markitAknot: gnash is Free software, the work of developers to bring freedom to users trying to decode a convulted, inefficient, obscure format. Adobe Flash is all the contrary, it's goal is to control the user and the web. So now decide who deserves to be insulted00:05
markittime to sleep, 1 am here and a lot of bug hunting done for LiBo 4.000:05
markitgood night00:05
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cjaewow do I love dark workspace application appearances themes, so I have just installed 12.10 on another box and would like to know how I go about getting those themes on my 12.04 box eg. krida-darker01:19
cjaei tried the get new themes button and typing krida and get nothing01:20
cjaealso I am currently looking on kde look but I am wondering why they do not show up on 12.04 machine01:21
AbortDdo i need to apt-get kwin? i can not figure out how to get into its settings or do I need to attach composite?01:30
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hanasakiin kde how do you get a search window for the nepomuk indexed file names and contents?03:13
SIR_Tacohanasaki: http://userbase.kde.org/Nepomuk#Try_out_in_Dolphin03:23
hanasakiSIR_Taco:  hmmm hung kde for me :(03:27
sithlord48whats hanging kde for you (late to the party)03:30
hanasaki hanasaki: in kde how do you get a search window for the nepomuk indexed file names and contents?03:30
hanasakiSIR_Taco: hanasaki: http://userbase.kde.org/Nepomuk#Try_out_in_Dolphin03:30
hanasakibrought up the index in system setttings... and it hung the system settings aplet03:31
sithlord48you just open dolphin and hit ctrl+F open up search03:31
sithlord48can you tell me what version of kde your running?03:31
sithlord48just about any program help-> about kDe03:31
hanasakieverything is the current release for kubuntu03:32
hanasakiI thought there was some kde dialog that shows at the top of the screen for the search so dolphin is not required03:33
sithlord48no it is just a thing dolphin does.03:33
hanasakibrb.. gotta log out.. this is all locked up03:33
SIR_Tacothanks sithlord4803:42
SIR_TacoI'm only half here03:42
sithlord48your welcome SIR_Taco, but what are you thanking me for?03:42
SIR_Tacosithlord48: you finished where I left off03:43
sithlord48im also 1/2 here mostly working on gettting a vbox set up w/ a Qt 5 dev enviroment to play on , need to port my code or attempt to at least.03:43
SIR_Tacosithlord48: porting to Qt5 is on my list as well... just guagng which places to introduce it to first.03:46
sithlord48SIR_Taco:  mines just a simple port , the where to improve with new Qt5 stuff can happen a bit later on for this project.03:49
SIR_Tacosithlord48: I've just been mulling around the idea of moving the next set of updates to Qt5... but I think I'll just re-visit the code and make it a little more extensible for now03:53
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sithlord48i plan to say with qt4 untill at very least kde in kubuntu uses is (as i have a ppa i don't want to break)03:55
Colin_echo echo....04:17
Colin_this a chat room?04:18
Colin_it was on my comp04:18
sithlord48it is on your computer.04:18
Colin_yeah it is on my computer..04:19
Colin_and I didn't know what it was..04:19
thelionroarsyes it is a chatroom04:20
sithlord48included IRC client , for chating with but set to the kubuntu help chanel by default so help is easy to get.04:20
Colin_um w^?04:21
cutawaySomebody please tell me how to switch the default PDF application in 12.10 so that it uses okular instead of krita04:27
cutawayI've switched it in individual apps, but some don't let you and switch04:28
cutawayit is rather annoying04:28
thelionroarscutaway, go to start menu>system settings>file associations, then go to application>pdf, and move okular to the top of the list04:37
cutawayit already was04:37
cutawaykrita was on bottom of list04:37
cutawayi'm removing it now04:37
cutawaybut I don't have much hope04:37
cutawayjust restarted the application that was opening the PDF for me, KiCad04:39
cutawayit still thinks krita is default04:39
cutawayoh well, thank you thelionroars04:43
thelionroarsok, this should work04:49
thelionroarsin your home folder, go to .local/share/applications and open up mimeapps.list in kate (or your text editor)04:50
thelionroarsadd this line to the end:04:50
thelionroarshope that helps cutaway04:50
cutawaytrying now04:51
thelionroarsdidn't work?04:52
cutawayno, wrong window04:52
cutawaythat is the first line in the file04:53
thelionroarsoh, right04:53
cutawaythis is under "Removed Associations"04:54
cutawaywrong window04:54
Name141Is there a reason I'd want lightkdm instead of kdm when installing kubuntu-desktop06:55
Name141(or what's the difference anyway?)06:55
thelionroarslightdm is being used from 12.10 onwards06:57
thelionroarsnot sure if there are any tangible advantages, they both do the same job06:57
Name141I'm using the LTS07:00
thelionroarsyes, 12.0407:01
Name141I should have just downloaded Kubuntu , atleast Kubuntu doesn't make me want to beat the screen with a stick anymore like Unity07:07
thelionroarsI haven't tried Unity out yet07:09
Name141Hm, how do I fix it so that the display is remembered ?07:11
Name141(Screen res)07:11
Name141when I logged out and back in it reverted back to 800x60007:11
Name141does it have to be changed through CCC admin? (4670 ATi card)07:12
Name141ah never mind, I found the 'save as default' :p07:14
Name141is there anyway to get rid of the ubuntu-desktop packages?07:15
Name141-what in the08:17
Name141-the Kubuntu ISOs are too big for a 700 MB CD-R08:17
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Name141-is it possible to get a CD-R sized /08:20
persiaNot easily anymore.  Can your machine boot from USB?08:22
Name141-seems the alternate is under 70008:22
Name141-not the one I'm installing it to08:23
persiaWell, looks like you'll have to either get some slightly higher-capacity blanks (750 should do), or use the alternate for 12.04.08:25
Name141-http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/12.04/release/kubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-i386.iso is under the limit.08:25
persiaRight.  That's the alternate.  The installer is text-mode, but the results should be nearly identical to installing kubuntu from the other image.08:26
Name141-yeah, I just wanted to get it over with since I'm replacing XP08:26
Name141-(and not have thousands of different desktops)08:26
persiaUsing the alternate is likely the easiest way.  The next step involves fiddling with very minimal images that just have the installer, which means the download has to happen during the install.08:29
Name141-yeah, I'm burning the ISO now08:30
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Name141-persia: little more annoying/Debian style setup it seems :p08:36
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:44
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Name141-eh the keyboard is wrong09:10
Name141-is that an easy fix?09:10
ct529hi! After the last kernel update my boot time has increased of approx 10s.09:11
persiaDepends on which keyboard you have.  For many, it's worth interrupting the install (with Back), and manually processing keyboard selection.09:12
ct529Any changes that could justify it?09:12
persiact529: Repeatedly, or just the immediate post-update boot?09:12
ct529persia: repeatedely, every time I reboot09:12
persiaSorry then, no idea.09:12
ct529it has gone from aorund 25s to 35s.09:13
ct529then kde takes forever, like minutes.09:13
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thelionroarswhat's the current keyboard shortcut for restarting X?12:11
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phoenix_firebrdyofel:  kde 4.10 rc1 ?13:37
yofelphoenix_firebrd: with holidays near we're a bit understaffed and there were more changes than expected - we'll be done soonish13:38
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phoenix_firebrdyofel: sorry , I was on the phone. Ya I forgot about the holidays. How long does it take to compile the kde sc in a p4 processor 3.0 ghz?13:45
yofelphoenix_firebrd: I haven't used kdesrc-build in ages so I don't know... a few hours13:53
phoenix_firebrdyofel: If I learn to package, will that be sufficient to join the packaging team or should need a better computer also?13:55
yofelphoenix_firebrd: that's enough, we currently let launchpad do most of the build work anyway, and you can always leave the large packages to someone else13:56
yofelphoenix_firebrd: if you're curious where we're at with the rc, the topic of #kubuntu-devel has info on that13:56
phoenix_firebrdyofel: I have learn to use bazzar now, I have some doubts. I will consult with you later about that. Do you have a changelog  template ?13:57
yofelphoenix_firebrd: dch is used to manage changelog entries and takes care of most of the metadata in there for you13:59
yofelphoenix_firebrd: also see our current packaging: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/13:59
yofelphoenix_firebrd: and join #kubuntu-devel if you plan to do packaging please ;)13:59
phoenix_firebrdyofel: Joined the channel,  I doubt if I am ready yet, I will try my best. Are you enjoying your holidays and am I ruining it?14:01
yofellol no, I want to get the RC as much as you want so I'm working on that anyway :P14:03
phoenix_firebrdyofel: Thank you14:04
yofelphoenix_firebrd: now that you're in -devel, if you have any (kubuntu-related) packaging questions please ask them there - we don't bite ;)14:05
phoenix_firebrdyofel: nice14:05
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AknotHow can i make firefox to launch magnet torrents in transmission.14:28
BluesKajAknot:  when you click on the torrent and asks to "open with " , navigate to /usr/bin/transmission and choose it there15:19
Aknoti got it working i had to do about:config and add something there15:20
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KottizenHi, uhm, I'm trying to get activeplasma working. I've installed the package "active-plasma". Unfortunately it doesn't work, I get this: http://pastebin.com/gjfecqbV16:32
KottizenWhen I execute the command "startactive" I get a loading screen that then exists, showing me the original/old desktop.16:32
KottizenAny idea what I can do?16:33
AbortDdid you run it as root?16:37
AbortDKottizen: ?16:39
KottizenAbortD: oh, sorry16:43
KottizenAbortD: let me try that16:43
bjrohanI am looking for some help in settng up rysnc over my home network using ssh, can anyone here verify my command to make sure it will do what I want?  I have ssh with rsa keys set up already16:45
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AbortDwhats the word Kottizen16:52
KottizenAbortD: sorry, it's taking me some time on this nexus 7 :P16:54
KottizenAbortD: it doesn't work though, even with root, I'm working on copying over the error16:55
AbortDoh your not on a pc?16:55
AbortDKottizen: is the nexus 7 a tablet?16:56
KottizenAbortD: I have a PC from which I chat on here16:57
KottizenAbortD: then I got a nexus 7 with Ubuntu on, with the kubuntu-desktop package and the plasma-active package16:57
AbortDdamn nice how well does the touch screen work?16:58
KottizenAbortD: I've successfully started the KDE/Kubuntu thing on the nexus, but the ultimate goal is to get plasma-active working16:58
AbortDi would have honestly  tried a different distro16:58
KottizenAbortD: I haven't got a pen now, but even without a pen it's really fast and smooth! a little bit tricky to click on small buttons, but with the onscreen keyboard the overall grade would be 8/10, given the odd environment16:59
AbortDtry fooling with the resolution i bet youll get better results :P16:59
AbortDim sure there is a way to adjust certain icons17:00
KottizenAbortD: ah, good idea, I'll try that :) btw ubuntu/unity on the same tablet is a lot more difficult to use, and it lags more too17:00
Kottizenyeah there is (in KDE you can change everything *:)*)17:00
AbortDyea i hear that the "unity" system sucks more ram and cpu17:00
KottizenI think so17:01
AbortDi think someone was saying the went with something like kde/debian on a raspberry pi17:02
AbortDrasp pi is only 700 mhz 512 ram too17:02
KottizenDebian works fine on a pi, but it gets laggy if you open more than two browsers17:03
Kottizengnome 217:03
pasterhttp://pastebin.com/WVqZtUpA AbortD17:03
KottizenAbortD: paster is me, there's the report from startactive as root17:03
Kottizenuh, seems like it removed the line breaks...17:04
AbortDno problem though17:07
pasterthere we go!17:07
KottizenAbortD: if you find that more readable17:07
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AbortDdo you see your error codes?17:10
AbortDline 83 check tha xml file to see if it exxists17:11
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KottizenAbortD: one moment please, the touch became unusable when I changed screen orientation from "Left" to "None"17:13
AbortDlol yer good17:13
KottizenI'll "Reboot computer" ;D17:13
sophosANYBODY HERE&17:32
Peace-sophos: ?17:32
sophoshi pleasse tell me how i can add skype to KDE IM?17:33
Peace-sophos: mmm17:34
Peace-wait a moment17:34
Xd1358Hello, I have this weird problem: all sound randomly stopped working after a reboot. It still works just fine on the Windows 7 partition though17:36
Peace-sophos: http://userbase.kde.org/Telepathy#5._How_do_I_add_a_Skype_Account17:36
Peace-Xd1358: mmm it could be a driver bug or an application that blocks your audio card17:37
Peace-Xd1358: 1 lsof | grep pcm   should give you some ideas17:37
Peace-Xd1358: and you will get the pid of the applications that are using your audio card17:38
Peace-Xd1358: so getting the pid you can terminate them17:38
Peace-Xd1358: with :         kill -9  pid17:38
Peace-pid is a number17:38
Peace-Xd1358: for example i got from lsof | grep pcm this :    QInotifyF  2763  2765        sem  mem       REG        8,6     17744    309570 /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/codec/liblpcm_plugin.so17:39
Peace-Xd1358: so i want terminate this application17:39
Xd1358Yeah, there's a huge bunch of processes here17:39
Peace-Xd1358: kill -9 276317:39
AbortDKottizen: whats the word big bird17:40
Peace-Xd1358: you can try terminating these application then... but ... this could be dangerous .. i mean you could kill some weird process17:40
Peace-Xd1358: look carefully what you are going to kill17:40
Peace-Xd1358: if with this method you can't solve your problem i guess you should report a bug17:41
Peace-Xd1358: another idea before to write a bug report17:41
Peace-Xd1358: sudo pkill -9 pulseaudio17:41
Xd1358fwiw, here's a list of them processes17:41
Xd1358sudo pkill -9 pulseaudio didn't fix it17:42
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Peace-Xd1358: have you chromium opened ?17:43
Xd1358Nope, only firefox17:43
Peace-mmm in that list it seems chromium is actually using your card17:43
Peace-Xd1358: Chrome_Ch 2060 2061       ecks  mem       REG        8,5     22148  9178927 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so17:43
Xd1358so kill that one?17:44
Xd1358let me try17:44
Peace-kill it17:44
Peace-try even this                           sudo alsa force-reload17:44
Xd1358still nothing :/17:45
Peace-Xd1358: mmm for me is a bug17:47
Peace-Xd1358: you could try to remove pulseaudio too17:47
Peace-Xd1358: are you there ?17:48
KottizenAbortD: the parent directory (keyboard) exists but is empty17:48
Xd1358yes; remove pulseaudio altogether?17:48
Peace-Xd1358: you can try this :  sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio-utils pulseaudio         # then reboot17:48
AbortDKottizen: thats your problem then you're missing that xml17:48
Peace-Xd1358: but i would report a bug for this stuff17:48
AbortDmaybe try a reinstall?17:48
Peace-Xd1358: i mean it should work and stop17:49
KottizenAbortD: what should I reinstall?17:49
Peace-Xd1358: if you want report a bug just type this in your terminal :          ubuntu-bug17:50
KottizenAbortD: it exists on my desktop computer running Kubuntu 12.1017:50
KottizenAbortD: with the contents of http://paste.ubuntu.com/145523817:50
AbortDyou could try simply replacing it Kottizen17:50
Xd1358Peace-, alright, thanks, I will try removing pulseaudio17:50
Peace-Xd1358: good luck man17:51
KottizenAbortD: I'll do that, this will be interesting!17:51
AbortDKottizen: sure will :P17:51
* Peace- exiting bye bye17:51
KottizenAbortD: oh maybe it's because I've never logged on as root before, via kdm17:53
KottizenAbortD: let me try that before creating the file17:53
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AbortDlol k18:03
AbortD\delivery guy here brb Kottizen18:03
Kottizenoh fml... now I've got kdm up and running, but there's no virtual keyboard available there x.x18:13
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Kottizendead end, gonna flash it again18:19
AbortDKottizen: you still there?18:22
KottizenAbortD: yep18:27
KottizenAbortD: now fastboot can't find the device x.x18:27
AbortDthats odd18:27
AbortDisnt fastboot for android?18:29
KottizenAbortD: oh maybe that's why it doesn't recognize it18:30
AbortDwhat are you using fastboot for?18:30
KottizenAbortD: I'm not sure :P I'll try just to start with ubuntu-nexus7-installer18:31
AbortDare you dual booting android and ubuntu?18:31
KottizenAbortD: no, I think I removed Android18:32
AbortDhow did you pull that one off?18:33
KottizenAbortD: (it doesn't matter really - right now I only want to reinstall Ubuntu so that I get lightdm back)18:33
Kottizenvia fastboot I think18:33
KottizenAbortD: I followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Installation18:33
AbortDnow you have me confused i thought you were in ubuntu the whole time18:35
KottizenAbortD: I need Ubuntu on my laptop to install Ubuntu on the Nexus 718:36
KottizenAbortD: so I started it off a live USB stick18:36
KottizenAbortD: ok, now it's running the installation script/application (ubuntu-nexus7-installer) that'll download the necessary files and flash (or whatever it's called) the Nexus 7 with Ubuntu18:37
AbortDKottizen: i just hope I have been helping haha18:37
KottizenAbortD: oh yes you have - thank you :)18:38
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AbortDKottizen: ill be back in a few its shower time18:42
Kottizenokay cya18:43
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mr-richHOLY CO18:57
mr-richHOLY COW! ... kubuntu 12.04 doesn't have ddate!18:57
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AbortDhow do i change the colors of my task manager bar?19:07
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AbortDKottizen: everything going ok?19:20
KottizenAbortD: yeah, it's still flashing19:21
AbortDdamn you know how to change the colors of the task manager panel?19:23
KottizenAbortD: not without changing theme19:25
KottizenAbortD: or do you mean the text colours?19:25
AbortDKottizen: there is a nice virtual keyboard in kde19:25
AbortDtext colors19:25
KottizenAbortD: hmm, I know I've done it before but I can't find how19:27
KottizenAbortD: yeah I used that virtual keyboard, but it doesn't come up when I start kdm19:27
AbortDSame :P19:27
AbortDhm im sure you could make a script that makes it open when your in a active text field19:28
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mime_1111hello ppl, i have a built in speakers that change volums correctly with my volue wheel, the problem is that even lowering all, the mini woofer stays loud, without effect, is any way to merge both channels in a way that both can be lowered? thank u all20:57
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brun0hi all.. anybody can tell me how can i change the cursor pointer in Kubuntu ?21:10
brun0i already had look at System Settings21:10
brun0but i could not identify where can i do it21:11
yofelbrun0: system settings -> workspace appearance21:11
brun0yofel, ooh great, tks a lot21:12
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kaddihi guys :) I was wondering if there is a way to know what packages you no longer use or stuff I can safely uninstall witohut missing it23:34
OerHekskaddi sudo apt-get autoremove >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/28132/removal-of-unused-dependencies-using-autoremove23:47
kaddiyeah, i've already doen that. but that only removest the packages that have no dependencies. I'm really more looking for something that'll tell me "you installed this in 2008 and didn't use it since. remove it"23:48
kaddii want to upgrade to 12.10, but i only have 2GB of space left, so I need to make a bit of room so it can download the packages23:49
OerHeksi do not know a way to tell the usage of programs on commandline, installation date can be retrieved tru muon history23:53

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