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jtaylorcan the summary of the jenkins build be displayed directly on the build page?11:56
jtaylore.g. via the standard test result display?11:56
jtaylorright now its hard to say is something actually changed in build that was always failing11:57
xnoxwe have many different kinds of jobs in jenkins. Can you give an example of what you mean?12:04
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jtaylorautopkgtest jobs12:13
jtaylore.g. https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/AutoPkgTest/job/raring-adt-python-numpy/12:14
jtaylorits got five tests, one fails12:14
jtaylorwhat I want to know if when more than one fail12:14
jtaylorwhich is not immediately visible12:14
jtaylorjenkins can display test failure trend graphs for that12:15
jtayloryou just need to convert the summary.log into a junit xml12:15
jtaylorwhich is not hard12:15
jibeljtaylor, good idea, could you file a bug against lp:auto-package-testing please12:36
jtaylorbug 109288712:51
ubot5bug 1092887 in Auto Package Testing "display autopkgtest results in jenkins directly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109288712:51
xnoxaha. Similarly static iso validation "test-suite" should be similarly displayed.12:53
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* dkessel is puzzled17:15
dkesselah... much better without my ghost - good evening!17:16
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