solarcloud_3scrnHe's not the End of the world he's a very naughty, naughty new-Epoch.00:24
GoshawkIs it possible to run an xbox on a pc with linux and if so, how would i go about it?01:22
GoshawkWould it be as simple as getting an adaptor plug for the screen? Or could I run it through the desktop?01:26
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TheOpenSourcerermorning popey08:54
TheOpenSourcererI've just been reading about Backflushing :-)08:54
kvarleyCan anybody recommend any good guides/tutorials on how to setup a PC as a firewall? The system will be running Ubuntu server.09:03
kvarleyjoin /networking09:04
JamesTaitHappy end-of-the-world day, everyone! :-D09:19
BigRedSGood Morning!09:33
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:15
kvarleybrobostigon: \o10:18
brobostigonmorning kvarley10:19
bigcalmMorning peeps :)10:19
brobostigonmorning bigcalm10:19
kvarleyHow goes it?10:19
brobostigonnot bad overall, and you?10:20
kvarleyPretty good :)10:20
bigcalmLooking for an SD card for my RPi - will one from Tesco do or should I look deeper into possibilities?10:30
brobostigonbigcalm: i think, it has to be sdhc, and i would go for as higher class card as possible, to get as higher speeds as possible.10:32
bigcalmbrobostigon: has this been proved? I hear tales of some higher classes not providing the same through put as some lower class ones10:33
brobostigonbigcalm: no idea, i am theorising,10:34
mungojerrysorry i pressed my green button while irc was focused10:43
dwatkinshow could you?10:47
popeybigcalm, pretty sure it's documented on their wiki10:48
sprmttwow, rosa is a kde based distro that doesn't suck10:51
bigcalmHumm, boot from an sdcard, run the os from a usb memory stick10:53
mungojerrycan i disable areas of RAM for a laptop with soldered on memory?12:59
mungojerrymemtest is puking at 129MB12:59
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1071209 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu Quantal) "memtest86+ test #7 false positives (random number sequence error)" [Medium,In progress]13:03
shaunoI'd take a look at that first.  129 may not be a coincidence13:03
mungojerrythanks man :D13:04
mungojerrymay have saved some effort13:04
mungojerryit was with lubuntu 12.10 usb stick13:04
mungojerrybetter put this beast back together13:04
mungojerrymy lubuntu install was not working but may be unrelated13:05
mungojerryits a bad bug tho13:08
shaunoI would say it's just misleading.  but we tend to trust memtest enough that most people would be inclined to replace hardware before they start to suspect it13:09
directhexmungojerry, fwiw, yes, you can13:57
solarcloud_3scrnTheOpenSourcerer, Nice post .. just got the email... https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Attachments%20Email%20Xchat/She%20sells%20sea%20Shells.pdf15:21
oimonanyone know what repos are in a default debian install?16:09
oimonran a minimal install without a net connection16:09
oimonthought i could run the mirror chooser later but can't find it16:09
brobostigonhttp.debian.net :)16:10
brobostigonthat is the mirror chooser.16:12
oimonwhat's the entries in sources.list please?16:12
oimoni have deb http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates main16:12
brobostigondeb http://http.debian.net/debian stable main16:13
brobostigonfor example.16:13
oimonhm, getting 404s16:16
brobostigondeb http://http.debian.net/debian/ stable main16:17
brobostigoni think you need that extra backslash16:17
oimonah ok thanks16:18
oimonworking now cheers :D16:22
oimonhave an ancient laptop thats just gonna be a weechat client16:23
oimonobviously it flies in console mode, may even risk lxde but it has 256mb and i can't find my stash16:23
oimonwhat's a lighter wm i could use? the tiling ones shouldn't use much RAM?16:25
oimonmaybe i don't need WM tbh16:25
brobostigonscreen :)16:25
brobostigonbyobu. :)16:26
oimonor big borther byobu16:26
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solarcloud_3scrnoimon, Be sure to post on the G+comm. https://plus.google.com/106290022487312285099/posts/5yhh1z2jakZ if you do.16:34
oimonsorry, got confused, if i do what?16:35
solarcloud_3scrnlater dude.16:35
solarcloud_3scrn"have an ancient laptop" , oimon .16:37
oimonwhat is that g+ profile about?16:38
solarcloud_3scrnjust a gmail thingy, shouldn't worry about it. (not like youtube where they give you a profile name or anything).16:39
oimoni have a eee pc 701 in one site connecting to a inspiron 1000 laptop at the other site16:39
oimonrunning irc16:39
solarcloud_3scrnProbablybest if I send you a screenshooterist, hangon...16:40
oimonunlike my "new" laptop which i just realised is nearly 5 years old16:42
oimonalthough the battery in it is bad, the rest of it is v good16:44
mgdmdammit, my 3-month-old laptop battery has died16:52
oimonthats bad16:52
oimonbut "good" in that they are covered by 1yr warranty right?16:52
brobostigontime bandits, film4, in 3 mins. :)16:52
mgdmwell, given it was an eBay special, I'm not sure16:53
oimonship date on the inspiron 1000 was 06/04/200516:53
oimonnot bad, shame about the low mem16:53
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, did you get that lat post ?16:53
oimonah i see.16:54
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oimonon the profile page i just aw a post about a eee pc16:55
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, thought it was pertintent.16:55
oimoni haven't used the g+ communities yet16:56
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, You don't need to .. just tell us here with dropbox and I'll post the pic for you :)16:57
oimonshauno: ran memtest on the box now that debian installed, runs fine. thanks for that, i nearly destroyed a pc, cos the lubuntu installer wasn't working, and the bad memtest errors were on soldered mem16:57
oimoni have lxde on my super fast box at work, but it's a bit glitchy with xcompmgr and owncloud client crashes regularly with it17:00
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, lxde is the lubuntu- Desktop Environment, I have it on my Amilo.17:01
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, What IRC client are you running.. gnomeIRC/pidgin/Xchat-WDK ?17:03
solarcloud_3scrn       ... I'm thnkin' BenQ issues17:06
shaunooimon: glad to hear it :)  the 129 bit just rang a bell17:08
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, yeah, I lost a Lindy Displayport Adapter just now17:10
oimonsolarcloud_3scrn: on this laptop pidgin, on the ancient ones weechat17:11
oimonat work, xchat17:11
solarcloud_3scrnscanning ..weechat17:12
oimonmy son just asked me to put uncle buble on the telly17:12
oimonweechat is like irssi17:13
solarcloud_3scrnweechat  source http://www.weechat.org/files/src/weechat- , tasks https://savannah.nongnu.org/task/?group=weechat , devkit http://dev.weechat.org/ , Savannah http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/weechat/ , G+ https://plus.google.com/10254451603555124730117:14
solarcloud_3scrnlooks god so far ... never used irissi/weechat except on W$indows-XP/Home.17:15
oimonhas anyone tried the free servers from chunkhost?17:17
solarcloud_3scrnNah, I'm 4k under today as it is. Although you could get me onto their email list if you want (PM'd me)17:18
solarcloud_3scrnI mostly use spideroak on the Amilo anyhow :)17:20
bigcalmIs there a web cam viewing app for debian that doesn't require a bazillion other packages? Required for my RPi17:27
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, I've  PM'd you.17:30
oimonhey did you just that that weechat up solarcloud_3scrn?17:32
oimonthat looks a cool setup17:33
solarcloud_3scrnit was on the G+comm. page17:33
oimoni saw the pics, look ince17:33
solarcloud_3scrnYeah , use ** 4 corrections..17:34
solarcloud_3scrnoimon, FY.I the G+comm. is now here .. https://plus.google.com/communities/10418130277841696010717:36
oimonwow i never thought i'd have to do ndiswrapper again until now17:57
brobostigonp/win 717:58
oimonor use a pcmcia card18:00
popeyi found an old pcmcia network card the other day, couldn't bring myself to bin it18:04
oimonthe laptop i'm setting up doesn't need wifi , but for setup purposes, is handy18:04
oimontoddler + 10m cable = fun18:05
brobostigonyank. woops.18:06
oimonit is toddler proof in that one end is broken clip18:08
oimonhence not broken laptop port18:08
oimonargh i don't think wpa-2 is supported18:09
DJonesI think I've got 2 pcmcia cards in a box in the loft18:17
MartijnVdSwow pcmcia cards18:19
MartijnVdShaven't seen those for years :)18:19
daftykinsi've still got a Pentium III 400MHz Dell ultra-portable laptop that has one for its' wireless :o18:19
daftykinsi don't want to throw out that machine either :(18:19
KrimZon_2what's the fix for when the hard disk keeps switching off and on in linux?20:11
KrimZon_2the power saving issues20:12
solarcloud_3scrnCrumbs that's a hard one  ::: Anyone remember this guy (??) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BonziBUDDY (???)20:16
ali1234solarcloud_3scrn: YES20:20
ali1234how could i forget?20:20
ali1234KrimZon_2: some hdparm magic. be careful not to low level format your disk though20:21
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, He hasn't tweeted in a-while :: https://twitter.com/REAL_BonziBUDDY20:22
ali1234i like to compare new-fangled desktop environments to him when i'm feeling uncharitable20:23
ali1234someone should make a bonzibuddy lens20:25
ali1234is that even possible? can we draw whatever into the dash through a plugin?20:25
ali1234or just send a list of results? (boring)20:26
ali1234i think i once asked about putting a shell into the dash20:26
ali1234and the answer was no :(20:26
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, I think it was just trying to get the right kinda hue .. http://www.meethue.com/en-US/getstarted20:27
ali1234One reader was quoted as criticizing the program because it "kept popping up and obscuring things you needed to see." - sounds like windows 8, ba-zing!20:28
solarcloud_3scrnWeb-Link ??20:29
ali1234it's on the wikipedia page you linked20:29
ali1234it sounds like windows 8 because http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTYet-qf1jo20:30
solarcloud_3scrnoh, that .. I got it from eopinions http://www.epinions.com/cmsw-EmailChat-All-Bonzi_Buddy?sb=120:30
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, just at 16:25 of your ytu.be video .. 'Index of UX guidlines' .. UX .. I think if anyone from Ubuntu mentioned that , everyone would have a field-day !!?!20:33
ali1234unity isn't anywhere near as bad as metro20:33
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, What does UX meaning to you ??20:34
ali1234user experience20:34
solarcloud_3scrnright, .. so you've a book with UX in the title on your shelf , right ??20:35
ali1234hmm... i have "3D User Interfaces In Java"20:35
ali1234that talks a lot about user experience (ie expectations and communication)20:35
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, It's a Yes or No Question.20:36
ali1234though the phrase wasn't really in common use back then20:36
ali1234back then it was just called "GUI design"20:36
ali1234then No20:36
solarcloud_3scrnAre you Morrocan, or something ?20:36
* solarcloud_3scrn bangs his head on his french desk.20:37
solarcloud_3scrnali1234, If you have no book titled *UX* then how can you know anything about Desktop Environments ?20:38
SuperEngineersolarcloud_3scrn: I have no book about gravity - but, trust me, I do know everything about it ;)20:40
solarcloud_3scrnEngineerÕS, ali1234 ~fails to address the gravitas of the situation he presents, he wants food and it's like we're feeding him.20:42
AlanBellali1234: basically just results: image, title, subtitle20:59
AlanBellgnome-shell on the other hand you can put in pretty much anything using the st toolkit21:00
solarcloud_3scrnHow do I file bugs about an Ubuntu game again ? Can't maximise window in this one .. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/55128914/Lubuntu%20docs/ubuntu%20Meerkat%20Beneathe%20a%20Steele%20Sky.png23:19
daftykinsit's low-res, i doubt you'd want to maximise it :D23:21
daftykinsgood ol' scumm23:22
dwatkinsyeah, you'd have to log the bug against scummvm23:30
dwatkinsIt might be alt+enter, but I assume you've tried that, solarcloud_3scrn23:30

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