micahgLen-nb: around?03:04
Len-nbmicah I'm here03:04
Len-nbDid I goof?03:04
Len-nbmicahg, ^^03:05
micahgsorry :), no, was just wondering if there's a certain order or grouping with the uploads and which branches03:05
micahgor rather, idk yet :)03:05
Len-nb-look is unconnected03:05
Len-nbicon-theme should go before settings.03:06
micahgok, I'll do look first then03:06
micahglooks easy :)03:06
micahgLen-nb: I'm going to remove smartboy and make you the uploader for -look since his change is now irrelevant (and I'll remove it from the changelog)03:09
Len-nbI should have done that.03:10
micahgyeah, you'll know for next time, np03:10
micahgLen-nb: WRT -icon-theme, so, you need LP: #XXXXX to close a bug in Launchpad <-- note the # sign03:22
micahgok, have to run an errand, will continue when I return03:25
Len-nbOk bug number fixed03:27
Len-nbmicahg, when you get back.03:27
micahg-look uploaded04:44
holsteinzequence: ? 01:44 < zequence> holstein: PA works sort of the same with PA as it does with jack, IMO04:46
Len-nbmicahg, do I need to put the version release note in the changelog?05:10
micahgLen-nb: where?05:10
Len-nbin -look05:10
micahghrm, I thought that was done05:11
micahglet me push up my changes05:11
Len-nbOh ok, 05:11
micahgall pushed05:11
micahgyou added a note05:11
micahg  * De-versioned plymouth as per Scott05:12
Len-nbYa, when you said -look was uploaded I thought I would see the commit, I didn't realize it was still local to you05:13
micahgyeah, sorry05:13
micahgI forgot :)05:13
micahgLen-nb: oh, you donm't need to say you fix a changelog entry in the changelog unless you're fixing an old entry05:40
Len-nbmicahg, ok.  Should I do something about it?05:41
micahgwell, I have a couple other comments05:42
micahgxubunt-icon-theme in the changelog should be xubuntu-icon-them, second, your control file description update almost seems apologetic05:42
micahgactually, that's not the right word, but it reads funny for a package description05:43
Len-nbI'll have to look.05:43
Len-nbI can see what you mean.05:44
Len-nbThis package adds the few missing icons ubuntustudio needs that no other theme provides.05:45
Len-nbDoes that sound more descriptive micahg ?05:46
micahgthat sounds better05:46
Len-nbAnything else I should do?05:48
micahgI think that was it05:49
micahgLen-nb: you forgot to indent the second line in your fix05:53
micahg(of the description)05:54
Len-nbYa, I figgured. I forgot it had to be.05:54
* micahg needs to either backport a newer lintian or upgrade to raring...05:54
Len-nbmicahg, do I need to add a comment to the change log for that?05:55
micahgLen-nb: no, it's correcting the correction you made before :)05:55
micahgthe changelog should be descriptive of the diff between versions, the commit message should be descriptive of the commit, there's not always a 1-1 correlation05:56
Len-nbRight. Fix is pushed05:57
micahgok, I need to go to sleep, can I'll upload in the morning when I'm a little more comfortable with my diff skills (~9hrs)05:59
micahgLen-nb: have a good night06:02
micahgI'll do my best to get them on tomorrow's ISOs06:02
Len-nbmicahg, thank you06:03
zequenceholstein, Yeah, I was referring to Audacity. One of my typical typing misses07:08
ttoinehello !09:29
zequenceI'm preparing a machine which I can use remotely. Tried cloning a git repo on it, and after googling on the error message, what seems most likely is that my HW is failing!11:29
ttoinezequence, bad luck...12:38
scott-workLen-nb: i did not get to test nautilus/thunar last night. my daughter was sick.15:12
scott-worki will test it tonight however15:12
holsteinzequence: so... you are saying audacity what?15:15
holsteinzequence: as a side note, im not interested in running audacity.. but i assume you feel i gave mis-information?15:15
holsteinyou are saying audacity is fine to use with jack?15:15
holsteindo you agree that if someone needs to record stereo data and needs audacity, JACK is overkill?15:16
micahgsorry, I overslept :)20:31

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