=== kjcole changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-dc to: Next meeting: 2012-12-20 19:00 EST. Agenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-districtofcolumbia/505/detail/
* kjcole is here00:01
kjcolejelkner sent e-mail saying he would NOT be able to make it after all.00:02
* bcurtiswx is here00:02
* bcurtiswx starts up the Jeopardy theme00:03
kjcoleOthers confirmed attendence as well... So, I guess I'll wait a bit, but I didn't sleep well and am dragging a bit.00:04
kjcoleI think that would be a bad idea somehow.00:05
bcurtiswxI'm in the process of getting meetingology in here, idk how to get rid of meeting_00:05
bcurtiswxif someone has permissions they can type "meeting_ quit00:05
kjcolemeeting_ quit00:05
meeting_kjcole: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.00:05
bcurtiswxyou have chanserv access so you can just kick him.. lol00:06
bcurtiswxah i figured that would happen00:07
kjcoleShall I try "kickban"?00:08
bcurtiswxnah, I'll try to do it right00:08
bcurtiswxi tweeted maco00:08
bcurtiswxi messages the people in #ubuntu-scribes and requested meetingology00:09
kjcoleI'm guessing Luke had something to do with it being here, and would have an idea as to how to take it down again.00:10
kjcoleYou may have already been to http://supybook.fealdia.org/latest/ but if not, there it is. ;-)00:12
bcurtiswxOK, i'll give him an e-mail00:12
* kjcole watches paint dry and grass grow...00:14
kjcoleJason Blum just opened a chat window in Gmail. Doesn't know how to use xchat. (I'm using Konversation.  Will invite you.)00:15
bcurtiswxweb interfacfe00:16
bcurtiswxI added his event to the calendar, we probably should get an e-mail out soon to get that planned00:24
kjcoleEspecially considering folks travel this time of year.00:25
bcurtiswxWell, I'll get a quick event e-mail out about this meeting00:26
bcurtiswxafter my workout, lol or should i say "attempt"00:27
bcurtiswxmeeting adjourned00:27
kjcoleSo... Keysigning party, going up for reapproval (though it would help if people showed up for meetings), and installfest.  T'would help if the defenders of some of these were here.00:28
kjcoleOK. Some other time. :-{00:28
kjcoleAnd, with that, color me gone.00:28

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