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mptHm, does anyone know the right package for reporting default theme bugs now?16:06
mptIs "ubuntu-themes" the successor to "ubuntu-mono"?16:07
xnoxmpt: icons, wallpaper or Gtk widgets theme?16:07
mptxnox, widgets, Ambiance/Radiance16:07
xnoxmpt: light-themes or something like that. 1sec.16:08
xnoxmpt: yes, light-themes package.16:08
mptxnox, do you know what <https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes> is about then? :-)16:09
mptIt has a Raring version whereas light-themes and ubuntu-mono do not16:09
xnoxmpt: i am so out-of-date. So it looks like 10 days ago they moved individual packages into one big package that gets auto-uploaded into distribution.16:10
xnoxmpt: i would report bugs against http://pad.lv/p/light-themes as that is upstream.16:10
xnoxmpt: do inline mac-os-x buttons with wrong rounding on the sides bugging you as well? =)16:11
mpt"This project is now included into the ubuntu-themes project. Please refer to this one." Ambiguous grammar FTW16:11
mptxnox, touching each other? Yes. Buttons that touch each other should have square corners.16:12
xnoxmpt: yeah, but the bugs are not moved yet. I guess I can find some scripts to mass migrate bugs =))))16:12
mpt(e.g. the Back+Forward buttons in Ubuntu Software Center)16:12
mptxnox, yeah, that's what I was wondering about ... Bugs being ignored merely because they're filed in the previously-correct place :-)16:13
xnoxthat? bug 105398616:14
ubot5bug 1053986 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "GtkMenuToolButton looks odd with inline toolbar style" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105398616:14
mptWhat is that I don't even.16:14
mptWhich of those buttons does the menu belong to?16:14
xnoxthe rounded bit in the middle should be | and the whole group squashed together.16:14
xnoxmpt: excactly =) with this bug it's impossible to tell.16:14
xnoxmpt: It should be (MenuToolButton v | ToggleToolButton)16:15
xnoxwhere 'v' is down arrow.16:15
mptSo it's button, menu, button?16:16
mptOr just badly-drawn menu, button?16:16
xnoxmpt: it's two buttons. Clicking the left one drops a menu down. (You drew that..... in one of ubiquity wireframes)16:16
mptok, "clicking the left one drops a menu" is what I meant by "menu" :-)16:17
mptxnox, ah, the Add button for a volume or partition or something?16:17
xnoxI did it, then looked at the result, checked the code and realised it's not me but theme bug. Reported to gnome, they fixed it in their default theme, but the fix was not applied against "ubuntu-themes"16:18
xnoxthere are also other subtle bugs like: (button|button|16:19
xnoxintead of (button|button)16:19
mptI see [ + | – | ❇ v] in the advanced partitioner16:23
mptAh, [ Add To  v| Remove ] in the LVM dialog16:24
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