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micahgScottK: so, if a reverse build dependency is broke, does that disqualify a backport?  all the other tests were fine (bug 1074765)04:50
ubottubug 1074765 in Quantal Backports "Please backport ipython 0.13.1-1 (universe) from raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107476504:50
micahgI'm tempted to push it through04:50
ScottKI guess I'd want to understand the "should be suggests" in there.04:52
ScottKFor the stuff that was already broken, no problem at all.04:52
ScottKFix the one that has an easy fix and then keep testing.04:52
ScottKGiven that there's some regression, I think the testing needs to be finished.04:53
micahghe actually ended up finishing it save for one04:53
ScottKIt doesn't disqualify it, it just means fix the other package.04:53
ScottKIs the issue yade then?04:53
ScottKIf it's got an easy fix, backport the easy fix and make sure the backported ipython has breaks on the older yade.04:54
micahghrm, what happened, I thought I just commented to him...04:54
micahgjtaylor: re ipython backport, it seems that nipype wasn't tested (reverse build dependency)04:55
micahgScottK: so, would that fix be a changeful patch or a new backport?04:57
ScottKWhichever makes more sense.  If a new backport does it, that's probably easier.04:58
micahgjtaylor: also, there's -2 now, do you want that instead?05:00
ScottKOnce I when I was trying to get a clamav backport done on Dapper, I had one rdepend that was totally fubar.  I ended up making a franken package using the Dapper packaging, most of the package from Feisty (in order to avoid needing too new libs) and one file from (IIRC) Hardy that had the interface for clamav in it to work with the newest clamav.05:00
ScottKAmazingly it all worked  fine.05:00
micahgok, I just wanted to make sure I stay within the rules of backports05:01
* micahg has a nice backlog to get through05:02
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dholbachgood morning07:59
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jtaylormicahg: nobody is going to build yade, it needs like 6GB or ram ._.11:06
persiajtaylor: Why is this a blocker?  Just call for a volunteer: there's lots of folk who have that somewhere, or someone could use a PPA)11:07
jtaylorI don't understand why rbuild depends are even a concern11:07
jtaylorif its broken revert to normal package, build, and upgrade again11:07
persiaBecause it prevents backport of the rbuilddep (either official or local), and may cause other odd unexpected behaviour with co-install.11:09
persiaWith the test, only one person has to have the 6GB RAM, rather than everyone who wants to use the potentially broken rbuilddep11:09
jtaylorbackports depending on backports doesn't work anyway11:09
persiaWhy not?11:10
jtaylorbecause lp can't handle it11:10
jtayloralso a backport of yade is fixed anyway11:10
persiaHow can't lp handle it?11:11
jtaylordon't know11:11
persiaNot, specifically what code path is broken, but in what manner is this non-handling?11:11
jtaylorlet me look for the bug11:11
jtaylorbug 88866511:12
ubottubug 888665 in Launchpad itself "Backports can't build-depend on other backports" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88866511:12
persiaAh, excellent.  Hrm.  That makes it annoying.11:14
tumbleweedcompared to micahg's favourate packages, 6GB of RAM is nothing11:15
persiaAnyway, so it becomes annoying, but there may still be folk who want to build, so we should do our best to ensue that the rbuilddeps can build with *either* version safely.11:16
persia(this is why backporting libraries almost never happens: there are rbuilddeps that tend to make everything painful)11:16
jtaylorso basically anything with nontricial rdepends is not backportable?11:17
jtaylorbecause of non-automatic even backporting yade will not help11:17
persiaI'm not a backporter, but that's how I've generally understood the backport policy.11:17
jtayloras people will not by default build the backported yade but the offficial one11:17
jtaylorok one could add versioned depends into the backport11:18
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dholbachtumbleweed, Laney: do you think we could get another "working with Debian/Upstream for fun and profit" session at UDW together? :)13:40
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable still has a bit of free space13:40
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mohamedalaa98Hello guys18:06
mohamedalaa98I've a question :D18:06
mohamedalaa98How can I get my application in ubuntu software center?18:07
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micahgjtaylor: do you need someone to test build yade (I have 6GB RAM)20:27
micahginfinity: poke on the backports depending on backports bug (feel free to decline over vacation)20:30
infinitymicahg: I've been looking at mangling sbuild to satisfy everyone's wishes on that bug, but even if I fix it locally, we certainly won't roll it out over the holidays.20:35
micahginfinity: ok, sure, no problem, you just asked to be reminded when you weren't busy :)20:35

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