rick_h__heh https://plus.google.com/u/0/105937956733067826091/posts/UJDv3YTEfgf03:40
snap-lYeah, that was a bit strange03:41
rick_h__you know, at OLF i tried to kind of meet/chat with her and she came across just like that post and skewed how I thought03:41
rick_h__guess it wasn't just a bad day03:42
snap-lNo, I think she burned out to the point that she wants nothing to do with us freetards03:42
snap-lThe Roku LT showed up last night03:43
rick_h__jcastro_: for you http://www.androidcentral.com/t-mobile-ends-2012-14-more-new-1900mhz-hspa-markets03:44
snap-lJoDee's using it to watch Downton Abbey03:44
rick_h__cool, set up ok then?03:44
snap-l$40 is not bad03:44
snap-lYeah, it was cake03:44
rick_h__yea, definitely not03:44
rick_h__paid twice that for mine03:44
rick_h__well, one of mine03:44
snap-lI love how some of the accounts are set up with a code03:44
snap-lon the computer03:44
snap-lrather than have to type some 12 cylinder password03:44
rick_h__basically oauth'ing the box lol03:44
snap-lThink it's awesome there's a Nuclear Blast and Metal Injection channel too03:46
snap-lsad that OMC doesn't show up, though03:46
rick_h__lmao https://twitter.com/tomcoates/status/28191637692549529603:47
rick_h__sorry, been afk at the woodworking holiday meet up so catching up :)03:49
jrwren_so who was mackenzie morgan in the community?04:24
rick_h__she was big in the ubuntu women/loco stuff for a while04:25
jrwren_i wonder if she left because of harassment or something.04:25
brouschThe more I use django the more I like it13:01
rick_h_ok, I saw the headlines that people were posting this xkcd to HN and such, now I see why. Great one http://xkcd.com/1150/13:02
rick_h_ugh, the HN comments though suck13:06
brouschHN is useless13:07
snap-lrick_h_: Just admit it: people suck13:36
jrwren_i agree, why bother with HN. very low signal to noise, even that signal is low value.13:39
snap-lI read reddit. ;)13:42
snap-lSignal, meet noise.13:42
brouschYes, reddit13:42
snap-lAt least with reddit, I can get a decent general sense if the article is worth reading from how ridiculous the comments are13:43
snap-lAlso, HN just doesn't do it for me. Never has.13:43
jrwren_i don't do reddit either13:46
snap-lWhere do you get your news?14:14
rick_h_what news?14:14
jrwren_what good is the news?14:15
jrwren_it is just depressing.14:15
jjesseis it depressing the world didn't end14:15
jrwren_no, i'm happy about that part.14:15
rick_h_heh, yea would have sucked to just get my new woodworking toy and then the world ends14:16
rick_h_*oh come on! you've got to be kidding me!*14:16
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, no kidding14:21
ColonelPanic001the day isn't over yet.14:57
ColonelPanic001The End may not be an early riser14:58
jrwren_in what time zone were they?14:58
rick_h_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Maya_civilization_location_map-blank.svg central?15:01
brouschIt is snowing now. THE IS NIGH15:01
rick_h_http://www.travel.com.hk/region/timezone.htm close15:02
jrwren_gah, comcast crapping on itself here.16:07
jrwren_must not like the snow and strong winds16:07
jrwren_jcastro_ is nearby. how is your comcast?16:07
jcastro_I have business class16:07
jrwren_wouldn't matter if it was the cable lines screwy16:08
=== juped- is now known as juped
jrwrenbefore /dev/mapper/datavg-nomirror  3.1T  2.7T  199G  94% /nomirror19:36
jrwrenafter /dev/mapper/datavg-nomirror  3.7T  2.7T  851G  77% /nomirror19:36
jcastro_snow is likely why ups is running late today20:47
* jcastro_ needs a new video card delivered today20:47
jcastro_rick_h_: was it you who recommended this makita 18v stuff?20:49
jcastro_I just got the hand blower, it's basically awesome20:49
jrwrenwhat kind of video card?21:24
rick_h_jcastro_: yea, I like mine, though did just have to get a new battery for one of mine21:41
snap-lMy dad is a huge fan of the Dewalt contractor series21:47
snap-lHe has a ton of their stuff that he bought on ebay21:48
jcastro_I should buy more things on ebay instead of used all the time21:50
snap-lBe careful, though21:51
snap-lYou can get into some trouble in a hurry21:52
rick_h_yea, dewalt has gone downhill these days22:10
rick_h_but a lot depends on what you're getting.22:11
rick_h_dewalt palm router > *, bosch jigsaw > *22:11

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