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Kilosmorning all and every04:59
Kiloshard work onna fone hey?05:23
superflygood evening Kilos05:59
Kilosevening superfly 06:00
Kiloshi jrgns 06:00
superflyah, time to phone the courier06:00
Kiloswhat you sending where?06:00
superflyI'm getting my Christmas present from Vodacom06:01
Kiloslekker do they give you presents or do you buy them?06:01
Kilosall they ever gave me was bad service06:02
KilosMaaz, seen Wraz 06:03
MaazKilos: Wraz was last seen 9 days, 7 hours, 36 minutes and 28 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-12-11 14:27:27 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2012-12-20 20:27:46 PST06:03
barrydkGood morning everyone06:05
Kiloshi barrydk hows the eyes06:06
barrydkI think it will be ok after 12 today thank Kilos06:06
barrydkHows things on your side06:07
Kilosok ty06:07
Kiloseverything is working fine06:07
Kilosand lotsa rain last night so all smells good06:08
barrydkThats good. and thats great nothing beats the smell of rain, ploughing the soil and fresh coffee06:08
superflyKilos: they're delivering my Samsung Galaxy S306:09
Kilosoh ya a lekker curry cooking even hits the tummy06:09
Kilosah lekker superfly one more toy to play with06:09
superflymorning barrydk, how's your eyesight today?06:10
Kilosseen them advertised on the idiot box. look quite cool06:10
barrydkHi Superfly. Just told kilos it should be much better after 12. But you are a bad guy advertising that phone06:10
superflywho said I'm advertising that phone?06:11
barrydkOk braging that you re getting one, I also want one.06:12
superflyI'm not even bragging...06:12
superflyit was the right price at the right time06:12
barrydkI upgraded my contract in Feb this year and i think less than a month later the s3 came out.06:13
jrgnsmorning Kilos06:16
mazalMorning everyone06:16
superflymnorning mazal06:16
Kiloshi mazal 06:16
jrgnsmorning mazal06:16
mazalHow is everyone ?06:17
superflyugh, so I tab complete right this morning, but misspell "morning" - am I ever gonna get it right?06:17
barrydkMorning Mazal, jrgns06:17
jrgnsmorning barrydk06:17
superflybarrydk: sadly, I am moving to a lesser phone... the N900 is still BY FAR the best phone06:17
mazalsuperfly, that's Nokia ne ?06:18
barrydkI thought the s3 is one of the best. I am very happy with my s2 except its gps tracking are rubbish. Its great to here you think nokia is better i was always a nokia fan06:18
superflynokia has gone down the tubes06:19
superflyforget nokia06:19
barrydkDoes tha 900 have build in gps receiver?06:19
superflybarrydk: yes06:20
barrydkwhy do you say nokia is the best and later to forget nokia. Youre confusing me now06:21
superflybarrydk: the N900 is the best, nokia has since gone down the tubes thanks to their ex-Microsoft CEO06:21
mazalThey run Windows on their smartphones yes ?06:22
barrydkok 06:22
barrydkMazal 11:00 at golf club?06:23
mazalOk b06:24
mazalIs reg06:24
barrydkSuperfly do you still get the 900 or are they also outdated?06:26
superflybarrydk: I don't know...06:28
superflyyou might still be able to get one, but there's no point... it doesn't have the ecosystem surrounding other systems like Android and iOS06:28
superflybarrydk: but since it is running a real linux system, you can cross-compile apps and run them on the phone :-)06:29
barrydkI'll only upgrade in 2014 so ill see what is there an the market at that time. 06:30
Kilossuperfly, you still here?06:59
Kilosdid you read the mail from Bhavani to maia ?07:00
Kiloswho puts the links in07:01
Kiloswe got facebook and twitter goodies that can be linked there07:01
Kiloswas just a slip up on our part i think not adding the links07:05
superflyKilos: did you ever see the Ubuntu-MX Application? That was seriously awesome07:15
Kilosno didnt look superfly 07:16
Kilosmaybe we can learn some from them for our trip in 2 years time07:16
mazall8tr all08:21
magespawnmorning all09:46
magespawnbarrydk you can still get the n900, but only as a straight up buy no contract09:47
Kiloshey magespawn 10:01
magespawnhowdy Kilos10:01
Kilosthat avira rescue found a trojan thing inna drive that i had to part the first 5g and not use at all10:02
Kiloscouldnt format that 5g with anything10:02
Kiloswill try format now10:03
Kilosthey serious things them trojans hey10:04
magespawnsome can be10:04
Kilosnormally formatting kills all them bugs10:06
magespawnsomebody must of thought of that. how were you formatting it, linux or windows?10:10
Kilostried them all10:10
Kilosubuntu could partition that whole drive10:11
Kilosgparted that is10:11
Kilosbut couldnt install to it10:11
Kilosafter parting the first 5g it took xp10:12
Kilosso stupid though10:12
Kilosinstalled to drive D: and still sees drive C:10:13
Kilosbut cant do anything with it10:13
Symmetriawheeeeeeeeeee my rather expensive experiment is working :P10:18
magespawnwhat ecperiment is that?10:19
SymmetriaI went and got a panasonic HC-V700 HD video camera, and hooked it into my blackmagic intensity pro card, then used VLC with some hax, and managed to multicast the video camera output all over the house in full HD in real time10:19
Symmetriatechnically using this setup if I had the bandwidth here I could stream in full HD off that camera anywhere 10:19
magespawngood way to run security10:19
Kiloshehe hi Symmetria 10:20
Symmetriaheh, finally though, a camera that can actually output what its seeing when its in record mode and not playback mode 10:20
Symmetrialo kilos :)10:20
Symmetriaheh, downloading a trial version of adobe premiere now, and if it does what I want I'll go buy that as well10:20
magespawnfunny thing is i have a sony tape camera that does that10:20
Symmetriamagespawn heh 99% of the digital HD video cams dont :(10:21
Symmetriait sucks10:21
SymmetriaI looked at camera after camera before I found this one10:21
Symmetriaprobably why this damn thing cost me 6k10:21
magespawnmine was free10:22
magespawni like free10:22
Symmetrialol I will sell this solution to a client and bill someone for it :p10:22
Symmetriaand it will end up being profitable instead of free :p10:22
magespawnnow if you can do profitable and free then you really score10:24
Symmetriaholy crap haha I was capturing video in raw mode 1080p, 2.8 gigs for 30 seconds10:24
Symmetriathank god for SD harddrives :p10:26
Symmetriaoops I mean solid state 10:26
charl_good morning10:28
charl_or i guess in .za it is good afternoon :)10:28
charl_my holiday starts today so i can take it easy for the next week10:28
magespawnSymmetria: going to need some serious storage for video like that10:30
magespawnhey charl_10:30
charl_hi magespawn 10:30
charl_hi Symmetria, Kilos 10:30
magespawnnice one have a beer for us10:30
Symmetriamagespawn heh, I convert it to h264 after, can do it in real time but its not easy10:30
Kiloshi charl_ 10:30
charl_lol magespawn had enough beers yesterday evening :)10:31
Symmetriaheh, real time 1080p -> h264 video conversion *chews* cpu and even on my machine it struggles to keep up10:31
Symmetria(and if this machine Im using can't handle it with ease, nothing can, because I have some absolutely sick processing power in this thing)10:31
charl_it's strange, yesterday evening i was drinking weizen and on the back on the label it said it has a banana aroma10:31
charl_i didn't taste anything of the bananas though10:32
charl_but the beer wasn't too bad, even though i prefer hefeweizen10:32
magespawncan you convert it from h264 to .avi or something more commonly playable?10:32
magespawncharl_: you would have to smell it10:32
charl_magespawn: it wasn't a gaybar ! :)10:33
Kiloscharl_, have you tried amarula10:33
charl_Kilos: yes it's extremely nice i used to drink it in coffee10:33
Kilosgreat flavour10:33
charl_yes very nice amarula++10:34
charl_i think it works the best in coffee10:34
charl_makes an irish coffee :)10:34
magespawnSymmetria: can you convert it from h264 to .avi or something more commonly playable?10:34
magespawnamarula coffee10:38
Symmetriamagespawn h264 = mkv10:41
Symmetriaeverything plays those 10:41
Symmetriahell, even my tv can recognize and play mkv 10:41
Symmetriah264 is the only sane way to do really high def video, because its the best video compression codec in existance10:41
magespawnso if export it from a dvr security system they could play in wmp?10:42
charl_afaik matroska is the video container and h264 is the codec10:43
charl_so the h264 codec gets wrapped in a mkv container10:43
charl_this is interesting: http://lifehacker.com/5893250/whats-the-difference-between-all-these-video-formats-and-which-one-should-i-use10:46
charl_As for containers, both MKV and MP4 support high quality H.264 video, but in general we prefer MKV for almost everything, since it has a few more extra features, supports higher quality audio, and is open source.10:48
charl_The one downside of MKV is that it isn't as well supported by certain programs and devices. 10:48
charl_i guess it depends on which program / device (well, firmware) you use10:48
Symmetriayeah, I havent seen a lot of modern stuff that doesnt support the mkv container10:48
Symmetriamy series 8 samsung supports it just fine 10:49
Symmetriacan plug a harddrive into the tv and hit play on any mkv file, I know the xbox didnt support it at one point10:49
Symmetriadont know if the ps3 does10:49
Symmetriaheh this video capture card of mine is pretty sweet, it handles the video real well and it wasnt that pricey (think it was like 4 grand)10:50
Symmetriaonly problem is that you need a motherboard that has spare pci-e 8x slots on it and a lot of the cheaper boards still only come with one pci-e slot for the video card10:50
Symmetria(though there is a usb-3 version of this thing as well)10:51
charl_there are a bunch of hdmi dongles now that run android10:51
charl_so if you have a "dumb10:51
charl_sorry hit enter by mistake10:52
charl_so if you have a bunch of "dumb televisions" that you want to upgrade to a "smart television" you can do that without replacing the tv10:52
charl_and a good video player on android should be able to handle any common file format10:52
charl_you can even run vlc on the android: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-android.html10:52
Symmetriayeah, proper smart tv's aren't cheap I will say10:52
charl_although it's still apparently in beta10:52
SymmetriaI mean, now days they can do soooo much more than just be a tv10:53
Symmetria(you can ping my tv for example)10:53
Symmetriaand skype off it, it runs skype for tv :p10:53
Symmetriaheh, infact the number of IP enabled devices in my house now is getting kinda insane10:53
charl_i saw a tv the other day at the bcc which had a skype camera build in10:53
Symmetriayeah, same with mine 10:54
Symmetriathats probably the same tv as mine, the samsung series 8 10:54
Symmetriabut hell, now days you can even browse to my amplifier with a webbrowser and ask the amplifier to find and play a gazillion internet radio stations10:54
charl_people who have already upgraded to fibre (i'm not one of them) need to use IPTV in any case10:54
Symmetria(I run a yamaha rx-a810 amp)10:55
charl_oh yes could have been samsung, wasn't paying particular attention but it looked awesome (the picture quality)10:55
charl_and it has a massive screen10:55
Symmetriayou don't really need fiber for iptv, so long as you've got 100mbit you're good10:55
Symmetriaand you can get 100mbit without fiber10:55
Symmetriaheh my internet connection at home now though is the only thing that ISN'T on fiber in my house10:56
Symmetria(where things like my amp and my tv didn't support it, I use a fiber converter)10:56
charl_i watch iptv all the time on my cable connection but i mean if you have cable you can get the tv channels off the shared spectrum on the cable10:56
charl_if you go fibre you only have the option of IPTV, there is no alternative10:57
charl_but i can watch at least two (probably three) 1080p streams simultaneously on my 60mbps cable10:57
charl_the biggest package the cable company has is 120mbps but i don't feel like paying the extra 15 euro per month10:57
charl_i can only watch one thing at a time and i live alone :)10:57
charl_but if i had a family maybe 120mbps would be nice10:58
Symmetriaheh, honestly the bandwidth I have doesn't really bother me, I don't use that much and 10mbit works just fine for my needs 10:58
Symmetriabut its INSIDE my house where I need real bandwidth10:58
Symmetriawhen I start testing stuff and throwing around packets10:58
Symmetriaheh, so a coupla things on 10gigabit in my house now10:59
charl_if you pre-download everything, 10mbps is fine because you can just let the downloads run during the night10:59
charl_but if you want to stream stuff 10mbps would be rather limiting10:59
charl_unless you do it in low-res10:59
charl_but at the end it all depends on your personal need of course10:59
Symmetriawell, if you work it out, you can stream 720p over 10mbit just fine 11:00
Symmetria720p 45minute file = 1.2gig approx in h26411:00
Symmetriaand thats only using about 3mbit :p11:01
charl_wow, that's not bad11:01
charl_i guess it depends on the compression you use, the compression is so extremely good these days11:02
charl_i do have a really strange problem with youtube however, i have to let it buffer on a lot of videos when i try to play them at 1080p or even 720p11:03
charl_and my internet connection isn't nearly saturated at that point11:03
charl_sometimes i open 10 videos, let them all buffer, and then watch them afterwards11:03
charl_i have the suspicion that google is having trouble keeping up with the demand11:03
charl_or they are doing this on purpose somehow11:03
charl_because on other sites i can stream video without any problems11:04
Symmetriaheh Ive seen google having capacity problems at certain exchanges11:04
charl_yeah i suspect it's a peering problem11:05
charl_especially during peak hours like in the evening11:05
charl_when people are at home watching video i mean11:05
charl_if i open a bunch of videos and then open a bandwidth monitoring tool i can get 30+ mbps down no problem11:06
charl_but if i open one i get a very low throughput11:07
charl_and then it keeps buffering every few seconds11:07
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charl_ok i'm off bbl11:14
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* Symmetria snores at adobe13:25
Symmetriathey need more bandwidth :p13:25
Kiloshi magtie Jabberwocky smile 14:24
smilehi :D14:24
Kiloshome time inetpro before the storms come14:24
smileKilos: storms are coming? :p14:24
Kilosfeels like it14:24
Kilosbad weather storms14:25
Kilosdonder en bliksem14:25
smilehere the weather is fine :)14:25
smilebloue hemel :)14:25
Kiloshere too but looks like it might build up like it did last night14:26
Kilosmany hours no power14:26
magtieHi Kilos & Everyone14:26
superflywoohoo! got my droid!14:27
Kilosare you also gonna come on here as a droid14:29
Kiloslike magespawn 14:29
Kiloslo ludo14:29
superflyOh wow, it's already ready to upgrade to Jellybean14:30
magespawnnice one superfly14:30
mazalgtg for now14:31
mazalEnjoy the evening everyone14:31
superflywoot 14:32
magespawnlater all home time14:34
smilebyeee :)15:00
Kiloscheers smile15:00
smilesee ya :)15:00
Jabberwocky_hello and goodbye Kilos :)16:03
Kiloscheers Jabberwocky_ 16:03
Jabberwocky_enjoy your weekend16:03
smileThe world is going to reboot! https://duckduckgo.com/?q=the+end+of+time17:33
Kilosdont worry you still gonna have time to get bigger and busier in life17:41
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smile4linuxKilos: yeah, isn't that great :p17:47
charl_good evening18:04
charl_hi smile4linux, Kilos, Squirm 18:04
smile4linuxhi charl_ :)18:04
smile4linux& Squirm 18:05
smile4linuxI got my points for my exams today18:05
smile4linux74% :D18:05
Kiloshi charl_ 18:05
charl_yay almost mignight18:05
Kiloswell done smile4linux 18:05
Squirmthe sun hit me today. I'm all crispy18:05
charl_tomorrow we can make fun of the people who thought the world was going to end today :)18:05
Kiloslol hiya Squirm 18:05
charl_smile4linux: well done!18:06
Squirmand sore18:06
charl_i hear it has been very hot today in za18:06
smile4linuxthanks :D18:06
Squirmcharl_: very18:06
smile4linuxI was first of my class :)18:06
Squirmwent out to sea this morning18:06
smile4linuxSquirm: how was it? :)18:07
charl_smile4linux: you better be, we wouldn't expect any less from you :P18:07
Squirmso pretty much sat in the sun from 6am-1pm18:07
Kiloscatch any fish Squirm ?18:07
Squirmsmile4linux: good. went out sailing18:07
smile4linuxcharl_: haha! ;)18:07
SquirmKilos: never caught anything18:07
smile4linuxSquirm: cool :) no storm?18:07
Kilosroasted for nothing18:07
Squirmsmile4linux: not a cloud18:07
SquirmKilos: well, we chilled in the sun. and sailed18:08
Kilosso for coupla days we can call you pienkie18:08
smile4linuxSquirm: wow! :)18:08
Kilosyou cant chill in the sun at sea you can heat up ya18:08
Squirmmy whole back is read + my chest and my arms18:08
* Squirm goes and has cold shower18:09
KilosSquirm: wait18:09
Kiloshave you got a bath?18:09
Kiloshi Cantide 18:10
* Cantide has just showered18:10
Cantidehi :p18:10
charl_hi Cantide 18:10
KilosSquirm: ping18:10
Cantidehallo, charl_ '<18:10
Kilosyo superfly 18:12
Kilosinetpro: lewe jy nog?18:12
inetproKilos: ek's hier18:12
superflyhi Kilos18:13
Kilosif im gone before Squirm gets back tell him to soak inna bath of luke warm water18:13
Kilosand rub vicks on the sunburn18:14
Cantidewhy would luke be in his bath?18:14
* Cantide hides18:14
Cantideisn't vinegar supposed to help with sunburn?18:14
Kilosoh squirm must put a cup of vinegar in the bath18:15
smile4linuxCantide: you are fresh now :p18:15
Cantidesmile4linux, I am!! second shower of the day -.-18:15
Kiloslol i was rushing and  forgot the vinegar18:15
Cantidesummer in Durban </318:15
smile4linuxCantide: oh :p too hot?18:15
Cantidewell, i went from winter to summer to winter and back to summer in about 3 months18:15
Kilosbest time of the year to be a surf life saver18:16
Cantideso i think i haven't adjusted well ._.18:16
Kilosmany cute chicks around18:16
inetproKilos: why would you br gone?18:16
CantideKilos, hahaha18:16
Kilosi tired inetpro 18:16
Cantidei was at the beach on Monday, but only for a few minutes ._.v18:16
Kilosi miss the beach18:16
inetproKilos: ag nee man, jy't dan niks gedoen vandag nie18:16
Kilosvra die skape en die bossies18:17
inetproai, kan ek gou met hulle praat?18:17
Kilosja ja18:17
Cantidewat is n "bossie" ?18:18
Cantidedankie '-';;;18:18
Kilosboete bos baie hier18:18
charl_the boys are smoking a lot of weed? lol18:19
Kilosboete bos is a weed that gets thorny buds on and stick in sheeps wool18:19
Squirmnot a chance am I putting vinegar in a bath18:19
Squirmand I'll live :)18:19
inetprosuperfly: happy with the new toy?18:19
CantideSquirm, but you might stop squirming if you use vinegar!18:19
Kilosthen the shearers charge a penalty fee (boete) to shear them18:20
superflyinetpro: mostly, I don't like TouchWiz18:20
inetprosuperfly: what's that, the keyboard?18:20
charl_Kilos: ah i see :)18:20
superflyinetpro: no, Samsung's interface18:20
superflyI installed the Jellybean Launcher, so that helps18:21
inetprosuperfly: I'm very happy with SwiftKey 3 for the keyboard18:22
Cantidebbl 'o'18:23
superflyinetpro: I installed GO keyboard, also very happy with it.18:23
Squirma friend of mine uses swype18:39
Squirmtakes quite a bit of getting used to, but it's not bad18:39
inetprosuperfly: one problem I have with jellybean is the fact that Google Now stole the functionality of the tab completion in quasseldroid18:47
superflyit did?18:48
superflycan't you just press the little magnifying glass?18:48
inetpronick completion used to work with the search button before jellybean18:48
inetpronow the moment I press it, it launches google now18:48
superflyI don't have a search button18:48
inetprosuperfly: you have something for nick completion?18:49
superflythere's a little magnifying glass on the typing line18:50
superflyinetpro: like so18:50
inetprosuperfly: Ahh, hth did I miss that? 18:52
inetpro:-) 18:52
superflyyou always used the search button :-P18:52
inetproYebo yes 18:53
inetproThanks superfly 18:53
* inetpro hides in the corner18:54
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:28
smile4linuxbyeee :)19:31
* smile4linux leaves too19:31
inetpronight kil[tab]19:31
inetprogoeinag ou grootte19:31

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