CarstenGHi Hannie and Sylvie15:54
hanniehey CarstenG15:55
hannieSylvie = gray :)15:55
hannieCarstenG, I am just "buying" our manual 12.10 from software center, just to see if everhything goes as it should15:56
CarstenGWhat means gray?15:56
CarstenGYes, and does it work?15:56
CarstenGok :-)15:56
hannieYes, it works. We spoke about the keywords (getting, manual etc.). I typed get in Dash and I get 12.10 now15:57
CarstenGDo you have already Ubuntu 12.10 in use?15:58
hannieYes, but now I donloaded/purchased it from USC15:58
hannieAns yes, I have Quantal installed on my pc15:58
CarstenGI hope the bug in USC, that you have to "buy" it for 0 $, is fixed.15:58
hannieYou still have to buy it, so you have to log in, but then it is on your pc in a jiffy15:59
CarstenGoh, bad, that this bug still exists...16:03
CarstenGHannie, I have to leave. See you later.16:21
cqfd93Hi hannie:16:21
cqfd93Sylvie = gray :)  ???16:21
hanniebye CarstenG welcome cqfd9316:21
CarstenGHi Sylvie, and bye :-)16:21
cqfd93thanks hannie!16:22
cqfd93hi carsten!16:22
hanniecqfd93, Your name showed in gray a while ago16:22
cqfd93and bye!16:22
hanniecqfd93, French manual ready to go?16:22
cqfd93I don't know. I gave Kevin the go ahead last week, but I haven't heard from him, he may be very busy16:23
hannieyes, poor lad ;)16:23
cqfd93Both version were ready for finalizing16:23
hannieWe are close to Christmas....16:24
cqfd93yes, and I'm about to leave for a 2 weeks stay in New Mexico16:24
cqfd93so I'll be offline for at least 1 day16:25
hannieOHHH, lucky you16:25
hannieI wish you a very nice stay there. What temperatures can you expect?16:25
hannieI will be on a weekend's city tour to Antwerp shortly16:26
cqfd93thanks!  It's colder than here in France, freezing cold during the night (-5 to -10 deg C) ant just above freezing during the day.16:27
cqfd93I've been to Antwerp for a few days a long while ago, it didn't stop raining :-(16:28
cqfd93enjoy your trip!16:28
hanniethanks, you too!16:28
cqfd93thank you!16:29
cqfd93Hannie, is the Dutch manual ready?16:31
hanniecqfd93, same as yours, waiting for Kevin to publish it16:32
hannieI also noticed the John has uploaded greek screenshots, so that one will be coming soon too16:33
cqfd93did he fix his compiling errors?16:33
hannieI didn't know he had them16:34
hannieThe Malaysian manual is also ready, except for the screenshots (and proofreading)16:35
cqfd93I seem to remember he talked about that yesterday or the day before with kevin16:35
cqfd93Kevin will have a very busy holiday!16:36
hannieyeah :)16:36
cqfd93Back to packing. TTYL16:38
hanniesee you, and have a nice holiday16:39

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