Cantidecharl_, haha, i haven't been there :p06:14
Cantideit looks seriously feminine though... i'd have to go with a girl to not look out of place :p06:14
Kilosmorning all08:26
KilosHow do you delete folders or files  in the trash can in KDE which have permission rights attached to them?10:45
Kilosor how does one chown the trash bin11:07
charl_Cantide: yeah! hahaha11:56
charl_morning Kilos 11:56
KilosMorning Charl11:56
KilosHow do you delete folders or files in the trash can in KDE which have permission rights attached to them? charl_ 11:57
Kilosand it is wolfeyes not kilos :-P but howzit anyway.11:57
Cantidehello everyone~12:00
Kilosyo Cantide 12:12
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charl_Kilos: you mean you have files in the trash can that you can't delete?14:19
charl_wow that's pesky, i haven't ever had that before14:19
charl_i believe the files are located in ~/.local/share/Trash/files14:21
charl_if you sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/files/* i would assume it should empty all the files14:21
charl_i think kde stores them there too, but double check to be sure14:21
Kilossorry charl_  i slept some15:21
Kilosya i cant delete them15:21
Kilosty . i gave up and came back on unity but will save them commands15:22
Kilosso frustrating. 6.5 g of files there15:23
charl_how did you get them into the trash in the first place, if you don't have the permissions to delete them?15:25
charl_i would assume you would also then not be able to move them15:25
charl_unless you got it done as root in some strange way15:25
Kilosits all data recovery stuff that i tried to trash15:29
Kilosand did normal right click deletes with them15:30
Kilosthen trash told me to delete files maunually15:31
Kilosthen trash was too small15:31
Kiloswent to settings and unticked the size goodie15:31
charl_if i remember correctly if you do a shift+delete or a ctrl+delete (one or the other) you could delete files directly in kde15:42
charl_in other words, permanent delete, a normal "delete" just moves the file to the trash15:43
charl_i used to use that a lot in kde but these days i normally just use the command line and rm does an actual delete :)15:43
Kilosty lemme go try it15:51
Kilosworked good ty charl_ 16:10
LangjanHi kilos16:25
Kiloshi Langjan compliments of the season16:27
Langjanthanks kilos and the same to you16:27
Kilosty all good there?16:27
LangjanI was worried, connect to xchat and no-one says anything16:28
Langjanall fine here thanks16:28
Kilosbeen very quiet16:28
Kilosi was outside16:28
Langjanguys all enjying Xmas...16:28
Kiloslooks like hey?16:28
Kiloshave you got your webcam sorted?16:29
LangjanAsked my question about webcam here a few days ago but no reaction, maybe try again in 201316:30
Kilosoh my i missed that16:30
LangjanCan't be everywhere at once...16:31
Kiloslol im fiddling with a few pcs and more drives so kinda get lost16:32
Kiloslike im on kubuntu 12.04 here now16:33
Langjanmy screen went pinkish-blue, apparently I had my speakers to close, will have to try to find a "wand" 16:33
Langjanwhat's the diff between ubuntu and kubuntu?16:34
Kiloswow the magnet inside16:34
Kilosmine are right next to the screen16:34
Kilosactuall towards the back more16:34
LangjanPerhaps a good idea to move them further16:35
Kilosstorming here16:39
Langjanwe had one earlier 16:39
Kilosyou in marblehall now ?16:40
Kilosya that too16:40
LangjanNo, Warmbad (Bela Bela) 16:40
Kilosi had a swim there 0ver 40 years ago16:41
LangjanTime for another swim, kom kuier, dis nie so ver van Brits nie. Battling with 12.10, my launcher autohide stays hidden!16:42
LangjanGotta go kilos, will chat again later16:42
Kiloslol i havent gone to 12.10. 12.04 is working fine here16:43
Kilosgo well16:43
Kilosty for the chat16:43
Langjanthanks kilos, take good care16:46
smile2013hi :p17:29
smile2013hi all :p18:19
smile2013nuvolari: can you help me with afrikaans please? :)18:19
smile2013byee :(19:34
Kilosevening superfly and others19:44
nuvolarialoha hi oom Kilos :)19:44
nuvolarigaan dit goed oom/19:44
Kiloslo nuvolari 19:44
Kilosgaan maar aan seun en jy?19:44
nuvolariek kan nie kla nie dankie oom! was vandag saam my pa-hulle en my sus se skoonfamilie by 'n oord19:45
charl_i hope everyone had a good christmas :)20:02
charl_i certainly did20:02
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