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rvbaroaksoax: hello there.12:47
rvbaroaksoax: ping14:37
roaksoaxrvba arghhh i tested this manually in a lab and in my machones and worked as expected14:49
roaksoaxrvba:  were you able tobtrst this manually?14:50
rvbaroaksoax: no, the tests fail.  I suspect MAAS cannot power the nodes anymore.14:51
rvbaroaksoax: when I issue ipmipower commands with --driver-type=LAN_2_0, they fail.14:53
roaksoaxipmipower  --driver-type=LAN_2_0  -h ip -u pw -p user --stat14:53
roaksoaxI get: "ip: BMC error"14:53
roaksoaxip should be replaced with a real ip14:54
rvbaYes, I know :)14:54
roaksoaxah ok14:54
roaksoaxso 2.0 ahould also include 1.o authentication14:54
roaksoaxwhich is what its strange to me14:54
roaksoaxabd again i trsted this in 2 dofferent set of machines with no error wjatsoever14:55
roaksoaxrvba: since the tests are broken... lets roll this change back and re-address it after thebhollidays14:55
rvbaroaksoax: sounds good to me.14:55
rvbaroaksoax: the fix could look like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1454885/14:56
roaksoaxrvba: cool i like it and we should default tobsomething for enlistment unless the c tells us that info14:57
rvbaroaksoax: let's do that after the holiday. I'm going to do a test run in the lab (with the --driver-type=... manually removed) just to be 100% sure it's the problem, and if it's the case I'll roll-back the changes and re-open the bugs.14:59
rvbaroaksoax: confirmed, I'm rolling back the changes.15:27
roaksoaxrvba:  cool thanks15:28
HelpMeMAASAnyone here..22:43
HelpMeMAASI'm having problem with MAAS on 12.0422:43
HelpMeMAASsays that mass-cli can't be found..22:43
HelpMeMAASand PXE boot ends in a kernel panic22:43
HelpMeMAASWould I just be best off going to 12.10?22:43

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