tonsofpcsso I have a nVidia graphics card with HDMI out.  When I boot with no HDMI display 'attached' to the HDMI out, the HDMI out goes dead... I use a HT receiver so there's only a display attached when I'm actively using it and Iw ant to reboot when I'm not actively using it... I've done this now and I have no display.  Is there a trick to making an nVidia card detect the HDMI out?02:07
tonsofpcsah, service lightdm restart02:18
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dmfreysome of my bluray rips don't have any audio playing.  What can I check to find out why they aren't playing23:50
dmfreyblurays were ripped with makemkv23:50
dmfreyif i pull them down and play them with totem, they play fine23:50
dmfreysame thing with vlc on my laptop, but not on my myth BE/FE23:50
dmfreycould it be something with the audio codec over hdmi?23:50

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