AuretiHow does one edit key bindings? I replaced xscreensaver with slock but pressing Ctrl+Alt+L still executes xscreensaver-command.04:45
Unit193Check the file ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml04:48
AuretiOh. Ok, thanks.04:50
poqWhy is update manager always suggest me forefox-locale-en if FF isn't installed on my computer? Lubuntu 12.0406:15
Unit193Well I'd say because forefox-locale-en is installed.06:16
Unit193Try using synaptic or apt-get purge forefox-locale-en06:16
poqDone. What that file need for? After installing Lubuntu I did apt-get purge chromium-browser06:21
Unit193Are you sure that didn't install firefox?06:30
poqYes. Opera only. After installing os I did apt-get purge chromium-browser06:30
RirishiI've made a bootable USB Stick for lubuntu 12.10, but every time I boot from it, it tells me: "Verwijder schijven of media" which is, in english: "Remove disks or media". I've tried making a bootable USB with Unetbootin, LiLi and Universal USB Installer and they all give me the same error. Anyone could help me with this?08:02
hpuser44551Is lubuntu compatible with Dlink wireless dongles?09:07
mysteriousdarenhpuser44551: do they have linux drivers?09:09
hpuser44551just sold a lubuntu pc to a guy with a dlink wireless usb dongle. I'm hoping it connects easily for him09:12
hpuser44551Dlink say they support windows. No mention of linux.09:14
hpuser44551I'm waiting for the dreaded phone call from the buyer complaining it's not working..09:16
hpuser44551Hopefully he gets it working.09:17
hpuser44551Is there any special software needed to be installed to support USB wireless adapters?09:19
hpuser44551i'm talking 802.11 wireless not 3g/broadband.09:19
phiscribesome usb net adaptors work fine.  others require teeth pulling10:28
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l057c0d3rsigh...  several problems with the new version of lubuntu...  what happend12:34
l057c0d3rincorrect permissions on fresh install for the network manager....  glitches with the notification area of the taskbar....  :-(12:34
nickname__ciao a tutti12:38
osmobotI have a problem.  Whenever I start the operating system, the keymap defauls to US keyboard. However, I'm using a Finnish keyboard, and I have to go to LXKeymap software to change it into Finnish every time. Is there a way to make it default to Finnish keyb?14:23
osmobotusing Lubuntu 12.10 English version14:24
tupuHi, all! In Lubuntu, where can I set the default keyboard input settings? It's defaulting on US keyboard every time I restart computer, but I have a Finnish keyboard. I can change it with LXkeymap manually but it's annoying to do every time.14:51
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OsmodivsHello. Does anyone know how to make a bootable USB from the terminal? I have problems with Xorg, so everytime I open it, the PC will send me to the login screen15:01
max999hi. freshly installed lubuntu, is there a way to get rid of all the preinstalled games?18:07
sepisoadmax999, I agree with you, they're just annoying, BTW you can run lubuntu software center and search for these games and uninstall them18:09
max999sepisoad, thx. didnt know there is something else than synaptic =)18:11
max999not much conversation in here, lubuntu running so fine evrywhere? ;-)18:27
max999any theme recommendations? browsing on box-look.org18:36
Oe_edendid you know the Sylpheed systray icon changes back to its default (and not the Lubuntu themed icon) after receiving mail19:36
max999hi. i can not extract archives via 'extract here', 'extract to' works though.20:37
norttimax999: do you get any errors?20:38
max999nortti, yes i do! accidently i checked to not show them again :-(20:38
max999now its just doing nothing. before it was doing nothing with an error :)20:39
norttithat is pretty hard to diagnose20:39
max999its popular on google, reading threads.20:39
max999confirmed bug on launchpad from 10/201220:40
max999there is a patch for it but prob i should just run system updates first %-)20:41
norttialways a good idea20:41
max999i always forget it on each fresh install %-)20:42
norttiare you on 12.10 or 12.04?20:42
max99912.10 i think, i downloaded the .iso today20:43
max999uname -r shows 3.5.0-17-generic20:43
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norttistrange. I'm on 12.10 and I get 3.2.0-35-generic-pae20:45
max999i seem to get 3.5.0-21 via updates atm20:45
norttiprobably should restart more often20:45
max999i spent some time before trying to change the font in the dclock panel applet but it seems impossible without recompiling something somewhere :S20:46
norttimy other machine is on
nortti :P20:46
max999also am i right there are no alternative applets to download?20:46
max999now extract here works =)20:47
max999they have included the patch / fixed the issue in an update obv20:47
norttialarm-clock-applet seem to be available20:47
norttiyou are using lxde, right?20:48
norttiok. just checking. I use mwm myself20:48
max999another thing, where can i configure the login manager screen? =)20:49
max999sure about that? google tells me its lightdm since a while and it uses /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf or something20:53
Noskcajwhy does lubuntu 12.10 require a password for wifi even if it's an open connection??20:54
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, if you're using autologin, its to unlock the keyring20:54
norttimax999: then it is probably that20:54
TheLordOfTime(autologin on the system)20:54
Noskcajits just a first time connection20:54
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, no clue then, perhaps its a bug?20:55
Noskcajalso why is the info bar on the top of the screen during log-in but at the bottom in the desktop?20:55
Noskcajone last thing, how can i add the Ubuntu-software-centre to lubuntu?20:56
NoskcajTheLordOfTime, i think so20:56
max999nortti, do you know of any webpage offering full themesets for lightdm?20:59
norttimax999: I don20:59
Noskcajcan someone please report those bugs (if they are bugs) as i am on a very bad satellite connection for another week21:00
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, ubuntu-bug [program]21:00
TheLordOfTimedoesn't take long even on satellite21:00
max999Noskcaj, about the software center, is synaptic not fitting your needs?21:00
NoskcajTheLordOfTime, my internet will drop out any second and i don't know what the programs are. max999 no really, and the lubuntu-software-centre is not very good21:01
norttiNoskcaj: you can install ubuntu software center from synaptic but I don't see why21:03
Noskcajnortti, thanks, you don't have to see why21:03
TheLordOfTimeNoskcaj, then you have to wait until your net stabilizes, your system's different than nortti's system, which is different than mine, so it only truly helps if *you* file the bug and have apport's data with it.21:04
max999brb testing lightdm tweaks21:05
NoskcajTheLordOfTime, i was thinking i would have to but the bugs should appear on any 12.10 install21:06
TheLordOfTimeperhaps.  i don't use 12.10 so... that's my point not everyone's ON 12.10, so as a bugs triager we tend to suggest the person saying its a bug FILES the bug.21:06
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NoskcajTheLordOfTime, i will try now, what package is the log-in manager, just lightdm?21:08
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TheLordOfTimedon't remember for lubuntu ;P21:09
tupuHi! Is there any way to prevent Lubuntu seeing my Set-Top Box as a camera? It is mounting it in some weird way and showing all files as MPEG video files when I just want to access the filesystem normally22:28
tupuSet-top box is connected to the computer with USB and it worked fine on Ubuntu, and I could access the files normally.22:29

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