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FlowRiserHello, folks :) So, i'm told that in order to upload a package to the archive i need help and mentoring from a MOTU. I'll start by saying i'm new (4-5 months of Linux) and i have never packaged anything for Linux, but i have made a LightDM greeter without using any KDE libs(only Qt4 ones, that mostly are already included into Ubuntu) that is highly themable and very easy to do so.07:51
FlowRiserThat being said, is someone willing to help me ? Here's an example of a theme(with resources from the LoL game): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBFlNp13MQ007:52
FlowRiserIs it worth continuing down this path (using no KDE libs) or should i just merge my effort with the guys working on the kde-lightdm greeter ?07:54
tumbleweedFlowRiser: these aren't really questions that most MOTUs can answer. I'd suggest #kubuntu-devel07:57
FlowRisertumbleweed, i know, i'm just wondering about08:03
FlowRiserif someone is willing to install a greeter for let's say, ubuntu 12.04 (unity+compiz) would they also want to install KDE libs ?08:04
tumbleweedI'd assume not08:06
FlowRisertumbleweed, then it isn't kubuntu related. And i've talked with d_ed, who's working on their kde-greeter and i've looked at his source-code and it's aimed highly at Kubuntu08:07
jokerdinohey, is there any procedure to get a package into ubuntu / universe without it being in debian? the package is pretty specific to ubuntu (it is a Unity configuration tool if that helps)09:05
jokerdinoi would like if i could get it into repo for 13.04 before the feature freeze09:05
tumbleweedjokerdino: yes, there is. Package it, and find a MOTU to review and sponsor it09:12
tumbleweedif it's a unity configuration tool, I'd run it by the desktop people, first09:12
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jokerdinowe have an experimental package while the backend isn't fully done.09:13
jokerdinoi suppose once we finish it, i look for a MOTU09:13
jokerdinotumbleweed: so, i ask the people in #ubuntu-desktop first?09:14
tumbleweedWell, I don't think we want a configuration tool that's going to break unity, in the archive. So I assume they should look over the things it's going to tweak09:15
jokerdinofair enough. we are just tweaking using the gsettings API09:16
tumbleweedbe aware that we had myunity in the archive in the past, but had to drop it when it hadn't been updated to support quantal09:18
jokerdinoyep. i heard of that.09:19
jokerdinoin 12.04 (when myunity was in archive), half the settings were in gconf and it wasn09:19
jokerdino*it wasn't updated when the settings migrated to gsettings.09:19
jokerdinowhile our tool pretty much just deals with the post-gsettings migration.09:20
jokerdinoanyway, thanks for your input. i'll get in touch with the desktop devs. :)09:21
obounaimHello everybody09:39
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andi3hi, i'm configuring mini-buildd, when I upload package it fails with: "'Unknown distribution "unstable" in[..]". Do you use mini-buildd to build ubuntu packages?18:39
andi3ubuntu doesn't seem to change Distribution field (e.g. in changes file)18:40
andi3What is a best approach to solve it? (what is a login behind it, e.g. is the correct solution to ignore it in mini-buildd?)18:45
vagrantci'm curious if folks think an SRU for pithos is appropriate: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pithos/+bug/109386520:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 1093865 in pithos (Ubuntu) "pithos needs to be updated in precise" [Undecided,New]20:07
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tumbleweedvagrantc: sure, there's no benefit to not SRUing it20:21
vagrantci'm pretty unfamiliar with ubuntu processes, so just looking for guidance or people to nudge it towards the next steps20:22
vagrantccan't even figure out how to tag the affected bug versions/ubuntu releases in launchpad20:23
tumbleweedI think one needs to be an ubuntu bug-control member to do that (the page is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pithos/+bug/1093865/+nominate )20:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 1093865 in pithos (Ubuntu Precise) "pithos needs to be updated in precise" [Undecided,New]20:24
tumbleweedI've nominated it for precise20:24
vagrantcah, thanks!20:24
tumbleweedthe SRU paperwork looks good, so it's just a matter of preparing the upload20:25
vagrantcis that something i should take on?20:26
vagrantc(what upload privs are needed?)20:27
tumbleweedany MOTU can upload it20:29
tumbleweedyou could prepare an upload, which they could sponsor20:29
tumbleweedbut if your plan is to just backport the quantal version, that doesn't sound like much work20:29
vagrantcyeah, it's just rebuilding the newer version on precise.20:30
tumbleweedI'm about to go to bed, so I won't look at it now, although I will leave a tab open for tomorrow / the weekend / who knows when20:30
vagrantcthe debdiff would be pretty ugly20:30
vagrantctumbleweed: thanks!20:30
mapreriI need only to check if a package i made is [ubuntu|debain] policy compliant.. can someone look at me? :) the link to all files is https://dl.dropbox.com/s/nvn1zn59fh93gv1/bk_5-pkg.tar.gz?dl=120:41

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