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Knightwisemornin !06:01
Knightwisehey daftykins how are you06:13
daftykinsnot bad thanks! you're up early :) how be thee?06:13
KnightwiseDoing fine,06:13
Knightwiseworking from home today. Decided to start early so i can knock off early06:13
KnightwiseBut i'm not gonna have a lot to do today.06:14
Knightwisethe dutch have a holiday today so our entire offices are closed06:14
daftykinsah-har sounds ideal06:15
Knightwiseyep .. decided to do some backlogged work for the website too :)06:15
daftykinsput your feet up and carry on with the festivities then :)06:15
KnightwiseWell, i'll be behind the computer and have my work phone with me06:15
Knightwisebut i'll mostly be working on some stuff for the website ;)06:16
Knightwisestill have a video episode to edit down06:16
daftykinssounds quite varied, your work06:17
Knightwisenot for work , for the website :)06:18
Knightwiseand you ? You are up early too06:25
daftykinsmore up late unfortunately :)06:27
daftykinson a confusing 'schedule' given the time of year06:27
Knightwiseknow what you mean :)06:35
Knightwiseseen the last Dr Who episode yet ?06:38
MartijnVdSSo don't spoil :)06:39
daftykinsdon't watch that one myself06:39
Knightwisemorning MartijnVdS !06:43
KnightwiseI'll keep my trap shut :)06:43
Knightwisehmm.. time for some video editing07:41
dwatkinsmerry boxing to all08:39
brobostigongood morning eveyone.10:29
brobostigonhello bashrc10:32
bashrcI read the Shuttleworth blog post eariler10:32
bashrcfocussing more on phones and tablets in 201310:33
marsilainencron entries that people add using crontab - where do these get stored on the filesystem?10:56
MartijnVdSmarsilainen: in /var/spool/cron10:56
marsilainenah yes, thanks10:58
sprmttnexus people: can you put ubuntu on a nexus 10?11:05
marsilainenright, I think that boxing day fry up brunch is in order11:22
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)13:28
brobostigonafternoonings bigcalm :)13:29
bigcalmAnybody able to point me at a good introduction to learning Python, given that I have a very strong background in PHP?13:33
SuperEngineerbigcalm: home.clara.net/rfwilmut/research/MPFC/intro.html   ;) [sorry, couldn't resist]13:40
bigcalmThanks SuperEngineer13:43
SuperEngineerbigcalm: did a search for "an introduction to Python for PHP programmers". this may prove slightly more useful http://docs.python.org/2/tutorial/13:52
SuperEngineer[got the link via this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2561362/learning-python-coming-from-php]13:53
Nafallobut we're on python 3 now... :-P14:05
Knightwisehowdy dudes14:16
SuperEngineerNafallo: perhaps suggestion the number be sub'd with the number 3 in the link would be - ooo I dunno, helpful?14:19
SuperEngineer..just tried it... it works14:19
SuperEngineer[but thanks for the adventure]14:20
NafalloSuperEngineer: I didn't try it, so didn't want to change the url :-)14:20
penguin42hmm g+ web interface seems a bit broken for me when I click in the text box to write a post14:58
penguin42hmm ok if I close the tab, odd14:59
MartijnVdSpenguin42: some js got confused?15:20
penguin42yeh guess so15:20
popeypip pip17:12
brobostigonafternoonings popey17:13
bigcalmHowdy popey17:45
bigcalmpopey: I want your key fob"17:45
popeyi randomly put it on my amz wish list ages ago17:47
bigcalmI got loads of things I forgot that I had added17:48
popeybit expensive17:48
popeysomeone bought it!17:49
dwatkinswell it's quite nice17:50
bigcalmI could see that making a hole in my pocket17:50
popeymoo indeed18:00
directhexalso oink18:00
popeyhmm, internettings a bit bonkers tonight18:01
popeytwitter and G+ both slow18:01
bigcalmLearning a new programming language is painful when you're already a coder18:05
penguin42popey: Heck that Vostro is a decent price18:05
bigcalmI built an X-Wing today. A dangerous present to give me as I now want to build more!18:06
popeyannoyingly so18:07
popeyi am thinking of doing http://www.onegameamonth.com/ to improve my programming skills18:07
penguin42what platforms is it form?18:19
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* penguin42 updates his Android disassembler app ( http://www.treblig.org/pocketdisassembler/index.html ) - I think that will be the only Android app I ever work on, the GUI stuff is horrible19:35
cliftontsHey, Azelphur20:20
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penguin42oh, for some reason I hadn't realised Gerry Anderson was responsible for Space: 199921:01
mgdmYeah. Sad news :/21:03
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DJonespenguin42: Had you seen that there are plans for a "remake" of the Space 1999 series22:12
haqe17would someone mind telling me if the latest version of blender (2.65) is made available in 12.10 repositories?22:35
Laney!info blender22:35
lubotu3blender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.63a-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 21711 kB, installed size 54785 kB22:35
haqe17!info eclipse22:36
lubotu3eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.0~rc4-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 121 kB22:36
penguin42DJones: Oh dear, that would be very bad23:20
penguin42DJones: Still, they had video phones (that something Star Trek didn't think of), although their idea of computer pritners was a bit bad23:21

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