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uncledeathHi folks, I have a strange problem. I am upgrading my home server (Core2Duo E6600, 4GB DDR2, 2x 500GB SATA HDD). A few days ago I set it up with software raid and lvm and it worked fine until it started freezing on any IO related stuff. I have 0,1% CPU usage and loads greater than 10! If any disk operation occurs my system is inresponsive, it takes 5 minutes to log onto it.12:07
uncledeath I am reinstalling my system for the 10-th time and still no success. Now it is stuck on "setting mdadm"12:07
uncledeathI can see that /proc/mdadm is showing resync12:08
uncledeathand what is strange is the fact, that if resync is the only disk job it works fast (calculated 1 hour for 500GB) but as soon as any other disk operation is in progress resync goes down to 5Kb/s and other disk operations are also 5-10 K/s12:08
uncledeathwhen that happens system is totally unresponsive, avarage load is more than 10 (core2duo) and cpu usage is less than 1%12:09
uncledeathI tried ubuntu server 12.10 64b, 12.10 32b and 12.04 32b12:10
uncledeathstill the same12:10
uncledeathAt this point installer gets stuck at configuring mdadm for long time12:11
uncledeathI limited my raid to 20G and as soon as resync is complete system works again but it isn't as fast as it used to be a few days ago12:13
railsraideranyone using collectd?13:14
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pmatulishmmm, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1467219/14:14
uncledeathmy ubuntu server installer takes forever at "configuring mdadm". CPU almost idle, system load very high and everything unresponsive. Any ideas?15:03
pmatulisuncledeath: during bootup you mean?15:17
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allSeeingEyeanyone here have the LPIC certs?18:37
allSeeingEyeanyone in here think having LPIC certs are helpful to have on your resume?19:02
pmatulisallSeeingEye: certainly helpful, but by how much depends on the reader of the resume19:24
pmatulisallSeeingEye: when i help hire, it demonstrates to me the candidate has an eagerness/motivation to actually go through the process.  so to me, it's less a technical and more a personal merit19:26
pmatulisallSeeingEye: however, LPI3 is fairly technically-worthy i believe19:28
LuizAngiolettihow do I find out which package provided a certain file?19:32
TheLordOfTimeLuizAngioletti, sudo apt-get install apt-file19:33
TheLordOfTimesudo apt-file update19:33
TheLordOfTimeapt-file search [file]19:33
LuizAngiolettiTheLordOfTime: Thanks19:33
TheLordOfTimei think that's the full string of things.19:33
TheLordOfTimeat least ofr updating apt-file, and installing it19:33
TheLordOfTimei rarely use apt-file so...19:34
* TheLordOfTime isn't 100% certain19:34
LuizAngiolettiTheLordOfTime: what do you use than?19:36
pmatulislooks good to me but no need to use sudo with 'apt-file update'.  i recommend a cron job for updating19:37
LuizAngiolettiI know that for rpm packages there is some rpm-ish string to find file affiliations to packages... isn't there something dpkg-ish for that?19:39
pmatuliswhat is file affiliations?19:43
TheLordOfTimeLuizAngioletti, usually i don't bother to care, because most of the core stuff I need i know where it came from, and only in very rare cases do i use apt-file19:45
TheLordOfTime(usually for package debugging)19:45
LuizAngiolettipmatulis: which package provides wich file.19:45
TheLordOfTimeLuizAngioletti, what were you looking for?19:45
LuizAngiolettithere is a binary called "daemon" under /usr/bin19:46
LuizAngiolettiI want to know what it does. =)19:46
LuizAngiolettiand maybe where I can find more info about it... it seems to be a wrapper for some operations, like 'start-stop' services...19:47
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LuizAngioletti(I encountered reference to it in a script I'm reading)19:47
pmatulisLuizAngioletti: dpkg -S file19:52
LuizAngiolettipmatulis: that simply returns the name of the package, not something like package<version>.deb19:52
LuizAngiolettiYou see? I want to get what .deb gave me that file.19:53
TheLordOfTimeLuizAngioletti, then use apt-file'19:53
TheLordOfTimewhich i just told you to do?19:53
TheLordOfTimeapt-file search daemon19:53
LuizAngiolettiI just found out what 'daemon' does, but now I'm curious about that now. =)19:53
TheLordOfTimeand find the path in its output and then the first word(s) on the line are what package it comes from.19:53
LuizAngiolettiTheLordOfTime: It helped me already. =)19:54
allSeeingEyepmatulis: do you have any LPI certs?19:58
pmatulisallSeeingEye: yes, levels 1 & 219:58
allSeeingEyepmatulis: I'm working on 1. Did you use the practice exams at penguintutor.com to help?19:59
allSeeingEyeI'm actually quite surprised at some of the questions. I've been managing linux systems for a few years now and it seems rather difficult to pass the practice exams @ penguintutor. I wonder how close they are to the actual exam.20:00
pmatulisallSeeingEye: no, just online info based on the outline given on the LPI site.  for me, 1 and 2 were pretty basic.  but you can be tripped up by inane questions20:00
allSeeingEyeI'm hoping there aren't questions that have a potential of several answers, and you get it wrong b/c you don't answer it the way they want.20:01
pmatulislike multiple choice questions where each answer differs by a '.' or a '-'20:01
allSeeingEyeare questions mostly multiple choice & true/false?20:02
pmatulisthey are all multiple choice for 1 and 2 iirc.  things change though.  it was a few years ago20:02
LuizAngiolettiI've done 101;]20:06
LuizAngiolettia few months back.20:07
allSeeingEyehow was it LuizAngiloetti?20:07
LuizAngiolettiStill multiple choice... and still some insane questions.20:07
allSeeingEyedo you recall how many questions?20:07
LuizAngiolettiI think that is described in the lpi.org page, isn't it?20:08
allSeeingEyeprobably, going to check20:08
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Feri_Hi. Sometimes I need make a copy from a hard drive onto a new one. To do that I boot Knoppix live, make partitions in a new disk, format them, and copy all files with rsync. I can make the new disk bootable, but in the fstab I must change UUID lines manually. Is there a method what can do that automatically? Eg. change /dev/sda1 to UUID=...?20:41
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