ikoniazurich: you can't run raid 5 on 2 disks00:01
jiboumanshey smoser, are you around per chance? It looks like I'm running into this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ec2-ami-tools/+bug/672986, although I have the updated package installed. (lucid, 1.3-45758-0ubuntu1)00:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 672986 in euca2ools "euca-bundle-vol/ec2-bundle-vol should copy filesystem uuid" [High,Fix released]00:01
ikoniazurich: you need to replace the failed disk to start the array for a rebuild00:01
jiboumanssmoser, specifically: $ sudo blkid /mnt/tmp/ami-x86_64/image /dev/sda100:02
jiboumans /mnt/tmp/ami-x86_64/image: UUID="b47c47d0-214f-49b1-8e03-140d6f67a43e" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"00:02
jiboumans /dev/sda1: LABEL="cloudimg-rootfs" UUID="74aad503-152c-47e8-8f1d-cd7254872276" TYPE="ext3"00:02
jiboumanssmoser: it looks like the fix was in the .1 package, which I missed. according to the bug, it should have made it into multiverse, but didn't.. there's a newer backports version available though that i'll try next00:20
jiboumansit's asciibetically lower though: 1.3.49953-0ubuntu1~lucid1 vs *** 1.3-45758-0ubuntu100:22
smoserjiboumans, you're saying the uuid isn't getting copied ? where does your ec2-ami-tools come from?00:27
smoser(apt-cache policy)00:27
jiboumanssmoser: https://gist.github.com/f750112981dd64bbb78b00:27
smoseri would think that you should see the -updates version (1.3-45758-0ubuntu1.1 )00:29
smoserwhich pro bably has a fix in it.00:29
jiboumansindeed, the 1.1 has the fix, the 1 doesn't00:29
smoserbut the multi-verse package is higher upstream version but no fix for that.00:29
smosermy suggestion would be either00:30
jiboumanssmoser: i have lucid/updates in my sources.list, so i'm confused too00:30
smoser * ditch -backports00:30
smoser * use https://launchpad.net/~awstools-dev/+archive/awstools00:30
jiboumanssmoser: you mean the natty backport doesn't have a fix? i'm confused.00:31
smosernatty backport?00:31
smoserthe -backports does not have the fix.00:32
smoserlook at the dates on the lucid packages and you'll see.00:32
smoserif you ditch -backports, purge the thing, get the -updates version, you should get a good version.00:32
jiboumanssmoser: it looks like i don't have lucid-updates/multiverse, and that's the problem of not finding the update00:35
smoserthat *would* be still less than the -backports version00:35
smoserso you will need to get rid of it from backports00:36
smoser(sorry for that)00:36
jiboumanssmoser: got it. although note the 1.3. vs 1.3- in the version, which is why i think the 'older' version got selected00:36
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quantalrabbittrying to debuild php5-5.3.10 for precise and failed pretty far along the build process.  getting the following error: "debian/setup-mysql.sh: 44: debian/setup-mysql.sh: USER: parameter not set" then build exits with status 2.  Any help greatly appreciated.01:21
TheLordOfTimewhat's wrong with 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4?01:23
TheLordOfTime!info php5 precise01:23
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB01:23
TheLordOfTimequantalrabbit, ^01:23
xnoxquantalrabbit: exact command line parameters & output would be appreciated in a pastebin.01:24
TheLordOfTimealso, what's wrong with the version in precise right now...?01:24
sarnold(and how did you fix the "binary file contents changed" error?)01:26
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: There's a regression from 5.3.8 whereby output from workers does not get logged to php-fpm.log even when catch_workers_output is set.  https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=6104501:26
TheLordOfTimequantalrabbit, do they have an upstream patch?01:26
TheLordOfTimequantalrabbit, better question: does a bug for that issue exist in ubuntu?01:27
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: I think it is fixed in the latest version of PHP 5.3.15+01:27
TheLordOfTime(if so, i'll see if I can't SRU that patch in)01:27
TheLordOfTime... wait did i just volunteer to take yet ANOTHER SRU under my wing...01:28
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: sorry, I don't if a but for that issue exists.  i'll try google and see if i can find out.01:28
TheLordOfTime... crap...01:28
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: you're a good man.01:28
TheLordOfTimequantalrabbit, if one doesn't exist, file one and link it here.01:28
TheLordOfTimequantalrabbit, just another random tiresome job for me to add to the pile01:28
* TheLordOfTime points at the stack of 20 triage-related things he is currently working with behind the scenes.01:29
TheLordOfTime... and i'm about fed up with php5 right now, since this patch keeps FTBFS (not the one you're referencing)01:30
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: i probably don't know php5 in any depth close to you but seems like you're the caretaker.  thank you for your work!01:33
TheLordOfTimeunder no circumstances call me the caretaker of php501:33
TheLordOfTimei'm just a member of the server team, and i'm not the only one who works on php5.01:33
TheLordOfTimecall me caretaker of nginx if you want, nginx's support team LOVES that i know what i'm doing with it...01:33
quantalrabbitok, pardon my mistake01:33
TheLordOfTimei personally hate php5...01:34
TheLordOfTimebut i will SRU it if i must...01:34
* TheLordOfTime glares evilly at the php5 source code.01:34
TheLordOfTime(this is the daily "glare at php5 for being evil" part of my day)01:34
quantalrabbithaha.  i hate php5 too.  and the god-awful drupal code i've inherited.01:35
TheLordOfTimeactually that's a good question, is the server team autosubscribed to all  php5 bugs?01:37
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: Looks like someone already reported this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/999969  Should I create another one?01:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 999969 in php5 "PHP5 doesn't send errors or warnings to fastcgi clients" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:40
TheLordOfTimenah, i'll subscribe to this.01:40
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: thanks!01:41
TheLordOfTimejust mark that it affects you and subscribe, i'll work on it probably tomorrow01:41
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: marked affectation.01:42
quantalrabbitTheLordOfTime: apologize if this a rude question... i'm guessing that a stable release update is a long process.  what are the chances that php5 for precise will be updated in the near future (2 months)?01:46
sarnoldquantalrabbit: with the SRUs I've seen done so far, it seems to depend strongly upon how much testing is done by those affected by the bug...01:53
sarnoldquantalrabbit: if you haven't seen this yet, give it a quick read: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:53
sarnoldquantalrabbit: I've seen some get deleted, and the work thrown away, if no one gets around to testing it within 105 days... and I've seen some go through in ~week.01:54
quantalrabbitsarnold: thanks for the insight01:54
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koolhead17YAY we are still alive!!07:40
oracleinstalled server 12.10 last night and chose ecryptfs for home directory, but now, when i try to ssh into the box with private key, i get access denied (public key) and i must restart sshd before I can login remotely.  Im guessing that it's because my authorized_keys file is not readable by sshd due to ecryptfs?  when i log in to restart ssh im obviously opening the encryption. anyway around this?07:52
SpamapSoracle: I believe you can have auth keys in the dir underneath the ecryptfs mount08:07
oracleyes, just read that on ubuntuforums, but it's been working a few times before I restarted the box08:08
oracleim now baffled as to why it was working at all directly after installation08:08
oracleafter install, I continued configuring it remotely, using priv/pub key and it was all working, then i configured nfs and restarted the box, and no longer get in unless im actually logged in at the console08:10
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TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, ping14:59
TheLordOfTimeif you're around :P14:59
HilarieGot a question, I am running ubuntu server 12.10, running off of a USB stick, with a 2tb external HDD connected via USB2.0, I about an hour ago, transferred a massive amount of data, around 200gb, at what I am guessing was a bit faster then the HDDs speed because it slowed down after a bit, now the free -m is still showing, around 700mb in the buffer (not cache)14:59
HilarieI am worried that if I have a power outage, I will lose, a random part of that data, why would that much be staying in the buffer?15:00
xnoxHilarie: did you run $ sync15:05
Hilariejust type in sync?15:06
xnoxHilarie: yes. any user/root.15:10
Hilariedid it, right when I asked, buffer amount didn't change :/15:10
xnoxHilarie: sure. that's fine, it is ok to keep that stuff in buffers as well as on disk.15:11
xnoxHilarie: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/sync.1.html15:11
xnoxHilarie: sync guarantees that it is on disk. If you want to recover ram you can do this:15:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #999969 in php5 "PHP5 doesn't send errors or warnings to fastcgi clients (dup-of: 1014044)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99996915:11
xnoxsync && echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches15:11
HilarieOh, I thought if it was buffer, it didn't exist on disk yet, and if was cache it was on disk, but stored in ram15:12
HilarieIsn't the kernal alot smarter then I am, and will drop it if needed?15:12
TheLordOfTimeeveryone: yeah, ignore uvirtbot` regarding 999969, its whining about what i did.  apparently when i was sruing the fix for 1014044 nobody mentioned 999969, so it missed being marked as "fixed".  just showed upt oday :P15:13
* TheLordOfTime yawns and removes bug 999969 from the list of triage things he has to look at15:14
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 999969 in php5 "PHP5 doesn't send errors or warnings to fastcgi clients (dup-of: 1014044)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99996915:14
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1014044 in php5 "PHP5-FPM not reporting errors to web servers (fastcgi clients, such as nginx)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101404415:14
TheLordOfTimesilence noob bot!15:14
TheLordOfTimeHilarie, sorry to intrude on your questions, wanted to make sure other server team members were aware of what I did :P0-15:19
TheLordOfTime:P *15:19
HilarieNot a problem15:19
HilarieI just read a buffer doesn't exist on disk yet15:20
Hilariestill freakin me out a bit15:20
xnoxHilarie: yes, kernel is smart - it does recover ram as of when it needs to.15:20
xnoxHilarie: well drop caches with command I pasted, it is safe to run.15:20
Hilariewell then it did zero it out15:21
HilarieThank you xnox15:21
HilarieCan I bother you for one more question? how can I start XBMC via SSH?15:22
Hilarieto the monitor attached to the server15:22
xnoxHilarie: i don't have any monitors on my servers. Maybe ask on #ubuntu-mythtv ?15:24
HilarieI will give them a shot, sorry, i thought it might be server specific15:25
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: pong, wassup?16:21
rsdI am having a trouble making saned listen to the tcp4 port, it listens only on the tcp6 one16:28
rsd12.04 (ubuntu)16:28
rsdthen I found out that If listen to a port tcp4 or tcp6, the same port cannot be opened on the other ipvX protocol16:28
rsdis this right?16:28
rsdfor example:16:29
rsdnetcat -6 -l 65616:29
rsdand then (another terminal): netcat -4 -l 65616:29
rsdthe second will fail16:29
rsdeven if I change the order16:29
rsdcan someone enlight me :)16:30
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, erroneous ping, i forgot to say nevermind.16:32
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, was going to ask you to sponsor a debdiff, but hten i noticed the bug in question was already fixed by an SRU that i had already had approved/processed16:32
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, remember the SRU for bug 1014044 / bug 1006738 ?  999969 was an earlier bug than 1014044, but it was never caught.  Apparently, the SRU for 1014044 fixed 999969, if it hadn't been the same upstream patch, i'd've asked you to poke a debidff through sponsoring ;)16:39
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1014044 in php5 "PHP5-FPM not reporting errors to web servers (fastcgi clients, such as nginx)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101404416:39
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1006738 in php5 "php5-fpm segfaults with error 4 in libc-2.15.so" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100673816:39
TheLordOfTimebtu since that's all resolved, i apologize for bugging you.16:39
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: So they're the same bug?16:39
SpamapStwo symptoms, one bug?16:40
TheLordOfTimeSpamapS, 1014044 and 999969 are the same bug exactly16:40
TheLordOfTimedifferent summary lines but same bug.16:40
TheLordOfTimeand same upstream fix.16:40
TheLordOfTimeexcept 999969 was never on the list of bugs for that SRU16:40
SpamapSTheLordOfTime: well I think its appropriate then to mark 999969 as a dupe of 1014044 since 1014044 got the most attention16:40
TheLordOfTimealready done16:40
TheLordOfTime<uvirtbot`> [12/21/12 10:11:53] New bug: #999969 in php5 "PHP5 doesn't send errors or warnings to fastcgi clients (dup-of: 1014044)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99996916:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 999969 in php5 "PHP5 doesn't send errors or warnings to fastcgi clients (dup-of: 1014044)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1014044 in php5 "PHP5-FPM not reporting errors to web servers (fastcgi clients, such as nginx)" [Medium,Fix released]16:41
SpamapSoh good :)16:41
TheLordOfTimeyou stupid bot16:41
* TheLordOfTime slaps uvirtbot`16:41
* SpamapS notes that in the Matrix mini movies the people who treated the robots badly were the first to have their heads popped like watermelons16:41
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sw0rdfishi need a good vps provider with vps' in either .se or .nl21:30
RoyKwhy those particular countries?21:31
RoyK.se spies on you big time, .nl may as well21:31
sw0rdfishoh damn21:31
sw0rdfishRoyK... remember me? haha21:31
sw0rdfishlong time no sees man21:32
sw0rdfish.se vps providers spy on you?21:33
sw0rdfishI meant any provider but has vps' in .se or .nl21:33
RoyKaccording to .se law, all foregn traffic can be spied upon21:34
sw0rdfishholy shit21:34
sw0rdfishso i guess i'll have to take .nl21:35
RoyKpossibly better21:35
RoyKstill eu rules, though21:35
sw0rdfishthen wtf?21:36
AmacidiaHey everyone21:36
sw0rdfishelse is tere?21:36
AmacidiaI'm running 12.10 and I was hoping to take a couple extra 1TB seagates and setup RAID 1 with software. Most of the guides I find talk about fresh installs, but I just want these drives on the side to store data. Can anyone point me to a guide that would assist me in doing this?21:37
AmacidiaThanks in advance21:38
RoyKAmacidia: just setup raid-5 or so, it'll be safe enough21:38
AmacidiaRoyK, So just install the drives and reload the os, setup raid 5 during the install?21:39
sarnoldwhy "reload the os"?21:40
RoyKAmacidia: use a separate drive for the root, or a mirror, and use the rest for raid-5 or -621:40
RoyKit's quite stable21:41
guntbert_sw0rdfish: are you looking for premium service - or just for something cheap with great support?21:43
sw0rdfishopenvz probably cuz xen is costlier21:48
guntbert_sw0rdfish: have a look at evixo.com - starts with 4€ - support is just great21:49
* guntbert_ is just a satisfied customer of them21:49
sw0rdfishi have a 5usd UFO121:49
JanCsw0rdfish: The Netherlands do more wiretaps than the FBI...  :p21:50
sw0rdfishJanC, ma brotha from anotha motha!21:51
sw0rdfishdamn, I see you are in every channel :D21:51
JanCseriously, why do you care?21:51
sw0rdfishwhy do I care about what JanC ?21:51
JanCabout what country the VPS is in?21:51
sw0rdfishping times is a bit too long with my UFO121:53
JanCwhat's UFO1 ?21:53
sw0rdfishan alienvps JanC21:54
sw0rdfishits in new york21:54
sw0rdfishhaha I chose that over las vegas which would've been even farther from me21:54
JanCokay, so you want a VPS in Europe?21:54
sw0rdfishI might take guntbert_'s recommendation its 4 euros and based in germany21:55
JanCthere are several hosting providers in Germany & France offering cheap VPS...21:55
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JanCe.g. http://www.hetzner.de/  http://www.1und1.de/  http://www.ovh.com/fr/vps/  etc. (and those aren't the cheapest even, I think)22:01
sw0rdfishi know ovh :)22:12
sw0rdfishomg I might take ovh22:12
sw0rdfishI didn' think they had cheap vps' they are pretty expensive big server provider22:13
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sw0rdfishdude 14gbp per month isn't cheap... compared to those 4eur or 5usd ones :P22:15
sw0rdfishhey guys, is an ssh tunnel better than vpn?22:20
sarnold"better" requires some kind of criteria to judge against :)22:20
sarnoldssh tunnels are definitely simple, nice for one-off uses...22:21
SinZssh tunnels are amazing, generally slow though22:25
HelpMeUbuntuWow documentation and wiki pages are out of date..22:28
HelpMeUbuntuSo brand new 12.04 LTS install22:28
HelpMeUbuntuSetting up maas--22:28
HelpMeUbuntumaas-cli says command not found22:28
HelpMeUbuntumass-import-pxe says command not ofound..22:29
HelpMeUbuntuthe documentation for setting MAAS up refres to wiki pages that don't exist anymore.22:29
HelpMeUbuntuAnd I could really use some help22:29
adam_gHelpMeUbuntu: you might want to check here, i think this is more up to date: https://maas.ubuntu.com/22:29
HelpMeUbuntuWhen my node I'm adding via MAAS boots from PXE it goes and starts but then kernel panic's and dies22:29
HelpMeUbuntuI did.22:30
HelpMeUbuntuIt talks alot about maas-cli22:30
HelpMeUbuntuBut I sure can't find it..22:30
HelpMeUbuntuand neither can Ubuntu 12.04..22:30
guntbertadam_g: they definitely borked part of the docs22:30
HelpMeUbuntumaas-cli = command not found22:30
sarnoldcan your machines boot 12.04 normally? (perhaps the kernel panic is unrelated to maas?)22:31
sarnoldI know the maas group wanted their docs overhauled recently, I'm not sure how far along that process is yet...22:31
HelpMeUbuntuIf I load Ubuntu manually that works.22:31
HelpMeUbuntuSame thing with I try to boot from Media and do a MAAS install and it just shuts off the system22:32
sarnoldno kididng, it's PXE specific?22:32
sarnoldHelpMeUbuntu: you may have better luck in #maas ..22:33
adam_gHelpMeUbuntu: oh right, i think you might need a newer version of MAAS than what was shipped in 12.04. trying to find a PPA with a backport22:33
HelpMeUbuntuis it just maas or ubuntu-maas?22:33
sarnold>30 in #maas, >2 in #ubuntu-maas, I think I know where I'd go first.. :)22:34
adam_gHelpMeUbuntu: not sure where to get a backport and everyone is probably offline for the holiday already. you might want to consider running 12.10 on the maas provisioning server itself (you can still install 12.04 to the provisioned nodes). MAAS saw some bug changes between 12.04 and 12.1022:37
HelpMeUbuntuI'm going to try 12.10 for now22:42
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uvirtbot`New bug: #1093013 in lm-sensors (main) "sensors-detect doesn't find fans on HP ProBook 6560b" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109301323:43
DelemasCan anyone point me to a software raid 1 install guide for Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10? All the ones I can find are obsolete.23:54
DelemasOf course that's when I find it in the serverguide....23:55
sarnoldDelemas: mdadm manpage?23:56
DelemasOh that isn't the problem... I did a 12.10 install on what I expected was a working config with four raid devices for boot swap root and home but grub2 got all confused, then I read the 12.10 installer doesn't work with software raid....23:58

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