cy1sigh... UEFI is quite possibly the end of Linux21:06
blkperlno its not, linux thrives on everything21:32
cy1blkperl: UEFI pretty much universally ships with an un-settable root key owned by Microsoft, who is the only one that can approve any operating system from being installed. How is that not a Linux killer?21:56
blkperlcy1: the big linux distros have already gotten keys from MS, its going to fine :P21:57
cy1blkperl: The big ones. For now. It's only a matter of time. :p21:59
blkperlnot really, MS has to play nice or get hit with a Lawsuit22:00
bkerensablkperl: I dont think that Microsoft is concerned about lawsuits they have their own law firm22:45
bkerensaK&L Gates22:45
bkerensaI do think  Windows 8 is going to make their profits shrink22:45

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