* rbelem goes home00:18
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shadeslayervorian: long time no weee :P02:18
micahgshadeslayer: mind a PM?02:24
shadeslayerwe have a kubuntu_kate_initial_preference.patch in kate02:40
shadeslayerbut it's not in the series file02:40
shadeslayerI made kate build02:53
urlwolfis there any way we could get kdev-python packaged?03:01
shadeslayerurlwolf: its on the Blueprint but I guess we just don't have the manpower to handle new packages at the moment03:02
shadeslayerurlwolf: see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging03:02
urlwolfbut I don't see it en the blueprint03:04
shadeslayerI'm sure I put it there03:04
shadeslayerurlwolf: fixed03:06
shadeslayernow encompasses all plugins03:07
ScottKshadeslayer: Is this fixing the PA stuff for quantal?03:24
ScottKI'd put it in experimental and then updates once you've got itworking.03:24
ScottKPlasma Active03:25
ScottK[11:01:03] <shadeslayer> ScottK: should I put ktp in kubuntu-updates or backports?03:25
shadeslayeruh ... I said KDE Telepathy03:25
shadeslayernot PA03:25
ScottKI was having trouble following.03:25
ScottKIf this is 0.5.2, I think updates is fine.03:25
shadeslayeras for PA I'll be putting it in ~kubuntu-active then test on a exo PC and then upload to archives03:26
ScottKshadeslayer: FYI, I think the new python plugin for kdevelop is not suitable for the archive.  It embeds a modified copy of the python interpreter.03:30
shadeslayerurlwolf: ^03:31
shadeslayerand apol_ as well ^03:32
apol_ScottK: what does it have to do with the packaging? it's an issue we're aware of and that will be solved eventually03:33
apol_but it doesn't affect the rest of the system03:33
shadeslayer../../../../../kate/plugins/pate/src/utilities.cpp:374:71: error: invalid conversion from 'Py_UNICODE* {aka long unsigned int*}' to 'const uint* {aka const unsigned int*}' [-fpermissive]03:38
shadeslayeroddly enough it built fine in the pbuilder03:39
shadeslayeramd64 builds though03:44
ScottKapol_: We have a strong policy against code copies.  They aren't completely prohibited, but particularly for packages with a history of needing security updates, it's not generally wanted.03:58
ScottKTo the extent there are code copies in the archive (and there are), they are considered bugs.03:59
shadeslayerScottK: Could you have a look at the remaining FTBFS's ?04:28
shadeslayersigh, fixed i386 FTBFS , kate amd64 fails now04:29
shadeslayerwhat magic is this04:29
shadeslayerI've gtg for a bit, bbl04:29
ScottKIn the archive?04:29
ScottKOr ninjas?04:29
ScottKshadeslayer: kate was archive skew.  Building now.05:03
ScottKkdepim hasn't been updated.05:04
ScottKkross-interpreters looks like a multiarch'ed python2.7 issue.  Retrying to see if the recent fixed on python2.7/cmake solved it.05:06
ScottKWallpapers needs actual fixing.05:07
ScottKkate built.06:03
shadeslayerScottK: thx06:22
shadeslayerI'll have a look at kross-interpreters06:22
shadeslayerI'm not sure how opensuse released the RC when smokekde is utterly busted07:02
shadeslayerwho want's to fix this : http://paste.kde.org/629168/07:20
tsimpsonso who broke kde-telepathy on quantal in kubuntu-ppa/updates? http://paste.kde.org/629180/08:26
shadeslayertsimpson: looking08:39
tsimpsonseems to be libtelepathy-logger-qt4-1, the only candidate is 0.5.1-0ubuntu1 from quantal/universe but libktpchat0 requires >= 0.5.208:40
shadeslayerI forgot to copy that08:41
shadeslayerI meant to untick tp-qt, but unticked tp-logger-qt as well08:42
shadeslayertsimpson: copied, waiting for publication08:43
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tsimpsonright, I'll let you know if it all goes well08:47
shadeslayertsimpson: thanks for pointing that out08:49
tsimpsonit's a rarity that I get held back packages, so it caught my attention08:50
shadeslayeryeah, I apologize for that08:55
shadeslayertsimpson: should be good to go08:58
tsimpsonshadeslayer: yeah, all good now :)08:59
yofelgreat, the cron job I hacked together for the status page actually works09:03
yofelwasn't sure as I didn't really test it yesterday ^^09:03
Riddellhmm, plenty more 4.9.95 to go11:48
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afiestashttp://ruedigergad.com/2012/12/21/plasma-active-for-nexus-7-running-the-touch-optimized-plasma-active-linux-distribution-on-nexus-7/ 12:29
afiestaswe were too late :/12:29
Riddellwell various people have had it working on nexus 7, better is images which are built from the archive rather than a one off so we can make a full release12:32
Riddellbut yeah, should be a target for toot sweet12:40
ScottKyofel: I don't think you used the latest libkdegames from the archive.  That FTBFS (or at least one very like it) has been fixed once already.12:48
yofelI didn't check whether the branch was outdated - let me verify12:49
yofelurgh, 3 revs missing12:49
* yofel goes fixing12:50
yofelI thought we had a sanity check for that...12:50
yofelseems like we do - kind of, but needs fixing12:52
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Mamarokmaco: please check out my ravelry project I made recently, you will immediately see which one I talk about :)13:15
yofelRiddell: do you by chance have any uncomitted changes for kdelibs lying around? launchpad refuses to show me the diff between ppa2 and ppa3 and I didn't drop anything from bazaar13:39
Riddelllet's see13:39
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Riddellyofel: I only have ppa2 here13:43
yofelwell, I uploaded ppa3, which failed to build and I don't get why it would if ppa2 built13:44
yofelbut I don't know if ppa2 and bzr were in sync because I didn't check13:44
Riddellyofel: debdiff http://paste.kde.org/629312/13:44
yofelRiddell: I feared as much, can you put those file updates into bzr and upload ppa4 please?13:45
yofelnote that our automation scripts really can't handle the ppa and bzr being out of sync, so I usually just work from bzr and assume the ppa is the same13:46
Riddellyofel: yep will fix, I wonder what I did there that didn't sync it13:47
oycan packages from Debian-6.0 be missed in ubuntu-12.04?13:49
persiaQuite possibly, although the reasons are somewhat complex.13:49
oyOBS tells me that xcalib it not available13:50
oywhich in turn is needed for the Oyranos CMS13:50
yofelit is in 12.04 though13:50
yofel!info xcalib precise13:50
ubottuxcalib (source: xcalib): Tiny monitor calibration loader for Xorg. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.dfsg1-2ubuntu1 (precise), package size 19 kB, installed size 84 kB13:50
oygood to know :-)13:51
ScottKoy: Try packages.ubuntu.com next time instead of some opensuse thing to find out about Ubuntu packages.13:51
oyScottK, well I use OBS for building and testing upstream stuff13:52
ScottKRight, but opensuse is probably not the ideal source for information about Ubuntu.13:53
oycan imagine, still try to get it working there and then packagaing will be hopefully easier for other distros13:53
oye.g. Fedora, Debian etc.13:54
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oyis there a policy for kubuntu, that universe packages can be used for kde-graphics apps?14:12
yofelI think kdegraphics is pretty much all in universe, so that should't be a problem14:13
oyhuh; fine14:13
yofeloy: the policy is: packages in main can't depend on packages from universe, so as long as it's not in main there's no problem14:14
oymakes sense14:15
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oyare there distribution limitations if something is in universe? the Oyranos/xcalib packages are a requirement wor the KolorManager kcm 14:17
Riddelloy: only requirement to be free software14:21
persiaoy: Souyz (the build part of LP) enforces something called "ogre-model" which prevents stuff not in universe from build-depending on stuff in universe.  Other than that, there's no difference.14:21
oyfree software should be easy to fullfill14:22
Riddellgolly, simon is out for packaging too14:38
Riddelllots to do14:38
macoMamarok: cute!14:40
macoMamarok: i have not done colorwork yet14:40
Mamarokmaco: it's quite easy, I varied it a bit from Fair Isle style knitting by tunneling the loose color, makes the pattern a bit stiff, but that doesn't hurt for this particular one14:42
RiddellScottK: new files in the pykde4 build, any idea what they are? usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/PyKDE4/kdecore.cpython-33m.so15:34
Riddellone for each library15:34
Riddellpresumably we want them15:34
yofelRiddell: those should be the binaries for python 3.3 so we want them15:49
xnoxRiddell: you want them in the python3-kde4 package =)15:55
xnoxwith X-Python3-Version headers, dh_python3, et al ;-)15:55
ScottKRiddell: Yes.16:05
Riddellshadeslayer: have you looked at smokekde did you say?16:30
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ScottKRiddell: I can look at it.17:00
RiddellScottK: I fixed both17:00
Riddelljust smoke qt left and then we'll be done in ninjas17:01
ScottKOught to go ahead and upload kde4libs to the archive, if you haven't.17:01
ScottKYou want to do it or should I?17:02
RiddellScottK: go ahead17:02
ScottKWill do.17:02
ScottKrdieter: Thanks for committing the kamoso update.17:18
rdieterScottK: trying to fix building against older libkipi now. :(17:19
shadeslayerRiddell: ScottK I'll sync the packages I uploaded and bzr17:54
shadeslayeron a related note, could someone have a look at kdm.upstart in kde-workspace in bzr?17:55
shadeslayerI don't think that change was sync'd to bzr17:55
freinhardhi! try "apt-get remove python-dbus-dev"17:58
freinhardbecause the result is surprising17:58
freinhardi'm wondering why binary packages would depend on python-dbus-dev wich just contains one header file17:59
shadeslayerReverse Depends:17:59
shadeslayer  python-dbus17:59
shadeslayerwhich looks fine17:59
shadeslayerthings probably dep on python-dbus which deps on python-dbus-dev17:59
freinhardon another 12.04 installation, this action would have removed big portions of kde.18:00
freinhardhmm even that sounds wierd. python-dbus which deps on python-dbus-dev18:01
freinhardanyways, if this makes sense to you, i'll stick with it.18:02
freinhardsame for me on 12.1018:03
shadeslayerfreinhard: it comes from debian it seems https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus-python/1.0.0-118:05
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freinhardis there example code for interfacing muon/qapt from c++? or would one launch a qapt-batch process?19:02
RiddellJontheEchidna: ^^19:03
JontheEchidnafreinhard: I guess it depends on what you wanted to do19:04
freinhardJontheEchidna: install new packages19:04
JontheEchidnaI'd recommend invoking qapt-batch if you just want to do a simple install19:04
freinharddo i get information if this job was successful?19:05
JontheEchidnafreinhard: qapt-batch will provide error dialogs, and exit with an error code when errors happen19:06
JontheEchidna(nonzero exit code)19:07
freinhardi wrote some code for kde-telepathy which offers to install some packages if one would want to setup a ICQ or MSN account but the required connection manager is not there yet. unfortunately kubuntu doesn't ship packagekit by default19:08
freinhardJontheEchidna: is there a way to have the user confirm the installation before entering the password?19:18
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: didn't you say there was a PK dbus interface that muon offers19:19
JontheEchidnaa dbus interface, yes19:19
freinhardaka one code to rule them all ;)19:19
JontheEchidnait's PK-alike, but not packagekit19:19
JontheEchidnafreinhard: not currently, no19:20
QuintasanMe would rather have PolicyKit KCM19:22
QuintasanI even fail at /me19:23
QuintasanJontheEchidna: o/19:23
* Quintasan left for uni in the morning and is returning19:24
Quintasandamn last Friday before Christmas19:24
JontheEchidnaI got out last Friday, exams were killer19:25
Quintasanno exams19:25
JontheEchidnaand then I came down with the flu Sunday and was sick until Wed.19:25
Quintasanbut when stuff explodes in you face it explodes big time19:25
JontheEchidna(that's what gender-unspecified person said)19:26
JontheEchidnawell, better the flu this week than the flu on finals week19:26
Quintasantrue that19:26
QuintasanI noticed the damn sever in my uni runs Solaris19:26
JontheEchidnathe spring term starts on Jan. 2219:26
Quintasanwith gcc 3.sth19:27
QuintasanJontheEchidna: good luck on the exams then19:27
JontheEchidnaexams were last week <.<19:27
* Quintasan prepares some books to start learning for his19:27
JontheEchidnagood luck for yours, though19:28
QuintasanMine start in the middle of January19:28
QuintasanHopefully will have to write 2 out of 4 but whatever19:28
Quintasanmy fridge is still empty19:29
RiddellScottK: recon I'm ok to upload the rest to -proposed as well?19:29
QuintasanJontheEchidna: How is student's life? Enjoying much of it or not? :P19:29
JontheEchidnaI like it19:30
JontheEchidnaI'm at my parents' house for the holidays now19:30
JontheEchidnaand it's nice to be back, but I do like living not with them ;)19:31
QuintasanI'm going back tomorrow19:31
QuintasanI like it very much19:31
Quintasanbut there is one obvious drawback19:31
QuintasanThe fridge is permanently empty19:31
Quintasanits either full of beer and food OR empty19:32
Quintasanno states in between19:32
Riddellyou eat all your parent's food?19:32
QuintasanRiddell: I eat all of my food at my flat in Wroclaw19:32
QuintasanI can't possibly eat 5 people's worth of food19:32
QuintasanI can't even possibly have that much19:33
Riddelloh a drawback to living away from your parents is the empty fridge19:33
Riddellyes I do still have a key to my parent's home incase my fridge is ever empty :)19:34
QuintasanI somehow can't imagine you going back home just for food :P19:34
Riddellwell incase my car isn't in my driveway too19:35
Riddellwhich is quite a lot since I don't have a car or a driveway19:36
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Quintasanmy god19:45
QuintasanRiddell: This made my day :D19:45
Riddellyeah it's more fun than the phone bills or junior football league scores I get to that e-mail address :)19:46
Quintasan>phone bills19:47
QuintasanWhy not pay them? :P19:47
Quintasanyofel: okular is marked as ftbfs yet log says otherwise19:48
RiddellQuintasan: it's the missing file19:50
Riddellexcept I do install that file in okular.manpages and added a not-installed file with it19:50
Riddellso I'm a bit confused but not overly worried19:50
* Riddell out leaving the packages to upload19:51
yofelRiddell: how did you batch upload the beta for quantal last time?20:55
ScottKyofel: I don't think it will work this time.21:19
yofelScottK: why not?21:20
ScottKLast time we blocked kde4libs transition and that was enough.21:20
yofelScottK: I'm talking about the backports21:20
ScottKSince there shouldn't be any new symbols in the RC, the older kde4libs should be sufficient so other stuff won't get blocked.21:20
ScottKSorry, wrong topic.21:20
ScottKNevermind then.21:20
* yofel just made his own script anyway21:27
QuintasanI just found out there is MPRIS runner21:28
* Quintasan has even less reasons to use dolphin21:29
* ScottK just fixed nepomuk on his laptop. It's been dead for weeks and I couldn't figure out why. It turns out reading the last bit of /.kde/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/data/virtuosobackend/soprano-virtuoso.log told me how to fix it.21:45
ScottKSurely that's not something we actually expect users to do?21:46
yofelusually not, but 4.10 requires users to press the power button to reboot after install too, so that still sounds reasonable.21:48
QuintasanIt's empty here21:57
QuintasanDoes it mean it works?21:57
Quintasanany hardcore vim user here can tell me if somehow can get autocompletion like that in kdevelop?21:58
yofelyes you can - but no, I don't know how to set that up21:58
Quintasanyofel: there is OmniCpp or clang_complete22:02
Quintasanthe former uses ctags and the latter uses the compiler itself22:02
* yofel notes that KDE sure has a lot of packages now while he watches them being processed...22:03
Quintasanomnicpp is too hard to set up22:04
shadeslayeryofel: I noticed that as well with the last upload :P22:07
yofelhttp://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.9.95_quantal.html enjoy the blueness ^^22:07
Quintasanmother of god22:10
Quintasanwill test asap22:10
Quintasanthis damned tab doesnt autocomplete in vim22:12
yofelwasn't vim completion something with ctrl+p or so?22:14
yofelyeah, ctrl-p/n22:15
yofelgood, finally done with uploading22:15
shadeslayeryofel: brace yourself, emails are coming22:20
yofeldepwaits don't send mails22:20
shadeslayernot dep waits22:20
shadeslayeremail about uploads22:20
yofeloh, yeah, I've already got a ton :P22:20
shadeslayerand unless you're a MOTU, emails about failed uploads I'd guess22:20
yofelI didn't upload to the archive22:21
shadeslayeryou uploaded quantal?22:21
shadeslayerI thought you did both quantal and raring22:21
yofelwe need a sanity package check22:22
yofelgwenview and konquest didn't get updated22:22
yofelI'll upload them22:22
shadeslayerafaik vim uses Ctrl_N22:22
yofel(at least those just looking at what's still at 4.9.90 in quantal)22:22
QuintasanI call BS22:23
shadeslayerI've never tab completed with ctrl+n in vim22:23
* yofel does for very long and odd variables to prevent typos22:24
yofelrest of the time the ctrl key just feels alien in vim22:24
shadeslayerI've been trying to get clang to parse code, but just didn't work22:24
Quintasanit works22:24
shadeslayerI was probably doing it wrong22:24
shadeslayerQuintasan: show22:24
Quintasanbut the completion itself is not as good as I'd like it to be22:24
ScottKIs someone uploading thre rest of KDE?22:24
QuintasanScottK: yofel is doing that magic22:25
shadeslayerimho raring should be uploaded with higher powers22:25
shadeslayerlike MOTU22:25
Quintasanyofel: You're not?22:25
yofelor rather - uploading what?22:25
shadeslayerso that games don't get reject22:25
Quintasanyofel:  4.9.9522:25
yofelScottK: uploading what to where?22:25
ScottK4.9.95 to raring archive.22:25
* ScottK did kde4libs and it's built everywhere.22:26
yofelno, I'm uploading missing packages to ppa first22:26
ScottKIf you've got the packages locally, you might go ahead and upload pimlibs to the archive.22:26
yofelbut I guess I could just upload them to the archive22:26
yofelI don't22:26
ScottKyofel: Even better.22:26
ScottKI think the need for ninjas is past.22:27
yofelwell, not until our scripts really work22:27
yofeleither they're really buggy or Riddell is doing something wrong22:27
yofelgwenview is marked as 4.9.95 in bzr, but I can't find that version published anywhere22:27
Riddellgwenview wasn't uploaded to the PPA for some reason22:31
yofelhey :)22:31
Riddellso what did I miss while I was out?22:32
yofelkdepim and libkdegames at least had failing patches, but I can't find an obvious reason why gwenview would fail22:32
yofelunless the branch was broken22:32
Riddellhmm so my upload didn't work22:33
Riddellwhat's the current status of 4.9.95 in raring?22:33
* yofel just uploaded gwenview to archive22:34
yofelcan you do konquest? I don't have upload permissions for that22:34
yofelI think then we'll have all packages22:34
Riddellare all the packages in raring?22:35
Riddellno they're not22:36
shadeslayerwhat the hell22:36
yofelRiddell: only kdelibs is in the archive I think22:36
shadeslayernow I've seen everything22:36
yofelbut as we're uploading I don't see the reason for putting the missing stuff in the ppa, it can just stay in depwait22:36
Riddellok I'll upload to raring archive22:36
shadeslayerRiddell: I think it's best you upload KDE22:36
shadeslayer*if you22:37
shadeslayerwe don't have permissions for all of kde games and what not22:37
ScottKshadeslayer: You should become a MOTU then.22:39
ScottKyofel too22:39
yofelI wouldn't mind to apply, but I simply don't do enough "plain universe work"22:40
shadeslayeron that note, I got emailed to update kraft, should probably do that as well22:40
yofelok, I think I've got the backports all uploaded22:45
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can you handle PA3 alone? I'd like to investigate the state of ibus integration23:00
Quintasanor in other words: "why it sucks and how to improve this"23:00
shadeslayerI was actually just thinking of updating the PPA23:01
shadeslayersince the RC is done23:01
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Raring Alpha 1 Released | Packaging TODO: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas http://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.9.95_quantal.html | oxygen-fonts in experimental PPA (from oneiric to raring)
* ScottK fixes smoke-qt.23:10
ScottKRiddell: kajongg and kshisen never got fixed and uploaded for 4.9.90, so the 4.9.95 uploads hit New with bad copyright files (no GFDL and missing copyright holders).  I've rejected them.  Would you pleases have a look.23:25
RiddellScottK: ok23:32
QuintasanScottK: I just noticed that23:36
QuintasanScottK: Try splitting the screen in Konsole23:36
ScottKQuintasan: Works fine here.23:37
yofelnice bug ^^23:37
ScottKWhat bug?23:37
QuintasanScottK: Try typing in one of the screens23:37
yofelsplitting yes, closing *one* window not23:37
Quintasanyofel: try typing23:37
yofeloh lol23:37
yofeluse yakuake, it works there :P23:38
QuintasanCan someone tell me why would I split the damn konsole window to see the same thing?23:38
ScottKHorizontal or vertical?23:38
ScottKWorks fine here with a horizontal split.23:38
* yofel updates to 4.9.9523:38
ScottKOh, right, not on 4.9.95, so nevermind23:39
QuintasanScottK: The default behavior is that when you split the screen in Konsole23:39
shadeslayeryou get a mirror23:39
QuintasanIt shows you the same terminal on both parts23:39
QuintasanWhat's the point?23:39
shadeslayercould someone upload https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/kde-extra/+files/kraft_0.50-0ubuntu1.dsc23:40
yofelis it *supposed* to do that? because yakuake doesn't23:40
Quintasanshadeslayer: I don't even want to hear that you are supposed to open up a new tab for each split23:40
Quintasanbecause that's ridiculous23:40
shadeslayerQuintasan: I'm not saying anything23:40
QuintasanI bet you are not :P23:40
shadeslayerI use new windows + Window grouping23:40
shadeslayerkwin window grouping? the thing where you can group similar windows?23:41
shadeslayerbecause it's pointless for me to open files simultaneously side by side23:41
shadeslayerI can't read anything and everything gets squished23:42
shadeslayerwell .. not squished, but half the sentence goes out of view23:42
QuintasanTBH this is the dumbest thing regarding terminals I've ever seen23:42
ScottKsmokeqt fixed.23:43
yofelit reminds me of that wall of TV's in shops that all show the same thing23:43
QuintasanI bet KDE has some sort of explanation why they did that23:44
shadeslayersomeone was probably high23:45
shadeslayerbtw does anyone know if we can change the steps in which KDE changes brightness?23:46
QuintasanRiddell: quoting dobreprogramy.pl23:46
* shadeslayer wants to set the brightness at 8% but can't :(23:46
QuintasanThere is no point in waiting for Kubuntu to get more popular - for Canonical it's unwanted child, in practice - fruits of labour of one man"23:47
QuintasanThat's from article about ROSA Linux23:47
shadeslayerQuintasan: link to article?23:48
QuintasanIt's in Polish ofc23:48
shadeslayergtranslate ftw23:48
QuintasanI roughly translated it23:48
* Quintasan downloads ROSA23:48
shadeslayerdat background23:49
shadeslayerall I can see are boxes23:49
Quintasan1,5GB iso image23:53
QuintasanScottK, Riddell: I will be taking some time to investiage the state of ibus magic in asian locales23:53
shadeslayerRiddell: have you finished uploading to raring?23:55

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