shadeslayerI've uploaded a new kubuntu-meta with the kubuntu-active seeds merged, so the old kubuntu-active needs deletion00:26
shadeslayerRiddell: ^ do you have powers to do that?00:26
Riddellhmm, dunno00:28
Riddellshadeslayer: you should, it's in ~kubuntu-dev https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active.raring00:29
shadeslayerno no00:29
shadeslayernot that00:29
shadeslayerRiddell: http://pad.lv/u/kubuntu-active-meta00:29
shadeslayerI'm going to change that branch to Abandonded00:30
Riddellah delete the package, let me see00:31
Riddellshadeslayer: you need to upload the new kubuntu-meta to make a kubuntu-active .deb so it doesn't get removed01:11
shadeslayerI did?01:12
Riddellnot on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta01:12
Riddellhmm, launchpad on christmas holiday maybe01:13
RiddellI'll sleep and see if it catches up01:13
shadeslayerok :)01:13
micahgshadeslayer: migrated to -release after last publisher run01:50
shadeslayerfun http://paste.kde.org/631562/02:35
shadeslayerah, lo-menubar is no more02:40
micahgright, it's in libreoffice now02:43
micahgoh, did I forget to upload an empty package...02:43
micahgdid that a while aog02:44
* micahg wonders if libreoffice-kde has it as well02:45
shadeslayerhow does one check ? :P02:45
micahgoh, so, he didn't do that right :(02:47
shadeslayerwho didn't do what right?02:48
micahgsweetshark make libreoffice conflict on lo-menubar02:48
shadeslayerlibreoffice-gtk conflicts with lo-menubar02:49
micahgright, that's what I mean02:49
shadeslayerbut my seeds had an explicit dep02:49
shadeslayerbut libreoffice-gtk itself has a reverse dep on lo-menubar02:50
micahgon raring?03:07
micahgapt-cache rdepends is wonky like that03:07
micahgapt-cache show libreoffice-gtk says no such thing03:08
micahgand seeds shouldn't depend on transitional packages without a good reason :)03:08
shadeslayerI didn't knw it was a transitional package :P03:09
micahgI filed Bug #1093726 to get it installable again03:09
ubottubug 1093726 in libreoffice (Ubuntu Raring) "libreoffice-gtk shouldn't conflict on lo-menubar" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109372603:09
shadeslayermicahg: well .. lo-menubar is still un ... right03:09
micahgapt-cache show lo-menubar should say it's transitional :)03:09
shadeslayerwhat I mean is I added lo-menubar before it was transitional03:10
micahgshadeslayer: umm, ok03:11
shadeslayerwhy the umm?03:11
micahgbecause I don't think it's true :)03:12
shadeslayerhahah :D03:12
micahgI don't see it in kubuntu.quantal03:12
shadeslayerhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lo-menubar/0.1.1-0ubuntu2 < that isn't a transitional package is it?03:12
shadeslayermicahg: not kubuntu, something else :)03:12
micahgah, ok03:12
micahgright, but that was back in quantal03:13
shadeslayerahh okay now I see the confusion :P03:13
shadeslayermy derivative is based on Quantal03:13
micahgso, yeah, if it's not in the archive, I take no responsibility :)03:13
shadeslayerofcourse :)03:13
micahgbut I made sure there were no rdeps in the archive03:13
micahgshadeslayer: sorry, forgot you had other projects :)03:13
shadeslayerhehe :P03:13
shadeslayerthat's alright, trivial to fix03:14
shadeslayersweet : http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~rcs/research/interactive_latency.html03:16
shadeslayerthe end of the 90's seems like the time where they made alot of improvement03:18
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shadeslayermicahg: no love for transmission? :P11:11
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Riddellshadeslayer: kubuntu-active-meta removed11:42
shadeslayerthx :)11:42
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ronnocyofel: I removed the telepathy daily build ppa and all is well again re: installing VNC13:34
yofelshadeslayer: ^13:34
shadeslayerwhat build ppa?13:35
ronnocshadeslayer: http://ppa.launchpad.net/telepathy-kde/daily-builds/ubuntu13:37
shadeslayerronnoc: that's the daily build ppa that I was trying to setup13:37
shadeslayerit's not perfect13:37
shadeslayerbut if you can tell me the issue, I can maybe fix it13:37
ronnochad that active in raring and when attempting a VLC install it wanted to un-install plasma-widget-telepathy-presence :p13:38
shadeslayerdid it say why?13:39
ronnocidk I was in muon, not terminal :/13:39
ronnoci disabled the ppa and vlc installed fine13:39
ronnoci could re-enable it and see what insight i could give you13:40
RiddellI'm getting loads of error messages from builds in the kde-telepathy ppa13:47
Riddellthere'll be something broken with it13:48
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Peace-Riddell: ping 15:38
Riddellhi Peace- 15:53
Peace-Riddell: the package plasma-widget-yawp has a bug i mean the version of the widget has it 15:53
Peace-Riddell: with svn version it's fixed (the repository version can't be configured via javascript)15:54
Peace-Riddell: btw happy new year and merry christmas (written good ?? :D )15:55
Riddellhappy boxing day15:55
Riddellwell option for that yawp would be to poke upstrea into releasing a new version, grab a svn snapshot or grab the patch fixing the issue15:58
Riddellit would actually be quite a good task for someone who wanted to learn packaging15:59
RiddellPeace-: want to learn packaging?15:59
Peace-Riddell: mmm actually i am doing a stuff for kde16:02
RiddellI'll take that as a no :)16:04
Peace- :) i have my ppa but i don't know if i do packages well 16:04
micahgshadeslayer: it was third on my list, I just sponsored #1 :)17:07
micahgRiddell: time for a PM?17:07
* ronnoc thinks that Riddell should hold a packaging class on #ubuntu-classroom. 20:07
ronnocConsider me signed up! :)20:07
TheLordOfTimei assume you mean advanced packaging :P20:09
ronnocTheLordOfTime: Well you have to be noob before you can be advanced :p20:27
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