shouldn't matter because the tests (I assume) are defined after both13:55
bacbefore, beforeEach, afterEach, it, it13:56
teknicohazmat, I use gandi too, certificates included13:58
teknicohazmat, startcom is nice too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_SSL_certificates_for_web_servers13:58
hazmatteknico, thanks13:58
bacbenji, gary_poster: more oddness.  the problem only occurs with test-debug but not test-prod14:02
benjithat is odd14:03
gary_posterbac, dunno.  :-/ like I said, happy to dig in if you think it would help14:03
benjimaybe the minifier is doing bad things to... something14:03
gary_posterhe said prod was good, debug was bad14:03
gary_posterthe minifier is automatically fixing our problems!14:04
gary_posterwho knew that skynet started with a js minifier?14:04
bacgary_poster: you wanna pair or just grab the branch?14:04
gary_posterbac, your branch you choose.  can do both14:05
baclet's go to g+:\\juju-ui14:05
frankbangary_poster: maybe we could consider byg 1086822 fixed?14:16
frankbanbug 108682214:16
_mup_Bug #1086822: charm is very slow to start <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1086822 >14:16
gary_posterfrankban, yes!  thank you14:16
gary_postermark as fixed by frankban :-)14:16
frankbanCool, :-) first bug fixed between the coffee and the cigarette14:17
bacbenji: fixed it.  added 'done' to before() and it works.  verified another test that didn't use 'done' was broken too and adding it was the cure.14:23
bacbenji: add that to your test hygiene stuff you're presenting14:23
benjibac: interesting; was the before() doing anything asynchronous?  Well, I guess it was.  Rephrased: do you know what it was doing asynchronously?14:24
* benji wonders when he started doing a presentation.14:24
bacbenji: gary said you had a list of things to clean up tests.  perhaps i misinterpreted14:25
bacbenji: the before just grabbed namespace references14:25
bacjuju = Y.namespace('juju'), etc14:26
benjibac: hmm, I wonder if the done() call is adding just enough delay that the YUI modules get loaded.  If you are interested in experimenting, remove the done() and put in a busy wait that counts to 100000 or so before the namespace grabbing.  I bet it will work just as well.14:27
bacbenji: any theories on why it only occurs when running a test in isolation?14:28
benjimy hypothesis is that when run with other tests the modules have already loaded before the test is even started, so there is no race; when run in isolation there is a race between the (asynchronous) test runner and the (asynchonous) YUI module loader14:29
bacbenji: i removed the done and added this:14:32
bac      while (!Y.Lang.isValue(models)) {14:32
bac        models = Y.namespace('juju.models');14:32
bac      }14:32
bacand it works14:32
benjimuch more elegant than a busy wait14:32
bacbenji: but i put the trap around the getting of juju which happens before, and models was still undefined14:32
baci thought they might all come available about the same time, but no14:33
benjinope... ASYNCHRONOUS!14:33
benjiin 1000 years "asynchonous" may be a swear word14:34
bcsaller1... still be a swear word14:34
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bacbenji: i read your previous comment as "ASYNCHRONOUS, BABY!" in the voice of dick vitale, fwiw14:35
bacso, in summary, the use of 'done' is an unrelated hack that just happens to work and muddies the water?14:37
benjithat is my strong hunch14:37
hazmatbenji, bac  does it matter if we pass async: false to the loader14:42
benjihazmat: that helps some (and that is what my branch does; which I hope to land today)14:43
benjiI believe there is still a race even with that.  And I haven't been able to figure out how to remove it.14:43
bacbenji: with your branch try running 'juju application notification' in isolation14:44
benjibac: 10 runs, all passed14:45
bacgood.  in the name of science, try on trunk?14:45
benjibac: does test-prod or test-debug matter?14:46
bacyes.  i only see it fail on test-debug14:47
benjik, that is what I used for running the test on my branch14:47
benjithree good runs and then "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Database' of undefined"14:48
benji10 runs, 1 with that error14:48
benjinot a statistically significant difference between the two tests14:48
bacthat is the error i see14:55
bacbut i get it all of the time14:55
benjibac: one thing to remember is that I have a slow computer, so the races seem to affect me less14:56
hazmatargh have to setup email on jujucharms.com to finish the cert setup14:56
bacbenji: well i'm on a fast, new, shiny computer but running in a vm14:57
hazmatbac.. mac?14:57
hazmatjust curious14:57
bachazmat: yeah, i looked around, considered the sputnik but couldn't live with the lower res and smallish display14:58
* hazmat tries to remember how to setup a mail server15:11
hazmatah.. google you've made it so easy to forget so much15:11
benjihazmat: step one, get a google apps account :)15:12
hazmatbenji, i would have except now they want folks to pay for it.15:12
* hazmat bails out to postfix15:12
benjiyeah, I had been meaning to set up my kids' email for a while and now I had to pay for it :(15:12
benjibut I've been using apps for free for about five years, so I don't feel to bad about it15:13
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban hazmat Makyo teknico_ call in 215:28
hazmatah.. email used to be so much simpler.. i think i need domain keys setup15:28
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mattuk1972see ya juju team -all the best for 2013 - its been a pleasure16:27
hazmat mattuk1972 have a good one16:29
hazmatmattuk1972, its been fun, good luck on the future16:29
hazmatbac, testing out notification tests in isolation16:32
gary_posterI think everybody was on depressants for that call :-P16:33
bachazmat: yes, that test fails in isolation as written16:33
bachazmat: is that what you are asking?16:34
hazmatbac, yes16:34
bachazmat: and for that particular test, adding 'done' to 'before' makes it work16:34
bacit looks to be related to what benji described with YUI and mocha async interactions. that test has before using the YUI.use() style setup16:35
bachazmat: unrelated, you assigned a card to francis, which is probably not what you intended.16:35
hazmatassigned a card to posterity, today's his last16:36
hazmatbac, which card?16:37
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hazmatbac, there's also some interaction with the browser cache trying to make these tests work, i either get a blank page, js error loading utils.js (registerHandler for handlebars), the database undefined error, or working tests.16:40
hazmater blank page with the util.js error16:40
benjiyep, I think the behavior around caching is part of the (or "a") race; loading the resources changes the timeings a bit16:41
hazmatisolating just the notifiy tests in index.html makes things a little bit more sane16:43
hazmat<!-- other tests -->16:43
gary_posteroh benji, I thought we had a card to discuss your test pattern :-/16:43
hazmatleads to a new non failure, failure mode.. where the test runner finds no tests, and no console errors.16:43
gary_posterI forgoy yp ask you to talk about it explicitly16:44
hazmatbut also run sometimes16:44
benjihazmat: that failure mode is the one I was getting in my branch 16:45
hazmatbenji, why are there two different styles here?16:46
hazmatdescribe wrapper vs yui wrappre?16:46
hazmatthe describe wrappers seem to be better behaved with the async: false 16:46
benjiI don't know for sure, I suspect people just tried different things at different times.16:47
hazmatbenji, ic... from history you added it to the test_notifications.js ... i'm going to remove that .. that's the issue with the non failure / failure16:49
teknicohazmat, anyone else, does it make sense to try to connect to rapi via wss (encrypted) if the gui browser access is not happening via https?16:50
hazmatteknico, no16:51
hazmatteknico, commonly the cert for the wss is not valid without user ack16:51
hazmatso the wss won't load/connect16:51
teknicooh right, was forgetting about that16:51
* hazmat grabs some coffee bbiam16:52
hazmatbenji, confirmed that was the issue17:02
hazmattest notifications running reliably now..17:03
hazmathmm.. no reviews on that commit?17:04
hazmatthat turns the actual fix into a one liner.. 17:06
hazmathmm.. firefox doesn't like extra param to the replace17:11
gary_posterhazmat the yui wrapper was the solution thiago had advocated, that we tried for a while and then agreed relatively recently to discard.  So basically reverting https://codereview.appspot.com/6845084/diff/2002/test/test_notifications.js is the fix you have found?  (I have been unable to dupe some people's errors, btw, so just because it works on one machine unfortunately does not guarantee it is a solution for others17:11
gary_poster, IME on this stuff)17:11
hazmatgary_poster, in conjunction with async: false.. i'm still playing with it.. trying to make tests run in firefox17:12
hazmatteknico, frankban did you guys have success with the gallery / loader issue?17:12
teknicohazmat, gary_poster did :-)17:13
hazmatgary_poster, what was the solution?17:13
gary_posterhazmat, change the base and explicitly host the gallery files ourselves17:13
gary_posterlunch and car to shop.  biab17:15
hazmatworking in firefox reliably as well. needs a tweak to mocha timeout17:26
hazmatstill some odd interactions between suits17:27
hazmatugh.. ordering issues17:28
hazmatrunning application_notifications  tests before notification tests fails, but works fine in reverse17:28
hazmatapologies, i'm in blather mode17:28
teknicohazmat, when I run "juju deploy local:precise/juju-gui" and I have changes in the local copy17:29
teknicohazmat, what's deployed, the modified local copy, or the latest committed revision?17:29
hazmatteknico, if its already been deployed in the env.. it will use the cache copy17:29
teknicohazmat, I run "juju destroy _environment" every time17:30
hazmatteknico, so two axis.. one is namespace.. cs:  vs local:17:30
hazmatteknico, those are separate charms to juju so it will always deploy what you tell it17:30
hazmatteknico, second axis.. juju caches charms in the environment.. so if you update a charm locally and try to deploy again without incrementing the revision, it will deploy the older version17:31
hazmatteknico, there's a -u/--upgrade flag on deploy17:31
hazmatteknico, that will automatically increment the revision17:32
teknicohazmat, oh, right, the revision17:32
hazmatteknico, i suggest always using deploy -u local:precise/juju-gui17:32
teknicohazmat, and running destroy_environment does not change anything, right?17:32
hazmatteknico, it doesn't.. its stored in the control bucket which survives the env17:32
teknicohazmat, great, thanks for the -u tip17:33
hazmati heard some rumor that juju-core may end up storing/deploying all the charms via git17:33
hazmati presume to address this issue17:33
hazmatof easy mutability17:34
teknicohazmat, via git? ;-o17:34
teknicowhile working with juju, gnome-keyring-daemon blowing up and forcing me to enter gazillion passphrases is not exactly helping...17:36
hazmatteknico, bad session?17:36
teknicohazmat, it's been happening right after login for a few days now17:37
teknicohazmat, how do I clean up the session?17:37
hazmatteknico, i'd retry logout/login17:37
hazmator reboot if that fails17:38
hazmatteknico, alternatively use a passwordless ssh key17:38
teknicohazmat, it's happened on login right after boot for a few mornings now17:38
hazmatfor the env17:38
hazmater.. juju17:38
teknicohazmat, uhm, yeah, where's it configured?17:38
hazmatteknico, https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/provider-configuration-ec2.html see authorized-keys-path17:39
hazmator alternatively authorized-keys17:39
frankbanhum... I am seeing "error: old chunk mismatch" in all files in my MP (at least in the side by side view)...17:51
hazmatfrankban, we saw that a few days ago in another mp. i would suggest trying to propose again17:52
hazmatnot sure what triggers that17:53
frankbanhazmat: trying...17:53
frankbanhazmat: patch set #2 works, thanks17:54
teknicouhm, I'm getting: "Uncaught INVALID_STATE_ERR : Pausing to reconnect websocket"17:59
teknicoI think I need a way to locally test encrypted connections to rapi first18:00
benjihas anyone seen this error when trying to send data down the websocket?  "INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11"18:02
benjithe Internet says that it is because the ws isn't ready, but I am gating the call on env.get('connected') which is set from the we.on_open handler, so it should really be ready.18:03
hazmatbenji, which browser / version?18:03
benjihazmat: Chromium.18:04
benjiversion = whatever is current in 12.1018:04
hazmat22 then.. offhand not sure, i'd check the logs from the improv/websocket side just as a sanity check.. or from the browser net panel18:06
hazmatbcsaller, benefits?18:07
bcsallerhazmat: not clear yet how much it impacts us, but the delta to support it looks small so its worth tracking the upgrade18:08
bcsallerthe smooth zooming plugin made it in tough, we might want to use that 18:09
hazmatbcsaller, yeah.. the upgrade notes dont look like they'll hit us that bad18:09
hazmatnot sure though.. haven't looked at the env code in a while18:09
benjihazmat: ooh, it is something about the ws not being ready even though env.get('connected') is true: instead of calling the login RPC right away, I put it in a setTimeout for one second later and the call worked18:12
hazmatbenji, we've got a transparently reconnecting websocket.. as well.. so reconnects could be happening.. connected should work unless there's a reconnect happening18:13
hazmatbenji, does it fail reliably?18:14
hazmatwithout the timeout18:14
benjifrom the improve.py log it doesn't look there are any reconnects happening18:14
benjiyep, very reliably18:14
hazmati wonder if we're firing connected to early then18:14
hazmatbenji, login should happen after the server greeting18:15
benjihazmat: hmm, that may be it, env.get('connected') means the WS is connected, not that the server is ready18:16
benjiI can change around my event sending so it will happen after the greeting18:16
benjianother question, does the server conform to this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1397723/18:16
hazmathmm.. not quite.. the error suggests something more fundamental.. the message would still go down the wire to the server18:16
benjiah, indeed18:17
hazmatbut  in the interests of being well behaved, we shouldn't login till we get a helo from the server18:17
benjiwell, if I wait until after the welcome message it will work either way18:17
hazmatthat's fairly classic for network old-school net protocols (pop, imap, etc)18:17
benjire. conforming interface: it doesn't look like it18:17
hazmatmaking good progress on the testing front fwiw18:19
* hazmat grabs some food18:19
benjihazmat: does the login process work like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1397723/18:19
benjior I should say, it doesn't look like it works like that18:19
hazmatbenji, right.. login isn't required atm, till we have the ability to login.. else everything would break.18:20
hazmatbenji, but the login flow should be the same 18:20
benjihazmat: in particular I am not getting and {'op': 'login', 'result': 'success', ...} messages18:20
hazmatbenji, that's a bug/broken then in rapi18:21
hazmatbenji, what do you get on the wire in response to send_rpc login?18:21
benjihazmat: I get a {"log": [["info", "Login success"]], "request_id": 2, "user": "admin", "op": "login", "password": "admin", "result": true} back18:21
benjiI could use that to know if the login was successfull or not, but "log" messages sound like something that could be turned off.18:22
bachi bcsaller, i have questions about the zoomHandler and rescale18:23
hazmatbenji, yeah.. the current structure on the log messages isnt optional.. it was to help the wrapping on cli stuff for feedback, i could disable the message for the login method, but its still going to come back with an emty log array18:24
hazmatso that looks correct just w/ a delta to the initial proposal18:24
bacbcsaller: nm18:25
benjiso I should be using the log message to know whether or not the login was successful, right?18:25
hazmatbenji, result: true18:25
benjicool, thanks18:25
hazmatbenji, if it fails .. there will be an err: true instead per the pastebin18:26
teknicogary_poster, I proposed my branch, but maybe shouldn't have, I added some disclaimers to not land without further testing18:26
teknicogary_poster, it's also going to conflict with frankban's branch, that I also reviewed18:27
teknicosince it's EOY now, I thought I'd better put it out there so that it can be completed18:29
gary_posterthanks teknico 18:30
gary_posterIf I have time I might try to resolve for the heck of it18:30
gary_posterit would be cool to have this stuff really done :-)18:30
teknicoand for the heck of the objectives, yeah :-)18:30
gary_posterteknico, you say "Also, this is not yet working while deploying manually, and needs18:31
gary_posterfurther testing. Do not land without checking first."18:31
gary_posterso, my crazy story would be this:18:31
gary_poster- get frankban's branch.18:32
gary_poster- turn https back on18:32
gary_poster(hacking branch)18:32
gary_postertry it out18:32
gary_poster- merge your branch18:32
gary_poster-resolve whatever needs to be resolved18:32
gary_poster- try it out18:32
gary_poster- (you say it won't work without some tweaks)18:32
gary_poster(so fix tweaks)18:33
gary_poster- profit!18:33
gary_posterwhich might mean trying to land the combined branches18:33
teknicogary_poster, that sounds like an eminently reasonable plan :-)18:33
gary_posterheh ok :-)18:33
gary_posterthanks teknico 18:33
gary_posterteknico, frankban have a great holiday break!18:33
gary_postersee you in 201318:33
teknicowell, frankban's branch will likely be landable without problems18:34
teknicobut that's details :-)18:34
teknicoso, happy holidays everyone, and see you in the new year!18:34
bacbye teknico.  have a nice break18:44
frankbanbye all, and happy holidays18:47
hazmatfrankban, teknico happy holidays18:49
* hazmat tries to deciper.. TypeError: Cannot read property 'charm-search-result' of undefined18:50
gary_postertemplate is not compiled/included?18:51
gary_posterthat assumption that Templates is on juju-views module might simply be fragile18:53
gary_posterlooks reasonable on the face of ith though18:54
MakyoThings work, tests pass, yuidoc explodes.  Ah well.18:59
gary_posterMakyo, you know we have the helper command to make that disappear, right?19:00
gary_posteryuidoc-lint complaints, I mean--I assum that's what you are talking about19:01
hazmatgary_poster, bad dependencies it looks like19:02
hazmatgary_poster, charm-panel.js didn't declare its use of juju-templates19:03
Makyogary_poster, What was the command again? I can get the ones that are just improperly formatted, at least.19:06
gary_posterhazmat, looks like I have to restart.  Makyo lemme see if I can find it before I do19:07
gary_posterMakyo, ``make undocumented``19:07
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benjihazmat: that error is one I have seen too; it happens when the Templates data structure has not been define yet19:21
hazmatbenji, yeah.. it looks like charm-panel wasnt including the dep, i included and got to a diff errr19:22
Makyogary_poster, Should I propose and work on docs in the meanwhile?19:22
hazmatgary_poster, instead of rebooting again, let's table to next year ?19:23
gary_posterhazmat bah19:23
gary_posterok :-)19:23
gary_posterhave a nice holiday19:23
benjiI never could figure out how the templates got loaded.  I'm glad you fixed it.19:23
gary_posterMakyo, you mean while you are waiting on reviews?  docs would be good, or maybe bac or bcsaller could use a pair?19:24
baci'm good.  just slogging through tests.19:25
Makyogary_poster, Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  On lunch now, but can do whatever's best after.19:25
gary_posterMakyo, cool.  frankban and teknico have charm branches that need reviews.  If your branch is up for review I'll also try to get to it ASAP19:25
gary_postertalk to you after lunch19:25
* gary_poster restarts :-/ (G+ hangouts normally are not quite this flaky for me!)19:26
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hazmataha.. forgot to poke a hole in the security group for inbound mail19:42
hazmataha. working email19:59
gary_posterhazmat, is this complaint from rapi? does it indicate anything to you? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1455528/20:07
gary_posterthat is from a test run20:08
gary_posterMakyo, "with undocumented methods and custom events, may get larger yet": undocumented methods were pre-existing though, yeah?20:11
Makyogary_poster, Yes, they just moved to different files, so the undocuented file didn't list them.20:18
gary_posterMakyo, then don't worry about it for this round :-)20:19
Makyogary_poster, Alright.  May still need to document events fired, as was done with panzoom, but something for later.20:19
bachi bcsaller20:21
hazmatgary_poster, its indicating the ws client is not valid20:21
bcsallerbac: one sec, on a call with gary20:21
hazmatgary_poster, and then terminating the connection20:21
hazmatand yes its from rapi20:21
gary_posterhazmat, oh, right.  that may be ok then.  tests are failing for me20:22
hazmati assume this is from a wget to the endpoint in a unit test20:22
bcsallerbac: whats up?20:22
bacbcsaller: in panzoom/rescale fcn at the end it fires a 'rescaled' event.  is anyone using that right now?20:23
gary_posterhazmat, yeah.  charm tests use a simple http check to see if the ws is there, and expect an error.  That's a red herring for whatever the problem is.  thank you20:23
bcsallerbac: not as of that branch, but the viewport code and some of the menu repositioning code in service will 20:24
bacbcsaller: can we do a quick chat?20:25
bcsalleryeah, I'll see if normal g+ is open20:25
bcsallerbac: it is20:25
Makyobac, bcsaller relations uses it.20:29
bcsallerbac: froze there20:30
Makyogary_poster, ready when you are for call.20:33
bcsallerMakyo: when you're done with the call give me a ping please 20:40
Makyobcsaller, Free now.20:40
bcsallerMakyo: getting on g+ 20:40
benjiallrighty, the login branch is available for review at https://codereview.appspot.com/700704720:54
benjiafter I take a short break I will see if anyone else needs reviews20:54
bachazmat: i just got golang 1.0.2 and rebuilt lbox using it.  i still see the same problem authenticating.21:00
hazmatbac, clean build, sure about the executable ?21:00
hazmatits possible they've slipped for multiple releases but that's sad21:01
bachazmat: oh, wait it is an old executable21:02
hazmatgary_poster, cert should be in place by eod, just configuring nginx21:16
hazmatgoing to run an errand, bbiab21:16
gary_posterthanks hazmat21:17
* gary_poster has to go back to car shop21:17
bacMakyo: could you review my panzoom test branch?21:21
Makyobac, in a bit21:21
bacmaybe it'll be on rietveld by then21:21
benjiyow, after merging in the trunk I get massive test failures21:35
benji"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'notifier' of undefined"21:36
* Makyo dogwalkinates.21:38
gary_posterbenji, any resolution on that?21:52
benjigary_poster: nope; I am pretty sure it is another initialization race, but I haven't figured it out yet.21:54
gary_posterok benji.  I think hazmat may have a fix-all-the-tests branch coming up21:54
benjihmm, that is interesting: GET /juju-ui/templates.js 404 1ms - 5421:54
gary_posterbut I know that's not very satisfactory21:54
hazmatgary_poster, incidentally your consistency in testing may be the result of browser cache21:55
gary_posterhazmat, maybe so21:57
gary_posterthough I do clear it out for various reasons21:57
benjiahh, a "make clean" and "make build" cleared up the tempate.js 404; it must have moved21:58
benjimost of the tests pass on my branch now21:58
gary_posterum.  I think d3 just changed all their file names in their npm package.22:07
gary_posterwe are getting 3.0.022:08
baci'm going to call it a day.  i'll check back later and land my branch if it gets favorable reviews.22:12
benjiwell, I guess I have a race to fix in the new year; see you guys then22:13
gary_postersounds good bac.  I want to go take a break too.  Have a great holiday.  I'll shoot you a review in a bit if noone else has22:13
bachope everyone has a good break.22:13
gary_posterbenji have a great break22:13
benjigary_poster: thanks, you too!22:13
* bac o/22:13
gary_posterhazmat, bcsaller, Makyo, have a great holiday, & see you in 2013!22:14
MakyoSee ya :)22:14
hazmatgary_poster, happy holidays22:14
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hazmat<hazmat> still a work in progress.. but its up.. https://jujucharms.com/23:31

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