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attentehi desrt14:52
desrtattente: hey15:25
desrtattente: what's up?15:25
attentedesrt: you're back from poland?15:27
desrtyup.  since a couple days ago.15:27
attentehow was it?15:27
desrtyou get much done these past weeks?15:28
attentenot really15:28
desrton vacation yet?15:29
attentenot really :(15:29
desrthow are you 'not really' on vacation? :p15:29
attentegood question...15:30
attentethe module is not playing well with empathy15:30
desrtdoes empathy have an app menu?15:30
attentei believe so15:31
attenteyes it does15:31
desrtya.. no doubt GtkApplicationWindow is the source of your troubles15:32
desrttime for some clever tricks :)15:32
attentei fixed the module so it would fall back on the old menubar/action group if it had it15:32
attentebut this problem is a different one altogether15:32
attentei can't even diagnose it15:32
desrtthe trouble is that you will have to add the actions from the GtkMenuBar action group to the existing action group of the window15:32
desrtwhen does your vacation start?15:33
attentedesrt, this is fine actually15:33
attenteit's already done15:33
desrtoh.  good :)15:33
attentei have no idea15:33
attentere: holiday15:33
desrtmaybe you should ask jasoncwarner_ :)15:33
desrtmy understanding is that the entire company is on vacation starting from a couple of days before christmas through to the new year15:34
desrti don't know exactly what 'a couple of days' is, though15:34
desrtprobably today is your last day, i guess15:34
attenteare you on holiday?15:34
desrtfor the past two weeks15:34
attenteah, sorry15:34
desrtno worries15:34
attentethat would explain the emptiness today15:35
attente<insert end of the world joke here>15:35
larsudesrt, attente, hi. The company's vacation is all through next week iirc15:42
larsu(I took next week and the 31st)15:42
attentehi larsu15:42
Sweetsharkyay, beta2 finished to build.16:55
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robrugooood morning desktop team!17:16
Sweetsharkgoooood evening desktop team.17:22
* Sweetshark is off for holidays.17:22
desrtrobru: your move is complete, i guess?17:27
robrudesrt, ehhhhhhh17:27
robrudesrt, my stuff is still in storage in winnipeg and I'm living in a hotel in victoria.17:27
desrtthe sweet life17:28
robrudesrt, aiming to find an apartment by feb 1st17:28
desrtseen any curb stompings outside your hotel window yet?17:28
robrudesrt, thankfully not!17:28
desrtso a step up!17:28
xnoxrobru: Victoria, BC? That's a big move =)17:35
* xnox liked Winnipeg a lot.17:35
robruxnox, yep! it's my lifelong dream to live here. I've loved this place since I was a kid!17:35
robruxnox, you liked winnipeg? ever been there in winter? ;-)17:35
jbichaxnox: what were you doing in Winnipeg?17:36
xnoxrobru: jbicha: yeah I lived there for a whole year, so I did enjoy +30 in the summer & -45 in the winter ;-)17:37
* xnox remembers the days looking at -40 & wishing it was -45 cause then the school is closed.17:37
xnoxjbicha: foreign exchange student living with a host family for one school year.17:38
xnoxhere in UK they close schools at -10 or something silly like that.17:38
jbichaoh wow17:39
jbichasince when did the Desktop Team get overrun by Canadians?17:39
xnoxjbicha: when wasn't it, eh?! =)17:40
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