thewrathwats the off topic channel?01:05
macsHello World01:31
BlaqhawkSo,  how long have any of you been using Ubuntu Linux in this room?06:47
BlaqhawkDid you make the switch from Windows?  What programs do you miss...... If any?06:47
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Snurre86I installed det aditional beta driver from nvidia and the pc diden't boot so i typed "sudo apt-get --pure remove nvidia-*" but i want to install another beta driver i know works. But it don't looks as if it is completely uinstalled11:26
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r4yI am trying to figure out how to fix audio for Ubuntu 10.04 for online videos: http://askubuntu.com/questions/122148/flash-in-browsers-does-not-play-sound-accurately-using-pulse-network-audio18:44
r4ySo I wanted to know what Firefox was using, so I opened Firefox and then went to the volume icon on the panel, sound preferences, applications tab and it says alsa18:46
r4yMight I be missing a package?18:46
r4yI should try something, bye18:53
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holsteinravci: sometimes there is a little hole you can jab an open paperclip into. i would powerdown, and look for that option and hit the caps lock20:52
Unit193See also the eject command.20:56
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