garyseventhat's sort of what I expected, I'm just wondering if it'll ever happen given the # of bugs triaged to higher priorities.00:01
penguin42garyseven: A medium priority one with a responsive reporter who can easily test it, is in some ways easier to deal with than a critical one without any prospect of figuring it out00:01
penguin42garyseven: Given that it already seems fixed somewhere upstream, if it turns out to be possible to isolate the fix then there is a reasonable chance of it being fixed; that's a much easier case than say a bug which hasn't been fixed and actually needs someone to go and figure it out00:04
garysevenif it existed upstream in the first place, that is.00:07
garysevenanyway, ta, i gtg. happy xmas.00:07
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snadge12.10 installer.. amd phenom 2 955, 8GB ram.. system has windows 7 on it, and a 64gb ext4 partition12:18
snadgeinstaller crashes12:18
snadgetrying to collect more useful info12:18
snadgei select english.. then it goes to a screen about installing the bootloader.. and says ubiquity has crashed.. tries to auto report it, and doesn't appear to do so12:19
snadgeok so ubiquity has crashed.. but i still don't really know why12:35
snadgeFile "/usr/lib/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-partman.py", line 1238, in on_partition_list_new_activate12:35
snadgeahh.. if you have a raidset defined, but not actually in use13:08
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vagrantci'm curious if folks think an SRU for pithos is appropriate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pithos/+bug/109386520:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1093865 in pithos (Ubuntu) "pithos needs to be updated in precise" [Undecided,New]20:01
vagrantcit  seems completely broken, so  should either be removed or updated.20:01
penguin42so it's now dead in the water?20:02
vagrantcpandora changed their API, so the old version fails to log in.20:03
vagrantcthe version in quantal works fine, and rebuilding it for precise works fine.20:03
vagrantcor rather, rebuilding the newer verison on precise, works fine20:04
penguin42vagrantc: Sounds reasonable given it's just a backport - although it is a universe - perhaps ask in MOTU to what they think?20:04
micahgI would think an SRU is in order if it's cherry pickable20:05
vagrantcpenguin42: #ubuntu-motu?20:06
vagrantcit's not cherry-pickable, in the sense that individual patches would fix the issue.20:06
vagrantcit's a trivial rebuild  backport, though.20:06
TheLordOfTimevagrantc, i don't think backports are done for bugfixes usually...20:07
TheLordOfTimeat least according to what micahg's told me.20:07
micahgidk, I'd have to see if the whole thing is SRUable or not20:07
penguin42but it's not actually a bug fix - it's catching up with an external API that changed under it's feet20:07
micahgwell, if it's not fixable through SRU, that's fine20:07
vagrantcthe package in precise is useless, so  it should either be backported or removed.20:07
TheLordOfTimemicahg, is it possible to cherry-pick-remove a package from a given release?20:08
micahgwell, that still potential meets SRU criteria20:08
TheLordOfTime(unrelated to vagrantc's question)20:08
TheLordOfTimeremove from one, but not from others, basically.20:08
micahgtheLordOfTime: this needs more discussion, I'm not actually here right now :)20:08
TheLordOfTimeso you're a holographic representation of micahg.20:08
* TheLordOfTime preps the EMP :P:20:08
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TheLordOfTimeyeah, i know, randomness, but sometimes a brief jump into the random is refreshing now and then.20:09
TheLordOfTimewell, back to fixing stuff in nginx :P20:09
vagrantcthanks for your help, folks.20:30
* vagrantc waves20:31

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