coolbhavihey cwayne dpm highvoltage vibhav mhall119 wendar jvrbanac BerndSch_ ajmitch_ Merry christmas and happy holidays!15:58
highvoltagehey coolbhavi16:01
highvoltagecoolbhavi: thanks and you too16:01
cwaynehey coolbhavi, you too :)16:01
highvoltagecoolbhavi: got any reply from your email yet regarding arb members?16:01
coolbhavihighvoltage, yes Ben expressed interest.16:02
coolbhavibtw we would really love to get you back highvoltage :)16:02
coolbhavithe last date is Jan 14th16:03
coolbhavito apply16:03
highvoltagecoolbhavi: I'll send an email before the end of the weekend16:04
coolbhavicwayne, unity-lens-pypi should be in precise too now I guess :)16:04
cwaynecoolbhavi: cool! thanks16:04
coolbhavihighvoltage, great news!16:04
highvoltagecoolbhavi: :)16:05
mhall119morning coolbhavi16:09
coolbhavimhall119, morning! Happy christmas and new year in advance :)16:10
mhall119and to you16:10
dpmsame to you coolbhavi!16:34
BerndSch_coolbhavi: Marry christmas and happy holidays too17:11
BerndSch_ajmitch_, coolbhavi: how about a Christmas gift for me? Would it be possible to push my sshsearch-lens into the graphical software centre this year?17:14
cwayneBerndSch_: if it makes you feel any better, any of mine that *are* in the graphical software center can't be installed on amd64 systems :/17:15
cwayneand BerndSch_: i do see it in the extras repo, so theres that at least :)17:16
BerndSch_cwayne: ok, yes at least it's available through the extras repo.19:18
cwayneBerndSch_: that counts :)19:19
BerndSch_cwayne: but I would like to see a lot of nice comments in the software center. ;-) The gnome-shell users like my extension there: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/73/ssh-search-provider/19:21
cwayneBerndSch_: fair enough :)19:21
cwayneBerndSch_: although there is a bug with amd64 apparently19:21
BerndSch_cwayne: An it only takes a few hours for the approvement on extensions.gnome.org19:22
cwayneBerndSch_: yeah, it definitely takes *way* too long here19:22
BerndSch_cwayne: Ok, the bug is bad, because I use amd6419:22
cwayneBerndSch_: me too :/19:23

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