Six92Hi All05:00
Six92If this is the wrong room please direct me to a room that i can get some advice for installing on a MacBook Pro Retina05:01
MishaX2I have to go right now sorry, but if the folks here don't respond try #ubuntu05:02
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tobbegardnerhi, need help understanding raid5 and mdadm... have created a raid5 out of three (3) disks, each 3TB big... however, when looking with mdadm --detail /dev/md0 I get the following figures: "array size: 4397GB, used dev size: 2198GB"13:04
tobbegardnerI expected my device to be ~6TB in size...13:04
speirosHello people.  Can I get assistance here with my newly upgraded ubuntu, 12:04?13:54
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