HowdyDoodyMay the last of Christmas be as Merry as the first part.03:29
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all!12:56
SamuraialbaMerry Day After Christmas :)12:57
JonathanDTo you as well.12:57
SamuraialbaHow were the festivities for you?12:57
JonathanDQUite good thank you.12:59
JonathanDI seem to be coming down with something now, though.12:59
SamuraialbaI found out my GF's son's Trumpet instructor is the trumpet player in Streetlght Manifesto :O13:00
SamuraialbaI also have to work today >.<13:00
SamuraialbaPC at a client job site DIED13:00
Samuraialba"No boot device" even from CD/DVD13:00
SamuraialbaSo, time for a new PC for him.  It's an 11 year old Dell Dimension13:01
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:02
SamuraialbaHappy Day After Christmas13:03
SamuraialbaWho wants to go into work in my place this morning?13:03
rmg51no can do13:03
SamuraialbaI dont want to remove an HD, put it in a new system, and reinstlal all the apps13:03
rmg51I'm already at work13:04
SamuraialbaDell Dimension PIV Celeron.  1GB RAM, Win 7 Home Basic x86, integrated video13:04
SamuraialbaUpgrading him to a dual Xeon Quad.  He doesn't like to upgrade, so I'm making sure this sys can last a bit13:05
Samuraialba4GB RAM 2250GB SATA13:05
Samuraialbaoops 2x250 GB SATA13:05
Samuraialbacrap.  gotta run13:05
MutantTurkeyjeez chrome frequently uses 2gb of my ram18:39
TheLordOfTimeMutantTurkey, chrome's a memory whore21:20
waltmanall browsers love to eat up ram21:35
TheLordOfTimeexcept IE21:36
TheLordOfTimebut IE's crap anyways, so... p21:36
TheLordOfTime:P *21:36
MutantTurkey seriously21:42
MutantTurkeyI feel like mozilla does a bit better21:42
MutantTurkeybut the performance isn't as good21:43
MutantTurkeybut 2Gb of memory is crazy... I blame the pages though21:43
MutantTurkeylike gmail and fb.21:43
MutantTurkeythey eat so much memory it's ridic21:43
HowdyDoodyI start Mozilla (firefox) and use maybe 80Mb to start with 100+ tabs open.23:56
HowdyDoodyAfter a few days of being open and doing lotta stuff, its 300 / 400 Mb or so.23:56
HowdyDoodyMy Compiz is the BIGGEST pig, starts out at 40 ish MB and bloats up to 1-2 Gigs after a coupla weeks or more.23:58

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