ghulamhello all02:59
ghulamI want to install lubuntu 12.04 on 2 bg ssd , is it possible03:00
holsteinghulam: 2 gb? the size you mean?03:00
holsteinthats tight... i would want 403:00
holsteinif you literally have nothing on the disk, try it.. otherwise, you might want to get the minmal and add just what you need03:01
ghulamhow to get the minimal , please tell me03:01
holsteini always just google "ubuntu minimal iso" and fine https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:02
ghulamactually I not so much technically confident .It seems an impossible thing for me to install from a minimal cd. mine tablet have no ethernet and wifi will not work I am sure, so connecting to internet prior to install is impossible for me now. Any way out.03:06
holsteinghulam: sure.. plenty of ways.. you can always do this somewhere else, and build your own OS and load it up there.. or take the 2gb sd to another machine with networking and go from there.. get a bigger ssd... try another smaller distro03:07
ghulamHurray! While I was chatting with you I was also doin some experiments. A trick worked. I put 16 GB sd card and it worked .I manually selected the partions .Seem to work I will post later Thank you very much for help03:12
ghulambye for now I m feeling exiiiiiiiiiit ment03:14
hyperairexitment, huh03:31
hyperairif excitement is the feeling of being excited, then exitment would be the feeling when you're exiting, i suppose03:32
jonesn420is someone availble to help me with probably a simple deal? i am trying to change the temperature output in lxpanels output of C to Fahrenheit04:11
holsteinjonesn420: you cant just right click and go into some preferences for that?04:16
jonesn420yeah i tried that. here are options...04:17
jonesn420colors...sensor (autodetect is on) and temperature levels... that is all it doesnt give me the gui option to change C to F04:17
jonesn420unless i need to change the auto sensor location to something else04:18
jonesn420i just know it is runnin hot right now and wanted to watch it. been converting videos04:18
holsteinwell, you can watch it in C.. but lemme look04:19
jonesn420i dont know Celsius much that is why lol04:19
jonesn420thanks for checkin it out04:19
jonesn420i tried lookin but everything talks about lm-sensors. i got it installed but no change04:19
holsteinwell, you just dump it in google a few times and you'll get used to it.. but i'll look.. i literally worried about it for 2 seconds, and then just left it as-is04:20
jonesn420i c04:20
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/226994/converting-celsius-processor-temperature-to-fahrenheit is how to do it in conky04:20
holsteinmaybe you prefer that anyway?04:20
jonesn420i dont use conky but i guess if it is easier04:20
jonesn420i installed it before and didnt know the first step in writing scripts it seemed hard lol04:21
holsteinwe've already discussed whats "easier" ;) ...if you dont want conky, dont do it04:21
holsteinlemme look in /etc/sensors.conf04:22
jonesn420see u know much more than i do04:22
holsteinnah. im just googling around04:23
jonesn420i see04:23
holsteinlooks like i have an /etc/sensors.conf04:24
holsteinthere is an -f flag for that.. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/gutsy/man1/sensors.1.html04:24
jonesn420i get ya man. i will just keep googlin til i find it all just tried for 20minutes and sometimes i know there are alot of pro's in these chats so quicker answer sometimes04:24
holsteinjonesn420: you could try #ubuntu? i was searching for a way to do it system-wide04:25
jonesn420ok i will check it out thanks for helpin a bit. i will keep in mind to just come here for some real real bad issues04:25
jonesn420ok i might in a bit i will keep tryin. i was just lookin for how to configure the lxpanel addon04:25
holsteinthis looks cool http://www.webupd8.org/2012/07/monitor-hardware-temperature-in-ubuntu.html04:25
holsteinjonesn420: im sure there is some way to do it in lxpanel..04:26
jonesn420yeah that is nice i just wanted a quick deal in panel to look at all the time though instead of a app to open04:26
jonesn420thanks holstein04:26
holsteini thought it was both..04:26
holsteinyeah, theres an applet04:27
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Cherry-VanillaI would just like to say... lubuntu is my favorite flavor of linux for a pentium 4 era sorta shitty laptop.06:59
Cherry-VanillaNo offense.06:59
Cherry-VanillaUsually I would come into these kinds of channels with some kind of question pertaining to some kind of issue pertaining to the OS in question.07:04
Cherry-VanillaBut nothing.. nothing has gone wrong. It's a miracle.07:04
l057c0d3ractually lubuntu is nice.. i prefer gentoo though.. but its much hader to install and use...  thats why on my kids lappys i got lubuntu07:36
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THE_GrosserHey guys I know the question might be dumb, but I am a huge fan of lubuntu I prefer it over Ubuntu and Xubuntu (I have used it for a long time on my netbook) and now I want to make use of it on my main machine. So my question would be if it makes a difference if I use lubuntu over Xubuntu with the softwarecenter in my mind, because I own a few games there, which are not available in the lubuntu-softwarecenter etc.22:06
THE_Grosseror phrased in a different way: can I use the official ubuntu softwarecenter on lubuntu without problems22:11

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