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ochosimaddernick: ping10:05
maddernickochosi: pong11:09
ochosimaddernick: heyo, have you pushed your branch11:09
maddernickochosi: i need to change my launchpad ssh key to push using bzr11:12
maddernickI have not gotten around to that yet11:12
ochosianyway, ping me when you get to pushing it11:15
maddernickwill do11:17
ElderDryasI'm having a discussion in another venue about the xfce Mail Watcher plugin in xcfe 4.10.  Was there any problem getting it to compile/work for xubuntu 12.10/xfce 4.10?17:51
Unit193adnan: Pong.20:16
adnanUnit193, ping22:43
len-1304bluesabre, Downloaded xubuntu to see if catfish works there, but got bit by Bug #1090212 23:15
ubottubug 1090212 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Raring) "usb-creator doesn't open" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109021223:15
len-xuTesting catfish on the xubuntu daily iso (yesterdays) and it has the same problem as on ubuntustudio. Bug #1093015 23:44
ubottubug 1093015 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Error: The required module GError is missing." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109301523:44
len-xuThe 13.04 live session looks nice BTW23:54

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