robruhggdh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/1072509 shouldn't this one be 'opinion' rather than 'confirmed'?00:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1072509 in ubuntu-nexus7 "Gnome Shell/Classic is Unable To Provide Accelerated Experience" [Low,Confirmed]00:51
TheLordOfTimemfisch was the one that removed won't fix, perhaps he should be asked?00:52
hggdhrobru: on that I agree with TheLordOfTime, even more cuz mfisch knows what he is doing. But I fail to see what impact/usage it would have on nexus701:09
* TheLordOfTime smiles since he was right.01:09
robruhggdh, exactly, I just want to get it off the list of "confirmed nexus7 bugs" since it's not really relevant to what we're trying to accomplish with the nexus7 ;-)01:10
TheLordOfTime.... eurgh, i just read something i never thought i'd see on the ubuntu wiki... one of the codename suggestions for S01:10
TheLordOfTimerobru, i think you should consult with mfisch on this one.  just because he/she's the one that changed it from Won't Fix.01:11
robruwill ping mfisch then01:11
hggdhrobru: I fundamentally agree with you...01:11
TheLordOfTimewe've probably pinged them several times :P01:11
hggdhTheLordOfTime: its a he01:11
TheLordOfTimehggdh, can't tell, LP times out right now01:11
* TheLordOfTime hates flaky train wifi01:11
robruhow important is it that I really ping mfisch? it seems pretty cut and dry to me that it simply should not be confirmed.01:12
robruit has associated upstream bugs that are status 'new' under other projects, the nexus7 aspect should just be opinion, I feel rather strongly actually01:14
robruit's not like this bug is going to die, just the nexus7 aspect of it01:14
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robrumeh, emailed mfisch01:18
mfischmy ears are burning02:07
mfischrobru: you still around?02:09
robrumfisch, yep02:10
mfischrobru: so the thinking on that bug was that while it didn't really fit our goals, as you stated, that we'd accept fixes for anyone who wanted to send them. It's a valid bug, but not one we really care about fixing.  I'm not sure in what state that leaves it in except where it is now.02:11
robrumfisch, well, my concern is that it's marked as confirmed *specifically for the nexus7 project*, which is wrong. mark it as 'confirmed' under gnome-shell or gnome-session or something, but mark it as 'opinion' just for the nexus7 project02:12
mfischrobru: okay, I'll agree to that02:12
robrumfisch, also, it has links to upstream bugs, which is good. ;-)02:13
robrumfisch, ok, do you want to change it or should I?02:13
mfischrobru: you if you don't mind, I'm about to put my kid to bed02:13
robruno worries. I'm triaging! ;-)02:14
robru(first day triaging)02:14
mfischtriaging is a great way to learn about ubuntu02:14
mfischI also appreciate hggdh's idea that I know what I'm doing, it is sometimes correct02:14
mfischrobru: The Ubuntu Nexus7 Team - Joined 3 hours ago   <- welcome02:15
robrumfisch, thanks. achiang asked me to help out with triaging so I am, because my Desktop Team workload is a bit low over the holidays.02:16
robruhggdh, still around?03:09
hggdhrobru: indeed. A bit carried over on wisky, but still cognisant. I think03:14
robruhggdh, ok, just curious about a simple issue. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/1068672 so here, cwayne18 has marked it 'confirmed', but since then much more info has been added. it seems like a well-defined task to me, so I marked it as 'triaged'. just wanted to make sure that was appropriate.03:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1068672 in ubuntu-nexus7 "webcam support" [Medium,Triaged]03:15
robru(I think I'm getting the hang of this)03:15
hggdhrobru: looking03:16
hggdhrobru: yes, it is certainly triaged03:17
robruhggdh, thanks ;-)03:17
hggdhrobru: and yes, you are getting there :-)03:17
* hggdh considers this a good end-of-day, and limits self to another wisky03:25
* chilicui2 hugs everyone in case tomorrow finish the world03:36
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MaccerIt seems that a previously fixed regression has now regressed again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/29583211:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 295832 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Alsa does not honor pcm.!default because of /usr/share/alsa/pulse.conf" [Low,Fix released]11:28
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