TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, its past the hour mark, is there a time drift from internet-sync'd time on the server ubottu/logbots are on?00:01
AlanBellit takes a few minutes to write out all the channels00:02
AlanBelllooks like that one is at 4 minutes past the hour00:02
TheLordOfTimeit hasn't updated yet :P00:03
TheLordOfTime... figures though, given the # of channels... :P00:03
AlanBellthere we go00:04
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, apparently the bots don't track joins/parts/bans on the logs?00:10
TheLordOfTimeor is that by-design00:11
AlanBellby design, the logs are there for humans to refer to00:11
AlanBellthey are also handy for ops :)00:11
TheLordOfTimei assume you're talking with the guy in question, he just reversed a couple of bans00:13
hggdhit is interesting to note that the logs show people asking the op to behave00:13
* TheLordOfTime sees that despite the crap translations of Google.00:13
hggdhat least this is a language I master, sort of00:14
TheLordOfTimehggdh, oh good, you can translate everything on the log page into english for us :P00:14
hggdhit is actually sad to see what is going on there00:16
TheLordOfTimehe just kickbanned himself.00:16
TheLordOfTimehggdh, that channel's worse than... well...00:16
TheLordOfTimeum... certain other  channels i've witnessed.00:17
* TheLordOfTime cannot elaborate at this time00:17
AlanBellhuh? Rudolf kickbanned himself?00:18
TheLordOfTime* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Rudolf00:18
TheLordOfTime* Rudolf sets ban on *!*rodolfo@unaffiliated/rudolf00:18
TheLordOfTime* Rudolf has kicked Rudolf from #ubuntu-br (Rudolf)00:18
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, and this is why the logs should track bans/kicks :P00:19
AlanBellwe have tools for the channels we manage directly, team and loco channels are largely self managing00:20
AlanBellanyhow, that is a bit of a separate issue00:20
AlanBellI have asked ursinha to pop in for a chat about the channel00:20
hggdhthat would be nice, she was one of the ops there for a while00:22
TheLordOfTimestill's on the acl00:22
AlanBellshe is one of the people with founder flags in the list00:22
TheLordOfTimeerr... don't you mean flag-setting powers?  founder's +F, Ursinha doesn't have that according to chanserv00:23
TheLordOfTimebut they have +f00:23
AlanBellquite right, little f00:23
TheLordOfTime(or is my irc client not parsing data)00:23
AlanBellbut hey flags are just bits in a machine :)00:23
Fuchsbleep boop boop00:24
TheLordOfTimeboop beep beep bleep boop beep? ;P00:25
AlanBellanyhow, I think as Rudolf has now removed himself I am going to lift the ban now which I should be able to do with the ubuntu/member cloak00:25
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, it was removed00:25
TheLordOfTimeby IdleOne00:25
AlanBelloh, great :)00:26
TheLordOfTimeand rudolf also undid hggdh's ban00:26
TheLordOfTimeand the other person he banned.00:26
TheLordOfTimeidleone's done further cleanup it seems00:26
AlanBellIdleOne ftw00:26
IdleOneI think all the bans on ops are removed00:26
TheLordOfTimeIdleOne the Magnificent.00:26
IdleOneBut wth happened in there?00:26
AlanBellI was a bit reluctant to go in and start sorting things out without dealing with the conflict situation itself00:27
AlanBelland as I lack the language I didn't want to go making things worse :)00:27
hggdhmy ban still seems to be active00:27
hggdh(I assume, since I still cannot join the channel)00:28
* TheLordOfTime looks00:28
TheLordOfTimehggdh, nope, you're not banned...00:28
hggdha /join gets 'cannot send to channel'00:28
TheLordOfTimedid you try actually joining?00:28
TheLordOfTimehggdh, erm, what?00:28
IdleOnetry again00:28
TheLordOfTimeit wouldn't say that unless there were a ' ' before that, a /join never gets sent to channel :P00:29
hggdhnow it took it00:29
* hggdh goes blame weechat for a while00:29
hggdhah, I know what happened when I tried to join -- I was using the old buffer for the channel, cannot do that00:32
AlanBellFuchs: could you remove Rudolf from the #ubuntu-br access list please00:36
Fuchssilly me00:36
FuchsAlanBell: excuse me, I misparsed that, yes, I can00:36
FuchsAlanBell: there we go :)00:37
* Fuchs goes to corner and feels ashamed00:37
hggdhAlanBell, at al.: thank you for your help00:38
FuchsAlanBell: silly question probably, aren't you guys usually on the ACL with that Council account?00:39
AlanBellnormally, yes00:39
FuchsI don't mind doing it for you, as you know the GCs can request that for everything in their namespace. Just don't know if you prefer managing things on your own00:40
AlanBellwe will probably get that sorted out too, but I don't want to complicate the issue00:40
FuchsIt's not an urgent issue I guess, people who have access to that account are probably the same that can poke us about it anyway00:41
AlanBellthey are, yes :)00:42
FuchsOkay :)  Again, sorry for initial confusion and have a nice day :)00:42
Fuchswell, night, I guess00:42
AlanBellindeed, it is approaching 1am00:42
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