brucet927Hi there, I've setup ubuntu on my mother in-law's laptop, and will be installing it on her currently broken desktop.01:28
brucet927Can I use ubuntu one to automatically have everything she does in her home folders sync or is it like dropbox, things need to be put in a specific folder on your system?01:28
jgdxbrucet927: Hi, take a look at https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/can-i-synchronize-a-folder-outside-my-home-folder-117/ <- answer is sadly no01:36
jgdxbrucet927: sorry, misunderstood. The answer is yes. But it kinda sounds like you want a backup being made daily/weekly instead?01:37
jgdxThe Backup application can create backups and upload them to ubuntu one01:37
brucet927jgdx, no, it's more a case that she has teenage kids, so she'll obviously be swapping from desktop to laptop a lot01:40
brucet927And would like it so that when she's working in libreoffice on her desktop, for example, when she hits save, the file will then appear in its new form on her laptop.01:40
brucet927(After syncing, of course)01:41
jgdxbrucet927: oh, then yes. Open "Ubuntu One" and "Add a folder from this computer"01:43
brucet927Ah, that's great01:43
brucet927Does it sync automatically as soon as it detects changes to the files?01:44
jgdxbrucet927: afaik, yes.01:44
jgdxbrucet927: just note that .mozilla/.firefox folders and the like will result in perpetual syncing01:44
brucet927I thought that might be the case, so if possible I'd probably only set up her documents/picture folders01:45
dobeyyou can't sync all of the home directory01:54
dobeyyou can only choose to sync folders within it though01:54
dobeythere is lots of stuff in home that would turn out very bad if you tried to sync it01:55
brucet927Yeah, dobey, like I said, I anticipated that, so I will just be setting her docs and pics to sync02:00
Moscherkoboldgood morning everyone08:38
Moscherkoboldis there a way to get the files client without google account08:38
Moscherkoboldi have a new phone and i want to have as less google on it as possible :)08:39
JamesTaitHappy end-of-the-world day, everyone! :-D09:18
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gatoxgood morning!11:22
chaselivingstonMoscherkobold: you can get the apk here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-files14:01
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Tm_Thmmm, shouldn't ubuntu one music store have same tracks and albums available than 7digital.com ?15:08
chaselivingstonTm_T: not necessarily, depends on the country you're in15:12
Tm_Tchaselivingston: hmmm, even if I compare to local 7digital store and UK store?15:18
chaselivingstonTm_T: possibly. we're working on bringing the catalogs more up to speed on our end, there are several upgrades we're performing that we hope to have live after the first of the year15:19
Tm_Tchaselivingston: allright, currently atleast one band has only 1 (or two, depending on how you count it) album in ubuntu store while 7digital offers ... 20+?15:20
chaselivingstonjoshuahoover: ^^^15:20
Tm_Tband name contains Ö so I wonder if that has anything to do15:21

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