tentaclemooseanyone tried xfce on the nexus 705:00
ivemadeagravemishello people - merry christmas.... so i think i'm an idiot...06:08
ivemadeagravemisi loaded 13.04 on my nexus  7 and i ran out of space and was like that doesn't seem right...06:09
ivemadeagravemisso i saw in gparted that i had tons of unformated room06:09
ivemadeagravemis...so i went to format it and now the little dude won't turn on....06:09
ivemadeagravemisany ideas? i tried googling and didn't really see anything... btw i tried to boot into recovery with no avail.06:10
lilstevieivemadeagravemis: sorry to say, but that is it, you killed it. by trying to set it up like a normal flash device you broke the google/asus bootloader07:57
lilstevie /dev/mmcblk0 starts somewhere in the middle of the bootloader07:57
kalenedraelquick question: I have ubuntu installed on a trimslice. is it normal to have root logged in on ttyS0 at boot?08:11
kalenedraelnever mind, apparently it is. why do I find this minutes after asking but not for hours before08:18
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ivemadeagravemislilstevie: thanks for your reply... i feared as much.  is there anyway to push the recovery back? like i looked into adb but the device seriously won't turn on... no screen lighting up or anything... just sits there and mocks me...13:00
lilstevieivemadeagravemis: no, it isn't anything to do with no recovery (that would be a much better situation) you have effectively broken the tablets equivalent of a bios13:21
ivemadeagravemisway to go me! uhg13:27
ivemadeagravemisi'll just have my big breasted wife exchange it for me... they don't seem to question her as much as they question me...13:27
ivemadeagravemisthanks again lilstevie !13:27
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bdrunghi, i'll try to get the network adapter working on a beagleboard + zippy and probably need some help14:39
bdrungi successfully installed precise server on the beagleboard, but the network card was not detected (lan cable is attached and the yellow led is on)14:40
bdrungthe boot message: http://paste.debian.net/219279/14:41
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