Kirejihave their been any development in the last few months with laptops?  I'm looking to get a laptop and run ubuntu and finding the landscape difficult to understand.  specs, manufacturers, all the  complexity of hardware PLUS compatibility04:03
Kirejiwhere do I start?04:03
tripelbThere is a list of supported laptops.06:38
tripelbYou prolly have certain laptops you are most interested in.06:39
tripelbAnd last, there is a new first, a laptop with Ubuntu for developers. Better quality. Comes with Ubuntu. Hope this helps.06:40
tripelb<- has nexus 7 and plans Ubuntu.06:41
tripelbHop you see this.07:12
tripelbHope  you see this. Kireji07:13
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tripelbAnyone putting Ubuntu on a  nexus 7 ?18:57
tripelbI need to get invited to #ubu tu.testing and do I even belong there?19:03
TheDrumstripelb: That's closed and redirects to here.19:03
tripelbSince there was an official ububtu pave, I didn't realize it was beta. I have a 32G one.19:04
tripelbI am well unhappy with the nexus is.19:04
tripelbI can sometimes cut and paste from a page. It is just... Ignorant. Copying apple? Dunno.19:06

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