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hyperairsome of my compiz settings keep reverting to default, like focus-follows-mouse, and the move-to-workspace-N keybindings.02:11
hyperairdoes anyone know what's going on there?02:11
hyperairit's like there's something that reverts all my settings to default when i log out and log back in, and it seemingly happens at random if i just restart unity.02:12
hyperairmanually looking at the values after setting them with gsettings seems to show that things are okay02:13
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smspillazhyperair: ah, hmm, I've been looking for someone who can reproduce that12:38
smspillazhyperair: do you mind if we can look into that in the new year ?12:38
smspillazhyperair: are you running Q or R ?12:39
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hyperairsmspillaz: sure. i'm running Q.14:56
hyperairsmspillaz: i don't usually notice it because my uptime usually spans ~30 days or so14:56
hyperairbut these days i've been getting some kernel panics14:56
JanCa friend of me also had the issue with "move-to-workspace-N keybindings"15:10
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fginthertedg, ping19:57
tedgHowdy fginther19:57
fginthertedg, Is this ready to merge? https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/indicator-appmenu/hudectomy/+merge/13123719:58
tedgfginther, Well we have to ask didrocks to merge anything apparently.19:58
tedgIt will be if the hud package is in raring.19:58
fginthertedg, I see19:59
fginthertedg, so, I attempted to update from ppa:unity-team/staging (which contains indicator-appmenu) and found that depends on a libbamf3-0 which has been replaced by libbamf3-120:01
fginthershort story is indicator-appmenu no longer works from the pa20:01
tedgfginther, Hmm, cyphermox do you know the story there?20:03
fginthertedg, I tried to just rebuild indicator-appmenu in the ppa and ran into build errors: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/126401256/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-amd64.indicator-appmenu_12.10.4daily12.12.14-0ubuntu1%2Bbzr226pkg0raring2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:07
fgintherso I was hopping your hud branch would take care of these and was just overlooked. sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case.20:08
tedgfginther, Will it will as it removes those.  :-)20:13
fginthertedg, ok. If that branch takes care of the build failures then I'll just sit tight until didrocks is ready.  Thanks20:18
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