cyberangerhey Juzzy & ComputerChic06:14
cyberangerhow's it going06:14
average_guyI hope that you guys all had a safe and Merry Christmas13:53
average_guySanta brought me nothin but nerd gear13:53
average_guyanother server and a fibre network13:54
wrsthello chris458520:01
chris4585hey wrst21:58
chris4585so wrst, I found a nice extension for cinnamon that allows scrolling to different workspaces like openbox22:08
chris4585I'm kind of happy with cinnamon22:09
wrstcinnamon looks tempting22:09
wrststill have gnome goodness minus stupidity22:10
chris4585pretty much22:40
* cyberanger is too attached to openbox I guess23:11
chris4585cyberanger, well I was using openbox23:13

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