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micahghow far behind is the launchpad diff generator?05:38
micahgfor queues05:38
hyperairbehind? do we really make uploads faster than we can generate diffs?05:39
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StevenKThe packagediff script has been disabled for a while, so it has a backlog05:41
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micahgStevenK: is it running again?  is there an ETA for it to catch up?05:44
StevenKYes, it's running, and I've honestly not looked at the backlog05:44
micahggah, it's at least 3 days behind06:10
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searchfgold6789Would this be the correct place to ask: What is the criteria for marking a bug as a duplicate?14:38
benjisearchfgold6789: I don't know of an official definition, I suspect it differs between projects.  A guideline I like to use is that two bugs are duplicates if fixing one would fix the other and vice versa.14:42
searchfgold6789benji: Thank you!14:43
benjimy pleasure14:43
TheLordOfTimeI was going to ask whether the bug was in Ubuntu or another launchpad project :P14:45
TheLordOfTimeif its in Ubuntu, they should've asked in #ubuntu-bugs, that's where bugsquad hangs out :P14:45
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