adlez_Hey guys, I installed kubuntu on my MacBook. Everything runs fine! :) But sometime ago a read something about the fan-system using linux. I should install some packages. Anyone suggestions? :)00:21
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Marius80I've got some questions concerning the look and feel of kubuntu01:27
monkeyjuiceyou dont like the look and feel?01:27
Marius80when I open kwrite,  type some stuff,  and save it,  dialogue window opens (to save it)01:28
Marius80then I double click on an existing file in order to overwrite it01:28
Marius80but:  nothing happens...  I double click,  triple click...  nothing...01:28
monkeyjuiceis it only kwrite that is doing this01:29
Marius80kate as well01:30
Marius80lemme see if openoffice does the same...01:30
Marius80one moment pls01:30
gotoguycant you just select the file and just hit save?01:30
Marius80also openoffice01:30
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Marius80gotoguy, I could ... but why should we all miss features KDE3 already achieved01:31
OerHeksKate askes nicely if i want to overwrite.01:32
Marius80OerHeks, what version pls?01:33
Marius80I am on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS01:33
monkeyjuicedouble click seems to just put the name in then your asked to overwrite01:33
OerHekskate 3.9.301:34
monkeyjuiceafter you hit save01:34
Marius80if I click on "save",  I also get the same question01:34
Marius80only double clicking does not give me this question01:34
SnowhogMarius80: That's just how it is in KDE 4. KDE 4 is not like KDE 3.01:36
gotoguyditto for monkeyjuice, that's how mine works too.01:37
shadeslayeralso happens in 4.9.9001:37
Marius80Snowhog, I guess you are a developer and you're annoyed by many people's questions like "why does kde4 not behave like kde3?"  :-)01:37
gotoguyWhy is BasKet Notes now broke when it worked perfectly in KDE3?   I know why, but I guess the maintainer isn't going to fix it either.01:39
gotoguyI wrote the maintainer of Basket Notes a email and he said no new versions are planned. Even though it is now in Beta.01:40
OerHeksI thinkit is a good system, double click on a file to replace it does not replace it without warning.01:41
shadeslayerMarius80: I recommend reporting a bug on bugs.kde.org01:41
shadeslayerthe maintainers probably know why that functionality was removed01:41
gotoguyI would rather have it NOT overwrite without asking to be sure.01:42
gotoguyIt's not a bug, it's a feature.01:43
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Marius80an other annoying thing:   a window is set to  "keep above others"01:44
Marius80then I open krunner  (ALT+F2)01:45
Marius80and krunner is not on the top,  it is behind the window01:45
shadeslayeryou did tell kwin to keep a window above everything else01:45
shadeslayerwhich is exactly what it's doing01:45
Marius80shadeslayer, actually kde3 knew,  that the run window should be "more above"01:46
shadeslayermake a new window rule to do that?01:47
OerHekskrunner altF2 shows on top of any window that i marked 'keep above others'01:47
shadeslayersame here01:48
Marius80OerHeks, in kubuntu 12.04 ?01:48
OerHeksno, 12.1001:48
Marius80hum... I might need to upgrade01:48
Marius80does in 12.10  the Enter-Bug exist?01:49
Marius80ALT+F2  ... type in a command... then enter...01:49
Marius80enter again01:49
Marius80and then it starts01:49
FloodBotK1Marius80: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
Marius80sorry for flooding01:49
shadeslayernever heard of such a bug01:49
OerHeksNope, that glitch is solved01:49
OerHeksnow it shows directly with typing the available command/commands and responds to enter01:50
Marius80I might need to install 12.1001:50
Marius80since 12.10 offers no alternate install cd...  can I use the xubuntu one and install  kubuntu-desktop later on?01:51
gotoguytry: apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade       will do the trick.01:51
oneadventhi, i'm trying to setup samba shares with dolphin and i keep getting asked for a password on the other side01:52
oneadventcan someone help me01:52
Marius80gotoguy, thx01:53
Marius80one more question...01:53
gotoguyno prob.01:53
Marius80in the open dialogue window (e.g. from kwrite)  I would like to achieve the following behaviour01:53
Marius801 click on folders should open them  but to open files,  I want to use  double clicks01:54
Marius80(as it was on kde3)01:54
Marius80I could only find a setting to make  folders and files  open by double click or single click01:55
Marius80but I couldn't find an option to make folders open with a single click and files with a double click01:55
shadeslayerMarius80: use the mini.iso and install kubuntu-desktop01:55
shadeslayerMarius80: such an option doesn't exist01:56
shadeslayerprobably because the developers thought that it would be inconsistent01:56
gotoguyI wish for that feature too.01:57
Marius80gotoguy, what can we do to make developers build this feature?01:57
gotoguyprobably write a comment to the developers mailing list.01:58
gotoguyfirst you have to join the list.01:59
Marius80gotoguy, would you mind asking?01:59
gotoguyYeah, thats a good idea, I will do it.02:00
Marius80thank you very much gotoguy02:00
gotoguyno prob.02:00
monkeyjuiceits the little things that make it better ;)02:01
Marius80oh... one more thing found:02:02
Marius80kwrite should open in the the folder a file has been opened from last02:03
Marius80example:  Last time I used kwrite,  I was in  /var/www/vhosts/test.tld02:03
Marius80when I open kwrite again,  I am in  /home/user/Documents02:03
gotoguyMarius80: right click your icon, the change the default path to open.02:06
OerHekshi ralfi & 5 clones02:12
AlexZionhi guys, since few weeks I have a strange proble using amarok which often speeds up my cpus work's and so even temperature ...., some good start point to understand wath's going on ?04:10
Platypus-Manopening a terminal and typing a command called "top" will show you what is using up the PC's resources04:11
AlexZionyeah Platypus-Man I already checked and is amarok ....04:12
AlexZionand now it doesn't works anymore at all ...04:13
AlexZionno sound ...04:13
Platypus-Manok, I'm a noob, so I have no clue beyond that really :p04:13
AlexZionok , i'll check the phonon backend ...04:13
artichokuanyone alive?04:34
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:03
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:45
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:14
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kristjanQuestion for all Sony Xperia smartphone users, How can i update my android version with Kubuntu10:10
shadeslayerkristjan: usually Android does OTA updates10:22
kristjani dont know, just got my xperia go and there is gingerbread installed, Ice cream sandwitch should be available for this model10:26
kristjani did all updates10:26
kristjani have win xp installed to virtual box10:27
kristjanbut i cant access usb device from there10:27
flavia_hi, what's a good recording software for kubuntu?10:40
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shadeslayerkristjan: I recommend googling around a bit10:46
shadeslayerkristjan: there's no installer per se for Kubuntu10:47
shadeslayerflavia_: what do you want to record?10:47
flavia_shadeslayer: speech (professor in class, rather long distance with background noise :)10:49
flavia_I'm trying out audacity, seems to do the job...10:51
shadeslayerflavia_: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_audio_software#Recording.2C_editing_and_mastering10:52
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mariana_HAY NICE TO MEET YOU11:39
mariana_MORNING TOO11:40
monkeyjuiceme? i live in the usa11:41
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.11:42
monkeyjuicejust got up need coffee ;)11:42
mariana_oke yhank11:44
mike7b4_lenovoHi, I am using alpha version of kubuntu 13.04 because I wanted to try out new version of kate. Problem is I can't figure out where kubuntu installs kate developer header files or what package it is in (libkate-dev is installed but missing files mainwindow.h/plugin.h), Anyone who knows?12:17
yofelmike7b4_lenovo: the development files for kate aren't shipped12:41
yofelmike7b4_lenovo: if you need them please file a bug12:42
mike7b4_lenovohmm ok12:42
swexhelp me please, why network manager ignores its vpn dns settings?13:26
swexI'm setting up vpn connection but my dns records still the same as before..13:26
markithi, anyone know how to set video to use 16bpp?13:30
markitI want to do some experiment with that color depth13:31
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bodomHi there, i think i have a simple question: how do i launch telepathy (the new kde messenger)?14:52
markitbodom: I've no idea, but if you installed, and go in K menu and type "telep" it should appear14:58
markitmaybe after a pair of minutes since you installed14:58
bodommarkit: that's what i supposed too, but there's no sign of it14:59
markitopen a terminal, start typing telep and then press TAB one or more tiles14:59
markitlook if there is a name that could fit it14:59
markitthen run it14:59
bodommarkit: nothing again15:00
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markitbodom: ehm, are you sure it was installed? what version of kubuntu are you using?15:00
bodommarkit: neither ktel, k-tel, etc..15:00
RayonantI think it is easier to do it trough krunner15:00
bodommarkit: i've used sudo apt-get install telepathy-core kde-telepathy, not 100% sure, but command completed without errors15:01
Rayonantstart typing telep15:01
Rayonantit should appear15:01
markitlet me try with a live cd in a VM15:01
bodomit's quantal15:01
markitbodom: of course you are type in lowercase15:02
bodommarkit: ofc, i'm using linux since 12 years15:02
markitso it's quantal or I have to check?15:03
markitprobably telephaty is the underlaying "technology" or "layer" AFAIR15:03
Rayonantbodom try launching it form krunner, that is the way I do it, anyway the next time you boot it will start so you should try reboot15:05
bodomRayonant: I cannot find it on krunner, will try reboot, but i cannot atm15:07
dimitrisptbodom, have checked the System Settings for the 'Instant Messaging Accounts' icon?15:09
dimitrispt*have you checked...15:09
bodomdimitrispt: i have one account defined there, disconnected15:11
dimitrisptthen, as Rayonant said, you need to reboot... or re-login15:11
bodomi may be old-school, but is it possible that there is no command line executable to launch it?15:13
bodomfinally found it! It's ktp-*15:17
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Rayonantglad you found it bodom :)15:30
haakonnplease press the power button on the kubuntu.org server or something16:08
haakonni was wondering if there is a ppa or something for the kde 4.10 RC16:12
Peace-haakonn: there should be one but i don'0t remember ... and of course it's not supported16:14
haakonnyay kubuntu.org is back16:14
haakonnPeace-:  that's a given16:14
hellslingerdoes anyone know how to change the position for the OSD for brightness and volume?16:14
haakonnseems there is only beta 216:14
haakonnno, it's actually 4.9.95 == 4.10 RC, yay16:18
markithaakonn: will be a backport of 4.10 for 12.04?16:27
markitI only see ppa for 12.10...16:27
haakonnthe rc is in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta16:28
markithaakonn: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.9.90 says is for 12.10, not for 12.0416:29
haakonnmarkit:  oh, yes, i'm on 12.1016:30
haakonnif you're on 12.04, you're not supposed to like new things16:30
markithaakonn: well, is 4.10, not 5.016:31
yofelmarkit: there are no official backports planned for 12.04, usually you get backports only for the current stable release16:31
markityofel: ah, not for LTS also? mmm16:32
markitI've an issue with plasma at 16bpp, almost unusable, hope they fixed in 4.1016:32
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yofelnot for the LTS, no. It's a matter of what you can support (and have time for)16:33
markityofel: sure, just hoped :)16:35
artichokuwell no one is here at night. how about this morning?16:45
TheLordOfTimeartichoku, if you don't ask a question nobody answers you16:47
TheLordOfTimepost your REAL question, and wait16:47
TheLordOfTimeit can take time to get a response16:48
TheLordOfTimeespecially this time of year.16:48
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artichokuI recently did a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.10 64bit. I'm trying to switch from the STA wifi driver to the b43. I can successfully uninstall the STA driver, and even install and modprobe (without any errors) the b43 driver, but it still refuses to show up as usable.16:51
artichokumy interface disappears altogether16:51
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skritehey all18:21
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brun0hi all, is somebody using yakuake here ?19:02
BigcheeseI do!19:02
brun0Bigcheese, my f12 keybinding isn't working19:03
brun0is it necessary some workaround ?19:03
Bigcheesemake sure it's the global key for it.19:04
BigcheeseAnd that yakuake is actually running.19:04
brun0Bigcheese, yes i ran the ps command and it's runnin19:05
brun0Bigcheese, yes i ran the ps command and it's running19:05
brun0how can check the global key ?19:05
BigcheeseI've only done it from within yakuake.19:06
brun0Bigcheese, there is a option inside Shortcuts configuration19:08
brun0the option is Open/Retract Yakuake19:08
BigcheeseThe far right column is the global key.19:08
brun0Shortcut is clean and Global is with F12 value19:08
BigcheeseAre you on a laptop?19:08
brun0Global has f12 value19:08
brun0i'm using a desktop19:09
BigcheeseDoes your keyboard do stuff?19:09
BigcheeseLike have multifunction function keys.19:09
gribouilleI have a problem with the trema. when I type ë, I get ê. what does that mean?19:16
brun0Bigcheese, when i changed to F7 it worked19:32
brun0i think there is some conflict with some KDE shortcut19:32
BigcheeseSomething was probably stealing F12.19:32
DarthFrogYakuake uses F12.20:02
skritehey all, is there a way in kubuntu to export all of my desktop settings to import into another computer? thanks20:12
DarthFrogskrite:  If that computer will be running KDE, everything is under ~/.kde20:13
DarthFrogOr you could just copy your entire home directory to the new machine. :-)20:14
skriteDarthFrog: i am looking to do this also for upgrade purposes. like saving a 12.04 settings and place the .kde folder into place over my .kde when i bump up to 12.1020:15
skriteDarthFrog: thanks for your help !20:16
artichokuI am requesting assistance replacing the broadcom STA driver with the b43 driver. I'm running kubuntu 12.10. I have tried the following. purge of sta and install of b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer. also tried b43-fwcutter in combo with the legacy and lpphy installers. both added and removed b43 from blacklist.conf. seems no matter what i do it won't let me use the b4 driver, but hardware info indicates that my card i20:48
artichokus supported. However, i have received an error on multiple occasions that the driver must be installed manually.20:48
markit2mm trying 4.10 (.95), with a black backtroundn or a terminal open those trasparencies of K menu or activities or calendar or whatever are unreadable... am I doing something wrong?21:12
KJ_agent007umm..i need help21:26
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KJ_agent007can someone help me?21:28
TheLordOfTimeKJ_agent007, if you ask your actual question maybe21:28
TheLordOfTimenobody'll help you unless you provide details21:28
TheLordOfTimesuch as what's wrong.21:28
KJ_agent007ok..how do i change to different rooms?21:28
thelionroarsTheLordOfTime: you are discounting all the people in the chatroom who are telepathic21:29
TheLordOfTimethelionroars, which is 3 people.21:29
TheLordOfTimeall of whom havent posted for 3 months :P21:29
KJ_agent007how can i find different rooms on here?21:29
thelionroarsyes, shame on you21:29
thelionroarsjust /j the #channel21:29
thelionroars so /j #ubuntu21:30
thelionroarsor whatever channel you want to join21:30
KJ_agent007how do i find the channels?21:30
thelionroarsyou can use the /list command21:31
KJ_agent007and whats that?21:32
macramKJ_agent007 which client are you using?21:32
thelionroarsbut the output is fairly big21:32
KJ_agent007im using..Quassel IRC21:32
KJ_agent007im runnin Kubuntu Linux21:32
macramKJ_agent007: there is also Konversation :)21:32
DarthFrogI prefer Konversation to Quassel.21:33
KJ_agent007where do i find different rooms on here?21:33
macramKJ_agent007: looking for the GUI option, please stay tuned, mate21:33
macramyou can join a channel with a button in the toolbar21:36
macrambt i can't find a channel list window :S21:36
KJ_agent007thank you anyways21:36
macramKJ_agent007: try installing Konversation, is in the software center21:37
thelionroarsthe problem I have with Konversation, which I'm using now, is that I can't work out how to auto-identify to more than one server at once21:38
KJ_agent007found it21:38
thelionroarsIf my identity identifies to freenode, when I go on quakenet it will try to contact nickserv on quakenet also21:39
yofelcan you edit the server settings and set a password? If you put your nickserv password there it should auto identify as well21:39
thelionroarsI'll try the commands section under the server, hopefully that'll work21:41
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markitanyone here using kde 4.95 (4.10)?22:34
markitI don't know if is a problem of my hardware or not, but I have plasmoids like K or the activity with transparency22:34
markitthat makes them unusable22:34
markitkristjan: are you talking with me? can you confirm?22:40
markit(the problem I mean)22:40
kristjani confirm i dont know what u r talking about22:40
markitkristjan: because you have kde 4.10 and not my proble, or you don' thave kde 4.10 at all and just want to make me aware you are alive?22:42
kristjanim alive22:44
kristjani think im the only one left in this world22:44
kristjantotally useless for you22:45
Marius80I got a very bad problem on a very new installation of "Lubuntu" 12.1022:58
Marius80since there is no "alternate installation cd" for Kubuntu 12.10,  I decided downloading and installing  Lubuntu 12.10  which comes up with an alternate CD23:00
Marius80after the installation completed,  I wanted to install  "kubuntu-desktop"23:01
Marius80^^ this is what happens23:01
Marius80how can I solve this problem?23:01
markitwhat problem? just install and hope :)23:02
Unit193!mini | You can install the core system with a debian installer here23:03
ubottuYou can install the core system with a debian installer here: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:03
markitMarius80: if you enter "Y" the lubuntu desktop will be removed, and kubuntu installed, that's ok. You will break 2 little dependencies, you will fix later23:03
Unit193See also,23:04
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »23:04
Marius80markit: well, the mini.iso  would only work with a working internet connection while installing, right?23:04
markitUnit193: interesting info, thanks23:04
Unit193markit: Sure thing.23:04
Unit193Marius80: Yes.23:04
Marius80actually I can only connect to my WIFI using the  KDE interface or the one from Lubuntu... whenever I tried using the shell,  it did not work out23:05
Marius80same goes for the wicd program....  it does not connect to the WIFI23:05
Marius80so I prefered using a graphical installation23:05
Marius80but thank you very much for the advice23:06
Marius80markit: I am not sure if it is really okay to hit "Y"23:07
markitMarius80: I think it is, in any case you don't have any other choice23:07
Marius80markit: I go for it...  will you try to help me resolving the dependencies after the installation finished?23:08
markitMarius80: I'm trying to help libreoffice 4.0 QA at the moment, but sure if I have some spare time23:08
Marius80markit: erm... how comes,  apt-get  offers to do it without any hassle?23:09
markitI mean, I will be around for an hour at least, so feel free to ask, hope you will be able to reconnect though23:09
markitMarius80: well, how could they predict all the relation and problems that can arise from some thousand packets?23:09
markitapt just warns you about what it knows... dependencies declared by the packagers23:10
Marius80markit: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9JSjWxnV23:10
markitin any case, seems you will miss dependencies for non essential programs23:10
markitlet me see23:10
markitok, fine23:11
Marius80would you trust apt-get over aptitude in this case?23:12
doctorpepperhi guys!23:15
doctorpepperis there any way to install kde-4.10 rcs  on 12.04 ?23:15
heoyeatry backports23:16
jEhrichsdoctorpepper: see http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.9.9023:16
Marius80doctorpepper: hell don't try that23:16
jEhrichs? works like a charm here23:16
Marius80I installed kde from backports and what I got is the reason why I reinstalled the system23:17
jEhrichsoha this shouldn't happen. what problems did you had exactly?23:17
Marius80parts of the system settings _always_ crahsed when opening23:17
Marius80the ALT+F2 krunner dialog was messed up23:17
Marius80and unmet dependencies23:18
doctorpepperjEhrichs:  the links is actually for 12.10 not 12.0423:18
Marius80I installed kde 4.9.3  (I think) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS23:18
jEhrichsah wupps now that you mentionion it. yeah i have 12.10 running.23:18
Marius80oh I see23:19
Marius80did not know that... no clue if it works in 12.10... I am on 12.10 since about 20 minutes23:19
markitMarius80: I have 12.04 in some pc with backports, and kde works fine, maybe you messed it up with something else23:19
jEhrichsstill this should not happen. but seems it might be really better to stay away from 4.10 on kubuntu 12.0423:19
markitjEhrichs: there is NO 4.10 in 12.0423:19
Marius80markit: I need to tell that I have also had installed the trinity-desktop23:20
jEhrichsM*narf* 12.04 was what i meant23:20
Marius80maybe thats why23:20
markitmaybe... ;P23:20
markitbtw, my netbook now has 12.10 with 4.10 and seems to work fine23:20
markitexcept a transparency issue, but I do fear is a mad kde design decision23:21
Marius80ok then I will try that out here23:21
jEhrichslaptop with 12.10 and 4.10 running fine since 2 days23:21
Marius80markit: as you know, I am on Lubuntu 12.1023:21
jEhrichsmarkit: transparency in plasma design? this seems to be a bug23:21
markitjEhrichs: do you have visual effects enabled, and K menu, calendar, activities etc plasmoid with transparencies?23:21
Marius80at the moment,  "ubuntu-desktop" is installing (Gnome)23:21
Marius80how would I install KDE 4.10  from backports?  Should I NOT install  "kubuntu-desktop" for that?23:22
jEhrichsi switched the plasma theme back and fourth and everything looks normal again23:22
markitMarius80: first, install kubuntu NORMAL23:22
markitthen if system is stable, activate backport and do an upgrade23:22
markityou are doing a too far jump otherwise, OMHO23:22
markitjEhrichs: do you mind my showing you a picture of what I mean?23:22
jEhrichsmarkit: feel free to show it23:23
Marius80by saying "install kubuntu normal" - do you mean I shall delete my system (Lubuntu) ?23:23
Marius80or do you mean I should install "kubuntu-desktop"23:23
markitjEhrichs: http://imagebin.org/24070323:23
jEhrichsno need to delete "lubuntu" you can install kubuntu.desktop and use both systems23:23
markitMarius80: I mean you should not activate additional PPA for backports or kde23:24
markitjEhrichs: does it happen to you too? do you have effects activated?23:24
jEhrichsmarkit: my desktop looked simmilar after the desktop. I switched the Plasma theme from air to something else and now back to "Air for netbooks" and this one looks normal and correct23:25
markitI've opened a terminal full screen to show it better23:25
jEhrichsi assume this is a bug in the "Air" plasma theme23:25
markitjEhrichs: maybe a config problem then? you mean you switched back to the same theme?23:26
markit(I usually don't change theme, don't remember them by name)23:26
jEhrichsno in conculsion i swutched from "Air" (the default) to "Air for netbooks" kinda like the default23:26
jEhrichsthe "Air" theme is still bugged with the mising/transparent backgrounds23:27
markitjEhrichs: something devs are aware, or better file a bug?23:28
Marius80ok,  gnome has installed...  I need to switch my desktop environment... will be back soon... then I try to install  KDE23:29
Marius80see you soon23:29
jEhrichsno idea, i just assumed this was already be filed as this was very present right after the update (so everyone should have noticed it)23:29
markitjEhrichs: is just I fear so much the "aesthetic madness" that thought was a new brilliant decision to make it "cooler"23:31
jEhrichsnah I really can't believe this was done on purpose. otherwise we would have gotten thum blurred baackground instead23:32
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