penguin42jtaylor: I noticed the list of bugs-with-patches is huge00:05
penguin42It's kind of similar to one of the observations by the debian guys looking at their critical bugs for release; they reckon a high proportion have fixes, just no one has reviewed them00:05
jtaylormany bugs in ubuntu are never looked at00:06
jtaylordebian is where the work should be done00:06
jtaylorfor universe ubuntu does not have the manpower00:06
penguin42jtaylor: Yeh, although fortify triggers a whole bunch for us that just don't trigger in debian00:07
* penguin42 should learn more about how to drive the debian bug/patch process00:09
jtaylorfor fortify things I'd go with forward to upstream/debian00:09
penguin42while there are some things I hate about lp, its still lovely compared to the dbts00:09
jtaylorif both are dead, stop caring possibly remove00:09
penguin42yeh I don't know how to make that call00:10
jtaylorI love the bts00:10
jtaylorits so simple but yet so powerful00:10
jtaylorit lacks a little in discoverability though00:10
penguin42nod, google seems to really index lp well as well00:10
jtaylorlp hasn't got any version tracking00:12
jtaylorwhich is a pita00:12
penguin42you mean the way bts shows you the gaph of package versions?00:13
penguin42yeh, that's neat00:13
uKevso could you test the bug with your netbook?00:16
uKevmy ubuntu installation in the vm just finished and I'm installing build-dep now00:17
uKev(could reproduce the bug)00:17
jtaylorthe package takes ages to build ._.00:27
penguin42it does on a netbook....00:27
jtaylorI'm building on my main machine00:27
penguin42ahok then :-)00:28
jtaylorwtf why is glines setuid?00:37
uKevah yes00:38
uKevso I tried quilt but -a does not exist, so I have to use quilt add ?00:39
uKevquilt add -P patch ?00:39
uKevah quilt push, sorry..00:39
uKev"No series file found" is that ok?00:43
jtayloryou ahve to do: export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches00:43
jtaylorI forget about that because its in my bashrc :/00:43
uKevah, so I delete the patches directory and start again?00:44
uKevmessage is the same "No series file found" - do I have to do push after importing patch?00:45
jtaylorare you in the gnome-games source folder?00:45
uKevI just used apt-get source glines.. so no00:46
uKevso I cd into gnome-games-3.4.1 and then use quilt push -a; quilt import ../04_segfault.patch ?00:47
jtaylorthen another quilt push to apply the patch00:48
uKev"ends in "Patch cant_castle_after_rook_taken.patch" - so right?00:48
uKevquilt push or quilt push -a ?00:48
jtaylordoesn't matter00:48
bjsniderquilt add adds the file to be patched, it's quilt new to create the patch00:50
bjsniderquilt new patch; quilt add file00:50
uKevah yes ok...builds now00:56
uKevI guess I should have added more cpus to the vm :)00:57
uKevbut it's ok. That way my legs won't get to hot..00:57
jtayloris raring i386 actually affected?00:58
uKevdidn't test it. Have precise installed01:00
uKevhah, great. compiling has finished and the package is working01:03
uKevjust used dpkg -i to install it01:03
jtaylorI'll check that tomorrow01:10
jtaylorif someone does check before me please post it in the bug01:11
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:12
penguin42please don't taunt the bot01:15
marenostrumpenguin42, OK. You are right. Just tried something. Sorry.01:16
lcabreza1need help here. my 12.04 ubuntu laptop is getting real slow ..what could be the cause of this ?02:00
penguin42this channel is for 13.04 onwards, please see #ubuntu for help on older stuff02:00
TheLordOfTimelcabreza1, /join #ubuntu.02:01
TheLordOfTimelcabreza1, you can get 12.04 support there.02:01
Bluefoxicyis it possible to use a configuration file to instruct Ubuntu to do a full release upgrade?03:07
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alex_mayorgaCan one jump into raring yet?21:23
penguin42alex_mayorga: Works for me, some people have had problems - but hey21:25
alex_mayorgapenguin42: Guess usual YMMV applies21:28
alex_mayorgapenguin42: How did you jump in?21:33
penguin42alex_mayorga: I've got a VM that I installed from a daily, and I also have done a  do-release-upgrade on my kubuntu desktop21:34
alex_mayorgapenguin42: just tried do-release-upgrade and got: "No new release found", am I doing it wrong?21:46
penguin42alex_mayorga: Add a -d to get versions still in development21:46

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