xnoxand all of this needs to be ported back to precise when it gets the next enablemnt kernel.00:07
infinityogasawara: Want to commit something to git for me so Tim doesn't have a grumpy about me uploading things to the archive to fix bugs? :P04:23
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bipulI have a Question which always conflict to me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kernel_Layout.svg  In this above pics Kernel is Directly connected with Devices and Memory , But what i know kernel is connected with cpu then via cpu it get connected with Memory and Devices08:05
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henrixapw: remember the -mm patch? it just got accepted into mainline.09:37
henrixapw: crap! i should have waited one more day before submitting the CVE fix :)09:38
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henrixapw: ok, i've just updated the cve-tracker and linux-overlay with the correct sha109:59
apwhenrix, heh oh well, great that you have fixed the tracker10:01
henrixapw: yeah, better do it now while its fresh. next year i wouldn't remember about it :)10:02
apwinfinity, i can take a look at that ...10:04
henrixapw: btw, is it worth submitting this fix for raring as well? i didn't as i was hoping the fix to hit raring from mainline in this merge window10:06
apwhenrix, well it cannot hurt to put it in R as it will simply rebase out of existance when the real fix hits10:08
henrixapw: ack, so i'll send it over.10:09
apwok ta10:10
henrixapw: err... that's embarassing... i've sent it already, and it's already in master-next :-/10:10
apwhenrix, heh, then that is good10:11
henrixapw: its just the cve matrix that didn't got updated. let me figure out what went wrong10:11
apwhenrix, i bet the title isn't the same, U:S: prefix missing or something10:13
henrixapw: no, it looks correct to me...10:14
apwhenrix, ok then i'll have a look in a bit10:14
henrixapw: ok, thanks. i guess we can wait a little bit more, as i've just updated it with the upstream sha1...10:15
apwhenrix, shove the CVE number in here in the history so i can keep track10:15
henrixapw: CVE-2012-453010:16
henrixapw: i'll ping you later, after the next run (at :45, right?)10:16
apwhenrix, sure, i am going out for a bit shortly to get some food in before they sell out, so if i am quiet that is why10:17
henrixapw: no prob :)10:17
henrixoh, i just realised the raring is set to 'pending' for omap4 and armadaxp...10:18
apwso those are rebase yes?10:20
infinityhenrix: omap4 and armadaxp don't have raring kernels, unless someone's finally gotten around to it.10:27
infinityhenrix: I just copy the quantal kernels to raring.10:27
henrixinfinity: hmm, right. i just got confused looking at the CVEs matrix, as it shows them as having raring kernels10:28
henrixinfinity: thanks10:28
xnoxhas the number of file-descriptors and/or inotify user_watches been historically something like 4096? looking at the current /proc/sys/fs/[file-max|inotify/max_user_watches] it's much higher (390468 & 524288 respectively)11:32
xnox(in upstart we try to exhaust inotify watches & check that upstart still works correctly, but it seems like allocating 4096 watches will not do it anymore)11:33
infinityThis seems like it could be a good thing.11:33
infinityxnox: Also, /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches is 8192 here.  What have you done to your computer?11:34
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches11:35
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ uname -r11:35
xnoxwhat about file-max?11:35
infinityIt's high.11:35
infinityThen again, ulimit won't ever let me hit that.11:35
xnoxwell, I have ulimit unlimited.11:36
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ ulimit -n11:36
infinityAgain, your ulimit isn't the default setup.11:36
* xnox runs bog standard ext4 (on top of lvm, crypt)11:37
infinityBut a testsuite that relies on these things might want to try to synthesize such a setup.11:37
xnoxwell the idea is that we should exhaust it on a current machine and having artificial caps doesn't make sense to me, we should try to exhaust until we do =)))))11:37
infinityCould take a while.11:38
xnoxit's a very tight loop, so i would not think so.11:38
infinityCan't be any worse than the glibc testcase that throws my laptop's load over 10000 (no, that's not a typo).11:39
xnoxnice =)11:40
xnoxactually, interesting to know how glibc testsuite reacts to being niced =)11:40
apwhenrix, did your CVE sort itself out?13:02
* apw bets not cause i don't think the kteam-tools auto update is working at all13:03
henrixapw: nop :)13:06
henrixapw: now everything's 'needed', except for the omap4/armadaxp, which are 'pending' (??)13:06
* apw will investigate indeed13:06
* henrix -> late lunch13:51
* henrix reboots15:20
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apwhenrix, you made it back ... so it turns out to be a simple issue, after much debugging (sigh), i see we are using the wrong branch, master not master-next15:32
henrixapw: you mean, on the autotriage scripts?15:33
henrixapw: that makes sense then15:33
apwheh yeah, doh15:34
apwand if you look now, its all sane again15:34
apwan hour of debugging the code, wally me15:34
henrixanyway, i'll definitely need to dig deeper into 2 scary parts: the autotriage stuff and the shankbot :p15:35
henrixthese are two things i've been avoiding looking at too closely :)15:35
apwthey are both heaps of complexity for sure15:39
apwthe autotriage stuff is particularly nasty to read :)15:40
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* apw wanders off ... have fun people17:45

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