yharrowhey guys15:50
Interruptushola yharrow15:59
yharrowhey Interruptus  :D16:10
yharrowhows it going16:11
Interruptusnot too bad16:11
Interruptushow yours?16:11
yharrowok doing a little FPS atm16:11
yharrowand lurking here of course16:11
yharrowI noticed that there hasnt been much activity with the team since about 2010 at least according to the wiki16:12
yharrowIs that accurate?16:12
yharrowEither way, I'd like to help the team in some way if I can.16:13
Interruptusthis place is quite dead16:13
yharrowI just don't know who to ask and you are the only one I see online16:13
Interruptusthe big years was about 4 years ago16:13
yharrowyeh I noticed xD16:13
yharrowat least in IRC16:13
yharrowwell tbh with steam coming out with a version for linux, I think ubuntu has alot of doors opened for it.16:14
Interruptusim not too much into gams16:14
Interruptusand im using fedora and debian mainly16:14
yharrowYes, but its a major factor that affects popularity and rate of adoption among common users16:14
yharrowI used so many distros I cant remember all the names. But all common ppl care about is ease of use16:15
yharrowand the more people use linux, the better it is for hte whole eco system16:15
yharrowthats why I got into ubuntu in the first place16:15
yharrowbecause of its potential to bring good to all of us16:15
Interruptusonce my gf laptop got thrashed , i gave her mine16:15
Interruptusshe almost threw a shoe over me16:15
yharrowwhich distro?16:16
yharrowor gentoo?16:16
yharrowoh ok16:16
yharrowif u wnat her to throw u out, give her gentoo16:16
Interruptuslol, this is on a border of masochism16:16
Interruptuseven for me16:16
yharrowbut it gives the community charcter16:17
yharrowwhat would sane ppl be without crazies?16:17
Interruptusi did try gentoo16:19
yharrowi never did, wasnt brave enough16:19
Interruptusi watched the computer compiling stuff until i went a sleep sitting16:19
yharrowbut of course i know some pp lhave legitimate reasons for trying it16:19
yharrowgentoo in some ways is the extreme example of a custom sports car16:20
yharrowexcept for operating systems16:20
yharrowThe problem with ubuntu, was that even though it was the best, it still wasnt good enough. And so it lost momentum16:21
yharrowbut considering the unique market these days16:21
Interruptusi dont like when the release masters of the distro pushing me stuff that i dont want and i dont need16:21
Interruptusalot of stuff16:21
yharrowwith the advent of mobile computing and the adoption of linux by popular distirbutors of applicaitons of games16:22
yharrowand games*16:22
yharrowyes but if you only upgrade16:22
yharrowand dont reinstall16:22
yharrowu wont get pushed too much afaik16:22
Interruptusmy debian is 13 yrs old16:23
Interruptusand counting16:23
Interruptusso many hardware parts went in and out16:23
Interruptusand so many upgrades i did16:23
Interruptusits still standing and serving16:23
Interruptusjust like toyota hilux16:24
yharrowhonestly I never had too much trouble with upgrading ubuntu either after a certain point16:24
yharrowhaha xD16:24
yharrowubuntu used to do a crappy job at upgrading but its pretty smooth these days16:24
Interruptusnever had any success upgrading ubuntu16:25
yharrowwhen did you try16:25
Interruptus8.04 9.0416:25
yharrowsorry got distracted16:36
yharrowi think around 10.10 is when things started tgetting better but then again some machines always had problems16:37
yharroweither way, my policy with linux has alwys been use what works16:37
yharrowI think when steam comes out for linux alot of ppl will jump back on the linux ship. I just wanted to get a head start :P16:38
yharrowbecause honestly if theres no ship for ppl to catch we could miss an oppurtunity for linux16:38
yharrowdespite all the crap linux makes me take I still believe in it16:38
yharrowespecially with MS getting all greedy with its App Store16:38
Interruptusi always had troubles with exotic HW products16:39
InterruptusFC cards16:39
InterruptusSCSI controllers16:39
InterruptusSAS controllers16:39
Interruptusi had to get the FW myself and load it16:39
yharrow yeh no noob will evr have the patience to do that16:45
yharrowi think mark shuttleworth is such a visionary that ppl still dont understand his vision16:46
yharrow5 years ago or even 2 years ago most ppl would have put a 100 dollar bet that linux would never have any quality games. but these days top tier producers are devloping for linux16:47
yharrowbut even that is just a stepping stone for the final goal16:48
yharrowwhich I believe is the ultimate freedom of software and information16:49
yharrowthe fact that the richest man in the world made his fortune on a single product which isnt even physical is something to think about16:49
yharrowand yes there are many issues like yopu mentioned just before with hardware16:51
yharrowbut that is all changing16:51
yharrowsome OS purists may not like it, but the more large companies get involved, the better hardware support gets16:51
yharrowHow long have you used linux for?17:06
Interruptussince 199917:27

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