rick_h_thank goodness it's over00:54
snap-lYeah, no kidding01:16
rick_h_greg-g: jcastro long 3hr CHC tomorrow heads up01:17
rick_h_proud dad moment, took the son's prsent of magnetic square/triangle shape toys and built a 1D20 out of the triangles01:56
jrwrenMerry Christmas.02:12
jrwrenrick_h_: well done!02:13
snap-lOk, nice. :)02:20
snap-lI meant "Oh, nice"02:20
snap-lGood morning14:47
snap-lHappy Boxing day and what-not14:47
jcastrorick_h_: isn't there like some megastorm coming?14:53
rick_h_droidsure just means it's going to be an epic night14:54
brouschI'm getting a weak reference error in Python. I've never seen this before14:57
brouschI think the module I'm using has them14:58
snap-lOh. My. God.14:59
snap-lJoDee watched a numerology video linked from PZ Meyers14:59
snap-lAnd one of the supposed "homosexuality" references in the video for "Call Me Maybe" was that the phone number handed to one of the band members started with the numbers "555", which is the number of Mary's Rosary.15:00
snap-lAt which point my head made the sound of the desk.15:01
billingsI wonder if this numerologist saw "Last Action Hero"15:05
rick_h_droidjcastro less than an inch during the day and 1 to 3 tonight?15:07
rick_h_droidseems a bit wimpy g15:07
rick_h_droidfor mega status15:07
jcastroI heard 6 inches15:12
jcastrobut I haven't investigated15:12
jcastroI'm going by what jill tells me she's reading on facebook15:12
jcastro<--- shame on me15:12
snap-ljcastro: They're not entirely sure how the storm is supposed to play out15:13
snap-lwe may get just a whiffing, we might get slammed15:13
jcastroupt 3 inches in the day15:13
jcastroup to 2 more at night15:13
rick_h_droidweak :-D15:14
jcastrolooks like ohio will get more15:14
jcastrogood, they suck15:14
rick_h_droidI need to test out the new subie tires so let's get dumped on15:19
snap-lrick_h_droid: Can we choose a day that _isn't_ a CHC day. ;)15:33
snap-lDammit, UPS, once the tracking number is created, I want to know where my package is15:34
snap-lI don't care if it's "Bob's Desk", I should know that. ;)15:34
greg-gyay! snowing!17:07
greg-grick_h_: indeed, still weak :)17:07
rick_h_greg-g: booo, I don't have any yet17:09
rick_h_greg-g: coming to CHC? good time to catch up :)17:09
greg-glemme see if I can swing it17:10
greg-gwhere again?17:10
snap-lRoyal Oak Caribou, on Woodward Ave, just south of Normandy17:10
greg-gman, 1 hour drive.....17:11
greg-gmaybe more with weather17:11
greg-gah, of course, the locodir17:11
rick_h_greg-g: yea :/ but 3hr CHC edition so17:11
snap-lYeah, I think we're one of the few teams that has fully adopted the locodir. ;)17:12
greg-gheh, one of two or something :)17:12
snap-lYeah, I like it though17:13
snap-lif it would get me out of having to do team reports, I'd use the hell out of it. ;)17:13
greg-gno kidding, the biggest benefit of it isn't being realized for some stupid reason17:14
greg-gprobably because no one uses it17:14
greg-ganyways, I'm no longer on the LoCo Council, so I don't have to care anymore :)17:14
rick_h_greg-g: you a leather boot/shoe kind of guy?17:14
greg-grick_h_: I want to be17:14
snap-lYeah, I had this conversation with Jono, and his point was that some teams do awesome things with their team reports.17:14
snap-lWhich is cool, but ours is pretty much "find what was in the locodir, and copy"17:15
rick_h_greg-g: ah ok, thought you might be17:15
snap-lIf they had a link for the past events to link to a blog post and pictures, that would be the extent of our team report. ;)17:15
greg-gsnap-l: ugh, no a good response from jono, as usual.17:16
snap-lWell, a more nuanced and measured response, which is par for Jono17:18
snap-lI think we're to the point now with the locodir where it could suitably supplement / replace some of the other functionality that locos perform ouotside of the dir17:19
snap-lJust because I'm lazy shouldn't preclude some more ambitions team from rocking their wiki17:20
snap-lone the same token, I hate repeating myself, and prefer to automate as much as possible. ;)17:20
greg-ghence the tweet the other day17:21
snap-lgreg-g: That's just in general. :)17:22
greg-grick_h_: what kind of boots did you get (just saw your tweet)17:22
snap-lAlso, I read the 4 hour work week. ;)17:22
greg-goh? good?17:22
snap-lIt has some good points, and some douchey parts.17:23
snap-lI borrowed it from the library, so I don't have to store it. ;)17:23
snap-lHis basic premise is "I start companies that just automatically make money for me"17:24
greg-glike what?17:24
snap-lLike print on demand sorts of things (at least that's what I thought of when I read it)17:24
rick_h_greg-g: got some red wing ones and looking up treatment/care info which is why I was going to bug you17:25
snap-lie: get folks to do the heavy lifting, and license out your content17:25
rick_h_greg-g: wanted to try something that's real leather, resole-able, quality boots for a decade kind of thing and hopefully these will do it17:25
greg-grick_h_: gotcha, yeah, something like that will be my next major footwear purchase17:25
greg-gsnap-l: if only I had content, so this is a "step 0: learn how to be a writer, step 1: now read the 4 hour work week" thing? :)17:26
snap-lgreg-g: And his big take was to automate as much of the process as possible, so you don't have to think about the business. (ie: outsource order fulfilment, etc)17:26
greg-gright right17:26
greg-gsnap-l: eek, the reviews on amazon don't give me a nice feeling about that book17:32
greg-gkinda what I expected though17:32
snap-lgreg-g: Hence why I borrowed it17:32
snap-lIt's a douchey business book that I read in one sitting (and mostly skimmed the latter part)17:32
greg-gyeah, if there was a plan to make 40,000/mo with 4hrs/week, then we'd all be doing it, but there isn't, it is selling stupid books on how to work 4hrs/wk and your snake oil product17:32
rick_h_yea, that book kind seems like it takes more owrk/money to do at first17:33
greg-gwell, really it is:17:33
greg-g1) start a business (this takes a shit load of time and you will most likely not succeed)17:33
greg-g2) get other people to run the business17:33
greg-g3) enjoy life17:33
greg-gno. kidding.17:33
snap-lIt's an entrepenuer book. It's 20% testimonial, 30% pie-in-sky promise, and 50% "sit down, and think about what you want out of life, then do it"17:33
* greg-g nods17:34
snap-lIt's an easy skim17:34
greg-gthe first two of the DEAL thing are good to think about, of course17:34
snap-lHeck yeah.17:34
snap-lAnd as an automation nerd, it's right up my alley.17:34
greg-gDefine what you need/want. Eliminate everything else.17:34
snap-lThe less I have to think about the more I can think about.17:35
greg-gright, A is also good depending on what it is you need/want17:35
snap-lIt's very GTD17:35
greg-gI guess I should setup bill autopay instead of doing it all manually now?17:35
snap-lIt also got me to not read my mail compulsively over the holiday. ;)17:35
* greg-g likes to know if something weird changes17:35
snap-lgreg-g: Well, the ones that make sense.17:35
snap-lie: the one student loan that I tend to forget it on autopay17:35
snap-lthe one that I tend to be more aware of is not17:36
rick_h_heh, well I think the thing there is you can make it less work vs auto17:36
rick_h_call, get them all scheduled for the same time, automate the list/amounts17:36
rick_h_and turn it into a 20min thing you can do vs something you spend 20min 5x a month doing17:36
snap-lYeah, I have Paypal set up to transfer $200 every two weeks to my Paypal account17:36
snap-lmostly because I got sick and tired of double-entry in Moneydance17:36
snap-lAmazon: 1.89. Transfer from Checking to Paypal: 1.8917:37
rick_h_right, I moved all my bills to the first week of the month, and then I'l' do bills this week and be done for the month. There's two I couldn't that are auto17:37
snap-lThat's bullshit17:37
snap-lEspecially when Amazon splits the shipment, so you have two entries for 20.89 and 72.34 instead of one entry for 93.23 that doesn't reconcile.17:38
greg-grick_h_: is it easy to get your bills moved?17:38
rick_h_greg-g: most of them. I just called and asked and they did it. I think some even had it online, been a while since I did it17:39
snap-lbut it's more than just automating bills.17:40
greg-gI made a tomboy note with all of my bill dates once, lemme find that...17:40
greg-gwhat else? (asking sincerely, bills were just on my mind since I did some last night)17:40
snap-lstuff like only checking mail on occasion, making sure people don't interrupt you17:40
rick_h_yea, I have a spreadsheet that's in order of date I make sure I run through.17:40
rick_h_pay out your kids research papers :P17:41
rick_h_pay someone to do your holiday shopping/wrapping17:41
rick_h_pay someone to clean your house, do your laundry17:41
rick_h_anything that's not fun/you're getting paid for really.17:42
rick_h_basically keep task rabbit in business :P17:42
greg-gsee, I don't see how paying someone else a price way higher than the cost of me doing it will help me save money17:42
greg-gI clean in the evening, I'm not maing a choice between cleaning and working billable hours17:43
rick_h_because the idea is that when you spend an hour working it's $XX/hr while you're paying a far less $YY/hr17:43
greg-g(which is also why I hate the "it isn't worth it for bill gates/whomever to pick up a $1,000 bill" crap)17:43
greg-gbut it isn't17:43
rick_h_we have cleaners come to the house every other week for big cleaning. Costs me $135 and they bring 3 people here for 3 hours. That's going to cost me 4.5hrs a week to replace and my rate is a lot more than theirs17:44
greg-gI'm not actually earning that money if I DON"T clean myself17:44
greg-gyou are't billing 24hrs/day17:44
rick_h_the big thing for us is it's less billable hours vs time with the boy17:44
greg-gyou're salary17:44
rick_h_right, but the book is about getting off salary to things that make $$ while you're not running it directly17:44
rick_h_so you're working every hour to bootstrap something that then you can leave running/bringing in some income while you take your hours and bootstrap something else17:45
greg-gbut the false choice is still there that I disagree with17:45
rick_h_do it a few times, and you've got 4 small things that bring in money while you're not directly working on them and you cut back hours17:45
greg-gsure, that is fine, but once you're in cut back hours, there's a false choice there17:45
rick_h_at that point it turns into a quality of life choice. Would you prefer to spend your hours doing XX or YY17:46
rick_h_I keep almost getting a lawn service because I can tell myeslf that's 3hrs of woodworking I miss out on a week.17:46
rick_h_but I kind of enjoy it so I keep doing it myself.17:46
greg-gright, I guess I'm more inclined to not be dependent on others and do things myself and save money, be self-efficient/reliant, and enjoy all of life :)17:47
greg-gbad grammar there, but pretend that is a list of things17:47
greg-gI was mentally interrupted ;)17:47
rick_h_I follow you17:47
rick_h_shaker way17:48
greg-ghonestly, I think it is my... right17:48
greg-gI tend to be inclined towards that type of mentality17:48
rick_h_understand, working on some of that myself17:49
rick_h_speaking of, back to the garage. Lunch break over.17:49
greg-gwhich is why homesteading is a big draw for me right now (and carrie)17:49
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, it's essentially "do the things you want to do, and outsource the things you don't"17:59
snap-lif you enjoy doing something, then keep doing it18:00
snap-lIt's the balance between effective vs. efficient.18:00
snap-lIf you get your best ideas cleaning your house, it probably doesn't make sense to outsource that18:01
snap-lbut if you look at your house work as one more interruption, outsource it18:01
brouschSon of a bitch18:17
brouschI figured out the weekly-referenced issue from this morning. Damn threads18:18
rick_h_droidbrousch what are you doing with threads?18:53
brouschNothing, but a module I'm using has them18:56
brouschSo some of my data was in a thrad and some was out of it18:56
brouschAnd this made things not happy18:57
snap-lI swear, any time I have to deal with Windows, it never ends well20:55
snap-lJust added a CD drive, and now I need to find install media because WAAAAAAH I'M FUCKING WINDOWS, AND i DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO SHIT20:56
snap-lReally? Does VLC burn Disc Juggler images for Dreamcast?20:56
jcastrosnap-l: what's the error actually say?20:56
snap-lbecause rock and roll20:56
snap-ljcastro: It says "Craig, please eat a dick"20:57
jcastrono, seriously!20:57
brouschah, burning program20:57
jcastroalso, from looking outside it looks like rick'll be the only one CHCing20:57
jcastrounless everyone got Subarus while I was away20:57
snap-ljcastro: It says I need the install media, would I like to use Windows Update to install20:58
jcastrois it a burned CD?20:58
snap-land then it picks it's toes and says "here's that bag of dicks you ordered"20:58
snap-lNo, it's a cdi image20:58
jcastroif the CD is burned badly it'll do that, I know this because it happened to me last weekend20:58
snap-lno no no no20:58
snap-lIt's a .cdi image, which is what Disc Juggler uses20:58
snap-lof course, because the Dreamcast tries to prvent iso images from being used "because copy protection" I can't use a straight ISO image.20:59
snap-lGoing to try it once under crossover, but I don't hold hpoe21:08
snap-lIf it's not working, it's damn well going through the motions21:10
snap-lWell, color me surprised21:20
snap-lit worked.21:20
snap-llike flawlessly worked21:26

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