gotoguyIm just saying if you can ssh in, you can do it all on your own without there needing to do anything.00:01
gotoguythere= meaning your sister.00:01
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BlackDalekHow do I add an application to the list of applications in the :Open with other application..." right-click menu?00:04
=== mystz is now known as mysticalzero
BlackDalekHow do I add an application to the list of applications in the "Open with other application..." right-click menu?00:05
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:05
BlackDaleksorry, mistyped it the first tim00:05
Lubuntufananyone know why I get this message when I run "apparmor_status"?: "You do not have enough privilege to read the profile set."00:05
NoorideeNAEubuntu ubiquity : WARNING:rood:cant add xul-ext-ubufox (E:unable to correct problems you have help broken packages.) ... LOL?00:07
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: you need to use sudo00:07
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, I did00:07
SolarisBoyis there an abnormal permission on the app armor files?00:08
wiwi_what's the best soft for recording a flash video playing on screen? I must record the screen because I can't get the flv directly with wget or something else. the file is "hidden"00:08
LubuntufanI've never messed with it before00:08
SolarisBoyit would generlly be readable by root so if sudo isn't allowing it it seems something else is in play00:09
DJMontyHi everyone00:09
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DJMontyI have a quick question about reinstalling an os00:09
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, nefarious?00:10
DJMontyI plan to format the hard drive of this pc, as the previous owners left a load of programs on it. They didn't have the os disks, and I don't have a usb stick or disk to put ubuntu on00:10
DJMontyHowever, I do have the sticker on the side of the tower with the product key on it00:10
NoorideeNAE ubuntu ubiquity : WARNING:root:cant add xul-ext-ubufox (E:unable to correct problems you have help broken packages.) ... how can i fix it?00:10
DJMontyCan I reinstall the os using just the product key?00:10
Guest84742MERRY CHRISTMAS!00:10
bekksDJMonty: How is that related to Ubuntu? And without an installation medium (OEM in your case) you cannot reinstall it.00:11
DJMontyBekks: I planned to put ubuntu on afterwards, and I had a few followup questions00:11
DJMontyBut they're irrelevant now.00:12
DJMontyThanks, though.00:12
pictronHey guys, muh dpkg somehow was completely borked by the 12.10 upgrade00:12
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, so is this something I should be worried about?00:13
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: one sec00:13
nurupois there any backup software on ubuntu 11.04 live cd?00:14
nurupoi tried to backup using dd, but realized it backups the unused space too.00:14
nuruponow i'm pipelining dd with gzip as some people suggested on some forums (googled), hope that will help.00:14
nurupoi'm not very sure if that will really help, since the empty space may contain some hard to compress garbage instead of, say, zeros. so, i'm curious if there is some other tool on the live cd to backup a hard drive more efficiently.00:14
FloodBot1nurupo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
SolarisBoysorry my mommy called me Lubuntufan =)00:14
jiwanhey i can't use irssi why?00:14
Lubuntufanit's ok :)00:15
Lubuntufanthe only weird thing I've done with my setup is installed a testing kernel00:15
Lubuntufandon't know if that has anything to do with it00:16
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: no i dont think it's nefarious neccesarily - maybe just a bad permission on a file elevating to sudo should allow you to print apparmor_status fine - if not i would *aassume* a file permission was off somewhere - assuming you dont have a bunch of custom stuff in there you can try to apt-get install --reinstall it and see if that fixes it00:16
monkeyjuicejiwan: what do you mean you cant use it00:16
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: dought it - testing kernel shouldn't affect those userland apps directly like that00:16
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: what version of ubuntu do you run?00:17
Lubuntufanlubuntu 12.1000:17
jiwani mean for irc, i was trying to use irssi client but, it showing problem that 'could not resolve host name'00:17
SolarisBoyjiwan: at what point do you get that error?00:18
jiwanwhen i lunch irssi and try to connect with server00:19
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: can you post to pastebin a recreation of the error (type command and reproduce error), and the ls -ltRh /etc/apparmor* and ls -ltrhd /etc/apparmor* ?00:20
SolarisBoyjiwan: it can't resolve a servername in your .irssi/config file then00:20
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, thanks for the help... I am working on that. I might need instructions for that but I'll be back in here in a min :)00:21
jiwanso what should i have to do00:21
jiwanfor hat00:21
FloodBot1jiwan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:21
SolarisBoyjiwan: locate the incorrect name and investigate00:21
jiwani have tried so many but, i got tired00:22
SolarisBoyjiwan: its simple - you can open a terminal use ping,dig etc to test a name - and you can also check online to see if your server entry is accurate or maybe if something on their side is changed and your config must be updated - but you need to investigate00:23
jiwanok thank you i will try it00:24
jiwanlisten, is it possible to add the friend over here for the futur00:24
SolarisBoynot that i know of00:25
SolarisBoymay be some scripts that does something similar but not sure00:25
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, what do I do with ls -ltRh /etc/apparmor* and ls -ltrhd /etc/apparmor*? Are those commands?00:28
scotchligo/mode $me +x00:28
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: yes paste the output to pastebin when you complete them00:29
dylanHey guys, I just want to be able to play dvd's in ubuntu00:33
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, http://pastebin.com/bJJxzAB000:33
dylanHow do I do that/00:33
dylanI already have the restriced extras00:33
williamthamesis there a help channel?00:34
wlosiowhat is u problem00:35
williamthamesI get everything set up in 12.1000:35
williamthameswhen I restart00:35
williamthamesmy video drivers crash and fuck up my system00:35
williamthamesand I restart again, they are fine00:35
williamthamesbut I lose all my settings00:35
wlosiou using novau?00:36
wlosiofree drivers ( basic after install)?00:36
wlosiointall expermental 3.1000:36
wlosioi changed 304 to 31000:37
wlosioand no problems ;)00:37
wlosiobecause Serious Sam 3 at Steam crashing my PC00:37
williamthameswill do.00:38
williamthamesthank you00:38
wiwi_what's the best soft for recording a flash video playing on screen? I must record the screen because I can't get the flv directly with wget or something else. the file is "hidden"00:38
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: i see a similar bug in february but in debian00:39
SolarisBoyit says some dependancies of apparmor are missing in that case00:40
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: maybe you can try to apt-get build-dep apparmor and see if that helps or works00:40
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, doing now, thanks :)00:41
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LubuntufanSolarisBoy, I can handle a bug... just not something "NEFARIOUS". I'm kind of paranoid since I've been visiting a website that's been recently flagged by google as unsafe00:41
nurupooh, seems like Clonzilla live cd is what i wanted00:44
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scotchligo_whois scotchligo00:48
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: its probably just some sort of bug -00:48
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, that dep just got done and I ran the command again and got the same error00:50
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, probably a bug... fine with me00:50
Lubuntufanit's not that important00:50
watchtoweri run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refused00:50
LubuntufanI just wanted to get skype to run with apparmor00:50
Lubuntufansince it is not open source and no one really knows what it does... :O00:50
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LubuntufanI heard it has access to system stuff00:51
SolarisBoyyou'll know what it's doing on your system in general if you strace it00:51
SolarisBoyyou may not have the code but you can find out easily what libraries it's calling and what underlying system calls it's making - which is all that matters in regards to apparmor00:52
Lubuntufanok I just tried "strace lxtask" and it's a LOT of output00:52
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: yep theres several ways to slim it down00:53
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: you may want to look into -e and -c00:53
capnsaveahoehi need help connecting my linux mint desktop  to a tv with hdmi cable. can someone please help me?00:53
=== capnsaveahoe is now known as Karl
Karlsorry about that00:54
=== Karl is now known as Guest93276
Guest93276whatever, i don't use irc often enough to register my nick properly00:55
Guest93276so i just need help on here, i don't no bash code, i don't know much about this linux mint machine but it's what i have to work with and just need help w/some connection issues.00:56
Guest93276can someone pls help me when time permits?00:56
leafwizHey, I'm running an old ATI RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200] on radeon driver. But, the driver freezes the system.00:56
somsipGuest93276: are you running mint?00:56
leafwizAfter a while.00:56
Guest93276somsip: yes00:57
somsip!mint sorry then - | Guest9327600:57
ubottusomsip: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:57
leafwizAnd it happens more quickly if I run a 3D app.00:57
somsip!mint | Guest9327600:57
ubottuGuest93276: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:57
PlinkerGuest93276: try #linuxmint-help00:57
Guest93276yay there's 3 people in there00:57
Guest93276oh well fml00:57
TheLordOfTimeGuest93276, make sure you're on the rigiht network ;lP00:58
Guest93276k tnx00:58
Guest93276i'll pay closer attention00:58
PlinkerGuest93276: irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint-help00:58
watchtoweri run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refused00:59
PlinkerTheLordOfTime: Personally I think Mint is better!  lol  Merry Christmas everyone!!00:59
TheLordOfTimePlinker, offtopic discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, please ;)01:00
Lubuntufanhow dare he ;)01:00
watchtoweri run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection ref01:00
watchtowerusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection01:00
watchtower refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connec01:01
FloodBot1watchtower: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
watchtowertion refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error connection refusedi run net domain in kernel and it gives me an error co01:01
TheLordOfTime!ops | watchtower's flooding01:01
ubottuwatchtower's flooding: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U, DJones!01:01
TheLordOfTimewatchtower, no need to repeat yourself a billion times.01:01
watchtowersorry accident01:01
TheLordOfTimewatchtower, you asked and now you should have patience.01:01
TheLordOfTimea significant amount of patience.  :)01:01
Gyro54Merry Christmas!01:01
Gyro54How do I install VNC on 12.04?01:02
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, thanks again =D01:02
gotoguy<Gyro54>, which vnc?01:03
SolarisBoyLubuntufan: sure01:04
Gyro54gotoguy: How many are there?01:06
gotoguyrun this on the command line:   apt-cache search vnc01:06
Gyro54gotoguy: Thanks01:07
gotoguyif you want to find out about one just do: apt-cache show pkgname_whatever01:08
sp00kywhenever I attempt to connect to an ssh server on my local network I receive the error "No route to host."  I've checked my arp table and there is an entry for the machine I am trying to connect to and I am able to ping the machine as well.  does anyone know what could be wrong?01:09
Gyro54gotoguy: Sorry mixed my letters up. I was looking for vlc? Now I have found it. Sorry to bother.01:09
gotoguyno problem01:09
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gotoguyGyro54: did you install it?  try using: apt-get install vlc01:13
tentaclemooseanyone here have any experience with system76?01:13
sp00kytentaclemoose, I'm actually on one of their laptops now01:14
tentaclemoosehave you had any experiences with their warranties?01:14
sp00kytentaclemoose, I01:15
tentaclemoosethey look so nice, but i'm torn between going with a scumbag like dell/hp just for the customer support an evil empire is capable of providing01:15
sp00kytentaclemoose, I've had this laptop since this summer and the only issue I've had was about 2 weeks after I received it the fan started clicking.  they sent me a replacement which too about 2 weeks to arrive and I sent the defective fan back.01:16
sp00kytentaclemoose, they just ran me through a couple diagnostic scenarios before offering the replace the fan01:17
sp00kytentaclemoose, what are your concerns?01:17
tentaclemoosewell, if something craps out on me down the road, it's always nice to have the warranty cover it. Many companies provide warranties, but follow through is always a different story01:18
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tentaclemoosedo you mind if i open up a PM with you sp00ky? I'd rather not clutter this hallowed ground with offtopic discussion :x, i just figured this would probably be the best place to run into sys76 users01:20
sp00kytentaclemoose, nope, go ahead01:21
marenostrumtentaclemoose, I wish I were in US and be a customer of them. I'm very impressed of them from what I hear and read.01:22
tentaclemoosemarenostrum: they do have some tasty looking machines01:23
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
mysteriousdarenlove those system76 machines01:23
marenostrumtentaclemoose, Yes I know. I would buy one if I can find a solution for my local (Turkish) keyboard. (Speaking for the laptops.)01:24
tentaclemooseah. That would be a pain to replace01:24
marenostrumtentaclemoose, I wish you a good experience with your new machine.01:25
tentaclemoosehaven't bought it yet, still in the vacillation phase.01:26
marenostrumtentaclemoose, ı see but seems that most probably you'll buy soon and most probably from those guys. Good luck.01:27
tentaclemoosemarenostrum: you sir, are borderline prophetic.01:27
Dessimat0ri did a network install and missed package selection by accident, and now i am sitting at the login prompt with my username and password not working — is there a default username and password?01:27
Dessimat0ri know i can install tasksel once I get in to install the desktop stuff01:27
marenostrumtentaclemoose, :-) Just from what you have written! :-)01:28
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kashkraftMerry December 25th. I'm curious if anybody here has any experience with Ubuntu on the Nexus 7. I read some forums, saw one live run video, but looking for any further insight before I spend the next few hours OK installing the OS. Many Thanks!01:32
tentaclemoosekashkraft: have you checked out the n7 wiki?01:33
marenostrumDessimat0r, I don't know much about network install but you are talking about a password which doesn't work. Is that a pass you entered during the install process?01:33
tentaclemoosedessimat0r: you could also boot into single user mode via grub01:33
WeThePeopleanybody have bluegriffon installed?01:34
=== Gnurdux__ is now known as Gnurdux
tentaclemooseand just change the pass that way01:34
kashkraftI have. Mentions the bugs appear to be cleared up and they're working on 13.04 compatibility. I'm curious if it runs smoothly, user friendly01:35
Dessimat0rmarenostrum: yeah, it is a username and password I entered twice :)01:35
Dessimat0rduring the installer01:35
Dessimat0rand for some reason, that doesn't work01:35
Dessimat0rso i have to hold shift to enter the grub menu :)01:37
Dessimat0ri'll try that for single user01:37
marenostrumDessimat0r, Interesting. I just asked to learn. Maybe you remember it errenously. Good luck.01:37
tentaclemooseDessimat0r: forgive me if this sounds like i'm assuming you're retarded, but caps loc perhaps?01:38
Dessimat0ri can try :)01:38
marenostrumMaybe. We all do such things. The pass should work.01:39
Dessimat0rbut the username was lowercaps, I checked it01:39
tentaclemoosehow are you today?01:39
Guest94121am great and you?01:40
Dessimat0ryeah, it's not going. I'll try single user01:40
tentaclemoosefantastic! the weather's piss-poor though :(01:40
ElectricPrismI want to run Ubuntu 64 on a rolling-release cycle, how do I go about doing this?01:41
Guest94121Oh ok..01:42
sp00kyElectricPrism, there isn't a rolling release version of Ubuntu available.01:43
ElectricPrismsp00ky: Is it possible to enable all the testing repos to accomplish the task?01:43
lvlephThere is a Linux Mint rolling release, but this is Debian based and not Ubuntu based. ElectricPrism01:43
lvlephOther Linux Mint versions are Ubuntu Based01:44
sp00kyElectricPrism, I think the closest you'd be able to get is Linux Mint Debian Edition01:44
marenostrumElectricPrism, http://askubuntu.com/questions/97861/is-there-a-derivative-that-uses-a-rolling-release-model01:44
ElectricPrismsp00ky: thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it01:44
WeThePeoplewhere do tar.bz2 go. in what dir.?01:45
ElectricPrismlvleph: That sucks, i've been distro hopping and was getting tired of being on the road - I was hoping I could land on Ubuntu rolling release01:45
WeThePeopleto install them01:45
ElectricPrismWeThePeople: It depends, usually the archive will have a layout that overlays /01:46
marenostrumElectricPrism, Why do you insist on rolling release? Ubuntu LTSs (long time support) have good support life. 12.04 was a LTS, for example.01:47
WeThePeopleelectricprism, how would i find out?01:47
ElectricPrismmarenostrum: consider it a personal choice, LTS 12.04 and 12.11 both have issues on my computer and my wifes computer, and hate waiting for software to hit the repos since new versions are considered unstable01:48
wiwi_what's the best soft for recording a flash video playing on screen? I must record the screen because I can't get the flv directly with wget or something else. the file is "hidden"01:48
ElectricPrismWeThePeople: Do you have a link to the archive? What kind of file is it?01:48
WeThePeopleelectricprism, its BlueGriffon wysiwyg editor>>> http://bluegriffon.org/pages/Download01:49
marenostrumElectricPrism, I see. That2s your choice for sure. Sorry to hear about the issues.01:49
* iCarly is away: zzzzzz!01:49
ElectricPrismmarenostrum: plus I hate having to wipe out my system to reinstall, I'd rather have the OS last as a permanent solution, the upgrade process in Ubuntu has been considered shaky by most commands ive read on omgubuntu / internet01:49
lvlephshouldn't -t do a test bunzip which will tell you the file structure?01:49
* iCarly is back (gone 00:00:09)01:49
IdleOnenlux: all good?01:51
nluxHello (:01:51
nluxIdle0ne: It seems so, thanks alot ^_^01:51
Dessimat0rcheers, got root access :)01:51
nluxdoes any one have any knowledge of any reference book for ubuntu/debian?01:52
lobhaterMerry X-Mas all!01:53
nluxMerry Xmas, lobhater ! :)01:53
Guest94121Merry X-Mas01:53
marenostrumWeThePeople, How did you download that tar.bz2 . It may be in your Downloads directory but it depends on the way you preferred. You can try "find".01:54
nluxa reference book covering ubuntu/debian available on google/amazon ? thanks alot (:01:54
Jordan_U!manual | nlux01:54
ubottunlux: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:54
nluxJordan_U: Thanks (:01:55
Jordan_Unlux: You're welcome :)01:55
WeThePeoplemarenostrum, i have the dir. up right in the extractor program, i want to extract it to the correct dir.01:55
lobhateri got a new external usb hardrive for xmas, i have plugged it into my "server" running 12.04 desktop and now I have SSHed into my server and am unable to browse the files on there, any help?01:55
marenostrumDessimat0r, Nice to hear good news from your side.01:56
Lubuntufanhello. Does anyone know how to run an application as another user?01:56
lobhater Lubuntufan: try the su command to change to that user and then start the app, is that what you mean?01:57
Guest94121lobhater have to use the fdisk -l command01:57
lvlephlobhater: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37767/how-to-access-a-usb-flash-drive-from-the-terminal01:57
LubuntufanI think so. I'm trying to run a program as a different user so I doesn't have access to MY files01:58
Guest94121lobhater: to see if the usb will saw and then use the mount command01:59
marenostrumWeThePeople, Put it in an empty dir and extract it there. The dir isn't important. İnstallation will make the necessary packages to go where they belong. After install you may delete the extracted files. So it doesn't matter.01:59
lvlephLubuntufan: http://linux.die.net/man/8/sudo01:59
lobhaterlol thanks I came across that same thread I was just too lazy to do it, do I have to create the mount point on /media or can i create it in ~/desktop?01:59
=== rafael is now known as Guest38330
lvlephYou can mount wherever you like lobhater02:00
lvlephbut if you make it in /media it will show up on the desktop02:00
lvlephas long as you have that enabled02:00
lobhaterawesome, thanks. ill try it out and I am sure will be back shortly02:00
lobhaterwell what if i want to create the dir on my desktop of my local machine and have it mount the usb drive via ssh on my server?02:01
lvlephSo the usb is on the server?02:02
lobhaterlvleph: well than media would be perfect, except for it being on another machine02:02
lvlephand you want it mounted by a client?02:02
lobhaterlvleph: correct02:02
lvlephyou can do this02:03
lvlephI have02:03
lvlephgive me a second to find out how02:03
lvlephit has been a while02:03
lobhaterlvleph: awesome thanks02:03
milamber!samba | lobhater02:03
ubottulobhater: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:03
Guest94121lobhater: you have to share your mount point..02:04
lvlephsmbfs more precisely02:04
lcabreza1need help here. my 12.04 ubuntu laptop is getting real slow ..what could be the cause of this ?02:04
lvlephlobhater: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/mounting-a-samba-share-933322/02:04
lobhateri have 0 windows machines and would like very nuch to not use any M$ protocols either02:04
lvlephobviously don't use yum02:05
lvlephah you are mounting on windows02:05
lvlephit can be done there too02:05
lvlephbut I hate windows and can't remember how02:05
OerHeksjakub, jakub_ jakub105 jakub47  jakub__  3th day you come in here with your clones02:05
lvlephI also don't want to contribute to your windows addiction02:05
lobhaterno it is not windows02:05
marenostrumlcabreza1, What componet is slow? Firefox or something like that? Booting?02:05
torgeorgHi. I have installed radeon drivers, but now I want to go back to the stock drivers. I have uninstalled the radeon drivers in the packagemanager, but still they are activated.02:05
tonsofpcsso I have a nVidia graphics card with HDMI out.  When I boot with no HDMI display 'attached' to the HDMI out, the HDMI out goes dead... I use a HT receiver so there's only a display attached when I'm actively using it and Iw ant to reboot when I'm not actively using it... I've done this now and I have no display.  Is there a trick to making an nVidia card detect the HDMI out?02:05
torgeorgHow can I go back?02:05
lobhateri have zero (0) windows machines02:06
lvlephlobhater you will use smbfs02:06
lvlephand mount that way02:06
lobhaterok ill read and be back, thanks!02:06
milamberlobhater: samba can be used for windows or linux. it is the easiest way to share the way you want02:06
torgeorgaptitude search show the radeon driver as: p   xserver-xorg-video-radeon02:07
torgeorgshould not the vesa driver be loaded then?02:07
lobhateranother question, why does it list the file system type of my usb drive as HPFS/NTFS/exFAT?02:09
lobhaterwhich one is it?02:09
lobhaterntfs is my guess02:09
milamberlobhater: ntfs02:10
Dessimat0rI'm getting tasksel: aptitude failed (100) when using tasksel with Ubuntu Desktop02:10
Dessimat0rit's showing 'Preparing libgnome-desktop-3-4'02:11
lcabreza1marenostrum: i'am not sure ..its just slow ..the current programs that are runnig, audacious, firefox,thunderbird, pidgin and virtualbox(1GBRAM) laptop has total of 4GB02:13
Dessimat0rnow it works, i cleaned libgnome-desktop-3-4 with apt-get02:14
Dessimat0rseems like a corrupt download it didn't retry02:14
Guest94121how can i install vbox on ubuntu using the terminal?02:15
lcabreza1Guest94121: dpkg -i Virtualbox.deb file02:16
marenostrumlcabreza1, Just like me: 12.04 and 4 GB total RAM. I don't have problems except those sometimes I have with firefox on heavy java script sites. I suspect od them. Apart from probable fan problems. That's another story; you know.02:16
JAIMEbanshee wont connect to iphone!! is there any other packages that will help??02:17
RiXtErJAIME: itunes and wine perhaps?02:18
lcabreza1marenostrum:i'm suspecting its firefox ..especially when facebook is open and even turn my interface into rehat artwork and default bluecurve theme..and no 3D stuff..02:18
tonsofpcsah, service lightdm restart02:18
JAIMEi have had banshee working before but now it doesnt want to play!02:19
marenostrumlcabreza1, What happens when you quir Firefox altogether? In fact its not Firefox its those nasty scripts of sites. I advice to use NoScript and let them in a controlled manner.02:20
marenostrumlcabreza1, quir= quit, for sure02:20
mechanismhello, just installed ubuntu on mackbook pro 15" mid 2012 and seems like theres none any video drivers available in additional drivers section. how can I install drivers? tried to install some via synaptic but no luck02:20
lcabreza1marenostrum: i'll try the no script. I just quit firefox and it went a bit faster but still a little slow not the same as the 10.10 or fedora 6.02:21
marenostrumlcabreza1, I don't realize such performance issues on 12.04 but I'm not sure. Good luck.02:23
=== _Santa|Claus-_ is now known as _JKL1234-_
lcabreza1marenostrum:i want it to be just very basic interface, not so 3D graphic. if only i can turn the interface into a default red hat 9 or fedora 6, those were the days when everything was fine to me ...it could be the latest kernel ..im not sure either..02:25
marenostrumlcabreza1, I like basic interface and perforamnce as well. Some problem -if to call problem- with Ubuntu is more related with some services (such as some automatic update check things and so on) than interface. There may be performance decreases when they start. Again, good luck!02:28
elkingreyI've been trying to access my sister's machine remotely but have had no luck. She's using ubuntu and I'm using Fedora. She's got all the boxes checked(she texted me a picutre to make sure) but I still cannot connect. On my end, I specify VNC, put in the IP address(without specifying port, nor do I use host ssh as a tunnel) and hit connect. Then nothing happens on either end. Eventually I get an error sign. On her end I02:29
elkingrey walked her through connecting to her router, we set up remote access and enabled UPnP as well. Anybody have any ideas what we could be missing?02:29
marenostrumlcabreza1, You can check the CPU and RAM consumption of the programs via top command from terminal. (Quit with q)02:30
Guest94121elkingrey: do you understand public and private IPs. are you in the same network with her?02:32
lcabreza1marenostrum: Thanks : 9.6%sys 18.7%us02:33
marenostrumlcabreza1, By the way, for those nasty resource consuming scrits of some sites: I found almost no difference between cpu consumption of Firefox and Chromium. So I don't blame Firefox.02:33
elkingreyGuest94121: No, she is at a different IP02:34
gotoguyelkingrey, I think vnc uses port: 5300, you have to open that one up.02:34
elkingreygotoguy: I have to open 5300 on her end?02:34
torgeorgHey. I have been trying for a while now to get the system to use vesa driver, but it keeps loading the radeon driver which makes the system unstable.02:35
gotoguyhang on, Im double checking the port number.02:35
Guest94121elkingrey: to connect to have machine her ip should be public ip or you can use teamviewer02:35
codrusI messed up my MBR and get a grup rescue prompt at boot now. When I do: set root=(hd0,msdos6) [return] set prefix=(hd0,msdos6)/boot/grub [return] insmod normal [return] <-- it says at this step 'unknown filesystem'. Is it because it is the wrong (hd0,msdosX)?02:36
gotoguynah, you can connect direct., Guest02:36
lcabreza1marenostrum:i just read some reviews about firefox that uses a lot of RAM, i was suspecting that ..02:36
torgeorgthe xorg.conf02:36
KurtKrautAfter I changed my /etc/resolv.conf manually once. the NetworkManager never writes in this file the DNS servers gathered from DHCP, making me manually adjust the resolv.conf whenever I change network. How can I fix it?02:36
marenostrumlcabreza1, Is virtual machine up?02:36
marenostrumlcabreza1, Maybe but you say its not so good after you quit Firefox.02:37
elkingreygotoguy: When I get things working, shouldn't it be under her user? I mean, she'll see what I'm doing, so it shoudl be her user02:38
lcabreza1marenostrum:  yes thats right ..virtual machine is up (but its only uses 1GB RAM) and only running one application on it02:39
gotoguyelkingrey, Yeah Make sure the firewall is open on ports: 5900 and (5901 for virtual).02:39
torgeorgI don't understand why it loads the radeon driver when I have  Driver      "vesa" under Section "Device"02:39
elkingreyI asked her to go to her firewall settings, and when she goes to dash-home, and searches firewall, nothing shows up. What gives?02:40
gotoguyelkingrey, does she have a router?02:40
marenostrumlcabreza1, In my experience Web site script issues (I'm calling so rather than Firefox issues) makes Firefox to consume a lot portion of CPU. I didn't realize a RAM issue. Problem is more related with CPU in my cases. And you know, our RAMs, 4 GB is not too much under todays conditions. But for me, 4 GB is OK. More than OK.02:40
Guest94121elkingrey: if that didn't work try teamviewer..02:40
gotoguyelkingrey, You have to open those ports on the router AND the firewall if she's running one.02:41
gotoguyI do this all the time without any other services, but some time it takes a little tweaking.02:41
elkingreyshe's not running a firewall on her machine, but she may be on her router02:41
gotoguythe router is probably running NAT, and you have to open those ports for VNC.02:42
gotoguyelse you have to port forward using ssh, but still you would need port 22 open for ssh.02:43
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Guest94121elkingrey: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx02:44
codrusI was going to order a ubuntu livecd to use to fix my boot partition. I have x64 version installed and they only seem to sell x32 disks of ubuntu. Will that still work for me?02:44
gotoguyusually in her browser, will get the router.02:45
Guest94121elkingrey: thats a private IP it will not work.02:45
gotoguyGuest94121, I hate third parties, they can back door you, some charge $.02:46
leafwizHi, I'm trying to go back from the radeon driver I tried , since it makes my system unstable. But I then don't understand why X11 still loads the radeon driver even if I have vesa as the driver in xorg.conf ? http://pastebin.com/4QypQ6mP02:46
leafwizI have tried aptitude remove xserver-xorg-video-radeon02:47
Guest94121gotoguy: is the same as VNC, this tool i use for long team for personal use is free.. is a great tool.02:47
marenostrumcodrus, Isn't it a possibility to download the ISO and write your own CD? (I don't know if 32 CD works for your situation or not.)02:48
elkingreyOkay, so we disabled the SPI firewall on her router and still nothing. WHen I hit connect on my end it's just a black screen, and then it eventually says the ip is closed. Nothing ever pops up on her screen to notify her that I am trying to connect02:48
gotoguyelkingrey, just make sure the router is open on ports: 5900 and (5901 for virtual desktop).02:48
Guest94121elkingrey: it will not work is a private ip you using.02:48
gotoguycan you ping her IP and are you sure it's the correct one.02:49
elkingreyI don't know how to open up those ports, why would I have to if firewall is disabled. Also, why would it not work for a private IP? That doesn't make any sense/. I've had people connect to my ip before02:49
Guest94121elkingrey: trust me am an expert in this area..02:50
elkingreyhow do I ping her ip02:50
gotoguyelkingrey, private ip don't mean crap. But you could check if its the router for sure by bypassing it. but she would need to restart the network service or reboot.02:51
Guest94121elkingrey: public ips can be seen on the internet but private ips can not be. so what you are trying to do is connect via the internet.. you need a server to create this tunel for you..02:52
lcabreza1marenostrum: i'll try to do some tweaking and probably disable some services not needed ..02:52
gotoguyelkingrey, then she would be open to the internet but atleast you could check it that way.02:52
Guest94121elkingrey: trust me just you teamviewer and tell her also to download teamviewer then you don't have to disable your firewall which is not safe..02:53
gotoguyprivate IP means behind a router using NAT.02:53
marenostrumlcabreza1, That's the best. In fact I have to do the same. I just didn't want to deal with it but I'll do.02:53
gotoguyThat's all, and if you open the router right, it will work.02:54
elkingreygotoguy I don't know what else to do with the router. I've disabled the firewall and enabled UPnP and remote access. What else?02:55
Guest94121gotoguy: yes using nat or pat. so you cannot connect to them.02:55
codrusmarenostrum: the computer I messed up is the only one I have access to that has a cd/dvd drive02:56
gotoguyelkingrey, you have to find the port forward section in it, or some have a feature called DMZ.02:56
scripthigh||ghthey bitches02:56
codrusmarenostrum: so can't burn my own02:56
scripthigh||ghtis there an iso for older machines for the newest version what do they call it alternate or something?02:57
elkingreylooking into that now.02:57
gotoguyelkingrey, DMZ = demilterized zone , but it's for gaming and it opens all ports to one machine.02:57
somsipscripthigh||ght: no alternate any more. You could try minimal and then add what you want on top of that if you want to avoid the standard desktop02:58
marenostrumcodrus, I see. Maybe a neighbour or internet cafe may help... Anyway. I don't know if 32 bit works for you or not. Good luck.02:58
codruswhy wouldn't x64bit disk versions of ubuntu be sold?02:58
scripthigh||ght12* is a cpu hog for me as a standalone somsip02:58
elkingreygotoguy: She finally found the NAT section. She doesn't know what to do from here.03:00
somsipscripthigh||ght: running what?03:00
daftykinsgotoguy: there is no situation when you'd ever put a PC in a DMZ just for gaming ¬_¬03:00
gotoguyIf its on, it just means she's blocking you.03:01
scripthigh||ght12.10 somsip03:01
marenostrumcodrus, Where do you live? Maybe I can send you a CD if you can't find any other solution.03:01
scripthigh||ghtpercise and q somsip03:01
gotoguydaftykin, know one knows what port a game server might use, so some prefer to open all to only one machine.03:01
codrusmarenostrum: california03:02
somsipscripthigh||ght: what is the cpu hog. What exactly is consuming resources?03:02
scripthigh||ghtsomsip, after I install, it never loads the desktop just the wallpaper.  slower and slower until it won't load.03:02
somsipscripthigh||ght: what desktop? Unity?03:03
gotoguydaftykin, also some servers switch ports or have a range of ports , hence thats what DMZ is for.03:03
scripthigh||ghtno somsip kubuntu03:04
marenostrumcodrus, It will be very weird to send CD from Turkey to USA but if you like and if you can wait for the post to come, I'll send. (But there should be some local solutions there.) Anyway, if you like, I'll post it tomorrow.03:04
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somsipscripthigh||ght: ok - not something I have any experience with03:04
blnkI am trying to bridge a connection from wlan0 to eth0. I have already installed bridge-util and I've added the etho to a bridge and when I try to add wlan0 to the bridge, it says that the operation is not supported03:05
elkingreygotoguy, okay she disabled NAT, then it tells her that she is unconnected, then it tells her she is connected, but when she tries to browse the itnernet, nothing happens03:05
gotoguyshe needs to restart the network server.03:05
gotoguyeasiest is reboot.03:06
elkingreypower on off?03:06
elkingreyI mean, off on03:06
gotoguygracefully if possible.03:06
lvlephWhen trying to open firefox sometimes I get the following03:06
lvleph(crashreporter:8567): Gnome-WARNING **: Accessibility: failed to find module 'libgail-gnome' which is needed to make this application accessible03:06
gotoguygoto the menu, and restart03:06
lvlephlibgail-gnome is already installed03:06
codrusmarenostrum: Thanks. I'm going to keep looking for something local. There must be something.03:07
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gotoguyelkingrey, when she now reboots she should have the IP to her machine that the ISP assaigned to her modem.03:08
marenostrumcodrus, Really sorry for your issue. Hope you can find something. If you feel so, please don't hesitate to ask for the CD from me. Good luck.03:09
elkingreySHe has rebooted, but she still has no ability to browse03:09
gotoguyelkingrey, Warning though, she would be open for intruders, but atleast you can see if you could connect.03:10
elkingreystill no ability to brose03:10
gotoguybummer, her router is still not right.03:10
lvlephAnyone have any idea why I am getting the following:03:10
lvlephObRender-Message: Cannot load image "/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-control-center.xpm" from file "/usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-control-center.xpm"03:10
gotoguyhave her connect direct to the modem.03:11
alcaprawnwhats the best ati drivers, for 12.10? for performance? i am getting tearing in vlc and other videos03:11
elkingreyOkay, she's re enabled her NAT, and she's got internet again. Is there some setting we can do with NAT enabled?03:12
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
marenostrumcodrus, This maight be usefull: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/03:12
gotoguyYES, port forwarding , or DMZ03:13
lvlephthis file doesn't exist, so what the heck03:13
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{bosco}so i have a notebook without a cdrom drive i have windows installed and ubuntu on a flash drive ready to install i have tried before i cant seem to get them to dual boot properly here is my partitions now http://picpaste.com/7c92fe616ce26b4680fe546dec20e8b7.png what i want is a 25 or so gb for ubuntu 75gb for windows or so and the rest as NTFS storage that both can acess any help please? oh by the way i have a uefi bootloader i want to work as well03:15
codrusmarenostrum: found a place to order it. Thanks for the help03:16
gotoguy<elkingrey> port forwarding, opens a port to a specific machine on her LAN, DMZ opens all the ports to a specific machine.03:17
c_smith{bosco},  first off, what version of Ubuntu are you attempting this with?03:17
c_smith{bosco}, 12.10 is the easiest version currently to work with UEFI. 12.04 doesn't work with UEFI as easily.03:18
KI4ROWhat's the best package (least hassle) to transfer my CDs to my MP3 player?03:22
blnkbosco, I'm a bit of a noob myself, but I needed to format with some linux file systems for it to dual boot. I had given 100gb to an NTFS  for windows, 100gb to ext3 for ubuntum then it also required a linux-swap file system. All that was an option to me when I was installing03:22
jeniahello everyone03:24
blnkKl4RO what MP3 player are you using? if you are using an iPod, it will be a bit difficult03:24
{bosco}c_smith, 12.10 x6403:25
kvothetechyou can use ipods in linux they suck but you can use them03:25
{bosco}c_smith, installed from a usb since i have no cdrom drive03:25
blnkkvothetech, I agree with that statement, I used an ipod touch with ubuntu for a while. But music would frequently stop transfering and it was a hug hastle03:26
KI4ROblnk, Its called Eclipse...wife got it for me for Christmas03:26
c_smith{bosco}, alright,03:27
{bosco}so? lol03:27
alan__Hello all & Merry Christmas!03:27
blnkKI4RO, have you plugged it into a USB port yet? if so, does it show up as a storage device?03:27
c_smithnow, your current partition setup doesn't make clear which partition is the UEFI Partition (yes, UEFI needs it's own partition)03:27
KI4ROblnk, Yes03:27
GhostdogHey all, what would be the best place to get 12.04 networking support?03:28
alan__Can I ask... with the recent release of Enlightenment e17, is there any increase in questions concerning it?03:29
KurtKrautAfter I changed my /etc/resolv.conf manually once. the NetworkManager never writes in this file the DNS servers gathered from DHCP, making me manually adjust the resolv.conf whenever I change network. How can I fix it?03:29
c_smith{bosco}, usually /dev/sda1 would be a UEFI partition.03:29
{bosco}c_smith, i get that but when i do it doesnt boot at all for some reason so i want this to work without having to reinstall windows?03:29
blnkKI4RO, are you able to play music CDs from your computer?03:29
KI4ROblnk, Yes03:29
bazhangalan__, it's only been a couple of days, so no03:29
{bosco}c_smith, so can you walk me through this just for a sec03:29
c_smith{bosco}, okay, gimme a second to refer to the pic you provided.03:29
{bosco}c_smith, thanks03:30
alan__bazhang - thanks03:30
blnkKI4RO and mp3 files as well?03:30
c_smith{bosco}, it looks like Windows isn't using the UEFI Capability, just so you know.03:30
{bosco}c_smith, deleting the recovery partition is ok 2 i dont need that03:30
KI4ROblnk, Yes03:30
{bosco}c_smith, why not it is a factory installed version of windows 803:30
c_smith{bosco}, that frees up a lot of spce.03:30
c_smith{bosco}, that brings a whole host of other problems, I'm gonna ask you to check for Secure Boot being enabled.03:31
c_smithif it is, it's the reason Linux isn't booting.03:31
blnkKI4RO, what program are you using for audio playback?03:32
{bosco}c_smith,  in the bios secure boot is not enabled but legacy support is not enabled03:32
KI4ROblnk, Rythmbox03:32
c_smith{bosco}, okay, Legacy won't be needed.03:32
{bosco}c_smith, right i know that so where to begin to install ubuntu to get this to work03:32
{bosco}with a storage drive03:33
{bosco}with the extra03:33
c_smith{bosco}, but I'm afraid I'm not gonna be much help on Windows 8, latest Windows version I know anything about is 703:33
blnkKI4RO, on the right hand side, you should see your CD listed under "devices". have you tried right clicking on the disk and selecting "extract to library"?03:33
blnkKI4RO, woops, I meant left hand side03:33
c_smithand 8 is too different than 7 to have anything I know about 7 to apply.03:33
{bosco}c_smith, that is ok i will be able to work around that i just cant seem to get the partions to boot right with03:33
KI4ROblnk, They appear to be WAV files on the CD and, of course, are huge.  I was hoping to find a simple easy to use program that would convert them to MP3 "automatically"03:33
{bosco}so any help? c_smith is better than none03:34
KI4ROblnk, Have not extracted to library03:34
c_smith{bosco}, all I can suggest safely is not really the most efficient, but that would be buying a Windows 8 disc, doing a clean install of that, then try and install Ubuntu.03:34
blnkKI4RO, in rhythmbox, go to the edit menu, then go to preferences03:35
KI4ROblnk, Okay03:35
c_smithother than that, I don't know enough to suggest anything without a high risk of leading you wrong.03:36
blnkKI4RO under music tab, at the bottom, is the prefered format "MPEG Layer 3"?03:36
{bosco}c_smith, i just did a clean install of windows 8 that is how it looks after install c_smith i dont care if it leads me wrong i can fix it if it does dont worry at this point i am willing to try anything?03:37
KI4ROblnk ogg vorbis?03:38
c_smith{bosco}, ah, I have no other suggestions, sadly.03:38
blnkchange it to "MPEG Layer 3 Audio" from the drop box03:38
c_smithlike I said, I know nothing about Windows 803:38
OerHeks{bosco},  maybe this page is any help >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:38
dimas_blank screen03:38
KI4ROblnk, It is set to MPEG Layer 3 now03:38
vjacobhiya. how does one know which vnc client to choose? e.g. ultra, tight, real, etc. etc.03:39
{bosco}c_smith, i know you dont what would you do to install linux at this point just by default03:39
blnkKI4RO now take not where your library location is. and if you extract your CD to your library, I think it should extract the tracks into MP3 format into your library03:39
blnkKI4RO from there, you should be able to drag and drop them into your MP3 player03:40
KI4ROblnk, Will they just transfer to the MP3 player?03:40
blnkKI4RO actually, your mp3 player might even show up on Rhythmbox and you can right click on it and "sync to library" i think03:41
c_smith{bosco}, because I have no use for windows myself, I'd simply hose out windows (get rid of it) and install Ubuntu as the only OS.03:41
c_smith{bosco}, but I take it you need windows.03:41
UziI'm having issues connecting to a remote printer.    The way ubuntu machine is setup:   I have a cat5 cable running into my other pc which is wirelessly connected to my router.   The printer is routed to that pc.  This linux pc doesn't have a wifi card nor do I have the funds right now to get one.       On the windows machine I set LPR on and have been trying to install the driver for my printer which is a "Brother MFC-J815W"03:41
{bosco}  c_smith well i dont need windows i just like to kinda keep up on just for the fun of it i dont need it at all really03:41
c_smith{bosco}, if you don't need it, it may end up being easier to just set up Ubuntu to be the only thing.03:42
blnkKI4RO, I think it should work. most mp3 players(excluding ipods) just need the mp3 files dropped into their storage03:44
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klloveallGood evening (or morning or afternoon or whatever it is, wherever you are)! I'm having a weird issue with my SSH. I'm trying to connect to a server on my local network and it connects, asks for my username/password, logs me in, but then the prompt it shows is "@THOR" (my local computer name) as opposed to "@mcserver" like it should be. This same thing happens no matter what other computer I try to connect to this parti03:48
klloveallcular server through, so I know it's an issue with that computer. Also the remote computer can shh into other computers just fine. Any ideas?03:48
KI4ROblnk, It is complaining that it needs a plugin that I cannot locate03:49
blnkKI4RO, what part of the process is it struggling with? and which plugin is it requesting?03:49
MishaX2@klloveall are you still as remote user logged in?03:50
MishaX2@klloveall whoami03:50
klloveall@mishaX2, well it shows kennyloveall, which is my username on both machines. I closed the SSH connection though, so I assume I'm back into my local machine. (also I have physical access to the other machine so I can run commands on it)03:51
KI4ROblnk, Additional software is required to encode media in your preferred format:03:51
KI4ROMPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) encoder03:51
KI4ROblnk, When I start the extract process03:52
KI4ROblnk, The following plugin is required:03:53
KI4ROMPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) encoder03:54
MishaX2@klloveall what does "cat /etc/hostname" return? Your local machine or remote?03:54
kllovealllocal machine03:54
blnkKI4RO, it looks like you will need to install the Restricted Extras package03:55
MishaX2even when you're tried to connect via ssh?03:55
blnkKI4RO you are using Ubuntu correct?03:55
KI4ROblnk, Thanks, I'll go find it...Yes, 12.1003:55
klloveallyep, which is odd03:56
blnkKI4RO, try this apt:ubuntu-restricted-extras?section=universe?section=multiverse03:56
blnkKI4RO, go to this website and just click on the link for ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats03:56
blnkKI4RO, it should bring you to the Software Center and you can hit the install button03:57
MishaX2So basically you enter ssh user@remotemachine.... it asks for your password... everything goes okay, but you're on your local machine?03:57
KI4ROblnk Thank you sir...I'll give it a try03:57
klloveallyep, exactly03:58
blnkKI4RO, I'll stick around here for a little longer so you can let me know if it works03:58
kllovealland both my local and remote machine have the same username/password, so idk...03:58
MishaX2Okay, that's a really weird problem... hmm03:59
klloveallmy thoughts exactly04:00
KI4ROblnk, Says I already have it...since 04 04 1204:02
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thufir_how or where is my secondary hard drive?  I want to browse the files which are on it.   https://gist.github.com/437773404:02
MishaX2klloveall anything suspicious when you run ssh -v ?04:02
klloveallmishax2, I'm wondering if somehow its routing the ssh request back to my local machine, for some unknown reason?04:02
klloveallmishax2, yeah, for some reason it has the IP address of the remote machine listed as
klloveallit should be
MishaX2Something might be wrong in your /etc/hosts file04:05
blnkKI4RO, yout might need "libavcodec-extra-52" available here http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/libavcodec-extra-5204:05
MishaX2what's in there? anything mapped to other than your local machinename?04:05
klloveallmishax2, all it lists in there is localhost and THOR (the name of my local machine). There's also some IPv6 addresses (none of which are the name of my remote machine), but that's it.04:06
UziI cant seem to get my remote printer setup can someone please help?    This is the driver I need:  I can't seem to get it added to the print program (i'm using the gui because im tired and clicking through the steps..)    http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J615W04:06
thufir_how do I mount sdb?  https://gist.github.com/437773404:06
Uzianyone ?04:07
daftykinsthufir_: pastebin the output of 'sudo fdisk -l'04:07
MishaX2klloveall what if you run "tracepath"?04:09
blnkKI4RO, I've got an easier route for you, open up "Synaptic Package Manager"04:09
thufir_fdisk -l and other output to mount secondary hard drive (hdb?)  https://gist.github.com/4377734   I'm not sure whether it's the master or slave hard drive.04:10
thufir_Uzi: for what it's worth, my Samsung didn't need a that, Ubuntu figured it out when I connected it.  have you tried that first?04:11
KI4ROblnk, Okay will do04:11
klloveallwell, it traces it to the old name of that computer (I had one install of ubuntu on it, and recently partitioned it and installed a second. It's showing the old hostname04:12
thufir_daftykins: fdisk -l and other output to mount secondary hard drive (hdb?)  https://gist.github.com/4377734   I'm not sure whether it's the master or slave hard drive.04:12
daftykinsthufir_: hrmm, says it was an LVM install. you just want to know the commands to mount the partitions is it?04:12
Uzitried to what? connect the printer to the pc?  i can't no cable04:12
blnkKI4RO, You will need an admin password to get into it. then under "quick filter", type in "libavcodec-extra" without the quotations04:12
klloveallmishax2, oh that's strange.... if I connect to ssh [old hostname] then it connects to the remote machine... strange...04:13
thufir_daftykins: hmm. you sure it's LVM?  maybe that's the other disc.  I just want to browse the files (will use DAR to backup)04:13
klloveallany ideas on what I need to do to, I guess, refresh the hostname resolution?04:14
thufir_Uzi: well, I would do that first before mucking with wifi, but that's just my two cents.04:14
MishaX2yeah probably...04:14
Uziwell it's not a wifi issue04:14
thufir_klloveall: /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname I think.04:14
UziI'm having issues connecting to a remote printer.    The way ubuntu machine is setup:   I have a cat5 cable running into my other pc which is wirelessly connected to my router.   The printer is routed to that pc.  This linux pc doesn't have a wifi card nor do I have the funds right now to get one.       On the windows machine I set LPR on and have been trying to install the driver for my printer which is a "Brother MFC-J815W"04:14
Uzifirst post04:14
Uziif you read that you can see how i connected it lol04:14
daftykinsthufir_: mkdir /media/hdd1 && mount /dev/sdb5 /media/hdd1 (that might error)04:14
thufir_daftykins: thx04:15
MishaX2try: sudo /etc/init.d/nscd restart04:15
MishaX2and sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start04:15
pictronHey guys, my dpkg somehow was completely borked by the 12.10 upgrade04:15
KI4ROblnk, Not getting synaptic running but can get into software updater04:15
MishaX2@klloveall lemme know if it works :)04:16
pictronany time I want to use dpkg it says:04:16
KI4ROblnk Out of steam here...going to take a break...many thanks for trying to help...Merry Christmas04:16
pictron"E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."04:16
daftykinspictron: so what happens when you run that?04:17
blnkKI4RO, I'm pretty sure all you need is the libavcodec. A quick google search should give you instructions04:17
pictronWhen I run that command, dpkg gets stuck at configuring the initial RAM fs04:17
klloveallmishax2, the first one didn't exist, and the second one didn't do anything04:17
thufir_mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member' https://gist.github.com/4377734  gives error:04:18
thufir_Uzi: is the printer connected to the pc with windows? via usb?  then windows box and linux box are on the same network with cat5?04:19
MishaX2klloveall have you restarted  the networking service after you changed the hostnames?04:19
thufir_Uzi: does the windows box print fine?  1.) first, maybe just use the windows pc to print for right now, plus test that.  2.) if windows won't print, then fix that first.04:20
daftykinsthufir_: google a guide on how to mount LVM04:20
thufir_daftykins: ok.  thank, I didn't realize it was lvm.04:20
pictrongets stuck right there04:20
Uzino the windows PC is connected via wifi  and is also connected to the lan via wifi.  The linux pc is  has a cat 5 patch cable running to the WINDOWS pc to share the inet04:20
blnkKI4RO, if you can't get synaptics open, you could open the terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T and enter "sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53" without the quotations04:21
Uziwindows pc has worked fine i just installed ubuntu about 24 hours ago and have been setting up everything non stop04:21
WeThePeoplehow do i set a wallpaper img.?04:23
pictronany guesses?04:23
WeThePeoplewhat are some alternatives to setting a wallpaper04:24
WeThePeoplethe method i am using is not working04:24
klloveallmishax2, well I just restarted it, which crashed my computer, so I accidentally restarted the entire machine, and it still isn't working04:25
thufir_Uzi: for what it's worth, I would say there's a 99% chance that connecting the printer to the linux box will install the requisite drivers, which may (?) help with LVM printing.  for what it's worth:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrotherDriverPackaging04:26
Uzii would if i could04:27
Uzithanks for your help anyways04:27
thufir_is fdisk -lu destructive?04:29
KI4ROblnk says I already have it04:29
thufir_Uzi: did you try to install your drive with a package manager?04:30
gotoguyno, I don't think so, why you need it?04:30
Uzii didn't notice that they made a .deb file so i used a program to convert the rpm to a deb04:31
Uziit messed up and being i haven't used linix in oh... 4 years i forgot how to freaking fix it04:31
Uziyes alien04:31
MishaX2klloveall I don't know04:31
MishaX2klloveall sorry...04:32
thufir_Uzi: ouch.  err, that sounds like a bad idea. is your driver listed in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrotherDriverPackaging ?04:32
klloveallhaha, it's cool. me neither04:32
gotoguyI used to install manually, but for this ubuntu I used a live disc.04:32
Uzithat's my driver04:32
Uzifor linux04:32
pictronWhen I run that dpkg --configure -a, dpkg gets stuck at configuring the initial RAM fs04:32
thufir_I'm following http://www.vxbus.com/software/linux/150-how-to-mount-lvm-partions-in-ubuntu.html but when I run vgscan it only picks up hte hard drive I'm using, not the hard drive I wish to mount.  https://gist.github.com/437773404:33
thufir_Uzi: I would suggest removing whatever .deb you installed first.  once it's gone, just use install the driver on that webpage.  sounds simple so far as that goes.  Dunno about LPI, though.04:35
Uziyeah i'll figure it out eventually04:35
Uzii have an idea for your other hd trying to recall the tool arg04:35
Uzibrb bathroom04:36
thufir_Uzi: right, thx.04:37
thufir_daftykins: it's volume group 'dur'  https://gist.github.com/437773404:40
daftykinsthufir_: sorry i have no experience with LVM04:43
thufir_daftykins: np. thanks.  you're positive it's LVM?   it's not maybe that the drive I'm using is LVM?04:44
Flannelthufir_: That link is dead.04:44
daftykinsthufir_: can't say, just went by what fdisk said04:45
thufir_Flannel: it's stupid github/gist problem.  yeah, I'll repost, pardon about that.04:45
pictronNobody knows how to fix this dpkg issue?04:46
UziSynaptic Package Manager isn't loading.  It was working fine when I installed it tonight.  Now all I can get it to do is ask for sudo password04:48
Flannelthufir_: Also, vgscan will only pick up volume groups, are you sure the second hard drive you have has LVM stuff set up already?04:48
tozenUzi: sudo apt-get install -- reinstall synaptic ?04:48
thufir_Flannel: I'm not 100% sure it's LVM.  sigh, patience on pastie pls.04:48
pictronUzi, Try running it from the command line and see what happens when it crashes04:48
Flannelthufir_: No worries.  You can use paste.ubuntu.com (or a plethora of others) if you're having pastebin issues.04:49
tozenpictron: seems it doesnt starts04:49
Uziworking from command04:50
roasted_It seems as if Unity is not showing me any sort of GUI. I log in, see my background, and that's it. No dash, top bar, etc. Is there a command I can run to reinitate everything?04:50
pictronSo then there's something wrong with your launcher then04:50
thufir_I'm trying to mount either the first or second hard drive.  I think it's hdb in this context:  http://pastebin.com/z00jwL7r   Is it LVM?04:51
pictronroasted_, try unity --replace04:51
roasted_pictron: is that in terminal or an alt-f2 thing?04:51
Uziyeah i guess i need to try and fix it arg04:51
thufir_Flannel: LOL, five minutes later, logged into pastebin.com http://pastebin.com/z00jwL7r04:51
pictrontry in a terminal first04:51
Uzireally i don't know why i haven't been using term..  i came from freebsd to this04:52
roasted_pictron: screen flashed... now it's hanging @ Setting Update "run_command_terminal_key"04:52
pictronthen press ctrl+c04:52
pictronand issue "compiz --replace"04:52
tozenroasted_: try gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-1 or gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compizconfig-1 or unity --reset or  rm -rf ~/.config/compiz-1/compizconfig/* or sudo apt-get install dconf-tools && dconf reset -f /org/compiz/04:53
Flannelthufir_: I don't think your logical volumes are mounted anywhere.04:54
thufir_Flannel: yes, I want to mount the ~30gb hard drive. it's lvm?  I think it's hdb.04:54
Flannelthufir_: I'm not sure what your original question was, or what you're hoping to do with them.04:54
rkhshmi'm trying to debug a kernel module issue with respect to a SCSI device .. when i try to load the module and check dmesg all seems to be OK, but when i check fdisk -l i see that the SCSI device is begin detected but see an error  "Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table"04:54
Flannelthufir_: You mean /dev/sdb5?04:54
thufir_Flannel: just mount the hard drive and brows files.  is /dev/sdb5 ~30GB?  I couldn't get human output for that.04:55
rkhshmFurthermore after some research i find that this issue is because of "BAD MAGIC NUMBER"04:55
rkhshmany ideas on how i can start fixing this issue?04:55
Uziwon't gparted tell you what your drive is ?04:56
thufir_Uzi: doh, I forgot :)  thx04:56
Uzinp :P04:56
Flannelthufir_: Please pastebin the output of `fdisk -l`, LVM doesn't have any notion of "hard drive" size.  I'm not sure what you're asking.  It looks like you have a logical volume that's ~26.4GiB, and one that's ~2GiB04:56
roasted_tozen: nothing.04:56
roasted_how on earth did this happen...04:57
* Uzi loves gparted04:57
roasted_any other ideas on how I can fix unity?04:57
erncic        362555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555552555555555555555511111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111504:57
tozenroasted_: woudnt be! did u tried step by stepeach combination i gave u?04:57
pictronroasted_, Ditch the awful DE?04:58
roasted_tozen: yes04:58
roasted_pictron: not a viable solution bro04:58
roasted_(fwiw, I'm actually extremely partial to Unity now that I've used it for a while and gotten used to it)04:58
tozenroasted_: logout-login after?04:58
roasted_tozen: in between each command? No.04:58
roasted_should I have?04:58
tozenyes of course!04:59
tozenlogout now04:59
roasted_well it wasn't specified, so, I had no idea.04:59
thufir_Flannel: I want to mount that ~26.4GiB LVM     http://pastebin.com/3hPVkm2D04:59
roasted_well I already rebooted, but I ran all 4 of them.04:59
roasted_after the reboot from running all 4, no dice04:59
tozennow ideathen04:59
roasted_I think part of the problem was a command I issued in terminal.05:00
roasted_I was trying to mount an external hard drive, but I did a typo. I ended up mounting my root drive to /media/external.05:00
Flannelthufir_: Ah, ok.  Then that initial instructions you posted was actually correct, albeit less helpful than it could be.  I assume you're interested in mounting it to recover data from, and not to use permanently, correct?05:00
tozenroasted_: what the command?05:00
roasted_I ended up rebooting then, at which point I got to a terminal login screen. I powered it off, let it sit for a few seconds, powered it on. It did a disk check and everything booted up fine.05:00
thufir_Flannel: yes.  I'm somewhat familiar with DAR (disk archiver) and will back up the data.  one time operation.05:00
roasted_tozen: just (as root) mount /dev/sdd2 /media/external. (sdd2 being where the root OS is)05:00
roasted_tozen: but even when rebooted now, I run "mount" in terminal and sdd2 is on /... everything looks great. But now Unity is being picky.05:01
Uziwow i installed Samba on this linux pc and it detected my printer!05:01
pictronSo anyone got any clue how to fix dpkg hanging at05:01
Flannelthufir_: Alright, How far did you get on that original post ( http://www.vxbus.com/software/linux/150-how-to-mount-lvm-partions-in-ubuntu.html ) did you get?  (There are more informative ones out there, but we'll stick with that one because it's not nice to pull the rug out from under your feet)05:02
Uzitrying to print a test page now..  hope it works i've been at this for 3 hours!05:02
Six92If this is the wrong room please direct me to a room that i can get some advice for installing on a MacBook Pro Retina05:03
roasted_can anybody explain why accidentally remounting my root drive to another location would make Unity explode?05:03
thufir_Flannel: whhoops.  pls reask your question.05:03
Flannelthufir_: Alright, How far did you get on that original post ( http://www.vxbus.com/software/linux/150-how-to-mount-lvm-partions-in-ubuntu.html ) did you get?  (There are more informative ones out there, but we'll stick with that one because it's not nice to pull the rug out from under your feet)05:03
thufir_I'm confused about step 5. . Activate the volume.  my group is 'dur'?05:04
thufir_I skipped the modprobe but will do that one to be sure.05:05
Uzishit not owrking but new idea lol05:05
Flannelthufir_: Yeah, "dur" is your volume group.05:05
thufir_modprobe just returns after 'modprobe dm-mod' so I guess it's there.  so :     sudo vgchange -ay dur is the command?05:06
Flannelthufir_: although, since those next commands worked, it makes me think that that was already done successfully, and you can just make a mountpoint, and mount /dev/dur/root to it.05:06
Uzitry the mount point !!05:07
thufir_Uzi: lol, thx. one sec.05:07
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Uzithank Flannel not me05:07
Flannelthufir_: You'll just get an error (nothing bad, just that it doesn't exist yet) if you tried to do it and it wasn't setup yet.05:07
thufir_mount /dev/????? /mnt/media/disc_number_two -o ro,user05:08
thufir_error when trying to mount: http://pastebin.com/ccGu3c0s05:11
Uzithufir_: got my package for my printer reinstalled trying to see if i can fire this bitch up now05:11
usr13thufir_: What are you trying to mount?05:12
usr13thufir_: Do you know what it is?05:12
thufir_usr13: it's an LVM disc05:12
Uzii'd say it's hdb05:12
usr13"/dev/sda5 looks like swapspace"05:12
Flannelthufir_: erm, I have no idea where you got sda5.  I suggested /dev/dur/root, but lets just skip the guess-and-check, and go with tried and true, please pastebin the result of `ls -al /dev/mapper`05:12
usr13/dev/sda5       152178688   156301311     2061312   82  Linux swap05:13
roasted_so I'm finding things online telling me I jus tneed to launch ccsm from terminal to reload unity, but when I try to launch it, it just flat out... doesn't05:13
usr13thufir_: You're tying to mount a swap partition.05:13
roasted_how on earth did unity crash and burn THIS badly?05:13
roasted_am I looking at a windows-style reinstall here?05:13
usr13thufir_: Is it dev/sda2 that you want?  (What exactly are you trying to do?)05:14
Flannelusr13: No, he's just confused.05:14
roasted_let's reinstall unity!05:14
thufir_http://pastebin.com/3hPVkm2D  it probably is sda205:14
=== qos|away is now known as qos
usr13thufir_: Yea, try sda205:14
=== adsfasdfasdf is now known as diamonds
thufir_usr13: just mount it it what I want to do. ok, trying sda2. thx.05:15
Flannelthufir_: right.  `mount /dev/mapper/dur-root /whatever/mountpoint/you/want`05:15
Flannelthufir_: No, don't try sda2.05:15
roasted_oh hey look at that05:15
roasted_reinstalled unity, didn't work05:15
Flannelroasted_: Please stop being obnoxious.  Obviously no one is free who can help you right now, it's christmas, this is somewhat expected, please be patient and someone will help you when they're free.05:16
thufir_mount /dev/sda2 /media/sda2 -o ro,thufir     gives:   mount: you must specify the filesystem type05:16
pictronokay, narrowed it down a bit05:16
pictronwhen I ^C05:16
pictron^CFailed to process /etc/kernel/postinst.d at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.5.0-21-generic.postinst line 1010.05:16
pictronline 1010 of /etc/kernel/postinst.d at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.5.0-21-generic.postinst is:05:17
pictronsystem ("run-parts --verbose --exit-on-error --arg=$version " .05:17
usr13thufir_: sda2 is an just the extended partition that contains the swap partition.  (Not really sure why it's set up that way, but...)05:18
roasted_Flannel: I understand. However, until then, I'll keep at it. :D05:18
Flannelusr13: Stop.  You're confusing him.05:18
roasted_however, I do think the unity --reset command just fixed it...05:18
thufir_updated my pastie:  http://pastebin.com/3hPVkm2D   RTFM on mount.05:18
roasted_I at least see the launcher now.05:18
Flannelthufir_: Have you run  `mount /dev/mapper/dur-root /whatever/mountpoint/you/want` ?  (obviously /whatever/mountpoint/you/want should be an empty directory somewhere)05:19
usr13Flannel: Exactly how am I confusing him?05:19
Uzijust let Flannel help him05:20
Flannelusr13: Because he doesn't want sda2, he doesn't want his swap space.  Read his backscroll and you'll know what he wants.05:20
jiwani can't mount my memory in ubunt05:20
usr13Flannel: That's what I just said.05:20
thufir_you literally mean type /dev/mapper/dur-root  or do you mean /dev/sda2  in this case?05:20
Flannelthufir_: I literally mean /dev/mapper/dur-root.05:20
usr13Flannel: So, what is he trying to do?05:20
Flannelthufir_: the only thing you need to change is /whatever/moiuntpoint/you/want05:20
jiwananyone help me05:21
Flannelusr13: He's trying to mount a LVM partition he has, so he can get data off of it.  READ.05:21
thufir_boom. done. thx05:21
Flannelthufir_: Now, your data should be at /whatever/mountpoint/you/want05:21
thufir_Flannel: thanks very much for your patience and expertise. :)05:21
Flannelthufir_: No worries.05:21
usr13Flannel: Ok05:21
thufir_merry christmas all.  ok, I'll shut up for others now :)05:21
jiwananyone help me i can't mount my memory card05:22
usr13jiwan: What kind of card is it?05:22
jiwanit is 2gb micro sd05:23
usr13jiwan: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #Send resulting URL, we'll have a look05:23
usr13jiwan: Actually, if it's formatted properly, it should mount when you plug it in.05:24
UziFlannel when your free can you please help me ?05:24
dubinjoin #ubuntu xiyoulinux05:25
thufir_it would be neat if there was an IRC command to automagically create a pastebin for > 4 lines or with a reserved #pastie or something.05:26
dubinjoined #xylinux05:26
IdleOnedubin: /join #channel05:26
usr13thufir_: Just use pastebinit05:26
Uzithis is the guide i used lately :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB77M4ndrY405:26
Uziit works but i can't find my driver.  i was able to install locally the driver package but that isn't helping me05:27
Uziso odd05:27
Uzimaybe i need to reboot05:27
jiwanhow can i format it?05:27
jiwanbcs it doesn't show my mermory card?05:27
Sailhow to make .iso of my current system I've installed a bunch of packages and made customizations, aliases, etc.05:28
SailHow can I create an .iso for Ubuntu that has my current state? Without any /home directories so it's fairly compact.05:28
thufir_jiwan: thx, didn't know about pastebinit looks good.05:29
usr13jiwan: What did fdisk say about it?05:29
usr13jiwan: sudo fdisk -l05:29
jiwanfdisk show only the sda list05:29
jiwanbut does't sdb disk05:29
usr13jiwan: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit  #Send resulting URL, let us have a look05:30
Sailhow to make .iso of my current system I've installed a bunch of packages and made customizations, aliases, etc.05:30
jiwan# resulting05:31
usr13jiwan: Bottom line is, if the system does not detect it, there is not much you can do.05:32
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FlannelUzi: Did you figure out synaptic?05:36
Uzibut I'm having a major 3 1/2 hour issue setting up my printer05:38
Uziplease ref this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB77M4ndrY405:38
FlannelUzi: Ah.  I am, unfortunately, completely useless when it comes to printers.05:38
Uzime too ! haha05:38
IdleOneUzi: please mind your language05:38
FlannelUzi: Have you tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows05:39
Uzii'll look at it05:39
Uziopen to anything right now05:39
thufir_Uzi: does your printer verify?05:40
FlannelUzi: It apparently (and badly) redirects to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu , which covers both directions (depending on which way you're doing)05:40
=== qos|away is now known as qos
thufir_Uzi:  the pc's are connected directly to each other, or are you using a router?05:41
Uziconnected directly to each other05:42
denny93Hi. I have a dual boot (Win7 and Ubuntu) and I updated to 12.10 through the update manager. I cannot boot now, have the message that "Loading Operating system ... error: file not found. grub rescue>" How can i fix this?05:42
Uziprinter is wifi and shared though the windows pc05:42
jiwanhey anyone help me to use fich05:42
Uziim trying to samba into the printer..  but the drivers aren't detecting ref video05:42
Uziim trying flannels url now05:42
Uzireading it and trying some things05:42
* thufir_ suspects router ports being blocked...05:43
Uzinono not at all05:44
usr13Uzi: The client PC must install drivers as well.05:44
Uzii'm cisco certed tech05:44
Uziit's not blocked05:44
riqdiizdenny93: install grub05:44
Uzithe issue is the program asks for the drivers and i have none to supply nor a PDB file (i think i said the abc name right05:45
usr13!grub | denny9305:45
ubottudenny93: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:45
denny93riqdiiz: how can I do that? I found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/187862/after-update-get-error-file-not-found-followed-by-grub-rescue Will that leave Windows untouched?05:45
denny93usr13: does the above seem correct?05:46
Uzii'm scanning for the SMB with the smb browser by pushing "browse"05:46
usr13denny93: See:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub05:46
Uzithen it scans finds the sbm share and i connect..  then i need to install a driver...   i have none that it will let me use05:46
denny93usr13L ok. And te only disk I have is Ubuntu 12.04. Will that be ok to use that livecd despite update to 12.10?05:47
usr13Uzi: Does your ubuntu PC print ok?05:47
=== Guest58617 is now known as dadinck
Uzino that's what im trying to resolve05:47
Uzithe windows pc does print fine05:47
thufir_usr13: it's the other way around05:47
usr13Uzi: firefox localhost:63105:47
Uzilet me take some print screens05:47
usr13Uzi: What is the make and model of the printer?05:48
dadinckGot a question. I have linux running on a flash drive and have a new hard drive. Is there an easy way to transfer the whole system to the new hard drive?05:48
bakuryuthemolewhat windows software should i download to try "playonlinux" on ubuntu?05:49
Uziusr13: Brother MFC-j615W05:49
Uzisaid drivers RPM and deb's..   i installed the deb05:49
Uzididn't help05:49
usr13Uzi: firefox localhost:63105:49
Uziyes im at cups05:49
Uzii'm wondering now if i can use that to somehow print from the windows shared printer05:50
usr13Uzi: did you restart cups?05:50
usr13Uzi: sudo service cups restart05:50
jiwanwhy i am getting error while uploading 'Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/dr3mro/nautilus-actions-extra/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found05:50
jiwancan anyone help me05:50
usr13Uzi: The print driver should have already been on your system.05:50
Uziwhy?  i don't have the printer connected to it05:51
Uziit's a wifi printer05:51
Uzii can't find the usb cable05:51
Uzican you use cups to remotely access a shared printer?05:52
Uzii can see this printer with samba05:52
Uzii just can't get the drivers to install05:52
Uzithe video explains what' i'm doing and when the it asks for drivers05:53
Uziabout 3:00 into video05:53
Uziat 3:10 i have the ability tochoose from:  "Select printer from database"    "Provide PPD File"  and "Search for printer driver to download"05:54
Uzican't find my printer in choice # 105:54
UziPPD no go at all either and choice # 3 fails to find anything05:55
usr13Uzi: Did you go to localhost:631  in firefox and select the correct driver for  it?05:55
Uzii'll select the driver sorry05:56
Uzii didn't know i needed to do that yet05:56
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usr13 firefox localhost:63105:56
Uziit didn't find the cups driver .  I can install one I found from here:   http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J615W05:57
usr13Uzi: In other words, use cup's web-based interface.05:57
usr13Uzi: Did you install it?   Or not?05:57
Uziyes i searched the interface and it didn't find thedriver05:57
Uzii'm going to reinstall the one for cups that i linked you to...05:58
riqdiizdenny93:use the 12.04 to 'update' grub it will work .05:58
Uzisound like a plan ?05:58
usr13Uzi: Yes05:58
denny93riqdiiz: ok running it now. Thanks!05:58
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Sailhow to make .iso of my current system I've installed a bunch of packages and made customizations, aliases, etc.06:00
Uziinstalling sec06:00
Koan2020Guess what06:01
Uzihad to close another software program06:01
usr13Uzi: Did you get mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb ?06:01
jiwani am getting problem while updating my ubuntu why06:01
Koan2020I use windows 706:01
usr13Uzi: Did you install it?06:01
Uziam now06:01
Uzipackage installer is doing it's thing06:01
Saili am using remastersys for this and the first option says make iso of your personal data my question is what type os personal data is they talking about like movies music etc or install packages?06:02
cfhowlett!ot|Koan2020: this is ubuntu support.  other OS are offtopic.  Thank you.06:02
ubottuKoan2020: this is ubuntu support.  other OS are offtopic.  Thank you.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:02
usr13dpkg  -i  --force-all  mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb  #Right?06:02
riqdiizjiwan what version are you running?06:02
usr13Uzi: now you should be able to install the printer.06:03
usr13Uzi: firefox localhost:631   #And try again.06:03
denny93riqdiiz: now it did boot into Ubuntu, but there was no grub menu to choose between windows and ubuntu. Pastebin from repair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1366364/06:03
Uzii don't want to run  "  dpkg  -i  --force-all  mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb  " because i alrdy installed it correct ?06:04
Uzijust checkin and now im at local host06:04
denny93riqdiiz: how can I bring up the list of options on boot, so that I can choose which to boot into06:04
usr13Uzi: If it's installed, it's installed.  I was just asking if you did it.06:04
Uzishould i go to add printers ?06:04
Uziim guessing i should06:04
usr13Uzi: Yes06:04
usr13use this ^^^^ URL06:05
Uziok im trying the "Windows Printer via SAMBA"06:06
usr13or just http://localhost:63106:06
usr13Uzi: firefox http://localhost:63106:06
Uzii think i almost got it06:06
usr13Uzi: You're in firefox, right?06:07
Uzijust trying to see if i can recall my samba name06:07
Saili am using remastersys for this and the first option says make iso of your personal data my question is what type os personal data is they talking about like movies music etc or install packages?06:08
Sailhow to make .iso of my current system I've installed a bunch of packages and made customizations, aliases, etc.06:08
Saili am using remastersys for this and the first option says make iso of your personal data my question is what type os personal data is they talking about like movies music etc or install packages?06:08
Uzi2 min pls06:08
riqdiizdenny93: now reboot without CD in the tray.06:09
denny93riqdiiz: awesome it works. yeah it booted by default into ubuntu first time i took the cd out. but after restarting now I have the option to boot either. Thank you so much for your help. Also thank you usr1306:10
kashkraft\j #nexus706:12
Uzisame issue i had with using samba06:12
riqdiizUzi did you see my msg?06:12
Uziit wants the drivers for the printer06:12
UziYes im using firefox06:12
usr13Uzi: So, select the driver from the list.06:12
poqWhy is update manager always suggest me forefox-locale-en if FF isn't installed on my computer? Lubuntu 12.0406:12
Uziit's NOT in the list06:12
Uzithat's the issue...06:13
usr13poq: Why is firefox not installed on your computer?06:13
bakuryuthemolesup guise ubuntu is so cool like06:13
poqusr13: I use Opera06:13
bakuryuthemolebut it'll have no use for me for my graphic design career :(06:13
usr13poq: I C06:13
Uziusr13:  did you see my reply ?06:13
MishaX2Uzi... What kind of printer do you have?06:14
cfhowlettbakuryuthemole: http://libregraphicsmag.com/06:14
UziBrother MFC-J615W06:14
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usr13Uzi: Go to the Downloads directory, (or where ever you downloaded the driver file to), and do:06:14
usr13dpkg  -i  --force-all  mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb06:15
usr13sudo  dpkg  -i  --force-all  mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb06:15
usr13Uzi: Restart cupsd.  After that, you should see the mfcj615 driver in the list.06:16
MishaX2Yeah or.... http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/instruction_prn1c.html06:17
usr13Uzi: sudo service cups restart06:17
MishaX2Can't he just select the ppd file when configuring the printer in cups?06:18
usr13MishaX2: Possibly... I dono06:18
Uziyeah i did that06:18
onlyHumani just got a stupid little error from udisk2 and had to unsafely unplug and replug a thumbdrive.   should i file a bug report?06:19
usr13MishaX2: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J615W06:19
Uzitrying it all over06:19
Uzithe cups.. firefox..06:19
MishaX2Wow... awesome that they make all that stuff for linux06:20
onlyHumanbrother is a good friend of linux06:21
MishaX2It's like a brother.... I know :P06:21
onborad[  630.281700] usb 4-2: >device not accepting address 15, error -71  usb 3.0 allways report is error any one ideas?06:23
usr13Good night all....06:23
Uziit didnt work06:25
Uzicant find driver06:25
Uzi[sudo] password for cypher:06:27
Uzi(Reading database ... 216483 files and directories currently installed.)06:27
UziPreparing to replace mfcj615wlpr 1.1.3-1 (using mfcj615wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb) ...06:27
UziUnpacking replacement mfcj615wlpr ...06:27
UziSetting up mfcj615wlpr (1.1.3-1) ...06:27
FloodBot1Uzi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:27
Uzimkdir: cannot create directory `/var/spool/lpd/mfcj615w': No such file or directory06:27
onborad mail command doesnt seem to be there for some reason06:27
onborad[  630.281700] usb 4-2: >device not accepting address 15, error -71  usb 3.0 allways report is error any one ideas?06:28
onboradusb 3.0 device sometime couldn't detect ,and  [  630.281700] usb 4-2: >device not accepting address 15, error -71  usb 3.0 allways report is error any one ideas?06:28
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* tripelb ants to put Ubuntu on nexus-7 .. Anyone else?06:37
cfhowletttripelb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus706:38
_joeywhat's nexus?06:41
_joeya toaster?06:41
cfhowlett_joey: don't be lazy.   Look it up.06:41
* V is away: ☮ ♥ ☯ mir, lyubit' i nauka06:43
_joeymir, lyubit' i nauka06:43
binii have ubuntu which is EOl verstion and i would like to update  in order to take  backup using remystrysis  and then upgrade later is there any possiblitiy06:49
cfhowlettbini: EOL means EOL.06:49
nankurahey guys, is it ok to ask a question about voyage linux here? since its based on ubuntu06:49
cfhowlettnankura: no.  sorry.  ubuntu and official derivatives only in this channel.06:50
Flannelbini: You can only update it to the latest for that version, you can then upgrade to a later version (which will require you to update as well).  About the possibility of remastersys, I can't be sure.06:50
sgo11hi, I am running ubuntu live usb. where is the "test memory" option? I can only see "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu". where is the old good "test memory"? thanks.06:52
dr_willissgo11:  befor you boot the os. in the grub menus is a memtest option06:52
dr_williswhere its always been.  ;)06:53
sgo11dr_willis, grub menu from ubuntu or from live bootable usb?06:54
dr_willissgo11:  on both i think. definatly on an installed system06:54
tyfaustIs there a way to include your password in the login promt like username@longpassword? I cannot enter my password within the timer limit and I am locked out of one of my machines due to this issue. Anyone know a work around?06:55
ubottuux31: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».06:55
sgo11dr_willis, I don't have ubuntu installed on that desktop which I want to run test. let me check the usb again. I think I didn't see any grub menu.06:55
dr_willistyfaust:  huh? what timerlimit?06:56
tyfaustdr_willisL It is cli login at the beginning of the boot up process... if you take too long entering your password you get kicked... I cannot type it fast enough.06:57
dr_willisso how is having  it in your prompt going to help?06:57
dr_willisand the login: timeout is like 3 min i thought.06:57
dr_willisor are you logging in via ssh?06:58
tyfaustIf I could include it in my username it wouldn't be a probelm ad the countdown only starts when you start in the password06:58
sgo11dr_willis, I just reboot the desktop with live usb. I don't see any grub menu. I don't want to install ubuntu on that desktop just for running a memory test. I remembered old ubuntu live CD/USB has that option.06:59
dr_willisexactly whers/how are you logging in that it takes you several min to type in a password.06:59
dr_willissgo11:   theres also system rescue type cds thaty include memtest and other tools06:59
sgo11dr_willis, ok. I will google it. thanks.07:00
dr_willissgo11:  for the live cd/usb you may need to hit space when you see the little man=keybord  icon at the bottom07:02
sgo11dr_willis, I can try that. thanks a lot. ^_^07:02
dr_willistyfaust:  no need to be msging me. best to keep it in the channel07:03
dr_willistyfaust:  and ive seen vnc clients that can autosend a password.07:03
tyfaustThe vnc password is not the issue07:03
tyfaustNevermind I will figure it out. I would rather not share publicly.07:04
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dr_willisif you really want to set your propmt.. thats doable via the Ps1 variable.. but i dont see how that helps anything07:08
Guest42681u from?07:08
MugIs there any simple way of automating changing proxies in Xubuntu?07:14
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MugA tool like the one included in gnome.07:15
MugSorry, dunno what just happened. Does anyone know about a simple proxy changing tool for xcfe?07:17
MugDope! ... I meant xcfe07:19
MugCrap... xfce07:19
mvt007geekhow can i hide my ip adress?07:20
MugHide it from whom?07:20
mvt007geekin pidgin07:20
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nankurahey guys, i was wondering, how can i go about upgrading ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 without reinstalling07:22
onboradusb3  allways report  "usb 4-2: device not accepting address 7, error -62 " and usb3 device sometime couldn't create /dev/ ,I don't why usb3 why support very well?07:22
MugSorry, my mobile client keeps crashing07:23
mvt007geekno matter.now how can i hide it in pidgin07:23
cfhowlettnankura: it's a direct upgrade ... no reinstall required07:24
MugNankura... There's a way to update lts releases07:24
MugMvt have you tried proxies?07:24
ripthejackerneed help regarding networking07:25
sandeepcan someone help me regarding gcj07:25
ripthejackerHow do i ad  a separate route for my lan in startup?07:25
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade07:26
Jordan_U!anyone | sandeep07:26
ubottusandeep: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:26
sandeepgcc -o buttons buttons.o buttonsmain.i -shared-libgcc -Wl,-non_shared -lgcj -Wl,-call_shared -lsupc++ -Wl,--as-needed -lz -lgcc_s -lpthread -lc -lm -ldl -Wl,--no-as-needed07:27
MugNankura: go to update manager->settings and select for any nex ver'notify me07:27
sandeeprunning this command yields an error that lgcj not found07:27
mvt007geeki have been heard it's better to not use LVM  .i myself have never used it for installation. but i want to know why it is better to not use it?07:27
Mug...under the notify me of a new ubuntu version option07:28
mark_buenoanyone online that can help with a driver issue?07:28
MugCrap... I hate mobile keypads07:28
Jordan_Usandeep: Did you mean -lgij ?07:29
mark_buenoi've got some instructions but it's written for a more advanced user and need a bit og guidance07:29
eFfeMhi, with 12.04 how can I change the size and pos of an initial terminal when starting up ?07:29
sandeepin the "-non_shared -lgcj"07:30
sandeepit gives the problem07:30
Jordan_Usandeep: Did you see / understand my question?07:30
sandeepit's not -lgij07:31
Jordan_Usandeep: So, did you mean -lgij?07:31
MugEffem: modify the default profile for gnome terminal07:31
Jordan_Usandeep: I don't see any -lgcj option in the gcj manual. Where did you find this flag and what do you expect it to do?07:32
dr_williseFfeM:  many terminal apps can take position argumets. or compiz plugins can force sizes. or an app like   devilspie  can tweak them07:32
ripthejackerafter starting i have to always run this command: ifconfig eth0 10.20.xxx.xxx.07:32
sandeepJordan_U: http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/Statically_linking_libgcj07:33
ripthejackerHow can make it happen automatically using network manager07:33
eFfeMMug, thanks that did it, the thing was too high, modifying helped07:33
eFfeMdr_willis: thanks for your reply, did not know about devilspie, will peek at it07:33
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Jordan_Usandeep: Those are the instructions for versions before 4.2. Keep reading.07:34
sandeepJordan_U: yes i know that07:34
ripthejackerplease help with networking problem07:35
MugeFfem: looks like the profiles only det. terminal size... You'll have to use the dr's advice for anything else :)07:35
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Jordan_Usandeep: I'm confused, that page has an example command using *gcc* with an option "-lgcj", and an example command using gcj with an option "-static-libgc". Why are you trying to run gcj with a "-lgcj" option?07:36
sandeepthe last command is gcc but the problem is that it is not able to find -lgcj07:37
Jordan_Usandeep: Ahh, I see I misread your original comment.07:38
eFfeMMug thanks07:38
ripthejackerplease help me how to set auto eth007:39
DrManhattanHow do I set the framebuffer size with the nouveau driver?07:39
sandeepJordan_U: the other problem is, it can be compiled using gcj -o foo.exe foo.java but the resulting exe is not able to run in Windows07:39
Jordan_Usandeep: I would expect that gcj is not outputing a Windows executable, but rather a standard java bytecode class file, which needs to be passed to a java interpreter to actually be executed.07:41
sandeepJordan_U: it outputs an executable file which runs well in wine but when i try to run in Windows it tells me that it is not supported07:42
MugRipthejacker: click on the network icon in the top panel->choose edit connections->edit the wired connection. Under IPv4 settings you can manually set your default ip07:43
MugCrap, he quit already07:44
Jordan_Usandeep: Are you sure that wine isn't simply being smart enough to look at the file's magic and pass it to a java interpreter (even if it is probably a Windows version of the java interpreter as installed in wine)?07:44
Jordan_Usandeep: javac certainly generates java bytecode with no windows executable portion by default, I expect that gcj does the same.07:45
sandeepno gcj does not generate any bytecode rather it compiles to an exe extension which is a standard exe07:46
Jordan_Usandeep: Making a .jar file rather than a .class file still won't add any Windows executable code, but it might get Windows to hand the file off to the JVM automatically when double clicked.07:46
Jordan_Usandeep: Interesting, that's new to me. Sorry to waste your time with this tangent then.07:47
sandeepJordan_U:Its fine but can you help me on how to install a library for gcc07:48
DrManhattanim trying to run ubuntu in text mode, but the nouveau driver is forcing the highest resolution possible. How can I change this?07:49
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Jordan_Usandeep: What library are you trying to install?07:56
sandeepJordan_U: -lgcj.a07:57
chefferHi There!, I am finding that getting everything working as specific user (for deployments) is harder than just get something up and running with root? Is it just me or others agree with me? So I end up first getting something up and running (even if running as root is easy) and then when I get to clean my environment I go back to use daemons with right user?  Wondering what others think?07:58
wilxI am installing some RDBMS engines that I am not going to use always, only for short periods of development.08:00
wilxIs there a convenient way to stop and disable running some of the services?08:00
wilxEither GUI or CLI tool?08:00
wilxWithout actually uninstalling the packages.08:00
Jordan_Usandeep: I can't see any packages that look promising other than those that depend on the gcj-jdk package, which I assume you already have. If there isn't an Ubuntu package providing what you want, or if that package isn't working, try asking in #gcc.08:01
sandeepJordan_U: Thanks :)08:02
Jordan_Usandeep: You're welcome.08:02
RirishiI've made a bootable USB Stick for lubuntu 12.10, but every time I boot from it, it tells me: "Verwijder schijven of media" which is, in english: "Remove disks or media". I've tried making a bootable USB with Unetbootin, LiLi and Universal USB Installer and they all give me the same error. Anyone could help me with this?08:02
Glitchdhello room08:05
Glitchdhoping to get some help on a problem with samba and windows 708:05
etfbHi. I'm trying and failing to install MySQL.  It tells me "dpkg: error processing mysql-server-5.5 (--configure):  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1"08:06
etfbI've purged and uninstalled and killed every config file I can find, any it still won't install.  What do I do?08:06
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trupti 08:10
DrManhattanim trying to run ubuntu in text mode, but the nouveau driver is forcing the highest resolution possible. How can I change this?08:13
alusionIs there a way that I can increase opacity but the font / text of a page stays the same?08:16
alusionI want to increase opacity but not of the like, text.08:17
etfbalusion: Are you talking web design?08:17
Glitchdhow can i share a system folder(i think its a system folder) to windows?08:18
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tozenGlitchd: see ext4 for windows08:19
Glitchdtozen, thats not what i need..08:19
tozenso make question more understandable08:20
Glitchdtozen, im running a ubuntu server, with either the kubuntu desktop or the xfce desktop(i always forget which it is) and i have samba setup and have several folder from the server in08:20
Glitchd*"my computer" but im trying to get the folder "var" to show up and cant figure it out.08:21
rp__hello! - waht kernel should I use for core 2 support?08:21
mvt007geekis it good to use lvm or not?08:22
superkuhIs it just me, or is the netcat in the ubuntu repositories missing some things?08:22
Ririshianyone can help me?08:22
Jordan_Urp__: Any kernel will support core2. If you want 64 bit then use a 64 bit kernel. (and of course it's recommended to use an official Ubuntu kernel)08:23
Glitchdtozen, can i pm you?08:23
rp__Ririshi: no ;)08:23
rp__Jordan_U: thank you08:23
Ririshioh wow.. i've waited here for 20 mins for nothing ):08:23
tozenGlitchd: no, please your request isnt my specification08:24
Glitchdtozen, sry i just pmd u08:24
etfbGlitchd: Your question is worrying.  Why do you want to make your /var directory visible to a Windows machine?08:24
Jordan_Umvt007geek: If you use LVM then you need to perform extra steps and install LVM tools if you want to mount your filesystem from a LiveCD. That's about the only reason I can think of not to use LVM.08:24
rp__just got 100% kernel use - openshot + firefox using08:24
Jordan_Urp__: You're welcome.08:24
tozenRirishi: wats happened?08:25
Glitchdetfb, because like i said i run a server from the linux box, and there are other folders beside the www inside the /var folder that i need to access and i dont want to only be able to access them with putty or some other ssh client.08:25
etfbGlitchd: Ah, I see. Well, in theory sharing any folder would be the same.  There's no "thou shalt not make this folder visible" built in to Linux.08:26
Jordan_URirishi: Is your boot firmware configured to give error messages in Dutch?08:26
etfbGlitchd: So what sort of program would you use to access /var/www, for example?08:26
Glitchdetfb, rightright, but it seems that i cant figure out how to share this folder even tho i was able to share and mount the other ones in windows08:26
Ririshitozen: this: I've made a bootable USB Stick for lubuntu 12.10, but every time I boot from it, it tells me: "Verwijder schijven of media" which is, in english: "Remove disks or media". I've tried making a bootable USB with Unetbootin, LiLi and Universal USB Installer and they all give me the same error. Anyone could help me with this?08:26
Glitchdetfb, well right now i can only access it with putty08:27
RirishiJordan_U: idk xD it just gave me them in Dutch..08:27
alusionetfb: yes in a way but I am using kde so I have a shortcut to change opacity and it changes everything08:27
etfbGlitchd: Sounds odd.  What would you *like* to use?08:27
RirishiJordan_U: my windows7 here is in dutch..08:27
Glitchdetfb, but i have the other folders mounted in "my computer" and can access them from there08:27
RirishiJordan_U: I'm on my moms small old laptop08:27
alusionetfb: It'd be convenient to change opacity of a window and it just changes the background08:27
etfbGlitchd: Oh! I bet your /var is on a different volume, is it?  That is, /var has been installed to one physical disk and the others (/etc, /home and so on) on another.  Is that right?08:28
Glitchdetfb, i would just like to know how to share it and i can mount it where i like, weather it be in network or if i put the network share in "my computer"08:28
tozenRirishi: did u setup boot from usb in BIOS?08:28
Glitchdetfb, not at all.08:28
Jordan_Ualusion: That would be increasing the transparency, not increasing the opacity. You can only do it with apps that specifically support having a transparent background, like GNOME Terminal.08:28
Ririshitozen: as in my usb is my first boot option?08:28
Glitchdetfb, they are all on the same computer, same partition, same everything08:28
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etfbGlitchd: Then you win my Weird Problem Of The Day prize for today.08:28
Glitchdetfb, lol that just doesnt help me.;08:29
etfbGlitchd: true, but it's better than nothing.08:29
Glitchdetfb, how would u go about sharing any other folder then?08:29
Glitchdetfb, indeed indeed08:29
piglordhow many GB for bt5 r3 partition?08:29
Glitchdetfb, just trying to trouble shoot the problem08:29
etfbGlitchd: Try a test: make a symlink to /var from a directory that already works.08:29
tozenRirishi: yes your usb should have first boot option08:30
Glitchdetfb, how do u make a symlink?08:30
Ririshitozen: that's good..08:30
tozenin BIOS08:30
etfbPresuming your home directory is /home/glitchd, you'd do this:08:30
Glitchdit is08:30
etfbln -s /home/glitchd/var /var08:30
cypher_hey i'm having trouble getting compiz to cube08:30
etfbOh arse. Sorry, typo.08:30
etfbln -s /var /home/glitchd/var08:31
cypher_i might be having some graphic's issues..   I have these white and black bars at startup08:31
Glitchdetfb, well shit the first command worked08:31
etfbReally? I am confused then...08:31
Glitchdetfb, but now i have to figure out how to access it over the network, or share it to the network so i can mount it in windows08:32
etfbThe second command is the one you want.  First could only have worked by accident.08:32
etfbType ls ~/var and you should see a listing of /var, because one is now a portal into the other, just like in that game...08:33
kebervasak kardinal kaitseb 2 emakast välja tulnud 4 ükskotti ja paavst kaitseb 2 emakast välja tulnud 4 jumalat08:34
Glitchdetfb, yes now the link is also in the /var folder as well as in my home folder08:34
etfbGlitchd: that's the result of the first command, which succeeded by coincidence.  You can delete that link with rm08:35
* etfb wonders what the command is in this channel to tell someone that we don't speak Viking...08:35
Glitchdetfb, ok so it removed now.08:36
* cfhowlett viking? not Klingon?08:36
Glitchdetfb, now what do i do?08:36
etfbFrom the Windows machine, try using Explorer or whatever you use to go to /home/glitchd/var, and see if you now have indirect access to /var.08:37
Glitchdetfb, well how would i if i just removed the folder it put in there?08:37
etfbGlitchd:  The second ln command creates the symlink in your home directory, pointing to /var.  The first ln command, which was an error, created a symlink in your var directory, pointing gods only know where.08:39
Glitchdlol ok08:39
Glitchdetfb, *08:39
DrManhattanim trying to run ubuntu in text mode, but the nouveau driver is forcing the highest resolution possible. How can I change this?08:39
onlyHumanhaving trouble with a website and i think it might be an ubuntu problem. does this play?:
Glitchdetfb, yep it was there in networks now, and i was able to put the  network share in my computer08:41
Glitchdetfb, thank you.08:41
DrManhattanworks fine here Glitchd08:41
GlitchdDrManhattan, huh?08:42
DrManhattansorry, I mean onlyHuman08:42
GlitchdonlyHuman, yes it plays for me too08:42
GlitchdonlyHuman, yes it plays from here too08:42
DrManhattandamn steam for linux has almost NO games08:42
onlyHumanwell then its just a prob w/ my comp08:43
GlitchdDrManhattan, yupyup08:43
DrManhattanim going to try team fortress 2 though08:43
GlitchdonlyHuman,  do any other sites work, like youtube?08:43
GlitchdDrManhattan, good luck08:43
onlyHumaneverything works but my site08:43
GlitchdonlyHuman, well one thing i noticed was that it needed a plugin, since i have vlc configured to run things like that it asked me if it was ok before playing the music08:44
onlyHumanits a movie & did it state what plugin it wanted?08:45
GlitchdonlyHuman, nope it just asked if it was ok for vlc to play the content08:45
DrManhattanonlyHuman, played with flash here08:46
onlyHumanits so weird...   i have another product page that has a diff video of the same type that plays fine. its just that 1 file08:49
etfbGlitchd: Cool. It doesn't solve the problem of why your system is refusing to allow access to /var, but it does give you what you need to keep working, so it's a partial win.08:50
onlyHumanboth are .webm using flv/ogg encoded with OpenShot08:51
Jordan_UonlyHuman: flv video can't go in a webm container.08:54
onlyHumansome one tell the OpenShot devs cuz i sure didnt know that08:55
cfhowlettonlyHuman: nor did I ...08:55
Jordan_UonlyHuman: The video you linked to is webm, and therefor used the VP8 video codec.08:55
onlyHumani encoded it with openshot and specified flv video codec @ 384kbps & libogg i think @ 128kbps08:56
Jordan_UonlyHuman: Why aren't you using the html5 video tag? I expect any browser that will support webm will support the html5 video tag, and you will avoid the problems with for example Google Chrome trying to use a plugin rather than just using its native webm support.08:57
onlyHumanyeah now ppl tell me. i've been asking around on google n bing n irc for 3 days n got the run around08:57
onlyHumandont use embed cuz its depricated so use embed08:58
xckpd7i like how this channel gives better advice than #html or #css08:58
xckpd7always dbags in those rooms08:58
Jordan_Uxckpd7: Please keep things civil and avoid personal attacks.08:59
Jordan_UonlyHuman: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_video.asp09:01
onlyHumanJordan_U:  thank you09:01
Jordan_UonlyHuman: You're welcome.09:01
TheoaHi all :)09:05
cfhowlettTheoa: greetings09:05
TheoaAnyone already used email function with python on ubuntu ?09:05
Theoatx cfhowlett09:05
auronandace!test | cigol_09:10
ubottucigol_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )09:10
cigol_thanks :)09:11
cigolthis is polish chanel :D ?09:18
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hpuser44551is ubuntu compatible with Dlink usb wireless dongles?  http://www.dlink.com.au/products/?pid=72209:25
dr_willishpuser44551: depends on the chipset of the device. i alwasy hit up the user reviews on amazon also.09:35
ouyesis there any good driver for usb wifi adapter RTL8188SU?09:46
Rootbrianouyes: Google the name you asked about, you'll be able to grab it from realtek's website.09:49
ndinizI need some help09:49
ndinizI need to figure out how to remove grub and install grub on my external hard drive09:50
Rootbrianndiniz: more specific?09:50
Rootbrianndiniz: I'm not sure how to do that.09:50
ndinizI've installed Linux on a separate hard drive, but when I go to restart the computer, it goes into grub rescue mode09:51
Rootbrianndiniz: recommending you use grub-install /dev/sdx (x name of drive number/partition)09:51
dr_willishmm. not sure about 'removeing' grub from the mbr. other then to install some other bootloader there. ;)09:56
onlyHumanreally? windows has fdisk /mbr so im sure theres a command (dd maybe?)09:57
dr_williscarefull use of dd could do it. ;)09:57
dr_willisor just have windows reinstall its bootloader. if the hd is supposed to boot windows09:57
angela_1my lap gets switted off all of sudden while in use! Can anybody tell me about it?09:59
fairuzangela_1: Maybe it's too hot?09:59
dr_willisor its determint the battery is low09:59
Rootbrianangela_1: dead battery maybe also be a factor.09:59
dr_willisand shutting down09:59
mvt007geekcan someone tell me the negative points of using lvm?10:00
mvt007geekcan someone tell me the negative points of using lvm?10:00
angela_1Ya I considered that. and got my battery changed yesterday. but the problem is even the new battery is not getting charged.10:01
Rootbrianangela_1: Assuming the charging circuitry is faulty? Is it still under warranty?10:02
dr_willisdoes windows show the battery is chargeing?10:02
Rootbriandr_willis yes10:03
* V is back (gone 03:20:48)10:03
angela_1<Rootbrian> The battery? ya six month warranty.10:03
Rootbrianangela_1: What about the laptop?10:04
angela_1Rootbrian: No. Not the laptop.10:05
Rootbrianangela_1: Well that blows. If it's the charging circuit on the laptop, it won't charge at all.10:06
dr_willisdoes it ever shutdown without warning while plugged into the wall power?10:07
angela_1Rootbrian: Oh I see. Will get it checked then.10:08
angela_1Rootbrian: Well thankyou. :)10:10
Rootbrianangela_1: Your welcome. :)10:11
AleksPGneed halp recovering some data from an SSD partition10:11
Snurre86The best way to kill a that hangs in fullscreen that I have fund is Ctrl+Alt+F1 then command "top" to see the process id's then the command "kill process id" Is there better ways?10:11
dr_willisSnurre86:  alt-ctrl-t wont open a terminal window?  could bind a hotkey to  'xkill' perhaps also10:12
RootbrianAlexsPG: You could try GParted.10:12
Snurre86*The best way to kill a process that hangs in fullscreen that I have fund is Ctrl+Alt+F1 then command "top" to see the process id's then the command "kill process id" Is there better ways?10:12
AleksPGThe partition was used to install Windows8, but after filling the drive up, it froze, crashed, and wouldnt load. Trying to mount it in ubuntu results in an error10:13
dr_willisAleksPG:  details will help us help you.    the ddrescue command 'might' let you recoveer the flakey partition to a file you could then mount and recover data from10:13
gnomefreaki use kill -9 processid10:13
DrCodeany one know if agestar encluser work in ubuntu?10:13
gnomefreakbut your way works fine10:13
DrCodeI want to buy http://www.agestar.com/en/Products/3-5%E2%80%9D-HDD-Enclosure/USB3-0/965-35-intelligent-warm-control-hdd-enclosure.html10:13
dr_williswhats the error?10:13
dr_willisDrCode:  i imagine most enclosures use the usb standards so should work.   unless its got some really weird features10:14
AleksPG<dr_willis>  the error is as follows10:14
AleksPGError mounting system-managed device /dev/sda1: Command-line `mount "/media/Data"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,        missing codepage or helper program, or other error        In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try        dmesg | tail  or so10:14
Snurre86I don't know dr_willis10:14
DrCodethanx dr_jesus10:15
DrCodedr_willis, I just want to be sure10:15
DrCodeit is supported in MAC10:15
dr_willisAleksPG:  whats the exact mount command you are using?10:15
DrCodeso I guess it will work under ubuntu10:15
RootbrianSnurre86: try sudo top -d 1 to let it update once per second, this way, it gives you super user privileges to kill zombie processes or stuck processes, such if something freezes and won't go away, you'll need to kill xorg to fix that.10:15
AleksPGThis was after I tried mounting it as read only by modifying etc/fstab10:15
dr_willisif using fstab whats the fstab line for it?10:16
AleksPG<dr_willis> I modified the fstab by adding "UUID=6020a538-f02b-4cb0-9081-55f2aadd44f0  /media/Data  ext4  defaults,umask=222  0 0"10:17
RootbrianAleksPG: Mount using ntfs-3g10:18
riderplushow can i enable guake autostart WITH notification on gnome shell? unless i uncheck "enable popup notification" it doesn't autostart10:19
riderpluson 12.10...the bug is not fixed10:19
Rootbrianriderplus: answered your question, turn it back on?10:19
AleksPGbut when I run sudo blkid it says it is a TYPE="ext4"10:20
RootbrianAleksPG: The partition is mixed up.10:21
riderplusRootbrian: if i enable it, it doesn't autostart10:21
RootbrianAleksPG: Or it could be mismatched. Force it under ntfs3g10:21
AleksPGI thought so too, probably by attempting to install ubuntu onto it. So what can I do to access the files10:22
AleksPGOk, ill try10:22
Rootbrianriderplus: I don't really know what to suggest. Maybe add it to the startup programs list?10:22
riderplusit conflicts with system notification10:22
riderplusI've done that10:22
riderplusit doesn't start with notification  on10:22
Rootbrianriderplus all I can suggest now is maybe use a PPA?10:23
AleksPGhmm, i get NTFS signature is missing. Failed to mount '/dev/sda1': Invalid argument The device '/dev/sda1' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS. Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?10:23
dr_willisAleksPG: i dont think you use umask with ext410:24
AleksPGwhat should i change the command to?10:24
dr_willisjust try a simple....10:24
riderplusRootbrian: what PPA>10:24
RootbrianAleksPG: If it were a hard disk, things would probably be allot easier. Flash memory is harder to recover much from.10:25
ThinkT510riderplus: i'd avoid ppas10:25
dr_willismount /dev/sdxx  /media/wgatever10:25
ThinkT510!ppa | riderplus10:25
ubotturiderplus: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:25
Rootbrianriderplus; cheese doesn't work on ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10, therefore a PPA needs to be used. Same for the program you're wanting to use. Check on via a web search for a ppa maybe?10:25
AleksPGWell you know, the files I will be losing are not that important, just convenient to have (all of my installation files for various programs I use) If you think it isnt worth the hassle I can wipe it and move on. Or maybe something like gparted could work?10:26
RootbrianAleksPG: You could give GParted a go.10:26
DrManhattanim trying to run ubuntu in text mode, but the nouveau driver is forcing the highest resolution possible. How can I change this?10:27
AleksPGOk, will do. Thanks all.10:27
RootbrianAleksPG: no problem. Your welcome.10:27
dr_willisDrManhattan: you mean the console res?10:28
AleksPGshould I restore the etc/fstab to what it was before? or leave it altered10:28
RootbrianDrManhatten: It's probably the way the graphics card and driver interact.10:28
RootbrianAleksPG: restore it.10:28
DrManhattandr_willis, that is correct, sir10:28
dr_willisDrManhattan: could be the framebuffer also causeing it.10:29
dr_willisnot nouveau10:29
* DrManhattan begins to cry10:29
AleksPGI used "sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.orig" to save a backup, noob question but what will be the command to restore it :)10:29
dr_willisncdia drivers may disable the framebuffer10:29
* DrManhattan hangs himself10:30
llutzAleksPG: "sudo cp /etc/fstab.orig /etc/fstab"   easy eh?10:30
AleksPGVery, you guys are gold, thanks!10:31
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jenniehello, I tried upgrading ubuntu 1204 from CMD but it is still showing 1204 version please hlep10:40
v4lvehalp noobuntu ate my grub config10:41
srhbjennie: What did you do to upgrade?10:41
jennieI ran command in CMD , let me check the command10:42
neon__I am running debian squeeze. I am wondering if I should move to ubuntu10:42
srhbneon__: Why?10:42
jennie[2012-12-23 13:03:27] <Noskcaj> or type "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"10:43
srhbjennie: That's wrong.10:43
srhbjennie: You need to use the do-release-upgrade command.10:43
neon__srhb, becuase a lot of stuff don't work well10:43
jenniewhat is command for that ?10:43
srhbneon__: Like?10:43
srhbjennie: sudo do-release-upgrade10:43
jenniesudo do-release-upgrade10:44
jennieChecking for a new Ubuntu release10:44
jennieNo new release found10:44
srhbjennie: Might have been messed up by the dist upgrade, I guess.10:44
jenniethen what should I do now srhb  please tell10:44
neon__srhb, like audacity take lots of CPU%, skype is a very old beta version, mythtv don't work because it is hard to setup I think but maybe it is the debian,10:44
srhbjennie: I don't know, sorry.10:45
srhbneon__: Right, Ubuntu is more consumerish, so you probably would enjoy that more.10:45
neon__srhb, gnash is taking lots of CPU%10:45
neon__srhb, is it possible to try ubuntu on the same partition, without destroying the debian, just in case I don't like ubuntu, and want to return?10:46
MonkeyDustneon__  start with a live cd or usb10:47
neon__MonkeyDust, where is the live usb?10:47
MonkeyDustneon__  ubuntu.com/download10:47
srhbneon__: Not on the same partition, no. Ubuntu is based off Debian and even if it weren't, they would still conflict. The LiveCD/USB is a good suggestion to try it out.10:47
Rootbrianneon_: Download it from ubuntu.com/getubuntu10:47
mvt007geekneon__: if you have enough space use a shared /home for both and use the other space for /boot and the other things10:48
mvt007geekeven a 1G space is enough10:48
mvt007geekfor the rest mines /home10:49
neon__which version of 64bit ubuntu do u recommend?10:49
ykimaUse a shared /home ?10:49
ykimaWhat an absolutely terrible idea.10:49
mvt007geeknio. it's a good idea10:50
ykimaNo it is not lol.10:50
ykimaDebian and Ubuntu use completely different versions of software.10:50
mvt007geekat this time i have a debian near my ubuntu10:50
ykimaYou don't mix distro config files out of laziness.10:50
Rootbrianneon_: If your system is x86, go with that.10:50
neon__but should I get lts or 12.10?10:50
Rootbrianneon_: 12.04 LTS.10:51
ykimaJust get 12.10.10:51
ykimaNo reason to go LTS unless upgrading is actually minorly difficult for you.10:51
yeatsneon__: obviously it's up to you - the versions are essentially very similar to each other10:51
Rootbrianykima: I prefer upgrading clean every three years.10:52
srhbneon__: But since you're looking for "newer versions" than your Debian setup, I would say 12.1010:52
adnanhi, i have one DNS server how can i resolve my Oracle EBS Server's IP on it..10:52
neon__I chose 64bit and it start downloading i386 iso, and I want a USB version10:53
yeatsof course it's hard to *not* find "newer versions" than Debian, especially if you're on Debian stable10:53
Rootbrianneon_: Use unetbootin.10:53
srhbyeats: Yes. :P10:53
adnanhi, i have one DNS server how can i resolve my Oracle EBS Server's domain on it10:53
neon__is debian testing differnt than ubuntu?10:54
Rootbrianneon_: Debian is ubuntu's base.10:54
adnanhi, i have one DNS server how can i resolve my Oracle EBS Server's domain on it10:54
adnanhi, i have one DNS server how can i resolve my Oracle EBS Server's domain on it10:55
yeats!repeat | adnan10:55
ubottuadnan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:55
adnanwill you plz help me10:56
srhbadnan: ubottu is a bot.10:57
yeatsadnan: you probably won't find many oracle users in here - you might seek out an oracle channel10:57
Rootbrianadnan: Maybe use google/bing/msn/aol/ask geeves/yahoo?10:57
yeatsadnan: /join #oracle10:58
MonkeyDustadnan  there's also #ubuntu-server10:59
ubottuhgfhjhgh: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:59
neon__I want the USB version but it gives me an ISO file10:59
MonkeyDustneon__  correct, use unetbootin to install it on the usb stick11:00
neon__Does ubuntu have install cds, that are small ~200MB11:03
MonkeyDustneon__  there's the mini.iso11:03
llutz!mini | neon__11:03
ubottuneon__: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:03
ravenvirtualbox: how to boot a real system from usb-drive?11:04
yeats!liveusb | raven11:04
ubotturaven: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:04
llutzraven: there are tricks how to map a real usb-drive into a vmdk. ootb virtualbox cannot boot from real USB11:04
neon__ok, now ... would the minimal CD boot from a small boot partition?11:05
neon__i.e. if I would put it there and extract the initrd, and vmlinuz , and set the grub right?11:06
yeatsneon__: why would you do it that way?  why not just let the installer work?11:06
neon__yeats, I dont have a cd/usb for it11:07
neon__yeats, I just have a small partition on disk11:07
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ravenllutz i knew about any system that was able to boot a usb drive in the vbox but i forgot about it11:08
llutzraven: there are tricks how to map a real usb-drive into a vmdk. ootb virtualbox cannot boot from real USB <- virtualbox has no USB-support in the BIOS11:08
babu_@search human parts11:09
ravenllutz it was a kind of bootloader11:09
ubottucipolla: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:09
Dex7erhello can you tell me how i can install compiz on linux ubuntu backtrak 5 r311:10
llutzraven: yes, a manipulated vmdk-file11:10
MonkeyDustDex7er  type /join #backtrack-linux11:10
ravenllutz where to download?11:10
llutzraven: DIY http://wire.less.dk/?p=13911:11
ravenllutz tnx11:11
Dessimat0rI can't get into the Unity launcher for some reason11:13
Dessimat0rit just stays on the low graphics stuff11:13
Dessimat0rbut if I look at the logs, it shows the radeon stuff working fine11:13
Dessimat0rso is the unity launcher crashing? i tried lightdm-gtk-launcher too11:13
Dessimat0rwith the same result11:14
joallandPourriez-vous répondre à l'une de mes interrogations.11:16
joallandComment puis-je trier mes dossiers par ordre croissant de poids ?11:16
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:16
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lindomarbom dia, se alguém puder me ajudar, uso o ubuntu com kde, ele não desliga, e não reinicia, só suspende a sessão, como fazer para desligar.11:18
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:18
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dr_willisthere is a site where you can browse the bots brains...11:23
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots11:23
DJonesgringo_: You can use the bot's web interface for a lot of factpid searchs11:23
MonkeyDustgringo_  please stop or use /msg ubottu11:23
gringo_lol okay11:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:24
juniourgettin thiserror while upating E:Encountered a section with no Package: header, E:Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/in.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_i18n_Translation-en, E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.11:24
juniourany help11:24
juniourfailedto load package list11:25
MonkeyDustjuniour  make sure you don't have old repos in your list11:25
MugMerry Boxing Day everyone!11:25
dr_willisjuniour:  i would try either rerunning 'sudo apt-get update' and rename that file, then rerun the 'sudo apt-get update'   It could be the file has became currupted11:25
juniourMonkeyDust i tried apt-get autoremove11:25
MonkeyDustjuniour  type sudo apt-get update | pastebinit and paste the url here11:26
juniourremove,clean purgebut no luck11:26
juniourMonkeyDust http://pastebin.com/Jba02Uqx11:28
mario_i need help11:29
mario_can i delete chat history from XChat IRC ?11:29
czardozyes, from your config folder11:30
dr_willismario_:  xchat should have that feature. or look at the logs in your .xchat directory11:30
juniourpackage list error11:30
dr_willisor right click i think and theres a clear feature.11:30
etfbmario_: And then stop having discussions in #underagehamsterfetishists while your wife/mother/probation worker/teacher is in the house.11:31
dr_willisxchat used to have a HELP menu with links to their docs.11:31
czardozmario_: remove the scrollback folder11:31
czardozfrom your ~/.xchat211:31
* V is away: ☮ ♥ ☯ mir, lyubit' i nauka11:31
dr_willisNo lists please... ;)11:31
MonkeyDustjuniour  i see nothing wrong that list, the ppas maybe...11:31
juniourMonkeyDust itsfailed to read package list11:32
juniourdr_willis howcan i resolve my  issue11:32
etfbHey, I found a solution to a problem I was having, thought I might share it, since it was kind of odd.11:32
etfbI couldn't install mysql-server.  DPKG was getting dependency errors, passwords were being asked for and not accepted, it was very cryptic.11:33
etfbTurns out the problem was my /tmp directory, which I had set up as a symlink to /var/temporary (for reasons too silly to go into).11:33
MonkeyDustjuniour  are you using external ppas ?11:33
mario_!mysql installing | mario_11:33
antonio_for some reason I can't get gtranscode to install11:34
ubottupippo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:34
etfbThe installer just refused to cope with it.  Removed the symlink, recreated /tmp, and it worked.11:34
juniouri dont think so11:34
llutzdr_willis: they ignore you11:35
mp2buon giorno a tutti11:35
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:36
MonkeyDustjuniour  or more than one language, english and ?????11:36
antonio_can anyone try this command? sudo apt-get install gtranscode11:36
antonio_I think its part of multiverse...and its not being found11:36
juniourno only english11:36
mario_why #php channel is invite only ?11:37
MonkeyDustjuniour  last thing on my mind: sudo apt-get -f install11:37
MonkeyDustmario_  to avoid trolls11:37
mario_hi xgoo11:37
juniourwt this will do11:37
DJonesantonio_: Looks like its not been part of ubuntu since Hardy11:38
juniournot working11:38
antonio_how can I install this bugger?11:38
juniourMonkeyDust not working11:38
MonkeyDustjuniour  beats me, no further advice11:38
etfbantonio_: Is it maybe libgtranscode instead?  Just guessing based on past experience.11:39
gnusarI started an installation with apt-get that I do not want to occur, and I canceled it with strg+c. Now when I try to install another package this operation is still scheduled.. How can I remove all scheduled packages that are to be REMOVED and INSTALLED?11:40
* etfb checks and finds no libgtranscode either.11:40
antonio_etfb: nope11:40
etfbgnusar: I had that trouble.  I used aptitude to unmark the packages for installation.11:41
dr_willisjuniour:  try this yet? --> juniour:  i would try either rerunning 'sudo apt-get update' and rename that file, then rerun the 'sudo apt-get update'   It could be the file has became currupted11:41
srhbgnusar: You can simply change the command to remove instead of install, can't you11:41
dr_willisjuniour:  i mean rename the file. then rerun the apt-get stuff. ;)11:41
gnusarsrhb: well.. I used build-dep pulseaudio ;)11:41
srhbgnusar: Hm..11:41
gnusaretfb: too bad that aptitude is not installed (yet)11:42
antonio_etfb: any idea how I can install this?11:42
srhbgnusar: Might still work though, mightn't it11:42
srhbgnusar: Simply pipe the list of packages somewhere else, then remove11:42
gnusarsrhb: might be worth a shot11:43
srhbgnusar: It would be easy to just fry all dependencies of whatever you build-dep'ed, but you might want to keep some of them. In which case you're going to have to do some manual filtering.11:44
srhbgnusar: I think the safer version is to do apt-get markauto on all the deps.11:44
juniourdr_willis they are to many11:44
juniourdr_willis irenamed one then another is doing the problem11:45
gnusarsrhb: I see..11:45
srhbEr, apt-mark11:45
llutzantonio_: get the source, build it yourself. but it seems gtranscode is ancient and not developped anymore since 2003. you'd better use avconv/ffmpeg11:45
antonio_llutz: do you know of any good software to stabilize video?11:46
llutzantonio_: nope11:46
invariantIs there any library anywhere that allows deletion of text objects from PDF files?11:48
MonkeyDustinvariant  you can do that with inkscape, i guess11:49
txthinkingdear all, my chromium can't display jpeg image , but  png,gif can display, before this i installed  jpegsrc.v8d.tar.gz for lnmp11:49
srhbgnusar: Something like "apt-cache showsrc yourPackage | grep Build-Depends" will give you the package to markauto, then you just need to clean up the output11:50
llutzinvariant: pdftk maybe (i'm not sure it can do)11:50
invariantllutz, pdftk does not.11:50
txthinkingdear all, my chromium can't display jpeg image , but  png,gif can display, before this i installed  jpegsrc.v8d.tar.gz for lnmp11:51
invariantllutz, is there an API for inkscape?11:51
ranjanHi all,11:51
llutzinvariant: honestly idk11:51
mario_hi ranjan11:52
ranjanmario_,  have ubuntu 10.04.3 , a full apt-get upgrade didnt take me to 10.04.4. shouldnt that happen?11:52
MonkeyDustranjan  instead of struggling with 10.04, better upgrade to 12.04 or 12.1011:53
mario_!update | ranjan11:53
ubotturanjan: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:53
ranjanMonkeyDust, i cant do it immediately, its 250+ desktops11:53
invariantllutz, inkscape doesn't even function correctly.11:54
juniourthanks to all i resolved it :)11:55
TomyLobotxthinking no jpeg works?11:56
angsI installed libusb-dev package, where does libusb.h should exist? under what directory?11:56
angson ubuntu 12.1011:57
yeatsangs: try 'sudo updatedb' then 'locate libusb.h'11:57
MonkeyDustjuniour  how did you do it?11:57
juniourMonkeyDust i removed all the files that are giving error11:58
yeatsranjan: I wouldn't worry about the point version if the software is up to date11:59
MonkeyDustranjan  but you are trying to update to 10.04.4 250+ desktops, you say12:00
angsyeats: thank you it worked :)12:00
yeatsangs: cool12:00
max999huh? why does ubuntu.com tells, the 32 bit download version of ubuntu is recommended?12:00
yeatsmax999: because it will work on any system12:01
MonkeyDustmax999  because 32bit runs on any harware, 64bit only on 64bit hardware12:01
nluxmorning gents12:02
dr_willisgotta love idiot proofing. ;)12:02
max999... still better getting the 64 bit version on my 64 bit system isnt it?12:02
MonkeyDustmax999  yes12:02
bekksmax999: Yes.12:02
max999ty =)12:02
dr_willisIf you know you got a 64bit hardware.. use 64bit :)12:02
kanhaI had folder named extas in my home directory but its not showing.How can i recover it?12:02
Krambiorixhi, when i use Nautilus to connect to my server via SSH, i always get the error: ssh program unexpectedly exited.... What can i do???12:02
TomyLoboMax401 unless all the software you want to use is 32 bit12:02
TomyLobothat mostly applies to closed-source software though12:03
TomyLoboKrambiorix does it work with regular ssh?12:03
yeatskanha: what happened to it?12:04
KrambiorixTomyLobo, yes12:04
TomyLoboKrambiorix i dunno what nautilus uses... sftp or scp?12:04
TomyLoboand once you found that out. does that work?12:04
KrambiorixTomyLobo, sftp12:04
galacticboyhi i am trying to make a persistent USB using ubuntu, i have 4 GB, 3 GB persistent Flash drive, my problem is after installing  few applications it says no disk space to install when i tried to install through terminal. How can it take 2 GB when i installed app of only 500 MB?  Please Help.12:04
TomyLobosftp might be disabled on the server12:04
angsdoes anyone know what directory does the libusb headers should be located?12:04
kanhayeats: i don't know its not showing there.. along with that i lost some files from pictures and Documents directory too..12:05
rollitupI hard-rebooted my Ubuntu desktop today and it stopped booting12:05
nluxgalacticboy: is it rw?12:05
galacticboyyes RW12:05
TomyLoboi got to leave now though, good luck, max99912:05
galacticboycreated using Linux Live USB Creator12:05
uncledeathHi folks, I have a strange problem. I am upgrading my home server (Core2Duo E6600, 4GB DDR2, 2x 500GB SATA HDD). A few days ago I set it up with software raid and lvm and it worked fine until it started freezing on any IO related stuff. I have 0,1% CPU usage and loads greater than 10! If any disk operation occurs my system is inresponsive, it takes 5 minutes to log onto it.12:05
yeatskanha: what happened to your system since you last saw the files/directories?  any system crashes? updates/upgrades?12:05
dr_willisgalacticboy:  your flash is 4gb in size and you are using a 3gb persistant file?  The apt-cache dirctory is most likely taking a lot of space.12:05
uncledeathI am reinstalling my system for the 10-th time and still no success. Now it is stuck on "setting mdadm"12:06
MonkeyDustuncledeath  try #ubuntu-server12:06
uncledeathand I can see that is is resync'ing md12:06
uncledeathok thanks12:06
IcePeeHello, I have a boot problem. But no-one could answer. So I'm trying again. Got a RAID1 root array in BTRFS with a LVM swap volume. The BTRFS array also has boot. The porblem is, I can boot off one member in degraded mode (if I take out the root mirror), But I can't do likewise off the Rootmirror disk. I get the grub menu but whenever I attempt a boot, the computer freezes. I'm usung Ubuntu 12.10. The Grub command is: linux /@/vmlinuz roo12:07
IcePeet=UUID=<long string> ro rootflags=degraded,subvol=@ quiet splash $vt_handoff. The mirror works, but it seems that the server freezes whenever it trys to mount rw. It's odd, as the livecd froze when I attempted to mount degraded ro12:07
galacticboyok my doubt is how come a backtrack linux fits in  3 GB  with lot of apps and why not my same flash drive can't hold that much if i install in the same flash drive?12:07
MonkeyDustgalacticboy  backtrack is not supported here12:08
dr_willisgalacticboy:  your cache directory can get huge...12:08
galacticboyi know i am just giving example12:08
dr_willislook and see..12:08
kanhayeats: nothing i was just using pytest for a simple test.but it shows that files doesn't exit and when i checked then some files where missing.but when i open my laptop all those files where there and they are important files12:08
galacticboyi want a usb key with all the apps i want in it custom installation through apt-get install12:09
yeatskanha: well files don't delete themselves... do you have backups?12:09
IcePeeit's almost like the kernel crashes.12:09
dr_willisgalacticboy:  every time you install somthing the .deb packages it downloaded are cached to that drive as well... check your cache and see ifits whats taking up space.12:09
IcePeeas it doen't even accept ctrl-alt-del12:09
galacticboyok clearing cache will fix the issue?12:10
dr_willisgalacticboy:  no idea.. TRY it and see..12:10
kanhayeats: No i just had recently installed ubuntu 12.10 and moved everything from my backup to this12:10
dr_willisthe cache can get quiet large12:10
yeatskanha: okay - step one is to set up some sort of regular backup of your important files - I would back up now in case this indicates some sort of system problem12:11
MonkeyDustgalacticboy  is this what you want? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1467012/12:11
galacticboyok my doubt is how come a backtrack linux fits in  3 GB  with lot of apps and why not my same flash drive can't hold that much if i install in the same flash drive?12:11
dr_willisgalacticboy:  could be they are doing somthing differnt..12:11
dr_willisgalacticboy:  we dont know what they do.. go ask in their channel12:11
yeatskanha: then you might try booting up your system with a live CD/USB and running filesystem checks, etc.12:11
dr_willisagain.. im guessing its how the cache is handled.12:12
galacticboyi want to do it for ubuntu that's why i am asking12:12
dr_willisid dump the 4 gb flash and get a bigger one and do a full normal install...12:12
galacticboywhy need of different distro for me when i can do everything in ubuntu?12:12
kanhayeats: then what next?12:13
dr_willis4gb is barely enough to do any real work12:13
yeatsgalacticboy: you're the one who keeps mentioning backtrack, right?12:13
galacticboynot exactly back track it's just a example12:13
MonkeyDustgalacticboy  type /join #backtrack-linux12:13
nluxoh those pentesters...12:14
galacticboythere if i go and ask i want to do in ubuntu they will direct here! I am in the middle of OS12:14
dr_willisask them what they do differntly galacticboy ....12:14
nluxthen go to ##linux12:14
yeatskanha: I don't know how you removed the files, and since you don't either, they may be just gone (unless you have the resources to do/pay someone to do forensic recovery)12:15
galacticboyYou guys are very bad in customization12:15
kanhayeats: oh12:15
galacticboyAnyone can use Ubuntu as it is. I need to change how i need that's what linux means.12:15
dr_willisIf you want the most customizeable usb flash drive. do a full install to a bigger flash drive. The live-persistant setup is not ment for long term ussage12:15
dr_willisIf its the cache taking up space then set up a script to clean it out at boot.12:16
MonkeyDustgalacticboy  if you find out how to do what you want, then you are the expert12:16
galacticboyok thanks for the info.12:16
galacticboyI'll share it for the Open Source! :)12:17
galacticboyBye now, need to experiment a lot!12:17
IcePeeI messaged earlier about my boot problem. But no-one could answer. So I'm trying again. Got a RAID1 root array in BTRFS with a LVM swap volume. The BTRFS array also has boot. The porblem is, I can boot off one member in degraded mode (if I take out the root mirror), But I can't do likewise off the Rootmirror disk. I get the grub menu but whenever I attempt a boot, the computer freezes. I'm usung Ubuntu 12.10.12:21
riderplusin gnome 3 ubuntu 12.10 my usb is seen only under /proc/partitions12:21
IcePeehe Grub command is: linux /@/vmlinuz root=UUID=<long string> ro rootflags=degraded,subvol=@ quiet splash $vt_handoff. The mirror works, but it seems that the server freezes whenever it trys to mount rw. It's odd, as the livecd froze when I attempted to mount degraded ro12:21
riderplusit doesn't mount it automatically12:21
nluxriderplus put it in the fstab12:22
dwatkinsWhat kind of filesystem does it have, riderplus?12:22
riderplusdwatkins: I don't know but windows 7 detects12:23
riderplushow to check it?12:23
extorI'm looking for a decent editor that can support UTF-812:23
riderplusextor gedit12:23
yeatsextor: gedit?12:23
uncledeathtry geany12:23
extorrussian characters show up as gibberish in gedit12:23
riderplusdwatkins how to check filesystem type>12:24
IcePeeriderplus, dmesg|tail12:24
riderplusi only see it in /proc/partitions12:24
tapasi get all kinds of x server lockups since my upgrade to 12.1012:24
RangerBobyou mean something like sfdisk riderplus?12:24
riderplus 56.857533] scsi 5:0:0:0: >Direct-Access     IT1165   USB Flash Disk   0.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 412:24
riderplus[   56.859596] sd 5:0:0:0: >Attached scsi generic sg2 type 012:24
tapasi'll try a clean 12.10 install12:25
riderplus Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA12:25
nluxvfat is 0x0b or 0x0c?12:25
riderplus[   56.872511]  sdc: sdc112:25
riderplus[   56.892866] sd 5:0:0:0: >[sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk12:25
riderplusRangerBob: what's with sfdisk?12:25
RangerBobare you trying to list partitions on a device?12:25
IcePeeRangerBob, I think he want's to know the FS12:26
riderplusthe device shows only under /proc/partitions12:26
riderplusI want it to pop up on my desktop12:26
riderpluswhen I insert it12:26
riderplusit happens with other usb flashes12:26
IcePeeriderplus, does it mantualy mount?12:26
riderpluswith this one no12:27
max999something is weird here. trying to create a ubuntu liveusb, gparted / usb-creator dont recognize the stick correctly, they show me a 1gb partition but dont recognize the whole stick (2 gb), i can see the other partition in the filemanager without problems though.12:27
riderplusIcePee: i haven't tried12:27
IcePeeriderplus, if it manually mounts Ubuntu recognises it.12:28
RangerBobHrm, don't use gnome 3 so can't help you there.  I'd assume it would work like 2 did though unless you've disabled it via something like gconf?12:28
nluxdoes the ntfs-3g work well under linux? I want a partition that can be accessed by both ubuntu and windows and 0x0b is not detected..12:28
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riderplusRangerBob: and how can I re-enable it?12:28
RangerBobMaybe this would help?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/97311/gnome-nautilus-usb-automount-not-working12:29
IcePeeRangerBob, can you set automount per device?12:30
RirishiHello. I made a bootable USB of Lubuntu and I tried to boot it, but it seems that my laptop (HP Mini 2133) doesn't recognize the bootable USB as a bootable one. It gives me this error: "Verwijder schijven of media Druk op een toets" which means "Remove disks or media Press a key"12:31
dr_willisRirishi:  how did you make the usb?12:31
RangerBoba quick googling looks like a lot of people have issues with usb automount and 312:32
Ririshidr_willis: I have tried it using UNetBootin, LiLi, Universal USB Installer and Rufus.12:32
RirishiRangerBob: usb automount and 3? what do you mean?12:32
Boreeas_I have a file called xulrunner-bin in /opt/xulrunner. ls shows me the file, as does dir, and I can tabcomplete it. But when I try to execute it, I get "bash: /opt/xulrunner/xulrunner-bin: No such file or directory"12:32
MonkeyDustBoreeas_  xul is firefox related12:33
srhbRirishi: From which system are you using unetbootin?12:33
dr_willisRirishi: You could try a imageing tool i guess. but it sounds more like the pc is just not trying to boot from that flash at all.12:33
Ririshisrhb: I made it on Windows 7, using it for Lubuntu12:33
Boreeas_MonkeyDust: But the file not being found is ubuntu-related12:33
RangerBobSorry Ririshi, was talking to someone else12:33
Ririshidr_willis: what is that, an imageing tool? Sorry I'm dumb :p12:33
RirishiRangerBob: oh, sorry, my fault.12:34
RangerBobnah I should have been more specific12:34
RirishiRangerBob: I didn't read the message above mine ;p12:34
epzil0nRirishi: long shot maybe, but try usb 2.0 if you used a usb 3 port ;) i couldn't boot from my external optical drive due to that.. odd but that's what happen12:34
Ririshiepzil0n: this is a 4 yr old laptop xD12:35
Ririshiepzil0n: maybe.. idk for sure xD but it's old lolz12:35
epzil0nRirishi: never mind then, but some usb sticks just wont work, i know my really old ones doesn't12:36
Ririshiepzil0n: Ehm.. I'm using Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 4 GB..12:36
Ririshiepzil0n: I'm not sure how old it is..12:36
epzil0nRirishi: how did you format it before using unetbootin in windows?12:37
Ririshiepzil0n: FAT32 i think12:37
RirishiI used Rufus the last time btw12:38
epzil0nRirishi: ok, that's what i always do first on windows so then that aint the issue12:38
epzil0nRirishi: there's this win32 imagewriter too maybe worth trying?12:40
Ririshiepzil0n: which one?12:40
epzil0nRirishi: i can't use unetbootin for debian had to use that instead https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer12:40
epzil0nRirishi: think it was that one.. i'll check again12:41
nluxwelp, what does ubuntu use for torrenting magnets?12:41
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SpaceRocketfull disk encryption option in the Ubuntu 12.10 installation doesn't allow creation of separate /home parition, so how to do that?12:41
Ririshiepzil0n: the problem is, my pc doesn't seem to even try to boot from the USB.. ):12:41
cfhowlettnlux: several options.  transmission is the default torrent manager in xubuntu.12:42
snadgewhat does it mean if ubiquity crashes during install of 12.10?12:42
nluxcfhowlett: it doesn't seem to support torrents :<12:42
snadgeFile "/usr/lib/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-partman.py", line 1238, in on_partition_list_new_activate12:42
epzil0nRirishi: and you have enabled that in bios i guess?12:42
nluxcfhowlett: I mean.. magnets.12:42
DJonesnlux: Transmission works fine with magnet links12:42
Ririshiepzil0n: there is no option for booting from usb in the bios ): I did set boot sequence.12:43
nluxoh my bad thanks DJones, cfhowlett12:43
epzil0nRirishi: sometimes you need to hit f8 or maybe esc key it can be different from one computer to another12:43
riderplusIcePee: the disk is in FAT32 format12:43
riderplusI tried installing and uninstalling usbmount and pmount12:44
antonio_for some reason openshot isn't opening...12:44
antonio_hmm..funny play on words :D12:44
riderplusit still doesn't pop up on my desktop12:44
Ririshiepzil0n: to choose the USB to boot off? That's F9 here, it says in the startup splash screen.12:44
epzil0nRirishi: you can also try to update bios and that way get new features.. check the manufacturer support pages ;)12:44
epzil0nRirishi: yeah, on my desktop it's f8 and then i have to choose boot from usb zip i think it says, odd but that's the way it is there12:45
riderplusshould I format it in other format?12:45
antonio_this is what happens when I type openshot in terminal12:45
Ririshiepzil0n: I have no acces to CDs or smth.. So I tried to flash the bios.. with an USB >.< and just like my bootables.. it just doesn't boot ): So.. Search for HP Mini 2133 bios12:46
Ririshiepzil0n: that way, you get to the hp support site..12:46
riderplusit doesn't mount automatically in gnome 2 either12:47
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silv3r_m00nI need to convert mp3 to ogg, what would be the best program to use ?12:47
keonHi there I have Ubuntu 12.04 x64 and when I purge wine it still exists even after reboot. I'm trying to start over from scratch.12:47
dr_williskeon:  still exists where? using apt to remove wine will NOT remove any windows installed apps that are in the users .wine directory12:48
xgoosilv3r_m00n avidemux12:48
cfhowlettkeon: purging wine will not remove the program entry from the menu12:48
keondr_willis, as in after reboot I can still run "wine" and it's still there12:48
riderplusI can only mount it automatically12:49
dr_willisthe wine apps install to .wine normally and they have some icons in some other directory in the users home12:49
riderplusmanually sorry12:49
silv3r_m00nxgoo: when I try to open the mp3 file in avidemux it says could not open file12:49
riderplusit doesn't mount it automatically12:49
dr_williskeon:  try 'which wine' to see what the path is to wine12:49
riderplusI tried all stuff12:49
epzil0nRirishi: bummer12:50
keondr_willis Something went wrong with wine so I'm removing wine. I know how to remove a directory containing the files. I've done it multiple times already.12:50
Ririshiepzil0n: hmmz?12:50
antonio_this is starting to piss me off12:50
riderplusif I do sudo gvfs-mount -d /dev/sdc112:51
riderplusI get No volume for device file /dev/sdc112:51
lotuspsychjei sometimes get a purple boot screen freeze (not able to load login screen) so after reboot its fixed, how can i solve this?12:52
epzil0nRirishi: well i got a hp too but i also got this external drive so i could update that way12:52
keondr_willis the reason why I state something has gone wrong with wine itself that everytime I erase the prefix and start a fresh new one the programs that use to work do not work anymore.12:52
epzil0nRirishi: isn't there a windows app that can flash bios then?12:52
nbubuntuhi , anyone know how to read SMART error ? or anything more simplicity ?12:53
Ririshiepzil0n: I do have an external drive, but it's at home.. I'm in Japan now (: But without lubuntu ): only stupid win7 which this laptop cannot handle very well..12:53
xgoosilv3r_m00n : avidemux for video converter.. emm have you try search the app on linuxappfinder.com ?12:53
dr_willisNight all.. will BBL.12:53
Ririshiepzil0n: idk.. i'll serach12:54
epzil0nRirishi: found this tool but check for your model http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=321957&prodSeriesId=4097331&prodNameId=4097332&swEnvOID=1093&swLang=13&mode=2&taskId=135&swItem=ob-82430-112:55
nbubuntuhi , anyone know how to read SMART error ? or anything more simplicity ? those raw data ....12:55
epzil0nRirishi: by the looks of it The WinFlash Utility works in windows environment so what is you computers name?12:58
Ririshiepzil0n: HP Mini 213313:00
lvlephCan someone help me debug why it appears that my graphics driver is crashing?13:00
lvlephAll I know is that I keep getting a message from XBMC that says I need openGL hardware acceleration. The only way to fix it is restart the computer.13:01
nbubuntuhi , anyone know how to read SMART error ? or anything more simplicity ? those raw data ....?13:01
MonkeyDustnbubuntu  is this useful? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools13:05
Ririshiepzil0n: I'll try if that app thing works.13:05
epzil0nRirishi: after googling it seems that you can only  change the BIOS option to the boot from removable disk option and i can't see that it can boot from a usb stick at all but that WinFlash utility could work, worth a try anyways13:06
epzil0nRirishi: if it's so that it can't boot from a usb flashdrive it's very dumb to say the least since it doesn't got a optical drive, hello how did they think there?13:08
Ririshiepzil0n: it extracted the stuff and then stopped..13:08
disharmonicHey guys. Happy holidays13:08
Ririshiheelo bugtraq13:08
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RirishiThanks disharmonic13:08
RirishiSame to you (:13:08
xgoohappy holydays :)13:08
Dessimat0rgreat, ubuntu crashed in the middle of the installer with an 'unrecoverable error'13:08
epzil0nRirishi: ok, maybe your only option is to boot from your external drive then when you are back home :(13:08
jparnell8839anybody use precise on a touchscreen device?13:09
Ririshiepzil0n: just arrived here -.- it's 2 weeks til I get back.. and that's on the last sunday.. and the next monday I have school again ):13:09
nbubuntuMonkeyDust i still dont understand those value13:09
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jparnell8839anybody use precise on a touchscreen device? I'm having a weird input issue where ubuntu is acting like the enter key is being held down13:10
disharmonicsome computers have different settings in Bios for USB boot devices. It's not always the obvious choice that works with your drive13:10
Ririshiepzil0n: then why does the official HP software have a function to make a FreeDOS bootable USB to get the BIOS flashed?13:11
disharmonicBtw is there any ppa that carries e17 stable?13:12
epzil0nRirishi: hm, well maybe that only applies to flashing bios.. i'm just guessing13:12
Ririshiepzil0n: I tried that thing.. and my USB is refused to boot..13:12
mehdoes anyone know how to turn on xdesktop? Is there a command in terminal to do so? Thanks.13:13
epzil0nRirishi: then i'm not sure ubuntu will run well on that computer, how much ram did you have there and what graphics?13:13
tobbegardnerhi, need help understanding raid5 and mdadm... have created a raid5 out of three (3) disks, each 3TB big... however, when looking with mdadm --detail /dev/md0 I get the following figures: "array size: 4397GB, used dev size: 2198GB". I expected my device to be ~6TB in size...13:14
Ririshiepzil0n: I've got 2 GB RAM so that's no problem, especially with lubuntu. and the Graphics: S3 Chrome9 HC iGP13:14
Ririshitobbegardner: 4.3 + 2.1 = 6.4? just guessin' ;[p13:15
testerrtell me how to view start up log13:15
disharmonicafaik chrome linux drivers are a pita13:15
Ririshibut what does that have to do with my capabilites of booting off usb? -.-13:16
nbubuntuMonkeyDust , anyhow  the wiki helps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.13:16
nbubuntuMonkeyDust ,thanks13:16
cigoldoes anyone use linux mint 14 ? some opinions for me ?13:17
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:17
tobbegardnerRirishi: But what does "used" in this context mean?! I have not put anything on the dev yet... And looking with fdisk -l /dev/md0 gives me info saying "4397GB"13:17
epzil0nRirishi: ok, well that should work and lubunut uses lxde so i think that wont be a bigger issue13:17
epzil0nRirishi: i got Macpup on my ultrabook now using the enlightenment environment, rally snappy and builds upon puppy precise i think :P13:18
RirishiI fail @ linux distros.. xD13:19
testerranyone know how to check when was last log in or shut down ?13:19
RirishiThe only one I know is ubuntu ;p13:19
SolarisBoytobbegardner: where you perhaps looking to make a striped disk set rather than the raid5 array, striped would pool the disks making about 6TB on the raid vol13:19
MonkeyDusttesterr  type last13:19
Dex7ercan you help me please..?? i have this erorr ..: The file '/root/npp.6.2.3.Installer.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.13:20
SolarisBoyalbeit striped will provide no parity or redundancy just speed tobbegardner13:20
disharmonicRirishi, puppy is a lightweight linux distro. From epzil0n post i assume they moved from a debian base to a ubuntu base. So it's a customized lightweight ubuntu derivative13:20
trexyzhi guys13:21
Ririshiepzil0n: is there a possibility that a custom bios will get me to bootin from an USB?13:21
SolarisBoybut you have about n-1 space for your disks on raid5 tobbegardner to explain the size in the ending to you and why it's not 6TB - some is used for parity/redundancy13:21
bpietroDex7er: you must mark by hand this file as executable (chmod u+x <filename>)13:21
epzil0nRirishi: http://macpup.org/ ;)13:21
trexyzi have a the following problem: when i want to connect to my machine the following error is thrown13:22
trexyz500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()13:22
epzil0nRirishi: not sure, i wouldn't mess with that.. i sould wait until i got home and then use your external optical drive instead13:22
testerrmonkeyDust how to check what causes my pc auto shutdown ?13:22
cfhowlettb33nj: greetings13:22
trexyzis there a fix for this issue?13:22
b33njcfhowlett: hi again13:22
cfhowlettb33nj: what's the issue?13:22
disharmonicRirishi, does you bios have any options for booting from USB? like USB-HDD etc13:23
trexyz500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot()13:23
SolarisBoytrexyz: fix the user directory permissions13:23
Ririshidisharmonic: nope. I can only select boot sequence..13:23
trexyzcan u be more precise13:23
SolarisBoyit can't be world writeable or fix your vsftpd config to allow_writeable_chroot = YES13:23
SolarisBoytrexyz: the users directory is writeable and the vsftpd settings probably default top not allow it13:24
b33njcfhowlett: i hear my laptop fans noise all the time13:24
testerrmayi know what is this ? CRON[11247]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)13:25
cfhowlettb33nj: Someone else will know about that than I do...13:25
SolarisBoychmod a-w /home/user *or* allow_writable_chroot=YES13:25
trexyzths SolarisBoy13:25
trexyzallow_writable_chroot=YES is not working for me13:25
testerrCRON[11247]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly) is this auto generated by ubuntu ?13:25
b33njcfhowlett: i think they are kinda broken13:25
trexyzi'm using EHCP on my machine13:25
SolarisBoytrexyz: try with writeable in that case13:25
b33njcfhowlett: how can i repair them?13:25
KenetJervethi new to IRC13:26
cigolKenetJervet: hi13:26
SolarisBoyin the two versions of vspftpd they spell writeable diff lol.. so try allow_writeable_chroot=YES if allow_writable_chroot=YES didn't work however...13:27
cfhowlettb33nj: if it's a hardware issue, buy and replace.13:27
testerranyone know ?13:27
cfhowlettKenetJervet: greetings13:27
SolarisBoyyou should probaly remove world writeable perms from some users dir anyway.13:27
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KenetJervethow can i list all channels?13:27
b33njcfhowlett: i don't know where i could buy a fan for my laptop13:27
cfhowlettb33nj: but I'd recommend you try to lube the fans before replacing13:27
trexyzallow_writeable_chroot=YES or allow_writable_chroot=YES13:27
=== krang is now known as krang__
trexyzare not working13:27
cfhowlettb33nj: research lubricating your fan for your specific make/model.  Replacement parts?  I'd start with Fry's or ebay.13:28
KenetJervetsorry i really don't know how to use this s***13:28
b33njcfhowlett: i would better know how to repair them myself13:28
disharmonicRirishi, could be it doesn't like your flash drive then or it could be a BIOS bug. I had an old Atom board that came with a faulty bios and wouldn't boot from flash drives until you ubdated the BIOS13:29
b33njcfhowlett: i hear annoying noise from fans, very annoying13:29
SolarisBoycan you show me the config and the error and the permissions on the user directory on pastebin? thanks13:29
cfhowlettb33nj: find the repair manual for your lappy.  Might be on the owner's CDROM13:29
tobbegardnerSolarisBoy: raid5 should (in theory) provide me with n-1 capacity... 3-1 = 2 disks in capacity, 3rd disk used as parity...13:29
SolarisBoytobbegardner: correct.13:29
testerrCRON[11247]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)13:30
emrHello, i'm trying open wan ip for mysql, so i edited my.cnf, setted bind-address and commented out skip-networking, however its not working mysql accepting connection from localhost13:30
testerrguys what was that ?13:30
Ririshidisharmonic: So.. How am I going to flash the bios if I don't have acces to USB booting? This netbook doesn't have an optical drive and I have no external one here..13:30
disharmonicb33nj, could be it accumulated dust or one of the fans is dying13:30
b33njcfhowlett: that's not a problem. i have already disassembled it13:30
cfhowlettb33nj: oh.  Ok.13:30
b33njcfhowlett: i have taken out the fan13:30
b33njcfhowlett: there were a lot of dust13:31
cfhowlettb33nj: http://www.ehow.com/how_12161763_lubricate-different-types-computer-fans.html13:31
disharmonicRirishi, well if it turns out it's a bios issue that could get tricky. Mine was a desktop board so i connected an old floppy drive i had lying around13:32
max999what to apt-get to have flash in firefox in 12.10?13:32
cfhowlettb33nj: http://www.ehow.com/how_6890835_quiet-laptop-fan.html13:32
max999flashplugin-installer isnt avaible.13:32
b33njcfhowlett: the noise is not usual13:32
SolarisBoytrexyz: please pastebin it and not pm it =)13:32
cfhowlettb33nj: so it's unusual?  meaning?13:33
testerris someone hacking my system ?13:33
KenetJervetjust download the libflashplayer.so somewhere and place it in plugin folder13:33
trexyzallow_writeable_chroot=YES listen=YES anonymous_enable=NO local_enable=YES write_enable=YES local_umask=022 dirmessage_enable=YES xferlog_enable=YES connect_from_port_20=YES nopriv_user=vsftpd chroot_local_user=YES secure_chroot_dir=/var/run/vsftpd pam_service_name=vsftpd rsa_cert_file=/etc/ssl/certs/vsftpd.pem guest_enable=YES guest_username=vsftpd local_root=/var/www/vhosts/$USER user_sub_token=$USER virtual_use_local_privs=YES user13:33
testerrnoone can help13:33
l057c0d3rmax999, get ubuntu restricted extras..  or lubuntu or kubuntu  which ever flavor you are using.. but get the restricted extras13:33
SolarisBoytesterr: thats a very normal message13:33
max999l057c0d3r, how13:33
l057c0d3rmax999 open the software center13:33
l057c0d3rtype restricted extras13:33
testerrsolarisboy , why there's a cron running when i didn't set any cron or running a server ?13:33
Ririshidisharmonic: dang it..13:33
l057c0d3rand install the one for your flavor13:34
max999l057c0d3r, thanks13:34
b33njcfhowlett: as if someone would turn chainsaw on13:34
Ririshiwell i'm off..13:34
SolarisBoytesterr: there are many cron jobs on the server by default13:34
cfhowlettb33nj: that's sounds like a replacement warning to me ...13:34
disharmonicIf you can borrow a flsh drive from a friend try that13:34
testerrsolarisboy , i don't install any server13:34
disharmonictoo late13:34
SolarisBoytesterr: ls -R /etc/cron.* and you will see13:34
SolarisBoytesterr: your not paying attention13:34
rollitupi was having issues with booting after I hard rebooted today13:34
b33njcfhowlett: i tried to search for a replacement but had no result13:34
rollitupi wasn't able to get the Ubuntu and Win 7 boot list13:35
NoorideeNAEhello :)13:35
SolarisBoyserver/desktop doesn't matter and on ubuntu are in general the same minus the default setup - they both have default crons setup13:35
rollitupso i booted using USB stick and then ran the boot-repair utility13:35
KenetJervetNoorideeNAE: hi13:35
rollitupand now am able to boot to Ubuntu but win 7 is not showin in the boot list13:35
NoorideeNAEKenetJervet: how is it going?13:35
NoorideeNAEDex7er: whats up?13:35
max999if i press alt+f2 and enter something, lets say terminal, it shows terminal in results but i cant click it or do anything to start it. what am i doing wrong?13:36
epzil0nrollitup: run sudo update-grub in a terminal ;)13:36
Dex7erNoorideeNAE nothing :D13:36
KenetJervetNoorideeNAE: new to IRC13:36
b33njcfhowlett: i am going to try to lubricate the fans13:36
rollitupi did it but still it does not show up13:36
trexyzregarding my vsftp issue is there a fix?13:36
NoorideeNAEKenetJervet: same here. good luck13:36
NoorideeNAEDex7er: better than something bad :P13:36
epzil0nrollitup: ok, that should have found it13:36
SolarisBoytrexyz: have you posted the info to pastebin yet?13:36
epzil0nrollitup: where do you have grub mbr?13:37
KenetJervetNoorideeNAE: and poor english13:37
cfhowlettb33nj: do what you can.13:37
rollitupepzil0n: is there a way to find that out ?13:37
NoorideeNAEKenetJervet: good luck everyone over here is kind.13:37
Kaapahello there. Since the upgrade to 12.10 my battery live is much lower than used to be on 12.0413:37
Kaapaanything I can do to look about this?13:37
KenetJervetis the `nickname:` some routine to follow?13:37
disharmonicThere's no PPA for the official E17 release?13:37
max999KenetJervet, it highlights the message for the recipient if you add his name.13:38
KaapaI added to cmdline this options, that worked on the previous: acpi_osi=Linux pcie_aspm=force i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.lvds_downclock=113:38
NoorideeNAEKenetJervet: sorta.13:38
trexyzSolarisBOy here is the link http://pastebin.com/exw54jXW13:38
KenetJervetis there any shortcut rather than type in his nickname?13:38
epzil0nrollitup: not sure about grub 2, but when you used boot repair utility did you just hit repair or did you do something else?13:38
max999KenetJervet, type the starting letters and press tab13:38
rollitupi just ran repair13:38
KenetJervetmax999, NoorideeNAE , oh that helps!13:39
NoorideeNAEKenetJervet: you got it?13:39
epzil0nrollitup: probably mbr then13:39
rollitupalso i had to change the sata cable of my HD coz the first two three attempts of boot-repair did not work13:39
mashbroI installed gnome-shell via software manager but I can't find it as an option after I log out and back in.13:39
testerrwhat is this popularity-contest ?13:39
max999KenetJervet, that works in terminals too. its really helpfull.13:39
mashbrotesterr: I saw it while the installation was going on.13:39
* NoorideeNAE Merry Christmas!13:39
epzil0nrollitup: i just wonder because if you had windows bootloader managing your boot before then it's overwritten..13:39
max999KenetJervet, even works in windows ;-)13:39
b33njcfhowlett: which oil is best for lubricating a laptop fan?13:39
Dessimat0rthe ubuntu installer crashed again13:39
testerrmashbro , what do you mean13:39
max999cfhowlett, baby oil! jk.13:40
KenetJervetmax999, yap i know that in terminals13:40
cfhowlettb33nj: NOT babyoil!13:40
KenetJervetmax999, this is smart13:40
NoorideeNAEwho knows php?13:40
Dessimat0ri should probably do a memtest on this sucker13:40
KenetJervetmax999, also how can i use the same nickname next time?13:40
cigolNooriedeNAE: me13:40
NoorideeNAEcigol: how did you learn it?13:40
mashbroKenetJervet: Register the nickname and use it.13:40
max999KenetJervet, are you using a client like xchat?13:40
NoorideeNAEcigol: i wanna start from the 0 any hints?13:40
cfhowlettb33nj: I've never done it, but I know I saw some specialty oil at Fry's.  I'd have to say ask a computer builder in your area.13:40
KenetJervetyea using xchat13:41
rollitupno i had this dual booting since past 6 months13:41
rollitupand everything was working fine until today13:41
max999KenetJervet, go to xchat > server list and enter your data there13:41
mashbroKenetJervet: Once you register the nick, you can use it every time as you wish.13:41
b33njcfhowlett: okay, thanks for the help13:41
mashbroYou just need to identify13:41
rollitupi had first installed Win 7 and then Ubuntu thats what i remember following a help article13:41
max999*network list13:41
cfhowlettb33nj: good luck13:41
SolarisBoytrexyz: looking at https://security.appspot.com/vsftpd/vsftpd_conf.html i no longer see those writeable options - you should probably check that the user dirs under /var/www/vhosts/ are permissioned/owned properly13:41
trexyzoky, thx SolarisBoy13:41
b33njcfhowlett: what irc client are you using?13:41
cigolNorideeNAE: I can recommend you any simple framework. It is good method to learn php and mysql together.13:41
tobbegardnerSolarisBoy, did some googling and will not look into using parted instead of fdisk... fdisk seems to limit the size to 2.2TB for the disks13:41
NoorideeNAEguys any tips how to start coding php?13:41
KenetJervetmax999, mashbro , how does the server know it's me not anyone else?13:41
cfhowlettb33nj: xcat13:42
tobbegardnerSolarisBoy, did some googling and will not look into using parted instead of fdisk... fdisk seems to limit the size to 2.2TB for the disks13:42
cfhowlettb33nj: xchat13:42
mroutmore like BLOATBUNTU13:42
NoorideeNAEcigol: i just installed ubuntu yesterday. but dont know what to do right now13:42
MonkeyDustNoorideeNAE  getting used to it13:42
max999KenetJervet, someone wrote you about registering =) if you register the server knows its you13:42
mashbroAnyone else can also use your nick if you don't register it. Once you register it, you'll need a password (which only you will know) to login.13:42
cigolNoorideeNAE: Zend Framework is very good but very hard, therefore maybe the best fw for you, kohana, codeigniter, cakephp ?13:42
max999KenetJervet, you need to provide a password then (but you can automate this step)13:42
mroutgnubuntu <-- does this exist? might be more respecting of your freedoms than ubuntu13:43
mashbroSo if the password validates, then the server knows it's you. :)13:43
KenetJervetmax999, so if i don't register, this nickname will be released right?13:43
testerrone last question is this auto generate by system or manually entered  ?13:43
testerrCRON[11247]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)13:43
NoorideeNAEcigol: how to install those fw?13:43
MonkeyDustmrout  wrong channel13:43
max999KenetJervet, yes, if you use /nick something now i could take KenetJervet13:43
cigolNoorideeNAE: do you know mysql ?13:43
NoorideeNAEcigol: not proffesional13:44
KenetJervetmax999, thanks. but i found nowhere to enter my password in xchat13:44
max999KenetJervet, you can do it manually and there are 2 ways to automate it13:44
NoorideeNAEcigol: less than good.13:44
mroutKenetJervet: do /msg ChanServ HELP REGISTER13:44
rollitupepzil0n: do u think this is resolvable >13:44
cigolNoorideeNAE: first install XAMPP package which have php, apache and mysql. I can recommend xampp http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html13:44
max999KenetJervet, if you go xchat network list and edit the server we are on you can provide your password there to automate it (you need to register first though). or you create a file to be executed at start (someone recommended this once to me as the other way seems to not work on evry server.. not sure)13:45
NoorideeNAEokay lunching Vbox13:45
cigolNoorideeNAE: xampp works very well on ubuntu.13:45
KenetJervetmax999, mrout : thanks a lot. :)13:46
SolarisBoytobbegardner: the software raid is constucted of partitons and not disks?13:46
mashbroKenetJervet: Automating the login process is much better :)13:46
testerrso no one knows the answer  ?13:46
joeywhats the question13:46
=== joey is now known as Guest93828
SolarisBoytesterr: about cron?13:47
SolarisBoytesterr: thats a system message it's normal it says the command cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly was run if you run the ls command i told you will see whats in that folder /etc/cron.hourly13:47
nluxwhat did I miss?13:47
KenetJervetsorry XD13:47
NoorideeNAEgod! ubuntu is so slow when i use via VBox13:47
max999if i press alt+f2 and enter something, lets say terminal, it shows terminal in results but i cant click it or do anything to start it. what am i doing wrong?13:48
cigolNoorideeNAE: and when you instal xampp server, then look at cakephp. it probably the simplest framework on the web, which allows you create website very fast (http://cakephp.org/)13:48
testerrsoalrisboy , it's empty on hourly13:48
SolarisBoytesterr: exactly13:48
* NoorideeNAE Cigol is the real man! :P13:48
Guest93828what do emotions have to do with artificial intelligence13:48
b14d3!ot | Guest9382813:48
ubottuGuest93828: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:48
SolarisBoytesterr: meaning every hour the cron system runs those cron jobs in that folder - if it's emtpy then nothing is being done13:48
NoorideeNAEdownload it via terminal right?13:48
cigolNoorideeNAE: in my opinion, it's the best way to start :)13:49
testerrsolarisboy, that is the last info before my system crush13:49
SolarisBoymaybe look a little harder =)13:49
testerri was away and the system down for no appearant reason13:49
testerris there a log has more info and detail in ubuntu that i can see what causing the system down ?13:50
SolarisBoytesterr: sure13:50
max999testerr, /var/log/syslog or dmesg13:50
SolarisBoytesterr: you can try lastlog too sometimes it tells you the condition that it was shutdown on13:50
UltimaKRwhen i try to install lubuntu on my old dimension the cds never work right and i get error messages....i was wondering if usb would be better?13:51
SolarisBoytesterr: when looking in those logs - you should have an aim - try to single out a time frame and determine what it is you are looking for13:51
epzil0nrollitup: but did you have windows bootloader to manage your systems before? then you can repair it using windows installation cd and open up a command prompt and run /fixboot and /fixmbr if my memory serves me right13:51
b14d3!lubuntu | UltimaKR13:52
ubottuUltimaKR: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.13:52
rollitupyes i did13:52
KenetJervethey guys, i'm back13:52
epzil0nrollitup: then install easybcd and add your ubuntu to windows bootloader ;)13:52
rollitupi am looking it i can make a Win 7 Installable USB since i had borrowed the CD rom for installing windows13:52
testerrsolarisboy , lastlog can't be open13:52
rollitupwhat is easybcd ?13:52
SolarisBoytesterr: right13:53
cfhowlettrollitup: yes, there's a windows tool for that.  Ask in ##windows or search for it.13:53
SolarisBoytesterr: use the command last to open that binary log13:53
solofightcan somebody please open synapatic and check whats the latest version of Git available ?13:53
epzil0nrollitup: http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/13:53
solofightor where can i know that from ? any URL ?13:53
SolarisBoytesterr: hence type "last"13:53
UltimaKRsolarisboy: when i try to install lubuntu on my old dimension, the cds never seem to work (i always get bugs and the screen goes black after i click "install lubuntu")...is that a problem with the disks or the pc?13:54
KenetJervetrollitup, is it something that helps make startup menu in windows?13:54
SolarisBoytry to find the time that it went down there - and then go into the logs looking around that time13:54
KenetJervetlike grub?13:54
rollitupyeah prolly gonna check it13:54
mashbroUltimaKR: PC, I guess13:54
SolarisBoyUltimaKR: you can check the md5sum on a cd to ensure it's validity13:54
speirosHello people.13:54
solofightguys ! ?13:54
solofightcan somebody please open synapatic and check whats the latest version of Git available ?13:54
mashbrospeiros: Hi13:54
solofightor where can i know that from ? any URL ?13:55
epzil0nrollitup: yes you should be able to make that win7 usb.. but it should be enough just to boot it up from any win7 media cd/usb and enter recovery mode hit r i think it was13:55
b14d3!patience | solofight13:55
ubottusolofight: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:55
rollitupok and should i then run those command from dos ?13:55
speirosIs this where I come for assistance with my ubuntu upgrade?13:55
UltimaKRsolarisboy, mashbro: the cd was verified by md5sum; would loading by usb be more reliable?13:55
SolarisBoyUltimaKR: try it13:55
UltimaKRsolarisboy: my dimension does not have the capability to boot from usb though, so do any of you have experience with the PLoP boot manager?13:56
SolarisBoyUltimaKR: i would assume if the usb does the same you can start looking at your hardware - i also think that on the live cd's there are actually boot options you can toggle as well13:56
SolarisBoymaybe you need a boot flag set or to boot failsafe or soemthing13:56
cigolubottu: is a bot ?13:56
ubottucigol: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:56
SolarisBoyUltimaKR: nope never heard of it lol13:56
testerrahhhhhhhh can't find anything except say crash13:57
cigolubottu: you are very intelligent bot ;)13:57
ubottucigol: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:57
speirosI've upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04, and it seems I can't add programs, as some libperl file is missing, but won't upload either13:57
SolarisBoyplop - sounds really funny by the way13:57
SolarisBoytesterr: in the last output? you see crash?13:57
UltimaKRsolarisboy: yeah it does...this is the link http://www.plop.at/en/plopkexec.html    it's supposed to let me boot from usb despite the fact that my bios are not compatible13:58
SolarisBoytesterr: good - now take the relative time of the crash if there and look under /var/log/* for events in that time13:58
mashbrosolofight: Check the latest stable release here - http://git-scm.com/download13:58
mashbroAs of now, is the latest.13:58
cigolubottu: does anyone see my post to ubottu except ubottu ?13:58
ubottucigol: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:58
speirosN, I see it too, cigol13:58
UltimaKRubottu: can i pet you?13:58
ubottuUltimaKR: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:58
mashbrocigol: everyone does13:59
solofightmashbro: yes but is that available in synaptic for installation ?13:59
mashbrosolofight: Not sure about that, sorry.13:59
SolarisBoythats a good question i actually never checked what version ubuntu ships with13:59
SolarisBoysolofight: you can use apt-cache policy or show to query the repos for whats available btw - and compare it to whats on the git-scm site14:00
solofightmashbro: no problem - thanks for coming forward to help14:00
mashbrosolofight: No worries14:00
solofightSolarisBoy: if i have a ubuntu box with me right now - i wouldn't ask the question here :(14:00
tobbegardnerSolarisBoy: Yes, can it be of disks as in /dev/sda and not from partition on the disk /dev/sda1 ??14:00
SolarisBoyhaha sorry14:00
solofighti am stuck with this windows and thought il ask here14:01
SolarisBoytobbegardner: it can be both14:01
SolarisBoywell one or the other that is.. but i eblieve if partitions they should be the same size14:01
SolarisBoysolofight: this is whats in the ubuntu repo on LTS 12.04 1: 014:01
solofightSolarisBoy: thank you very much14:02
epzil0nrollitup: first boot your computer from say win7 cd and go through language, keyboard and time then hit repair this computer, then choose command prompt or what it says, then it should be enough with just /fixboot14:03
testerrthanks solarisboy14:03
SolarisBoytesterr: yw14:03
SierraARIs it possible to run a wine application, i.e. notepad++, as 'root' so that it has access to edit files that would need sudo/root access?14:04
epzil0nrollitup: there are other options too like using the bootrec.exe but i don't think you have to do that..14:04
epzil0nrollitup: usually when i done this i used /fixboot and also /fixmbr maybe it's not needed but that's what i done14:05
speirosAlso, when I upgraded, I had three boxes open in unknown font (they displayed as boxes), so I just closed them without pressing what appeared to be the ok buttons or cancel.  What would they have been, and would this have had anything to do with my not being able to upgrade new stuff?14:06
epzil0nrollitup: then i always install say ubuntu bootloader to the ubunut root partition and then boot windows open easybcd and just add a new entry with grub 2 as ubuntu nowadays uses that and then give it a name and just save it.. done ;)14:06
epzil0nrollitup: got a triple boot setup like that now and it always works, you can ofc have grub do that but if you for some reason remove ubuntu you are screwed and need to fix windows bootloader again, that's why i always only use windows bootloader14:08
TheJackaLhi there14:09
rollitupepzilon is there a way to fix this through Ubuntu itself ?14:09
shomonhi, how do you make a playlist - a pls file?14:09
shomonI have a list of mp3 files created via find . -name "*.mp3"14:09
syncsyswhich opensource software is similer to adobe dreamweaver in feature set ?14:09
shomonhow do I convert it?14:09
rollitupcoz at the moment i don't have a CD ROM14:10
KenetJervetwtf! how does vbox know to use edition RedHat when i type in CentOS?14:10
syncsysI should say similer and competes it14:10
=== zoite is now known as Guest22023
shomonsyncsys, I guess bluefish + inkscape or maybe anjuta?14:10
rollitupbut i have the win 7 iso which i am trying to make to a bootable USB using Universal USB installer14:10
speirosNot GIMP?14:10
syncsysshomon,  which one is best. and what about komposer?14:10
shomonbut there's nothing that'll do all that really.. You just use an editor with some nice shortcuts and test bits... yeah gimp too...14:11
epzil0nrollitup: but you did already try the boot repair utility and as i understand it it didn't work?14:11
shomonnever used much "k" stuff syncsys14:11
shomonso anyone know if there's a script I can pipe a list of files into and generate a pls?14:11
rollitupboot repair utility did work thats how i was able to atleast booting back in Ubuntu14:11
alcaprawnis there a way to manage fan/speed on ati card without aticonfig?14:12
alcaprawnim using barts_ati drivers atm..14:12
rollitupbut now Win 7 has disappeared from the Boot list14:12
syncsysshomon,  k /14:12
syncsysshomon,  k ?14:13
jiwanhey i am getting a problem in my ubuntu14:13
shomonkde: software that usually starts with a K14:13
jiwancan anyone help me over here14:13
shomonI'm more of the gnome persuasion14:13
b14d3!ask | jiwan14:13
ubottujiwan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:13
=== TheJackaL is now known as ZeuQma
shomonwell in that area anyway :)14:13
jiwanwhat is dpkg in the ubuntu?14:13
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:14
KenetJervetubottu, what's !patience14:14
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:14
jiwani look in many website that terms14:14
epzil0nrollitup: the boot repair disk image at least got an option to restore mbr to previous state.. so i have mangage to use that to restore my mbr and get windows back that way14:14
b14d3KenetJervet: It's basically so people don't sit there and spam their question.14:14
shomonwhat does dpkg do you mean? It installs individual .deb packages14:14
SolarisBoyjiwan: dpkg is a utility for managing debian packages14:14
rollitupdo u mean the advanced options in boot-repair ?14:15
KenetJervetb14d3, XD14:15
rollitupi did not touch that14:15
jiwancan anyone tell me what is dpkg in linux?14:15
SolarisBoyi did14:15
KenetJervetjiwan, are you japanese or chinese?14:15
xgoojiwan : dpkg = debian package14:16
jiwans7f ch6fyhUFFPj14:16
nluxgnome-panel is so sweet yet so buggy :'(14:16
jiwan\ bsidgihf14:16
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, why is our Solaris Boy hanging in #Ubuntu?14:16
SolarisBoyi like ubuntu14:16
nluxhow do I move firefox window around on gnome classic?14:17
nluxit's not maximized yet I can't drag it14:17
nluxI can't drag any window at all, they are all fixed14:17
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, me too. i'm looking for a server distro that's debian-style and stable, but not with packages as old as CentOS14:17
speirosCan anyone help me with trying to fix this upgrade problem, as I can't fix it and don't know the correct syntax for terminal14:17
=== erry_ is now known as erry
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: ubuntu server works well if you just need a simple server - ofcourse there are other options - not many i would put in production...14:18
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, i just tried. chinese network sucks so it never finishes downloading all updates and stuff14:18
SolarisBoycentos is nice because a lot of the stuff you find in the enterprise is easily (most times) installed there being it's basically redhat14:19
nluxhow can I fix this guys? apps are not oppened in a window in gnome classic?14:19
epzil0nrollitup: i have only used this one http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/ and then used unetbootin to create a bootable usb then depending of if i wanted to install grub to ubuntu root partition i used advanced options, but i think it's enough to just hit repair and then it tries to repair your mbr and you need to have a network connection to make it work14:19
can-o-wormscan someone tell me, does 12.10 have gdm installed? I can't find any config files for it, or xdm.14:19
KenetJerveti'd prefer to install with a dvd image14:19
angela_1speiros: you can try "sudo apt-get upgrade"14:19
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: sorry to hear that14:19
epzil0nrollitup: i don't know if it works the same way in ubuntu.. did you boot from a live usb or what?14:20
speirosangela_1 I'll give it a go, and thanks for that, but I have a feeling I typed that.  I'll let you know.14:20
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, XD have got used to it14:20
syncsysshomon,  so how do you rate those software. which as being closest to dreamweaver?14:20
rollitupyes i had booted from the Ubuntu live usb14:20
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, i'm booting centos inside virtualbox and it's completely stuck14:21
SolarisBoywhy would it be completely stuck? well centos afaik is pretty big so if you mean stuck like on downloading packages - yea possible14:21
nluxguys... what do I do? http://i.imgur.com/lbtQI.png14:21
Guest22023what is your question?14:22
speirosangela_1 I get "The following packages have unmet dependencies: libxml - libxml - perl : Depends: perlapi-5.10.0 but it is not installable, Depends: libxml-sax-perl but it is not installed"14:22
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, no, haven't seen the desktop yet, just a wallpaper14:22
SolarisBoynlux: ahh thats what you mean14:22
KenetJervetcursor got stuck, not completely, but moves once in a second14:22
speirosangela_1 It tells me to try using -f, which I've tried.14:22
nluxSolarisBoy: myeah :(14:23
SolarisBoynlux: try gtk-window-decorator --replace14:23
speirossudo apt-get upgrade -f14:23
epzil0nrollitup: well as far as i know that should have been enough then, try it once again then and see if windows works after that14:23
blnkI am trying to bridge the internet from wlan0 to eth0. I have gottenas far as installing bridge-util and when I type "brctl addif bridge0 wlan0" it says "can't add wlan0 to bridge bridge0: Operation not supported" is there something I'm missing?14:23
angela_1speiros: okay let me check it once.14:23
LTFHello,can someone please tell me if can notice the error in this script http://pastebin.ca/2296804  ,which is based on this onehttp://pastebin.ca/2296806,  the original, the second one works, but the one i modified does not work in the first and second options14:24
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: hmm interesting14:24
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, and btw, i have a mysql server running under mint. is there safe way to migrate the data to centos?14:24
nluxSolarisBoy: It doesn't really work14:24
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: sure are you doing same versions? and are you doing replication?14:24
angela_1speiros: which version do you own?14:24
b14d3!ask | b33nj14:24
ubottub33nj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:24
speirosangela_1 12.04  I just upgraded from 10.04 yesterday14:25
rollitupok epzil0n I'll try this once again through Ubuntu that I able to boot14:25
nluxcompiz has closed unexpectedly @SolarisBoy14:25
SolarisBoynlux: heh14:25
osmobotHi, all!14:25
osmobotI have a problem.  Whenever I start the operating system, the keymap defauls to US keyboard. However, I'm using a Finnish keyboard, and I have to go to LXKeymap software to change it into Finnish every time. Is there a way to make it default to Finnish keyb?14:25
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, not exactly the same, but >5.0 for sure, and i'm not using any advanced features, not even stored procedures or views14:25
SolarisBoynlux: is that persistent like after a reboot or logout/in?14:25
b33nji can't boot from my usb stick to install ubuntu on a windows 8 pc14:25
osmobotusing Lubuntu 12.10 English version14:25
nluxI'm not sure let me try @SolarisBoy14:25
speirosangela_1 it tells me there's an error code from Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg , and it's (1), if that helps.14:26
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, actually, it's a wordpress database XD14:26
epzil0nrollitup: no boot up using the live usb and then run the utility14:26
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: backup folder and take a full mysql dump possibly want to lock tables if the server is busy with clients import dump use the backup as a.. backup =)14:26
speirosangela_1 and update-perl-sax-parsers not found14:26
nlux_yep SolarisBoy, it's persistent14:26
angela_1speiros: So did it get upgraded successfully?14:26
joey_b33 do you know how to go into the bios change the bootorder14:27
speirosangela_1  I can use it for existing packages, but can't install from synaptic, nor remove, I believe14:27
SolarisBoynlux: thats weird then - had that issue a few versions back on gnome classic but the command i gave you would work for me - in my case it would just happen out of no where maybe if i switched desktops or resized some app14:27
syncsysshomon,  so how do you rate those software. which as being closest to dreamweaver?14:27
SolarisBoybut it wasn't persistent -14:27
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, XD thanks14:27
KenetJerveti'll read about how to lock tables. thanks14:27
nlux_SolarisBoy: :( thanks anyways14:27
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: its an argument to the mysqldump command14:28
nlux_guess It will be an interesting experience then.14:28
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: --lock-tables i believe14:28
epzil0nrollitup: rollitup check here for more options like how you can restore mbr and to my knowledge you have to boot from a live media and not try it inside ubuntu http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair/home/Home/14:28
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: don't forget any users you have in the mysql database and tables it'self --14:28
jodlajodlahello, i have problem with temperatures on my acer aspire one 725 ... please help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209668414:28
joey_how do i get xscreensaver to run at startup14:29
rollitupok epzil0n also the windows 7 options shows up within the advanced settings of boot-repair not that i have touched it14:29
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, yea you're right14:29
b33njmy laptop with windows 8 installed won't boot from my usb stick14:29
angela_1speiros: I suspect then its a partial work done over there. What you could do is get an ISO image of ubuntu12.04 and install. That wont create any problem like this.14:29
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: so dump that as well dump *dbs* and backup the whole /var/lib/mysql or wherever it's root is and you should be good you can use either or to restore14:29
nlux_what's a good compiz alternative?14:29
SolarisBoyjust ensure it's a full dump14:29
=== nlux_ is now known as nlux
speirosangela_1 Is there some way I can install the parsers, so that the perl can be removed and then reinstalled?14:30
epzil0nrollitup: well there you have it then.. fix it and then fix ubuntu inside windows with easybcd as i said before14:30
joey_you have to hit like f1 or f2 or delete or even f9 try those try f9 or esc when you press the power button keep hittin em fast14:30
joey_one will bring up a menu you can pick the usb drive to start from14:31
epzil0nrollitup: and shit happens when dealing with windows in dualboot :D14:31
rollitupyeah happened twice in the past week14:31
nluxSolarisBoy: could it be a driver-related issue?14:31
KenetJervetSolarisBoy, thanks a lot. that's after i can get centos work14:32
joey_i just dual booted windows 8 with ubuntu just pick install along side windows 8 when you get there14:32
rollitupand to make matters more worst i don't have a cd drive14:32
speirosangela_1 This is the full report from the terminal after the -f command:     The following packages will be REMOVED:14:32
speiros  libxml-libxml-perl14:32
speiros0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:32
speirosAfter this operation, 1,376 kB disk space will be freed.14:32
speirosDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y14:32
FloodBot1speiros: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:32
SolarisBoyseems more like whatever is drawing windows is flawed - or has a bad setting or something more than drivers14:32
speiros(Reading database ... 300056 files and directories currently installed.)14:32
b33njmy laptop with windows 8 can't boot from my usb stick to install ubuntu14:32
nluxthanks SolarisBoy14:32
SolarisBoyKenetJervet: yw np14:33
b14d3b33nj: After reading a bit about your problem, did your laptop come preinstalled with Win8?14:33
SolarisBoynlux: yw14:33
b33njb14d3: no14:33
angela_1speiros: for installing you can use: "sudo apt-get install <packagename>" and to remove : "sudo apt-get purge <packagename>" . check if it works.14:33
KenetJerveti typed /LIST in the server and wtf it took 3 mins to show all channels14:34
tapasso how do i enable the nvidia driver if not using gnome or kde?14:34
speirosangela_1 Okay, cool.  Thanks14:34
joey_go into windows 8 and in the settings pick advanced startup14:34
tapasfollowing this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia14:34
speirosI'll try it.14:34
b14d3b33nj: Then this doesn't entirely apply to you, but read through this (or follow joey_ 's info) http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-8-system14:34
b14d3b33nj: It may give you some ideas and things to try. I admit I don't really know a lot about your problem14:35
tapasjockey-text -l tells me there's a driver kmod:nvidia_current14:35
b33njb14d3: okay14:35
tapasbut if i try to enable it with jockey-text -e kmod:nvidia_current it tells me that it failed..14:35
b33njb14d3: the problem is that nothing shows up14:35
kali_could anyone help me with poor video playback i am facing14:35
tapasand the jockey.log just tells me that the drivers are not existing.14:35
b14d3b33nj: That's a very vauge statement. Please clarify14:36
joey_hey does anyone know a way to have the xscreensavers app start when ubuntu starts14:36
tapasah dammit, i'll just go into gnome for a second14:36
b33njb14d3: laptop doesn't react to usb stick14:36
angela_1speiros: ya just see. :)14:37
kali_any website for video codecs.?14:37
nlux_it seems to work with no effects SolarisBoy, any ideas on this?14:37
KenetJervetkali_, i probably am not able to help, but am interested in your problem14:37
speirosangela_1 Yeah, I'll have to try again.  I'm still stuck eh.14:37
b33njb14d3: the primary boot device is set to removable drive14:37
b14d3b33nj: Getting closer. Does it not show anything when you are IN Windows, or when you're trying to boot from it?14:37
b33njb14d3: the usb stick is ok, i have just installed ubuntu on another computer14:38
speirosangela_1 Thanks though, as I appreciate it.14:38
b33njb14d3: yes, the machine sees it14:38
b14d3b33nj: At which point14:38
joey_b33 you have to go to advanced startup in windows 8 in the settings or somthing like that or else find the boot menu button or else you just have a bad usb stick copy14:38
nlux_http://i.imgur.com/AobgR.png welp14:39
b33njthe usb stick is ok14:39
joey_try the back usb ports14:39
joey_or are you on a laptop14:39
b33njit's a laptop14:40
b14d3He's on a laptop14:40
joey_whats your laptop model14:40
b33njjoey_: asus eee pc14:41
b33njjoey_: yeah14:41
joey_hold on ill look online real quick for boot menu button14:41
angela_1speiros: your welcome :)14:41
speirosangela_1 Come to think of it, does it matter that my installation is on a laptop?14:42
syncsyswhich opensource software is similer to adobe dreamweaver in feature set ?14:42
rollitupepzil0n: now that i ran the boot repair tool and choose Restore MBR in the advanced options i go straight in Win 7 without the option to boot into Ubuntu14:42
b33njb14d3: so what next14:42
syncsysI should say similer and competes it14:42
rollitupmaybe now i should run boot-repair again and do the default boot repair what say ?14:43
joey_ok well disable boot booster in the bios14:43
b14d3b33nj: If I help you while joey_ is looking something up, we may give conflicting information, or work against each other. I was waiting for his next step14:43
joey_hit f2 at startup to get into the bios14:43
speirossyncsys I used GIMP a few years ago, and could do most stuff (sufficient for my level of experience, which isn't high) that I could do with dreamweaver and fireworks, with even a little photoshop14:43
angela_1speiros: No . That should not matter.14:43
epzil0nrollitup: well that's why i always make a boot repair disk, but since i'm not at home i don't have it now, but that has saved me countless of times, either reinstalled grub to some linux partition or restored my mbr when it got corrupted due to that i installed some linux distro and the mbr gor overwritten14:43
speirosangela_1 Cool.  Thanks again.14:44
joey_ then after you disable that save the settings then hit esc key at startup for boot menu14:44
KenetJervetcentos 6.3 carries firefox 10.0.514:44
KenetJervetand what the fuck is Firefox ESR?14:44
syncsysspeiros,  ok. what choices do i have as alternatives to dw and how do you rate them?14:44
syncsysSpec,  gimp as being on 1?14:44
=== wessly is now known as Guest41868
b33njjoey_: i found quiet boot in bios14:45
speirossyncsys I'm not very experienced with it mate, and for two out of three websites that I used, I ended up using a Joomla! template, as they were so well organised.14:45
syncsysspeiros,  ^14:45
joey_hmm online it said boot booster14:45
syncsysspeiros,  ok. what do you think of bluefish + inkscape or maybe anjuta?14:45
speirossyncsys I haven't used any other packages, but GIMP was great for me.  I haven't tried bluefish or inkscape, nor anjuta.14:46
joey_try it just put it back if it dont work14:46
b33njjoey_: i have disabled quiet boot14:46
syncsysspeiros,  thanks14:46
joey_maybe fast boot14:46
b33njjoey_: now laptop starts another way14:47
joey_now when it restarts hit esc a bunch of times14:47
sideeffectso i got a little problem. i installed kubuntu on a 5 year old netbook. but grub somehow doesnt work. i made that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lod8sRb_6I . but when I starting the netbook, it doesnt want to boot. it comes just:14:47
riderplusif I use pmount /dev/sdc1 it mounts the usb. how to make pmount act automatically when the usb is inserted?14:47
epzil0nrollitup: sry i missed what you said before.. i keep loosing my network connection, on 3g now :/ i would first restore mbr and boot windows and use easybcd14:47
sideeffecterror: no such partition14:47
speirossyncsys What joey says is good though, although I don't think he meant it for you.  If they don't conflict, you could download them all, and see which one works.  I did that before my upgrade with video editing software.14:47
b33njjoey_: okay, ubuntu there14:47
sideeffectgrub rescue>14:47
b33njjoey_: thanks for help14:47
joey_ok cool14:47
rollitupcan easybcd be used without a cd rom ?14:47
epzil0nrollitup: yes14:47
speirossyncsys Then the ones that are no good can be removed.14:48
epzil0nrollitup: download it from here, just make up some username and email and then download it http://neosmart.net/Download/Register/114:49
epzil0nrollitup: it's free for personal use..14:49
sandeepwhen i try to install a library it gives me an an error Cannot currently configure in source tree.14:49
sandeephow to correct it14:50
Biomechdhey guys, i've been running 12.10 for a while now and i haven't been able to use any of the function keys (alt, any of the f# keys' secondary functions) and i haven't been able to update or any of that. i tried running software sources from the terminal so i could get the problem in text, and this is it. http://www.pasteall.org/3832914:50
yeatssandeep: can you pastebin the command you're trying and the full output?14:50
Biomechdby the way, this has been for a few weeks.14:51
tupuHi, all! In Lubuntu, where can I set the default keyboard input settings? It's defaulting on US keyboard every time I restart computer, but I have a Finnish keyboard. I can change it with LXkeymap manually but it's annoying to do every time.14:51
b33nj joey_: i saw ubuntu logo, but then it disappeared and now i see only black screen14:51
yeatsBiomechd: what locale are you using?14:51
=== tupu is now known as osmobot
sandeepyeats:./configure    >>Configuring for a x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu host.   >>*** Cannot currently configure in source tree.14:52
Biomechdyeats, what do you mean?14:52
yeatsBiomechd: in your paste, it says "Cannot set locale: unsupported locale setting"14:52
b14d3!lubuntu | tupu14:52
ubottutupu: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.14:52
Biomechdyeats, how would i find out what locale i have?14:52
yeatssandeep: what are you trying to install and why aren't you installing from the Ubuntu repos?14:53
sandeepi am installing a gcj library14:53
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sandeepyeats:i couldnt find it14:53
yeatsBiomechd: 'locale' in a terminal should show it14:53
yeatssandeep: which specific library?14:54
sandeepyeats: libgcj-2.95.114:54
riderpluscan anyone please tell me why pmount works but it doesn't act automatically?14:54
rollitupepzil0n: i have installed EasyBCD in windows 7 what should i do next ?14:55
yeats!find libgcj14:55
ubottuFound: libgcj-bc, libgcj-common, libgcj-doc, libgcj12, libgcj12-awt, libgcj12-dbg, libgcj12-dev, libgcj13, libgcj13-awt, libgcj13-dbg (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgcj&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all14:55
Biomechdyeats, okay, now what am i looking for, or should i just give you the whole thing in a link?14:55
yeatsBiomechd: please use a pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:56
joey_i dont know b33 it might just not work14:56
jiwancany anyone tell me how to install software in ubuntu?14:56
riderpluswould this approach be ok? http://www.monperrus.net/martin/automounting+usb+flash+drives+on+linux+with+udev+and+pmount14:56
b33njjoey_: what?14:56
Biomechdyeats, http://www.pasteall.org/3833014:56
joey_sometimes ubuntu doesn't work on some computers but ill look online14:56
ThinkT510!software | jiwan14:56
ubottujiwan: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents14:56
epzil0nrollitup: open it and hit change boot menu14:56
sandeepyeats: gcc -o play2 play2.o play2main.i -shared-libgcc -Wl,-non_shared -lgcj -Wl,-call_shared -lsupc++ -Wl,--as-needed -lz -lgcc_s -lpthread -lc -lm -ldl -Wl,--no-as-needed for this what library is needed14:57
joey_do you have anything pluged into your laptop14:57
rollitupi hit Edit Boot menu and i can see only the Windows 7 entry14:57
speirosOkay all.  Thanks for your input and help.  Thanks once again angela_1, and enjoy your holiday period.14:57
joey_printer or any thing then unplug them14:57
sandeepi get an error on "-non_shared -lgcj -Wl"14:57
epzil0nrollitup: choose Linux/BSD choose grub2 and give the entry a name Ubuntu 12.10 or something14:57
b33njjoey_: no, only usb stick14:57
b33njjoey_: problem solved14:58
rollitupi don't see an entry for Ubuntu 12.0414:58
yeatssandeep: what is your ultimate goal - to install that specific version of libgcj or something else?14:58
joey_what was it14:58
rollituponly Winodws 7 in the list14:58
b33njjoey_ my screen was just turned off14:58
b33njjoey_: zero brightness14:58
epzil0nrollitup: then just hit save or add and it should tell you that it succeded14:58
angela_1speiros: :)14:58
joey_yeah i had it go black before on a pc cuz the video card14:58
joey_but ok14:59
sandeepyeats : for this compilation i need the library for -lgcj thats i need to install the library14:59
joey_you have windows 8 right14:59
epzil0nrollitup: yeah but choose the tab where it says Linux/BSD14:59
joey_on the ee pc14:59
b33njjoey_: old beta test of windows 814:59
joey_make sure you do install alongside windows14:59
b33njjoey_: not updated14:59
epzil0nrollitup: under add startpost/start menu or something i got it in my native language ;)14:59
joey_oh i just installed ubuntu with the real windows 815:00
yeatsBiomechd: see this: http://askubuntu.com/a/227513 and substitute 'en_US.UTF-8' for 'fi_FI.UTF-8' (obviously)15:00
b33njjoey_: what happened?15:00
epzil0nrollitup: the tabs are windows/linux/bsd/mac and neogrub..15:00
yeatssandeep: and what are you compiling?15:00
joey_anyways it will make a file on the c drive instead of makeing a new partition15:01
sandeepyeats: as you might now gcj is a java to exe compiler15:01
rollitupno there is nothing of what you are describing15:01
b33njstupid microsoft15:01
joey_and you can uninstall it with add remove programs15:01
sandeepall i want is to make an static exe from java15:01
Biomechdyeats, is it finnish in the system or what? i've always used english (since i'm american and speak english)15:01
epzil0nrollitup: then under linux/bsd tab you choose grub2 in the first dropdown menu nad then give it a name and let it be find and read.. then hit save or add.. done15:01
rollitupi only see View Settings, Edit Boot Menu, Add New Entry, Advanced Settings, BCD Backup/ Reair / BCD Deployment . Useful Utilities15:02
yeatsBiomechd: no - the example from that "ask ubuntu" link was Finnish15:02
Biomechdoh, okay.15:02
epzil0nrollitup: add new entry ;)15:02
Biomechdoh, now i see what you meant.15:02
yeatsBiomechd: you're using 'en-US.UTF-8'15:02
rollitupok epzil0n15:02
rollitupfound it15:02
rollitupwould the Drive : Automatically locate and load option be fine ?15:03
PeyamIm trying to install Xubuntu by USB stick. And it wont boot up. it just show a blinking line. and no menu to choose. What do I do? Ive tried to make the usb stick many times.. and Im pretty disappointed15:03
yeatssandeep: if I were you I would try to make one of the Ubuntu-packaged GCJ versions work - either that or look into using 'sudo apt-get build-dep <package>' to automatically install the build dependenices15:04
Biomechdyeats, now one last thing, how do i change my keyboard to use something other than alt-lmb&drag to move windows? i use blender and it uses the alt key in some shortcuts.15:05
yeatsBiomechd: sorry, I don't know, but if you ask the full channel, maybe someone does15:05
rollitupepzil0n: did u get my last message15:05
b33njjoey_: when i open flash player settings15:05
rollitupdo i set the Drive : Automatically locate and load15:05
b33njjoey_: it doesn't react on mouse clicks15:05
uncledeathmy ubuntu server installer takes forever at "configuring mdadm". CPU almost idle, system load very high and everything unresponsive. Any ideas?15:05
epzil0nrollitup: yeah let it automatically find it15:06
joey_i know it did that to me before too15:06
b33njjoey_: how did you fix that?15:06
rollitupnow i hope i can reboot ?15:06
joey_they dont work out all the bugs15:06
joey_um hold on15:06
epzil0nrollitup: gogogo :D15:06
sandeepyeats: Encountered a section with no Package: header15:06
sandeepE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/in.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise_restricted_i18n_Translation-en15:06
sandeepE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.15:06
uncledeathmy ubuntu server installer takes forever at "configuring mdadm". CPU almost idle, system load very high and everything unresponsive. Any ideas?15:07
epzil0nrollitup: i hope it said successfully added first right :P15:07
sandeepis the error what i get when i use sudo apt-get build-dep <file>15:07
joey_yeah it does that to me too just tryed it15:07
yeatssandeep: try 'sudo apt-get clean', then 'sudo apt-get update', then try againn15:07
joey_they just dont care about ubuntu that much adobe i guess so they leave it all buggy15:08
rollitupepzil0n: it worked but now i get the first screen which shows the new boot menu15:08
b33njjoey_: while installing ubuntu i get this error message: ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 1015:08
rollitupwith both win and ubuntu15:08
ucenik-_-hello all15:08
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Biomechddoes anyone know how to configure ubuntu to use a key other than alt to move windows? i use blender a lot and alt-lmb is something that i kinda need and can't have it trying to move the window around.15:09
joey_try doing the try ubuntu option then run the installer from there15:09
rollitupthanks a ton epzil0n15:09
uncledeathBiomechd: I had similar problem with Eagle PCB tool, i remember finding it somewhere in shortcuts. Installing compiz and rebinding this key to something in compiz and freeing it afterwards helped too but it was way back in 2010 versions (with gnome)15:10
jiwanjoe__: hi i need a help on ubuntu15:11
smjWhere can I find that unofficial Ubuntu 12.10 Live CD?15:11
KenetJervetBiDOrD, uncledeath me too15:11
epzil0nrollitup: well it's not perfect but it works great and you are welcome ;)15:12
KenetJervetshortcuts in gnome 2.X15:12
rollitupcoz now i am getting two boot options15:12
rollitupone is with win 7 & Ubuntu15:12
rollitupand then the usual Ubuntu purple colored boot option15:12
joey_im not that good with ubuntu but i can try15:12
rollitupbut anywayz this solves my situation15:12
uncledeathKnetJervet: what do you mean? Does it regard my issue?15:12
rollitupand i am thankful for your patience15:13
KenetJervetuncledeath, sorry i mean the shortcuts15:13
uncledeathmy ubuntu server installer takes forever at "configuring mdadm". CPU almost idle, system load very high and everything unresponsive. Any ideas?15:13
jiwanjoe__: its not hard, can you tell me what is package actually in linux/?15:13
joey_package is an installer file that the15:14
smjhttp://code.google.com/p/ubuntucd/ found it15:14
joey_oh wait sorry15:14
Biomechdyeats, the problem hasn't been fixed yet, unfortunately. i still can't get into software sources and updating still doesn't work. here's the link. http://www.pasteall.org/3833115:14
joey_that software center uses to install the stuff in it15:15
joey_it has the programs in it and files and stuff15:16
epzil0nrollitup: np, had nothing better to do and just glad i could help out ;)15:16
joey_i think15:16
jiwanisn't it possible to install directly like windows in linux?15:16
epzil0nrollitup: and i got the same odd options, but main thing is that it works so i can live with it :D15:16
joey_yeah it is15:17
rollitupno this is a great walkthrough15:17
b33njjoey_: i just pressed try again and the error didn't show up agian15:17
jiwanbut how?15:17
joey_oh ok15:17
joey_well they would have to write a program thats an installer program like windows ones are15:18
jiwanbcz i am installing directly through the terminal15:18
Biomechdyeats, did you see the error i posted?15:19
yeatsBiomechd: yes - did you do the 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales' part of the link I shared before?15:19
joey_thats cool i dont know terminal stuff15:19
Biomechdyeats, no, i didn't see that. i'll try it quick15:19
jiwanyou mean, we have to make a installer15:20
joey_i just came on here cus i had a question about xscreensavers15:20
yeatsBiomechd: that may do it15:20
jiwanwhich installes the software15:20
rucan i speak german here, too?15:20
yeats!de | ru15:20
ubotturu: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:20
ThinkT510jiwan: launch the software centre and pick what you want to install from there15:21
Biomechdyeats, still doesn't work15:21
jiwanjoe__: from where?15:21
jstagich97can someone assist, I'm trying to mount a nexus 7 and transfer files to it15:21
rucan someone tell me, how to change the order of the tracks in the clementine playlist? drag&drop doesn't work :-(15:22
joey_ubuntu software center15:22
joey_it looks like a merry cristmas present15:22
jiwancan you tell me, what should i have to do to make a future in linux?15:22
AxioHi, I checked dmesg on a computer and I saw this: eog[27790]: segfault at 7ef79684 ip 068f2b8e sp bfb74d7c error 4 in libc-2.15.so[67b4000+1a3000]. I want to report the bug, but I have like 0 information. Is there a crashlog somewhere?15:22
yeatsBiomechd: hmm - could you try rebooting and seeing if it works? (working on the theory that your runtime environment may be working off the borked locale settings from before you changed them)15:22
ThinkT510jiwan: learn to read15:22
jiwanThinkT510: yeha15:23
ThinkT510!manual | jiwan15:23
ubottujiwan: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:23
jiwanThinkT510: yeah15:23
joey_just use it alot15:23
yeatsjiwan: set up a linux box and use it for necessary tasks (desktop, file server, web server, router, etc.) - you'll be forced to learn it15:24
jiwani am using ubuntu for last 5 months, i am enjoying it, but sometimes when the problem occur i can't debug anything15:25
jiwanhow to be a expert on linux15:25
Biomechdyeats, i'll try quick.15:25
jiwanthat i can solve the new problme15:25
yeatsjiwan: lean to use logs and run programs from the command line15:25
b14d3jiwan: Just keep using it, get help from people/google, and you'll learn more about it if you remember the steps15:25
jiwanwhat is that log?15:25
joey_oh your trying to write an app theres probably an app for that15:26
jiwanisn't it a encrypted form?15:26
b14d3He was using a regular expression to correct his typo :P15:26
jiwanthat records the system overal information.15:26
yeatsjiwan: no - plain text - see /var/log15:26
jiwanwhat it does actually?15:26
yeatsjiwan: please do some research on your own - google "Linux logs" for starters15:27
jiwanbut can you tell me a little more why it is use on linux?15:27
yeatsjiwan: nope15:27
yeatsjiwan: you should do some research - if you hit a problem, feel free to ask here15:28
joey_what up b3315:28
b33njubuntu installed15:28
jiwanyeah i will try15:28
jiwanhey do you have a private roo15:29
jiwanif i get a problem i can directly into your room15:29
b33njjoey_: help me to install another gui, because the default one is too heavy for a netbook15:29
yeatsjiwan: ask in channel - that prevents you getting bad advice15:29
joey_hmm lubuntu15:30
jiwanin this same channel15:30
jiwanis it official?15:31
b33nj joey_: i forget my password for new ubuntu, how do i recover it?15:31
ThinkT510!topic | jiwan15:31
ubottujiwan: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:31
b14d3!lubuntu | jiwan15:31
ubottujiwan: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:31
jiwanactually i am new i irc, i am using it since last night15:32
jiwanso i am a small player of it15:32
jiwanwould you mind not to telling me what is channel?15:32
yeats!IRC | jiwan15:32
ubottujiwan: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines15:32
joey_i dont know b3315:33
joey_i gotta go to bed15:34
b33njjoey_: bb15:34
nlux_nightie joey_!15:34
lvlephignore that paste15:35
jiwanubottu: thank u you give a valuable information15:35
ubottujiwan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:35
jiwani think it can help me15:35
nlux_lvleph: the solution is easy.15:35
lvlephCan someone help me debug why XBMC keeps telling me, out of the blue, that I need OpenGL hardware acceleration. I can fix the issue by restarting.15:35
lvlephlol nlux_15:35
jiwaneven that it help me?15:35
_niCe_hi, i'm trying to setup rssh but i won't get a connection ... i tryed debuging ssh but i can't see an error http://pastebin.com/09cCWFek15:36
b14d3jiwan: The bot only returns information from commands given by people, it's information is useful but it is not in itself intelligent.15:36
yeats_niCe_: try #debian15:36
Biomechdyeats, it didn't work.15:36
yeatsBiomechd: meh - ok15:37
Biomechdyeats, any other ideas?15:37
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:37
yeatsBiomechd: I saw this too: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/gtk-warning-**-locale-not-supported-by-c-library-202951/15:37
_niCe_yeats, if someone there would answer ^^15:37
jiwancan you tell me, when i type /join # something15:37
jiwanit gives some informationg in my irc client, what is that15:37
yeats_niCe_: we don't support Debian here, just Ubuntu15:37
jiwanlike [dfs][dfsf][sdfosifois][kfhsodifh]15:37
jiwanwhat is this15:37
rtufthi, where can i find driver for i915 intel graphic driver?15:38
jiwanbcs when i typed /join #lubuntu15:38
jiwanit gives me such information15:38
nlux_jiwan: not supported in here.15:38
ThinkT510jiwan: ask in #freenode15:38
ThinkT510jiwan: this channel s just for ubuntu support15:39
rtufthi, where can i find driver for i915 intel graphic driver?15:39
nlux_rtuft, nonfree15:39
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nlux_rtuft: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/hardware/C/jockey.html15:41
ThinkT510b33nj: hi15:42
b33njThinkiT510: suggest me a gui for a netbook15:43
ThinkT510b33nj: whichever you like15:43
Biomechdyeats, didn't work either.15:43
b33njThinkT510: netbooks are slow15:43
nlux_b33nj:  lxde15:43
ThinkT510b33nj: unity, gnome3, kde, xfce, lxde, enlightenment15:43
ThinkT510b33nj: lxde is likely the lightest15:44
kapzHi-all , if someone is using fairly recent ATI mobile GPU(laptop ati card) then i would like to know it's driver support on ubuntu, is it good? does the switch work?15:44
b33njThinkT510: which comes preinstalled with lubuntu?15:44
ThinkT510b33nj: indeed15:44
MonkeyDustb33nj  http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg  <- minus gnome215:44
MonkeyDustreplace gnome2 with gnome classic15:45
nlux_monkeydust: gnome2 is the sweetest15:45
b33njMonkeyDust: thanks15:46
b33njThinkT510: how do i install lxde?15:46
ThinkT510!lxde | b33nj15:47
vjacobhiya. just installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Lenovo ThinkCentre system here in our office... any idea why it might not be booting correctly without the install usb key?15:47
ThinkT510b33nj: sudo apt-get install lubuntu15:47
b33njThinkT510: isn't lubuntu an os?15:47
ThinkT510b33nj: and a meta pkg15:47
Biomechdyeats, any more ideas?15:48
nlux_b33nj it's ubuntu with lxde instead of unity15:48
b33njThinkT510: okay15:48
b33njnlux_: okay15:48
ThinkT510b33nj: if you just want the lxde metapkg then sudo apt-get install lxde15:48
disharmonicvjacob, is it a a dual boot?15:48
K1rkI have xscreensaver completely uninstalled... any way to disable the power manager or whatever is causing the screen to go black after the login screen sits unused for ~30 seconds?15:48
yeatsBiomechd: sorry, no :-/15:49
b33njThinkT510: what will apt-get install lubuntu else do other than installing lxde?15:49
vjacobdisharmonic, no, we decided to give linux a shot instead of windows 7... we let ubuntu have the whole thing15:49
nlux_vjacob:  grub or lilo?15:49
vjacobnlux_, the ubuntu default?15:49
ThinkT510b33nj: some other packages that comes default with lubuntu (like chromium etc)15:49
yeatsvjacob: maybe it installed the bootloader on the USB drive?15:49
vjacobi'm guessing it's grub (think I saw something when it does it's boot menu)15:49
vjacobyeats, it's possible...15:50
* yeats has seen that happen15:50
vjacoball right.15:50
LTFHi, does someone know how to run a script before login is asked?,instead login I want to apprear a menu, I know i should set it as runlevel2 in rc2.d but cant find exactly what to do15:50
vjacobyeats, so I guess I should take a look at that....15:50
yeats!fixgrub | vjacob15:50
ubottuvjacob: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:50
yeatsvjacob: those links might help15:50
nlux_yeats: happened to me with chameleon (osx86)15:50
yogyacarderlinkthis is ubuntu channel ?15:51
yeatsnlux_: I had it happen on a debian server once15:51
yeats!topic | yogyacarderlink15:51
ubottuyogyacarderlink: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:51
nlux_yep yogyacarderlink15:51
vjacobyeats how can I tell which version of grub I have installed without rebooting?15:51
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yeatsvjacob: if it's 12.04 it's GRUB 215:51
b33njThinkT510: how do i install applets on my unity gui?15:52
ThinkT510b33nj: define applet15:52
b33njThinkT510: clock for example15:52
ThinkT510b33nj: there is already a clock in the top right15:52
vjacobthanks a bunch guys. we really appreciate it.15:53
nlux_widgets :315:53
b33njThinkT510: i removed clock15:53
LubuntufanSolarisBoy, I found out why I couldn't get apparmor to work... it was the testing kernel. I booted into the stock kernel and it worked fine15:53
ThinkT510b33nj: i don't customise unity heavily, you'll have to ask somebody else15:54
Biomechdhey, does anyone know how to fix this? http://www.pasteall.org/38332 this http://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue/227513#227513 and this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/gtk-warning-**-locale-not-supported-by-c-library-202951/ don't work.15:54
b33njThinkT510: can you click on the black bar on top and add one of the preinstalled applets?15:55
ThinkT510b33nj: i don't know15:55
b33njThinkT510: do you use unity?15:55
rom( http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1052728.html ) this is my almost my problem, can anyone help me?15:55
ThinkT510b33nj: yes, the default interface works fine for me, i only change the launchers15:56
rommine is dual opp15:56
yeatsBiomechd: did you see the other responses to the "askubuntu" link?  there were further suggestions there15:56
b33njThinkT510: okay15:56
* vjacob runs boot-repair15:56
romubuntu 11.0415:56
Biomechdyeats, nope. i didn't even think to look lol.15:56
yeatsBiomechd: for instance: http://askubuntu.com/a/22951215:57
b33njThinkT510: what irc client are you using?15:57
ThinkT510b33nj: xchat15:57
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b33njThinkT510: i'm installing lxde on ubuntu, will it automatically replace unity?15:59
dufab33nj: you need to log out and back in fist15:59
ThinkT510b33nj: no, you log out and select it at the login screen15:59
b33njokay dufa and ThinkT51015:59
romhelp me?16:01
ThinkT510rom: 11.04 is no longer supported16:01
b33njThinkT510: how could i remove unity from ubuntu?16:01
ThinkT510b33nj: i wouldn't recommend that16:01
romi know i had a problem while updating16:02
b33njThinkT510: if i choose not to ask me for a password then which gui will be loaded?16:02
ThinkT510b33nj: the last one you used16:02
romnow gettinng a initramfs error16:03
dunpealWas Unity 2d discontinued?16:04
ThinkT510dunpeal: yes, since 12.1016:04
dunpealWhat's a good, stable, 2D Ubuntu then?16:04
b33njThinkT510: how can i disable wallpaper in lxde?16:05
romand sudo not found error.16:05
dunpealspecifically, for a laptop.16:05
ThinkT510dunpeal: you could try lxde16:05
ThinkT510b33nj: right click the deskop?16:05
b33njThinkT510: i don't see any options in desktop preferences for disabling wallpaper16:06
b33njThinkT510: okay i found it16:06
romThinkt510: is my problem fixable? please help me16:07
ThinkT510rom: sorry, i don't upgrade, i always fresh install16:08
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rombut fresh install? i hav lot of important pics in it?16:10
romi dont know to take a backup also.16:10
MonkeyDustrom  backup first, then, during install, create a separate /home partition16:10
romi am not getting into the login screan at all?16:10
ThinkT510rom: boot into a livecd and copy what you need16:12
romi tried the recovery mode but getting a busy box and initramfs error16:12
ThinkT510rom: i always keep my stuff on a storage partition, if anything goes wrong all my files are safe16:12
rombut i havnt done that? can u please tel me what to do for the sudo not found command?16:14
ThinkT510rom: then boot into a livecd and copy what you need16:14
romhow do i do that?16:15
ThinkT510rom: do you know what a livecd is?16:15
romsorry i am a beginner havnt even used the command side of ubuntu have only used graphical..16:16
romsorry but i am desperate16:17
MonkeyDustrom  do you have an external disk available?16:18
=== oenahs is now known as ShaneO
MonkeyDustrom  copy your personal files to that disk, then you're free to format, re-partition etc16:19
romthat is what, i am not getting into the login screan even?16:20
MonkeyDustrom  use a live cd or usb16:20
srhbYou can use a LiveCD to get a graphical environment to do your backups from.16:20
romhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1052728.html this is almost my problem please check it out and tell me what to do?16:21
srhbrom: Recovering your system from its current state is difficult since it appears you've got some sort of partitioning issue or data loss. It would be simpler to backup your data to an external disk and reinstall.16:21
yeatsrom: sudo isn't available in BusyBox16:21
yeatsrom: have you been reading the advice people are giving you?  why not just boot up a live CD, back up your files and reinstall?16:23
rom<yeats> yes16:23
romi have downloaded a ubuntu 12.04 is that what is called a live cd?16:24
MonkeyDustrom  yes, it's an .iso you can install on cd or usb stick16:24
icerootrom: yes, if it is the desktop version16:25
romif i bo thes can i acess my main disc?16:25
MonkeyDustrom  yes16:26
ThinkT510rom: if it isnt encrypted yes16:26
LTF_Hello, I got the script running before login as needed by adding the script in rc.local, its ok,when I turn on the scripts runs showing me a menu, but it does not get my orders, I mean,does not get keyboardś choice, when I run it normally after  a normal boot the script works correctly16:26
romthank you guys!! wil check it out and get back to you soon!16:27
Biomechdyeats, this is what i get when i try updating my repositories, and i can't do anything about it because i can't get to my software sources.   W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com quantal Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>16:30
Biomechdyeats, any ideas?16:35
sideeffectso i installed ubunutu, how to change it in to the old look, where i have normal windows and stuff?16:36
ThinkT510!notunity | sideeffect16:37
ubottusideeffect: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic16:37
Biomechd"old" look?16:37
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Biomechdi can't update my repositories because i get this error. "W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com quantal Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>" any idea how to fix it?16:40
h00k!keyfix | Biomechd16:41
TheLordOfTimeBiomechd, there's an easy fix for that, give us a sec to find the docs :P16:42
bazhang!gpgerr > Biomechd16:42
ubottuBiomechd, please see my private message16:42
h00kbazhang: that's what it is, just found it.16:42
Rewt`looks like an update last week has put me in nvidia driver hell. NVIDIA Corporation G86 [Quadro NVS 290] [10de:042f] (rev a1), resolution is completely borked16:42
h00kBiomechd: yeah, what bazhang said.16:42
LTFplz help16:43
MonkeyDustLTF  start with a question16:43
TheLordOfTime!keyfix is <alias>gpgerr16:43
bazhangLTF, what script. be very clear16:43
Rewt`max resolution is now 1280x1024, when it used to be much higher.16:43
LTFMonkeyDust: Hello, I got a script running before login as needed by adding a script in rc.local, its ok,when I turn on the computer the scripts runs showing me a menu, but it does not get my orders, I mean,does not get keyboardś choice, when I run it normally after  a normal boot the script works correctly16:43
Rewt`I've got nvidia-current loaded, but to no avail.16:44
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest79164
LTFbazhang:  this script http://pastebin.ca/229683316:45
LTFbazhang:  it works when invoked from a normal session,but does not work when starting automatically being added in the rc.local,it just does not let me to interact with the menu16:45
LTFbazhang: MonkeyDust  i have added the line "exec /sbin/getty -n -l  theInputScript.sh -8 38400 tty1" in the /init/tty1 but  didnt work16:46
MonkeyDustLTF  maybe the people in #bash can help better16:49
LTFMonkeyDust:  "[14:48] <ormaaj> LTF: sounds like a question for your OS channel" thatś what they told me there16:50
WierdKidSo I'm having an issue with my 12.10 install, and I haven't been able to get any of the solutions on the forum to work16:50
WierdKidi know the issue is with the nvidia card, i can use nomodeset to start from the cd, and I used it to instal, but i cant figure out how to get nomodeset to let me boot from the instal, and loading the nvidia driver while running from live cd aldo didn't work16:52
=== Taftse is now known as Taftse|NL
mario_hey boys16:56
Biomechdbazhang, didn't seem to work16:56
mario_i have broken my /usr/share/applications/defaults.list16:56
mario_can anyone send me original defaults.list ?16:57
jenniehello, whats shortcut to view side pane in ubuntu , my side pane is not appearing at all , also alt + tab is not showing any applications, also all application's top most bar ( file, help bar) got disappeared . please help ubuntu 120416:58
mario_who's default in ubuntu ?16:58
{bosco}so i dual boot between windows and ubuntu how do i stop from seeing the windows partition when i boot into ubuntu i dont even want it to mount the drive thanks??16:58
ThinkT510{bosco}: why?16:58
yeatsBiomechd: what command did you try?16:59
mario_i have broken my /usr/share/applications/defaults.list16:59
mario_can anyone send me original defaults.list ?16:59
Biomechdyeats, sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B516:59
Rewt`anyone know of a fix for nvidia drivers in 12.04LTS? Saying the driver is loaded, but not currently in use. NvidiaX Server config tells me I am not using an nvidia driver..16:59
yeatsBiomechd: and what was the error? or did that command itself work?17:00
ThinkT510Rewt`: lsmod will tell you what is in use17:00
{bosco}ThinkT510, just cuz i dont want to see them i guess just for something else to learn lol17:00
Biomechdyeats, W: GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com quantal Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>17:00
ThinkT510{bosco}: sorry, i don't understand. if you don't need it then just ignore it17:01
Biomechdyeats, wait, wrong error. Executing: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /tmp/tmp.Sgsv4cfsja --trustdb-name /etc/apt//trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d//wuala-keyring.gpg --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B517:03
Biomechdgpg: requesting key 437D05B5 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com17:03
Biomechdgpg: key 437D05B5: "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>" not changed17:03
Biomechdgpg: Total number processed: 117:03
FloodBot1Biomechd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:03
Biomechdgpg:              unchanged: 117:03
Biomechdoops. didn't think it'd be that long.17:03
yeatsBiomechd: this is an ancient thread, but this looks like a sound method: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=443235&postcount=1617:03
TheLordOfTimeBiomechd, when you paste things, use a pastebin ;)17:04
mario_what by default17:04
mario_need to type here17:04
=== Karly_Totor is now known as O_O
=== O_O is now known as CiaoCiao
mario_can anyone send me default /usr/share/applications/defaults.list17:06
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
Rewt`TestMaster: lsmod doesn't show me anything to do with graphics. :-/17:07
usr13mario_: For 11.10: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1467601/17:08
jennieanyone here done upgrading from 1204 to 1210 in CMD ?17:08
mario_but i have xubuntu 12.1017:08
yeatsjennie: what's your question?17:09
mario_i have idea how to fix17:09
mario_what's default for xubuntu17:10
mario_it's not gedit17:10
yeats!enter | mario_17:10
ubottumario_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:10
jennieno shortcut like alt+tab is working and all upper file,edit, help menu disappeared while upgrading from 1204 to 1210 , is it ok ?17:10
mario_gedit isn't installed in xubuntu17:10
TheLordOfTimemario_, have patience, okay?17:10
ThinkT510mario_: either mousepad or leafpad17:10
mario_sorry :(17:10
dr0idI was hoping someone could help me out for a second - I'm stuck.  I've somehow managed to blow up python.  Anything that depends on it fails (dropbox, synaptic, etc. etc.)   I've tried apt-get install -f and it fails too.  site.py and os.py errors - and I can't find a solution anywhere.17:11
yeatsjennie: you might try creating a new user and seeing if the problem exists under the new user's login17:11
usr13mario_: ask in #xubuntu17:11
jenniethere is nothing I can do right now . what shortcut to press ?17:11
jennieonly this chatzilla window is open and I cant navigate anywhere17:12
jennieno minimize, no sidepane , no file explorer , what to do ?17:12
usr13jennie: Alt-Tab ?17:13
jenniealt-tab is showing username in chatzilla like usr13:17:14
dr0idjennie: restart x?  Right-Alt button+K+SysRq.(print screen)17:14
jenniesysrq ?17:14
yeatsjennie: Ctrl-Alt-T for terminal17:14
jennieCtrl-Alt-T for terminal << is not doing anything17:14
dr0idsysrq / print screen /prnt scn17:14
jennieRight-Alt button+K+SysRq.(print screen) , not doign anything17:15
jennieis it because of  upgrading going on  ?17:15
dr0idjennie: reboot the machine?17:15
yeatsjennie: okay, try rebooting17:15
dr0idwhats your drive activity saying?17:15
jennieHDD is On continously, not blinking17:16
dr0idis there a lot of drive activity? (the light on the computer case lit up?)17:16
usr13jennie: Ctrl-q (to quit)17:16
jenniectrl-q , not working,17:16
jennierebooting will resume upgrading OS or not ?17:16
usr13jennie: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace17:16
jennienothing ^17:17
TheLordOfTimedid you bother trying ctrl+c?17:17
vjacobyeats, thanks again. the server is now churning away with vnc/ssh helping us keep thing simple :)17:17
usr13jennie: If you rea in the process of upgrading, do NOT reboot.17:17
jennieyes. I am in process of rebooting17:17
usr13jennie: And do not do Ctrl-Alt-Backspace either.17:17
=== e is now known as Guest2982
jennieCtrl-Alt-Backspace is not doing anythingh17:17
Guest2982hi guys i nee dhelp having grub recognize windows 7 for me. right now im only able to boot into ubuntu17:17
=== Guest2982 is now known as ghost9383
jenniejennieyes. I am in process of upgrading*17:18
TheLordOfTimejennie, if you're in the process of upgrading you should not reboot17:18
ghost9383grub2 making windows 7 possible to boot again?17:18
TheLordOfTimeit could cause issues and problems and harm.17:18
ghost9383does someone know fi that is possible17:18
ghost9383or is there another way to get windows 7 back17:18
=== ghost9383 is now known as ee02
TheLordOfTimeghost9383, winodws 7 already works with booting, assuming you didn't wipe out windows 7.17:18
usr13jennie: If you are in the process of doing a distribution upgrade, walk away, drink coffee or beer, do not reboot17:18
jennieok usr13 , but is it fine that nothing is working ?17:18
ee02TheLordOfTime: no it's not working17:18
ee02it doesnt boot17:19
ee02it's not wiped out as it mounts as a partition under ubuntu17:19
dr0idAnyone know how I can fix a broken python install?17:19
freshstarthow can i open all the files located in a directory with terminal with only 1 command?17:19
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest59951
ee02freshstart: le17:19
jenniectrl,alt, delete is also asking for logout only17:20
usr13jennie: I don't know, but if you interrupt the process of distribution upgrade, the outcome will more-than-likely be less-than-desirable.17:20
ee02freshstart: open in what17:20
ee02freshstart: vim * works17:20
ee02but that opens them, in vim17:20
freshstartee02: i want to open multiple pictures17:20
ee02freshstart: in what program17:20
usr13jennie: You could go to tty6 and see what is and is not running.  Crlt-Alt-F617:20
freshstartee02: imagemagick17:20
usr13jennie: Run htop17:21
ibmx31Hi guys... how can I get more resolution from an IBM X31 with Xubuntu 12.04? I only have 1024 x 768.17:21
ee02freshstart: run imagemagick *.jpg or something17:21
mario_i have solved my problem, thanks you for everthing17:21
freshstartee02: ok17:22
jennieok , in tty6 it is saying that htop is not installed17:22
usr13jennie: top17:22
ee02jennie: install htop then17:24
usr13freshstart: What exactly are you wanting to do?  (What is your end goal?)17:24
=== pete_ is now known as Guest68916
jennieok lots of processes are running17:24
=== Guest68916 is now known as peterlin
usr13jennie: Sure there are...17:25
freshstartusr13: i want to open all the images in the working directory from the terminal with only 1 command17:25
freshstartee02: the * didnt work17:25
usr13freshstart: How many are there?17:26
freshstartusr13: 2017:26
usr13freshstart: Open them and ___________?   Edit?17:27
usr13freshstart: gimp *.jpg17:27
freshstartusr13: doesnt work17:27
usr13freshstart: What error do you get?17:28
mario_idea for nickname on irc ?17:28
usr13freshstart: sudo apt-get install gimp17:28
b33njsudo apt-get remove microsoft-windows17:29
freshstartusr13: the thing is i didnt try with gimp because i just want to view them i have gimp17:29
srhbfreshstart: Don't say it doesn't work then. :P17:30
freshstartsrhb: yeah mistake17:30
freshstartlets try it then17:30
usr13freshstart: Well, we know it works, that's not the issue.17:31
freshstartusr13: yeah it works17:31
usr13freshstart: Maybe you want gthumb17:31
srhbfreshstart: I think the standard image viewer is eye of gnome, isn't it17:32
srhbfreshstart: So try eog * in the directory17:32
freshstartsrhb: eom17:32
freshstartsrhb: doesnt work17:32
usr13freshstart: gthumb *.mp317:32
usr13freshstart: gthumb *.jpg17:32
srhbfreshstart: "Does not work" is not very clarifying. Is the command not there?17:33
freshstartsrhb: by mean doesnt work it doesnt open all the images with once17:33
srhbfreshstart: Try pressing space17:33
srhbfreshstart: You should get the next photo17:33
bosco_ok i have created a script ./upgrade.sh how do i run that script by just typing in (upgrade) ???17:34
freshstartsrhb: yeah i know,but i dont want that17:34
srhbfreshstart: So you want individual windows for each image?17:34
freshstartsrhb: yeah like gimp17:34
llutzbosco_: put it somewhere in a dir inside $PATH and rename it to "upgrade"17:34
usr13freshstart: Not sure what opening 20 images is all about. Unless they are very small, one one or two will fit on the screen.  Not sure what you are wanting to do.17:35
patiehi, i have two monitors on ubuntu.. both works OK.. but on both i have the same - i want big wide space not the same.. any idea ?17:35
freshstartusr13: like srhb says i want them to individual windows17:36
fishsceneGreetings. When using "Remmina Remote Desktop Client" for a VNC connection to UltraVNC on Windows XP, I get an error "GetCredential callback is not set". Google yields Remmina sourcecode and spanish webpages which I can't reach because google translate is blocked here. Does anyone know how to resolve this?17:36
fishsceneThis is one of the source code pages: http://remmina-plugins.sourcearchive.com/documentation/0.8.2-1/tls_8c-source.html17:37
freshstartpatie: on both monitors you have the same image?17:38
usr13freshstart: I don't know of anything that will do that other than gimp.17:38
patiefreshstart: yes17:39
freshstartpatie: then go to the monitors17:39
freshstartpatie: and you'll see the two monitor17:39
freshstartpatie: monitors*17:39
patiefreshstart: i have what next...17:39
freshstartpatie: uncheck the same image in all monitors17:40
patiefreshstart: i dont have this option17:40
=== mario_ is now known as mickey
=== mickey is now known as Mickey
freshstartpatie: what os are you using17:41
=== Mickey is now known as mouse
srhbfreshstart: for f in *; do eog -n $f & done17:41
freshstartpatie: lsb_release -a17:41
srhbfreshstart: That should do what you've requested17:41
patiefreshstart: ubuntu 12.1017:41
patiewith xfce17:41
srhbfreshstart: Mind, it may eat up a lot of memory.17:41
patiemaybe xfce is problem ?17:41
freshstartpatie: wait17:41
freshstartpatie: it says something like mirror displays?17:43
patiefreshstart: mmnt17:44
patiefreshstart: yes17:44
freshstartpatie: uncheck the box17:44
patiebut its only "rotating"17:44
srhbfreshstart: Did that solution suffice for you?17:44
patieits select box not checkbocx17:44
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
patieyes its only rotating and miroring image.. no way with this17:45
=== mouse is now known as lemon
freshstartsrhb: no17:46
freshstartpatie: what mirroring image does?17:47
freshstartpatie: when you uncheck the box17:48
patiefreshstart: horizontal vertical both17:48
patieno checkbox17:48
patieits selectbox17:48
freshstartokay selectbox17:48
freshstartpatie: what xcfe version are you using17:49
=== lemon is now known as YesorNo
patiefreshstart: imho newest.. but i have unity too - not using17:49
freshstartpatie: xfce4-display-settings -m17:50
freshstartpatie: what do you see17:51
patieradio boxes17:51
patiefirst monitor, second monitor, both cloned17:52
freshstartpatie: is there an extend option?17:52
patieno more option in this window17:52
freshstartpatie: sudo apt-get install arandr17:52
patiefreshstart: installed, what next17:53
freshstartpatie: open it17:54
patiefreshstart: opened17:54
freshstartpatie: then go to output and select both of your monitors17:54
freshstartpatie: make them active17:55
patieboth are active17:55
patiebut still the same on both monitors17:55
BigSharkwhere i can ask question for ubuntu irc server ?17:55
freshstartpatie: go to the layout and press apply17:56
Night-hacksafter updating my kernel in 12.04 it doesn't load my WIFI module anymore17:56
Night-hacksi have to load it manually !!17:56
freshstartpatie: also make that the orientiation is normal17:56
patiefreshstart: apply and nothing changed.. still the same on both monitor17:56
patieorientation is normal on both17:56
patiedvi and vga17:56
patiethe monitors are dragable17:57
patiei have it17:57
patiefreshstart: thank you very much !17:57
FloodBot1patie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:58
Night-hacksany idea ?17:58
freshstartpatie: yeah i know lol17:58
freshstartpatie: wait17:58
freshstartpatie: we didnt finish17:58
freshstartpatie: you fix the problem now the monitors are extended?17:59
freshstartpatie: can you see the same image in both monitors as previous?17:59
freshstartpatie: this is what iam talking about18:00
LTFcouldnt get it working still, I got a script running before login as needed by adding a script in rc.local, its ok,when I turn on the computer the scripts runs showing me a menu, but it does not get my orders, I mean,does not get keyboardś choice, when I run it normally after  a normal boot the script works correctly18:00
freshstartpatie: are you there?18:01
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:03
patiefreshstart: im back sry18:04
b14d3!ask | Maligno18:04
ubottuMaligno: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:04
freshstartpatie:so the monitors are extended?18:04
Maligno—(•·÷[ b14d3 ]÷·•)— geoip install xchat18:05
Maligno—(•·÷[ b14d3 ]÷·•)— and not just try and install it but nothing I could say or if an addon to look where are the ips since I'm on another network IRCop18:05
freshstartNight-hacks: add the wifi module to /etc/modules.conf18:05
patiei can drag monitors in arandr  beside for wide or one first over second for same image18:06
Night-hacksfreshstart: there's just /etc/modules18:06
freshstartpatie: so this is what you've wanted?18:06
b14d3Maligno: I have almost no idea what you're saying. Could you try and clarify what it is that you need?18:06
freshstartNight-hacks: yeah /etc/modules18:07
Night-hacksfreshstart:  why upgrading changed that file !!18:07
freshstartNight-hacks: i dont know18:07
Maligno—(•·÷[ b14d3 ]÷·•)— an addon to know where are the ips in xchat18:07
patiefreshstart: yep :)18:07
freshstartpatie: go to layout then save as18:08
b14d3Maligno: Still have no idea. Guess you just have to wait and see if someone else knows what it is you need.18:08
Night-hacksfreshstart: thanks, gonna check it18:08
freshstartNightwatch: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-how-to-load-a-kernel-module-automatically-at-boot-time/18:09
freshstartpatie: and type a name for it18:09
Malignook bye18:09
patiefreshstart: yep thx18:09
freshstartpatie: last step18:09
Boreeas_I have a file "xulrunner-bin" in "/usr/bin/xulrunner". It is displayed by "ls" and "dir" and is recognized by "file", but trying to execute the file gives me "bash: /usr/bin/xulrunner/xulrunner-bin: No such file or directory"18:10
freshstartpatie: add the previous script in the startup application18:10
Boreeas_What is causing this?18:10
patiefreshstart: what previous18:10
R4venHello just curious about one thing.18:10
bakuryuthemolewhy is ubuntu so boss. I use a Mac, and ubuntu has so many little details I wish OS X had. Manually deleting files from the trash can never felt so good18:11
freshstartpatie: the layout in arandr that you saved before is a script18:11
patieunderstand now :)18:11
rumpelBoreeas, is it executable? What kind of executable exactly? ("file /usr/bin/xulrunner/xulrunner-bin")18:11
R4venas a thumb rule, im wondering about a mail server, IE Postfix. is it always STARTTLS that is what is used to authenticate the user against postfix18:11
patieok thank you very much18:11
LTFis there an alternative for autologin without mintty? (textmode)18:11
R4venand courier imap is SSL ? or is it technically better to run both IMAP courier and Postfix with SSL ?18:11
freshstartpatie: add the script in the startup application18:11
Boreeas_rumpel: "/usr/bin/xulrunner/xulrunner-bin: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.9, stripped"18:12
Boreeas_Oh, but I'm using 64bit ubuntu 12.10, could that cause problems?18:12
mario_can anyone invite me to #php channel ?18:12
freshstartpatie: do you know how to do that?18:12
bakuryuthemolei think ubuntu 12.10 has some problems, and if you're on 64 bit i think even more.18:13
blitzhow do I force a PPA that only has precise support to work on quantal18:13
IdleOnemario_: ##php18:13
patiefreshstart: rc18:13
mario_IdleOne: i have message:##php :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services18:14
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:14
IdleOne!register | mario_18:14
ubottumario_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:14
freshstartpatie: what?18:15
riderplusmy usb flash is not mounted automatically18:15
rumpelBoreeas, http://askubuntu.com/questions/133389/no-such-file-or-directory-but-the-file-exists18:15
mario_IdleOne: can i delete my account after register ?18:15
riderplus[ 1246.369542] sd 6:0:0:0: >Attached scsi generic sg2 type 018:15
riderplus[ 1246.370670] sd 6:0:0:0: >[sdc] 15554560 512-byte logical blocks: (7.96 GB/7.41 GiB)18:15
patiefreshstart: with rc.local18:15
IdleOnemario_: you can, but then you will need to register every time you want to join a channel that is set to +r (registered users only)18:15
riderplus[ 1246.374048] sd 6:0:0:0: >[sdc] Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA18:15
riderplus[ 1246.386152]  sdc: sdc118:15
riderplus[ 1246.405633] sd 6:0:0:0: >[sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk18:15
riderplusthis is dmesg | tail18:15
FloodBot1riderplus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:15
freshstart_patie: wrong okay then just add this to the startup and you are finished bb18:16
freshstart_patie: wrong okay then just add this to the startup and you are finished bb18:16
patiefreshstart thx bb18:16
srhbfreshstart_: Why was it insufficient? It opens in seperate windows, does it not?18:16
freshstart_srhb: no18:16
freshstart_srhb: it just open one image18:17
Boreeas_rumpel: Awesome, thanks18:17
bakuryuthemolemy firefox now has clear text...i love how ubuntu improves itself ^^18:20
annamariaciao a tutti18:22
Boreeas_rumpel: Yep, works perfectly, thanks18:23
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:23
DeWabbitHey guys merry crimbo n all that..18:23
b14d3!it | annamaria18:23
ubottuannamaria: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:23
DeWabbitgot a problem when trying too install steam18:23
rumpelBoreeas, you're welcome. it's really a confusing error message.18:23
atriusanyone know off hand if you can get a system to see memory that was hotplugged prior to loading the acpi_memhotplug module?18:23
DeWabbitim getting a libjpeg-turbo error when its installing the .deb18:24
DeWabbitiv updated my libjpeg btw18:24
bakuryuthemoleDeWabbit: you from the uk?18:24
DeWabbitbakuryuthemole, yeah18:25
DeWabbitbakuryuthemole, ???18:26
bakuryuthemoleDeWabbit: nah i just thought since you said crimbo18:28
DeWabbitits giving me a Error:Dependency is not satisfiable: libjpeg-turbo818:28
DeWabbitbakuryuthemole, ohh ok18:28
DeWabbittheres a paste of what iv done18:29
DeWabbitbakuryuthemole,  any help?18:30
theadminHello. I'd like to know if there's any alternative to the Ubuntu Customization Kit (currently broken on Precise, the terminal won't open for further customization making it pretty useless) or Remastersys18:30
theadminBasically speaking, something to build a customized Ubuntu ISO, either from an existing system or somehow else18:33
adamxgood afternoon #ubuntu18:33
mario_where i can download legaly music for gmusicbrowser18:33
theadminmario_: Uh, that's just a media player. It will play any music you download from about anywhere. Just need a legal website.18:34
mario_theadmin: i know, but who's legal website ?18:34
DereChi, anybody could help me with setting up variable in script18:35
adamxitunes, amazon18:35
adamxthose are legal sites18:35
DereCneed to setup variable which contains quotes18:35
theadminmario_: Just find any. There are plenty... Hm... Jango has some free music, for instance18:35
theadminDereC: So... export var='some"thing"'18:35
theadminDereC: Just use different kind of quotes -- enclosing text in single quotes allows you to use double quotes inside it, or vice versa18:35
DereCsearchterm='"stype": 2,'18:36
theadminDereC: Or something like this: export var="some\"thing\""18:36
theadminDereC: Yeah that looks right to me18:36
DereCstype must be in qutes18:36
DereCok, will try18:36
andi3hi, i'm configuring mini-buildd, when I upload package it fails with: "'Unknown distribution "unstable" in[..]". Do you use mini-buildd to build ubuntu packages?18:36
DeWabbitAnyone got Steam Beta working yet18:37
theadminDeWabbit: Works here18:37
DeWabbittheadmin, so you fixxed the libjpeg-turbo error?18:38
theadminDeWabbit: Dunno about any such error, it installs just fine. Precise, 64-bit.18:38
DeWabbitarr ok... bahh ill wait for them to fix for all...18:39
DereCtheadmin,  looks not working for me18:39
DereCtheadmin, here is full script http://paste.ubuntu.com/1467798/18:39
theadminDereC: Huh? Show me the script, I'll see what the problem is18:39
DereCtheadmin, just few lines18:40
theadminDereC: Well, the variable *does* get set properly: http://ideone.com/qBEnKI18:41
llutzDereC: for file in $(grep -l -R "$searchterm" ...18:42
DereCbut in search all the files has been changed, doesnt matter if file contains that string18:42
llutzDereC: you're passing more than one searchterm to grep, so it needs to be in quotes18:42
DereCwill try again18:42
LTFany way to autologin in textmode without mintty?18:43
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
theadminLTF: Check out: http://qingy.sourceforge.net/18:44
llutzDereC: yours expands to:        grep "stype": 2,  file      which unlikely is what you want18:44
DereCllutz, theadmin thx guys, quotes are killing me :)18:45
b33njwindows sucks so hard18:45
theadminb33nj: Ok, then install and enjoy Ubuntu :P18:47
theadminb33nj: Other than that, this is a support channel. Please try to keep on topic. That is, helping others to solve their Ubuntu problems, or letting them solve yours.18:48
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lamefunCan I make a super-ultra-user-friendly DE out of Unity with lockdown? (eg. remove desktops, only allow one instance of each app, don't only show menus on hover, remove menu items, lock down all settings)?18:51
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
theadminlamefun: Why would you even...18:52
KroachI've been installing and changing Plymouth themes, then I decided to remove them and go back to the default, now backlight goes out when the splash screen should be displayed, how can I fix this?18:52
lamefuntheadmin: for users?18:53
theadminlamefun: What kind of users would want *no* options at all? I mean really.18:53
ThinkT510lamefun: looking for something to use on a kiosk or something?18:53
theadminlamefun: Either way, I know of no real way to do what you want. There's some Ubuntu-based distro called something like "Suddenly WebKiosk" (not exact name, can't remember) that can be used for webkiosks, though18:54
lamefunI don't need hard lockdown18:54
lamefunJust so the options can't be triggered accidentaly18:55
=== emil is now known as Guest67568
Kroach lamefun: you can hide the "System settings" and some other apps so that they don't get displayed in the Dash18:55
lamefunWhat about GNOME3/MATE/KDE4?18:56
tripelbAnyone putting Ubuntu on a nexus 7 ?18:56
=== Guest67568 is now known as Maka
Kroach lamefun: GNOME3 does a pretty good job at hiding settings by itself18:57
theadminKroach: Heh :)18:57
lamefunCan I hide menu items with code?18:57
lamefunUnity is in Python/GTK3?18:57
theadminlamefun: Yeah pretty much18:57
MakaHow can I install ia32-libs or ia32-libs-multiarch?18:58
theadminMaka: Err, "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs". However, Ubuntu is multiarch by default for a while now, so that comes preinstalled.18:58
Makaapt-get cannot find these...18:58
theadminMaka: Are you sure you're on 64-bit? And, do you have the "Universe" repository enabled?18:59
Makaand i can't make 32bit Maemo N900 Flasher work18:59
Makayes i'm sure i'm 64 bit18:59
Makahow to enable Universe repository?19:00
theadmin!jp | yoritomo19:00
ubottuyoritomo: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。19:00
yoritomoheu sorry, listake19:01
lamefuncan I hook into Unity and remove menu items, desktops, etc. w/o changing the system installation?19:01
Kroach lamefun: what menu items exactly do you want removed?19:01
theadminMaka: Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list: deb http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise universe multiverse  (replace "ru" with your country code and "precise" with the codename of your Ubuntu release)19:02
lamefunKroach: most19:03
Kroach lamefun: and by menu do you mean the applications menu/dash?19:03
lamefuncan I also make so sound menu slider can support above 100% volume?19:03
Makachecked "Software Sources" that universe and multiverse are enabled...19:03
lamefunIDK, I use GNOME 3 myself19:03
theadminMaka: Hm uh, which Ubuntu release are you on?19:03
lamefunwhat opens when I click the big ubuntu icon19:03
Kroach lamefun: it's the Dash, there's an easy way to remove entries from there19:04
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:05
Kroach lamefun: do you want them removed system-wide or for a certain user?19:05
MakaI have Quantal19:06
tripelbAnyone putting Ubuntu on a  nexus 7 ?19:06
theadmin!info ia32-libs quantal19:07
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in quantal19:07
eternalIts not very useful for daily use but shows promise for the future, re: nexus719:07
theadminThat's odd, maybe it's been renamed? Either way, Quantal is fully multiarch, you should be able to run 32-bit apps without any issues.19:07
ubottuannamaria: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:08
Makawhy it's always saying in terminal "No such file or directory" then?19:09
theadminMaka: What file is it searching for?19:10
eternalYou don't have the required libs for said executable knstalled19:10
Makait's "flasher-3.5" flashing tool for Nokia N90019:11
m_neburu are you onlline19:11
theadminMaka: We honestly don't care what the app is if it's not officially supported. What's the filename of the lib it wants?19:11
MakaAnd how should i know that?19:12
voxcroixmy hdd was missing 11GB help me pls19:12
theadminMaka: You said it throws "no such file or directory", that's always preceeded by some filename...19:13
Makatheadmin: nope...19:13
voxcroixhdd missing 11GB. need help19:13
Flannelvoxcroix: What makes you think it's missing 11GB?19:14
voxcroixFlannel: i have only single hdd 160gb. i have try both os (ubuntu and win 7). in ubuntu its show up 160gb before format install. but in win7 its only show up 149gb19:17
voxcroixcan i fix it?19:17
eternalBoth sizes are correct and are the same.19:18
voxcroixare you sure.. the win7 is correct19:18
eternalHD makers lie :-P19:18
eternalYes I'm sure19:18
voxcroixbut ubuntu can show me 160gb why the win7 cant19:19
Flannelvoxcroix: That's just the OSes reporting sizes differently.  One is based on base-2, and the other base-10.  See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigabyte#Consumer_confusion19:19
eternalLinux is showing you the full capacity size the same math as the HD makers, windows  is using different math. The reason is out of the scope of here, Google gigabyte for the wiki articled19:20
Flannelvoxcroix: They're both the same size, it's just like saying something weighs 10 pounds, and it also weighs 4.5kg.19:20
voxcroixok.. i understand. it just like the RAM showing on linux system. is less the windows19:21
Flannelwell, RAM should be the same on both, but yes.19:21
voxcroixFlannel: do i need a /swap for my ubuntu 64bit and backtrack 64bit?19:23
voxcroixi have 8gb ram on my sustem19:23
dowdyph0voxcroix: how much ram do you have19:23
Flannelvoxcroix: You can use the same swap for both, provided you don't intend to hibernate one and then reboot to the other.19:23
Malimbarhmm... I can't read some content of an external HD backup of a mac19:24
voxcroixFlannel: 8gb /swap?19:24
dowdyph0voxcroix: if you use no swap set vm.swappiness=019:24
theadminMalimbar: HFS doesn't have great support in Linux... But, uh, "some" sounds suspicious. Some files? Parts of files?19:25
Flannelvoxcroix: That depends on your RAM and what you plan on doing with your system.19:25
dowdyph0voxcroix: use the same swap amount as ram, because sometimes ram dump to hard disk is needed19:25
voxcroixdowdyph0: okok19:25
Malimbartheadmin, it seems I can read the folder names, a .dat file, a .properties file, and the contents of one of the self-made folders19:26
solitude88anyone know of a good broken link checker for ubuntu?19:26
dowdyph0solitude88: what?19:26
detrimentali just installed ubuntu server, ssh. set up password and everything but when i try to connect via laptop on the same network it asked for my password but says the password is invalid.19:26
detrimentalcan anyone hlep19:26
dowdyph0solitude88: syslink?19:27
solitude88dowdyph0 I had a broken link checker on ubuntu before but now I cant fine it19:27
Malimbartheadmin, but all the music, movies, documents, etc are all folders that I have no permission to look at19:27
solitude88sweet dowdyph0 thank you19:27
voxcroixdo i need /boot for running win7 ubuntu backtrack?19:27
theadminMalimbar: Permission, eh... What exactly is the backup? More specifically, what kind of a filesystem is it on?19:27
Malimbartheadmin, pretty sure it's HFS+, it was done by the apple store when the laptop died19:28
dowdyph0solitude88: 1sec19:28
Malimbarwe have the laptop back now with no data lost, but I was trying to transfer it over for next time it dies19:28
detrimentalwell it dosnt say invalid pw it says premission denieds19:29
voxcroixFlannel: /boot is needed?19:30
Flannelvoxcroix: Not necessarily on a separate partition.  Depends on what your use-case is.  If you don't know, I wouldn't put it on a separate partition.19:31
Hilikusa couple of years ago i read an article that said that xubuntu wasn't really lighter than regular ubuntu. is that the case today? i'm using 12.04 and i have an ubuntu guest in virtualbox that i'm trying to lighten by changing the desktop manager19:31
dowdyph0solitude88: I'got a little script if you want19:32
FlannelHilikus: xubuntu still pulls in the gtk libraries, which I believe is what that article was referencing.  The really lighter-weight one currently would be Lubuntu (using LXDE)19:32
theadminHilikus: By "desktop manager" you mean "desktop environment" (getting terminology straight can often be important for the right answer). But currently, Xubuntu is a lot more lightweight than Ubuntu. But Lubuntu is better yet.19:32
solitude88really! Yes please19:32
theadminThat's my Final Answer.19:32
solitude88that would be awesome dowdyph019:32
detrimentali set up ubuntu ssh server for home use (12.4) i am trying to connect with ssh using a password so i can cp my rsa key to my laptop. when i try to connect thru ssh it says premission denied but im using the correct pw, can anyone hlep me19:32
Makahmmm... I managed to install some 32libs and now i get this error: ./flasher-3.5: error while loading shared libraries: libusb-0.1.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:33
Hilikustheadmin: sorry, yes, desktop environment19:33
Hilikusi will take a look at LXDE19:33
Hilikusthanks Flannel theadmin19:33
theadmindetrimental: What about the username? Sure it's correct? If the usernames on the laptop and the server differ, you'll need to ssh with this syntax: ssh username@host. Simply using "ssh host" uses the current username, that is, the one you have on your laptop.19:33
dowdyph0solitude88: find -L <path> -type l -exec echo {} \;19:33
detrimentalthank makes perfect sense19:34
detrimentali was just using the ip so username@ip19:34
solitude88dowdyph0 could path be a url?19:34
dowdyph0solitude88: nope19:35
b14d3detrimental: Alternately, you can do ssh -l [username] [host], but yes the way you typed it is also correct.19:35
dowdyph0solitude88: w8, what do you exactly need?19:35
solitude88sweet stuff I'm going to check this out now19:35
solitude88dowdyph0 I wanted to monitor my sites for broken links19:35
dowdyph0solitude88: maybe you can use wget o a little python script19:36
theadmindetrimental: Well, problem solved :)19:36
dowdyph0solitude88: so you wanna a script to extract all your links, and then test them19:36
solitude88dowdyph0 happen to have something like that in your toolbox :)19:36
detrimentaldebug1: Authentications that can continue: password19:37
detrimentalPermission denied, please try again.19:37
CatbuntuPlease, could somebody tell me the default fonts in Unity on Ubuntu?19:37
MalimbarThe default font is Ubuntu19:37
detrimentalthats using ssh -v james@
CatbuntuI know, but which size?19:37
ThinkT510!font | Catbuntu19:37
ubottuCatbuntu: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/19:37
CatbuntuI don't want to know that, I want to know the defaults.19:38
theadminOops, sorry.19:38
b14d3detrimental: What is your username on the server?19:38
detrimentalalso james19:38
detrimentalbut diff hostname19:38
b14d3detrimental: Capital or lowercase?19:38
b14d3detrimental: Would you mind pastebin-ing the info and giving us the link?19:39
detrimentaljames@backupserv is my server james@james-cinnarch is my laptop19:39
ztguanyone who know hoe to use VGA_switecheroo19:39
ztguI have two amd GPUs19:40
b33njmerry christmas19:41
ThinkT510detrimental: using ssh as root isn't a great idea19:41
trammI am trying to update kernel on an ISO image using linux-*-3.5.0-21-wt-non-pae_3.5.0-21.32_i386.deb as described at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~webtom/+junk/linux-image-i386-non-pae/view/head:/README, however automatic updates from Ubuntu repositories still offer and install regular linux-*-3.5.0-21 for me... Is it okay that they are installed or is there a way to switch to *-wt-non-pae packages line somehow?19:41
marenostrumCatbuntu, Two links you might be interested in: http://askubuntu.com/questions/45572/is-it-possible-to-change-unity-panel-fonts-or-font-size http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177999919:42
b33njmerry christmas19:42
b14d3detrimental: Otherwise, it could be a setting in OpenSSH that's forcing you to try and use a different password, I vaguely remember that in the config. One sec and I'll check mine and see what I have set19:42
detrimentalthinkt510 i know i was jst in root, the output is the same eather way.19:42
detrimentalok thank you19:42
marenostrumb33nj, Merry Christmas!19:43
detrimentali usually try not to seek much spoonfed help but was getting frestrated.19:43
theadmindetrimental: Silly check, but is OpenSSH on your server actually accepting password authentication at all?19:43
detrimentali went into sshd config and ssh config and it says password authentication yes19:44
Catbuntumarenostrum, I want to know the defaults, because I changed them.19:44
CatbuntuAnd I'm using MATE.19:44
detrimentalthats the only place in the config i found that refers to pw authentication19:44
ThinkT510Catbuntu: mate isn't supported here19:44
ztguanyone with VGA_switcheroo skills?19:45
CatbuntuI know.19:45
b14d3detrimental: I assume that allowrootlogin you set to "yes?"19:45
CatbuntuI'm just asking the Unity default font sizes gosh!19:45
CatbuntuIt's not related to MATE.19:45
detrimentalhold on one sec i believe so19:45
detrimentalyes it is19:45
marenostrumCatbuntu, In the first link there's an image with direct link http://i.stack.imgur.com/GyuPL.png It might be showing the defaults but I'm not sure.19:45
CatbuntuOk, thanks19:46
theadminCatbuntu: These are the defaults in Kubuntu. I beleive they're the same across all versions: http://i.imm.io/QyP1.png19:47
mario_Hello boys, i'am again, i have small problem, i like to create new folder, and i type in terminal : mkdir HTML workspace but i don't make one folder called "HTML workspace" i making two folder "HTML" and "workspace" can i fix my problem ? I like to create one folder called "HTML workspace"19:49
seednode"Hello boys"19:49
seednodeOdd way to start a question19:49
mario_and girls :)19:49
theadminmario_: I'm a girl, but regardless, you need to take the name in quotes.19:49
theadminmario_: mkdir "HTML workspace"19:50
GunArmi'm trying to install ventrilo server based on (http://ulyssesonline.com/2012/08/27/install-ventrilo-server-on-ubuntu-12-04/)  basically I add a user 'ventrilo' and add this (http://www.benwagner.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ventrilo.txt) script to /etc/init.d/ventrilo  -- When I try to "sudo /etc/init.d/ventrilo start" it says "/usr/bin/ventrilo_srv: not found"  the file /usr/bin/ventrilo_srv definatly exists with 751 permissions, I can run it manual19:50
mario_theadmin: i'm so sorry, will not be repeated in future19:51
seednodeOh you guys19:51
mario_thanks you19:51
CatbuntuHow can I set Unity applications to show only in Unity?19:52
CatbuntuIt was something about the .desktop files19:52
mario_!ln | mario_19:53
ubottumario_, please see my private message19:53
GunArmthis is not a problem with ventrilo its like a linux shell problem19:54
GunArmthe script http://www.benwagner.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ventrilo.txt says that a file is not found when it clearly exists19:54
GunArmthe line-      su ventrilo -c "$VENTBIN -f$VENTCONFIG/$VENTPREFIX -d"19:55
mario_ln /home/mario/HTML\ workspace/ /var/www/19:55
mario_ln: `/home/mario/HTML workspace/': hard link not allowed for directory19:55
GunArmwhich is actually      su ventrilo -c "/usr/bin/ventrilo_srv -f/etc/ventrilo/ventrilo_srv -d"19:56
theadminmario_: -s19:56
trismCatbuntu: OnlyShowIn=Unity19:56
ViaNocturna85happy holidays people19:56
b14d3GunArm: Have you tried finding a Ventrilo support channel?19:56
mario_theadmin: you're awesome girl :)19:56
theadminmario_: You can read manuals for specific commands by using "man command", e.g. "man ln"19:56
GunArmb14d3: no I haven't although this would be out of the scope of their support, since its not a problem with their software, ventrilo isn't even being run, because ubuntu is pretending to not see the file, i'm guessing it has to do with user permissions....?19:57
b14d3GunArm: If it doesn't see it then something else has to be going wrong, if it gave you a permissions error then it would probably be permissions. Paste the link (or pastebin) to the shell script again.19:58
GunArmdo I have to do something special when I adduser in order for the user to be able to su ventrilo -c "/usr/bin/ventrilo_srv -f/etc/ventrilo/ventrilo_srv -d"19:58
GunArmthe file /usr/bin/ventrilo_srv is permissions 751 user1:user119:59
b14d3GunArm: Pastebin the error you get when you try to run this script please20:01
GunArmahead of you :)20:01
Catbuntutrism, and where're the .desktop icons?20:01
theadminCatbuntu: /usr/share/applications/20:02
Catbuntuthanks :)20:02
GunArmb14d3: also http://pastebin.com/DVX8W73z20:02
GunArmb14d3: to create the user i just did "$ sudo useradd ventrilo"  no special parameters20:04
b14d3GunArm: Ok. Reading for just a sec20:05
johan_what channel to join for nvidia gfx problems?20:07
MirPooBuntui am having 2 issues with this ubuntu machine.  the major one is that my second swap partition isnt loading up at boot and i cant figure out how to get it to load automaticly20:07
b14d3GunArm: Keep in mind that this is not my area of expertise, so I'm grasping at what I can with my programming knowledge. Does the ventrilo user have sudo permissions?20:07
GunArmman, probably not, thats kindof where I was leaning but I was just following exactly http://ulyssesonline.com/2012/08/27/install-ventrilo-server-on-ubuntu-12-04/  which has no comments of people saying hey d00d, this doesnt work!20:08
theadminMirPooBuntu: In fstab, /dev/sda1 none swap sw 0 020:08
theadminMirPooBuntu: Well, obviously, replace /dev/sda1 with your swap part20:08
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
b14d3GunArm: Try that. I can't guarantee it will work, but it's something to try.20:09
MirPooBuntutheadmin: i checked and the current swap partition isnt there but thank you as you gave me a direction on what line to add20:09
MirPooBuntuthank you20:09
KI4ROIs it possible to leave a message for another user here who is not currently logged in?20:11
theadminKI4RO: /msg memoserv help20:12
KI4ROtheadmin, Thanks20:12
MakaShould I be able to install i386 on a 64bit 12.10 Quantal system?20:12
MakaI mean i386 programs?20:12
TheLordOfTimeMaka, you can install i386 packages on 64bit if you have the 32bit runtime libs.20:12
TheLordOfTimeMaka, you just can't run 64bit on 32BIT :p:20:12
=== user_ is now known as bedtime
Makai have 64 bit system and 64 bit ubuntu20:13
TheLordOfTimeMaka, then you can install ia32-libs or wahtever it is nowadays and you can run 32bit programs.20:13
Makaand have a 32bit program that won't install20:13
TheLordOfTimealthough usually there's amd64 equivalents of programs in Ubuntu20:14
TheLordOfTimeMaka, such as?20:14
mario_ls -all20:14
mario_total 1220:14
mario_drwxr-xr-x  3 root  root  4096 Dec 26 20:52 .20:14
mario_drwxr-xr-x 31 mario mario 4096 Dec 26 20:59 ..20:14
mario_drwxr-xr-x  2 mario root  4096 Dec 26 20:23 w3schools20:14
mario_ who folder is "."20:14
FloodBot1mario_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:14
Makathere's no ia32-libs anymore...20:14
MirPooBuntutheadmin: where in fstab should i put the sap partitions as i dont see any of them20:14
theadminmario_: . is the current directory, .. is the directory one level above.20:14
antonio_what do I need to do to be able to export to mp4 with handbrake?20:14
TheLordOfTimeMaka, they changed the name i think, not sure, but 32bit should still be installable in 64bit if you get the libraries.20:14
theadminMirPooBuntu: Any line, there is no particular order20:15
trammOK, I think I got it now. The key is linux-image-generic which depends incrementally on new kernels, if they are released. If I remove linux-image-generic, kernels won't be updated any more, although everything else will keep functioning fine. Is that correct?20:15
MirPooBuntuok thanks20:15
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theadminMirPooBuntu: But one swap partition is already there...20:15
kurtcocaineI've got dual boot linux mint and ubuntu, I want to install funtoo where ubuntu is now installed on that partition, how do I get mint to just create an auto generated grub config for me?20:15
TheLordOfTimeMaka, which program though20:15
mario_theadmin: is ok current directory to be owned by root, it's folder in my home folder20:15
TheLordOfTimeMaka, since you're not providing that information nobody can help you :P:20:15
theadminmario_: That's not normally the case.20:16
mario_ok, i will fix it20:16
Makaif ur so interested about the program =)20:16
mario_is ok /home/ folder to be owned by root ?20:18
theadminmario_: /home yes20:18
theadminmario_: YOUR home folder, no.20:18
nlux_guys, can I mount a 3tb on /home after installation's done?20:19
mario_fixed, thanks for all :)20:20
seednodeSo, MirPooBuntu, why the direct hatred of Ubuntu today?20:20
seednodeWhat do you use, again?20:20
MirPooBuntuseednode: :D20:20
kvothetechnlux_: yes20:20
KScorphi guys20:20
MirPooBuntui use Suse and Ubuntu and Winblows20:20
seednodeLong time no mention20:21
Jordan_U!ot | seednode20:21
ubottuseednode: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:21
lkjHi, is there a way to change the encrypted home dir password that you need to enter at boot?20:22
Makadammit... every site says to get ia32-libs...20:22
madinchi guys can somebody help me with xboxdrv??20:22
Makai guess i just download 32bit ubuntu then =(20:23
kvothetechmadinc: no not one person out of about 6 billion can help you20:23
kvothetechmadinc: uh20:23
seednodeJordan_U: My apologies, I didn't pay attention to the buffer title.20:23
kvothetechMaka: ia32-libs is for multiarch20:23
seednodeI thought I was in the ##ibmthinkpad buffer20:23
kvothetechaka if you're already on 64 bit and you want 3220:23
kvothetechand i think it's a debian package though it may also be in ubuntu20:24
Jordan_Ulkj: Yes. Are you really talking about an encrypted home directory or an encrypted root, because for an encrypted home directory (using ecryptfs) you shouldn't need to enter any password "at boot" and only your normal login to login to your user (you shouldn't be asked for a password separately from the normal login, but automatic login is not possible).20:24
ShadowMedic 20:25
lkjJordan_U,  in that case, I'm not sure what the password is for at boot ?20:25
Makaand multiarch working either20:25
kvothetechMaka: ?20:25
lkjI thought I selected 'encrypt home folder' at install time and this is why I ended up with20:25
b14d3GunArm: How're things going?20:26
antonio_what do I need to do to be able to export to mp4 with handbrake?20:26
Jordan_Ulkj: Can you pastebin your /etc/fstab ?20:26
Makakvothehech: can't install it20:26
=== Uzi is now known as |Uzi|
lkjJordan_U,    http://pastebin.com/gUrfHgE320:27
Makaapt-get says ia32-libs-multiarch isn't available20:27
|Uzi|I'm having a black and white line image as my computer starts.    Does anyone know what I'm talking about and how to fix it ?20:30
antonio_anyone here use Handbrake?20:30
MirPooBuntui do20:30
=== julius_ is now known as juland
venky10Hi. I have a web based flash player for my website that has a playlist of songs that it has to play in an xml file. However, the xml file is cached on my local machine and whenever I upload the new xml playlist file to the server, I have to do a hard refresh (clear out cache) to get the new playlist. Any idea how to force the html page to refresh the xml file as well ??20:30
lkjJordan_U,  Any ideas?20:31
lkjI just need to change this password. I know what the current one is20:31
FlowRiservenky10, how do you load the xml into the html file, in the first place ?20:31
madinci need a example of a xboxdrv configuration file for a car racing game any help please.20:32
ocontantlkj passwd20:32
venky10FlowRiser, an argument to the flash player20:32
lkjoconnore, no20:32
lkjocontant, ^^20:32
FlowRiservenky10, you can use javascript: "onRefresh{ rewrite_argument(); }20:33
FlowRiservenky10, i did something similar a while back20:33
FlowRiservenky10, can't remember the syntax exactly, but it should be there;20:33
FlowRiservenky10, search w3schools20:34
venky10FlowRiser, thanks. Will look into it20:34
lkjHi, is there a way to change the encrypted home dir password that you need to enter at boot?20:35
|Uzi|I'm having a black and white line image as my computer starts.    Does anyone know what I'm talking about and how to fix it ?20:35
|Uzi|should i take a pic ?20:35
bambuI started ddrescue on one hardrive, and need to continue the image on a second hardrive. The first is nearly full.20:35
FlowRiser|Uzi|, yes pls :)20:36
maxblkj: I'd imagine generally it's supposed to be the same as the user's login password, and is probably changed automatically along with the login password in most cases20:36
bambuAny idea if this is possible?20:36
lkjmaxb, different password20:36
lkjhad to set it at install time20:36
ocontantlkj did you google your question^20:36
lkjyes I did20:36
ocontanthow you didn't find anything?20:36
maxblkj: I don't have any machines using encrypted home, I only use encrypted subfolder. Does ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase still exist in a encrypted whole homedir setup?20:37
FlowRiserlkj, is it the same password as the super user one ?20:37
lkjocontant, no20:37
lkjFlowRiser, I'm not awaare of a superuser20:37
FlowRiserlkj, when you call sudo, is it the same password ?20:38
maxbThe superuser is root. It usually doesn't *have* a password in a typical Ubuntu setup/20:38
lkjocontant,  I'm worried that that is something differnet20:38
lkjSome people are telling me that my home dir sin't encrytpted20:39
lkjI don't really know what has hapened20:39
lkjwhich is why i am struggling with google20:39
nlux_how do I ajust screen brightness?20:39
nlux_oh lol20:39
lkjI check the 'encrypt home foler' box at install time and it told me to pick a password. I know need to enter this at boot time20:40
lkjand I want to change it20:40
ocontantlet see if you are encrypted then20:40
maxblkj: I don't have any machines using encrypted home, I only use encrypted subfolder. Does ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase still exist in a encrypted whole homedir setup?20:40
ocontantls ~/.* and tell me if you see .ecryptfs folder20:40
ocontantmaxb too fast for me :P20:40
madinci need a example of a xboxdrv configuration file for a car racing game any help please?20:41
wdp_is that a question?20:41
nlux_I can't seem to be able to adjust brightness...20:41
budtubaHello, what does this dialog mean? "System program problem detected, Do you want to report the problem now?"  This just appeared on my computer.20:42
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
FlowRisernlux_, search for brightness in dash :-?20:42
lkjmaxb yes20:42
nlux_FlowRiser: it doesn't work at all20:42
ocontantbudtuba that one of your application crashed20:43
johanhow do i restore from a faild install of third party nvidia drivers?20:43
=== johan is now known as Guest71789
=== Guest71789 is now known as johoan
maxblkj: Then, I believe 'ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase' should do what you need20:43
Jordan_Ulkj: You definitely have an encrypted root filesystem, not an encrypted home directory. (Well, you may *also* have a separately encrypted home drirectory, but you certainly have an encrypted root FS).20:43
FlowRisernlux_, what video card do you have ? ati, nvidia.. ?20:43
nlux_amd radeon 7000 series20:44
budtubaocontant: is it possible to learn which one crashed?20:44
nlux_amd radeon hd 7000 series*20:44
FlowRisernlux_, run amdccle20:44
Jordan_Umaxb: Since lkj wants to change their LUKS password, that's not the right command.20:44
maxbJordan_U: Where is LUKS mentioned?20:44
ocontantbudtuba you should first investigate /var/log and check the file message and any other file you feel could be related20:44
=== mh0 is now known as Guest14673
|Uzi|ah sorry brb flow  (forgot i asked question)20:44
nlux_command not found20:44
nlux_:< FlowRiser20:45
kid22good afternoon everyone20:45
FlowRisernlux_, you have the fglrx drivers installed ?20:45
madinchi guys i need a example of a xboxdrv configuration file for a car racing game any help please?20:45
maxbJordan_U: Based on lkj's mention of using 'encrypt home folder' when installing Ubuntu, I think we're dealing with ecryptfs, not LUKS20:45
petersaintsI'm trying to mount glusterfs on boot (Ubuntu 12.10 running both server and client) but it doesn't work. If after mount I make sudo mount -a than it picks up what I defined in fstab and works fine. Anyone with the same problem?20:45
FlowRisernlux_, you can just change the brightness from amdcccle20:45
FlowRiser|Uzi|, I'm not going anywhere :P20:46
nlux_FlowRiser: It won't work but thanks20:46
Jordan_Umaxb: "/lastlog lkj" to see the whole conversation. lkj is (or at least was) confused about what they have.20:46
lkjsurely it's encryfs?20:47
ocontantlkj i feel like encryption is overkill for you and more complex for your day to day.  Maybe you should consider to deencrypt your system.20:48
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lkjubuntu-netbook:~$ ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase20:48
lkjOld wrapping passphrase:20:48
lkjNew wrapping passphrase:20:48
lkjNew wrapping passphrase (again):20:48
lkjError: Unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]20:48
FloodBot1lkj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:48
lkjInfo: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs20:48
madinchi guys i need a example of a xboxdrv configuration file for a car racing game any help please?20:49
bambuCan you see my messages?20:49
Jordan_Ulkj: maxb: Actually, I was just going off of the fact that your root filesystem is mounted from /dev/mapper and the fact that you asked about a password "at boot". It may be that you just have root on LVM or similar without LUKS, so let's confirm what you have.20:49
FlowRiserbambu, yes20:49
ViaNocturna85bambu: we can20:50
bambuNo answer, then?20:50
Jordan_Ulkj: Please pastebin the output of "sudo blkid".20:50
=== zz_tdreyer1 is now known as tdreyer1
bambuI asked in #linux, and #ubuntu20:50
bambuno one ever responded, so ;p20:50
TheLordOfTime!test | bambu20:50
ubottubambu: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )20:50
bambuI guess I'll just buy a new HD and wait.20:51
TheLordOfTimebambu, your questions are getting caught in the flood occasionally you have to repeat your question20:51
TheLordOfTimebambu, can you repeat your question please?20:51
Jordan_Ubambu: Did you have ddrescue create a log file?20:51
lkjJordan_U,  http://pastebin.com/b8UrxGZe20:51
bambuJordan_U, Of course ;)20:51
bambuI thopught I could just move it...20:51
bambuIt would start at the last part.20:51
FlowRiserbambu, you made me lol20:52
MirPooBuntuhow can i get it so that grub doesnt boot silently20:52
MirPooBuntugrub2 that is20:52
Jordan_Ubambu: Then yes you can continue from another hard drive. Does the second hard drive have enough room for the full image or are you trying to split the image between two drives? Splitting between two drives might be difficult.20:52
bambuJordan_U, The latter. The first HD (120GB) is nearly full.20:53
bambuJordan_U, I might just buy IDE to USB and a 500 GB hardrive. If this won't work...20:53
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: during boot or all the time?20:54
madincdoes anybody know or use xboxdrv???20:54
ocontantmadinc it is not xbox channel20:54
DeliriumTremensbut he had three question marks20:54
ocontanti've seen your question for like 2h now and nobody knew about it20:54
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85:  huh20:54
=== Uzi is now known as |UzI|
madincocontant : this is in the ubuntu repos20:55
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85: the quiet command in grub is what i want to remove20:55
FlowRiser|UzI|, have something for us ?20:55
MirPooBuntuor silent20:55
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: Well you want to see output right? during 1 boot or that it does it all the time?20:55
lkjSo I think I have an encyrpted home folder that requires a password at boot to unencrypt and/or mount?20:55
|UzI|FlowRiser:   http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/Roguewardom/2012-12-2614-46-43774.jpg20:55
lkjas per the default if checking the 'encrypt home folder' box at install time20:55
MirPooBuntusee the output all the time at boot20:55
|UzI|if i leave my mouse alone it will hang on that . as soon as i move it it starts going to the login screen.20:56
FlowRiser|UzI|, Yes, i do know that. It appeared on a very old laptop20:56
lkjI'm struggling to find documentation for something that is almost default at install time20:56
bambuI'd prefer to do it with the drives I have. I broke my last IDE/SATA to USB :p20:56
Jordan_Ulkj: That confirms that you have LUKS. Now let's find out if you *also* have ecryptfs.20:56
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: edit the file /etc/default/grub and you see the line 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT'...there you see 'quit'...remove that, then run the command 'sudo update-grub'20:56
|UzI|I'd like to fix it.  My father in law is over and sorta interested in linux but that startup bug makes him think linux is buggy20:56
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: 'quiet' I mean20:57
Jordan_Ulkj: Please pastebin the output of "mount".20:57
lkjJordan_U,  ok, thanks, I guess that's what happens when checing the encrypt home dir box at install time then20:57
FlowRiser|UzI|, To be honest, i don't really know the problems source, but it ocurred after i replaced the laptops hdd with one that i preinstalled a linux os20:57
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: you're welcome20:57
DeliriumTremens"but that startup bug makes him think linux is buggy"20:57
* DeliriumTremens head asplode20:57
FlowRiser|UzI|, what did you do to it ? :-?20:57
ikonia|UzI|: there are some bugs with linux, and certain video cards, which include issues such as your own20:58
ikonia|UzI|: could you tell me what video card is in that machine please.20:58
DeliriumTremensthis steak that's made of meat makes me think this steak is meaty20:58
ikoniaDeliriumTremens: please stop with this, he's got a valid issue and wants help20:58
ikoniaDeliriumTremens: your pointless comments don't help20:58
DeliriumTremensmy bad20:58
lkjJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/85tFfYgM20:58
FlowRiserDeliriumTremens, also, it floods the chat even more20:58
|UzI|I'm trying to remember.  I think it's Geforce FX 520020:59
ikonia|UzI|: it's worth checking, it's important to look at the possible solutions20:59
Jordan_Ulkj: So, you have *both* a LUKS encrypted root fileystem, and ecryptfs home directory encryption on top of that.20:59
FlowRiser|UzI|, how did you install linux on it ?20:59
lkjJordan_U, ok. SO what is the bootime password actually doing/21:00
ocontantlkj give you access to your filesystem21:00
ocontantto boot linux21:00
|UzI|I formarted and parted the HD then installed like anyone else21:00
Jordan_Ulkj: It is decrypting your root filesystem.21:00
FlowRiser|UzI|, on that actual machine, or on another machine ? ;-?21:01
ikonia|UzI|: ok, lets try a basic as you don't have the card details21:01
lkjHow can I change this password?21:01
|UzI|on this machine21:01
ikonia!nomodeset | |UzI|21:01
ubottu|UzI|: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:01
BuboHow do I make a new user that will only have certain permissions in 1 folder and he can't do anything else?21:01
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: all sorted?21:01
dr_willisBubo:  do what in the folder exactly?21:01
b14d3GunArm: Any word?21:01
Jordan_Ulkj: http://askubuntu.com/questions/95137/how-to-change-luks-passphrase21:01
|UzI|Ikonia :  It's showing up as a FX 520021:02
GunArmb14d3: that didn't do it. thanks for the help though, i put a thread on ubuntuforums21:02
ikonia|UzI|: check the url ubottu sent you - try that as your first port of call21:02
Jordan_Ulkj: I would try with GNOME Disk Utility first so there's less chance of user-error.21:02
ocontantbubo, local security is pretty hard, if you allow someone to have a local access, he has the potential to be able to overcome any user security you put in place.21:02
b14d3GunArm: Ok, sorry I couldn't be more help21:02
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85:  i think so21:02
Bubodr_willis use psftp (putty ftp) to download/upload files, use mkdir, rm, vi (to create new fiels) only in that folder but not being to execute them21:02
FlowRiser!lightdm | FlowRiser21:02
MirPooBuntuwill find out if the swap trick will work21:02
Bubobeing able*21:03
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85: could you take a look at my fstab and see if both of my swap partitions are sorted out?  i would greatly appreciate it21:03
ocontantgive him access only via FTP then21:03
* FlowRiser realizes he's one of the few that knows about lightdm.21:03
TheLordOfTimeFlowRiser, can we help you with something?21:03
lkjJordan_U, how do I start gnome disk utility from the CLI?21:03
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: Sure, what was wrong with them?21:03
FlowRiserTheLordOfTime, sure21:04
lkjgnome-disk-utility is not found21:04
Jordan_Ulkj: palimpsest21:04
madincdoes anybody know or use xboxdrv???21:04
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85:  i have a 400mb swap partiton on /dev/sda5 but i added another 2GB swap partiton on /dev/sda3 because i kept going into swap and maxing it out21:05
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85: http://paste.opensuse.org/5268847021:05
FlowRiserTheLordOfTime, i'm working on a lightdm greeter, don't know how to package it;In action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBFlNp13MQ021:05
GunArmb14d3: no worries, thanks for the suggestions21:05
lkjJordan_U, that command is not found21:05
dr_willisBubo:  rbash can restirct shell commands. but last i looked vi also had the ability to run arbitary shell commands that may defeat using rbash.21:05
TheLordOfTimeFlowRiser, you may want to ask in #ubuntu-packaging for getting help with packaging stuff.21:06
Bubodr_willis i will check rbash, thanks21:06
FlowRiserTheLordOfTime, i know ... i followed the documentation, didn't make any sense to what i need to do21:06
=== nignaztic is now known as nazz
TheLordOfTimeFlowRiser, they can walk you through it21:07
BOOTMGRCan anyone help with a boot manger?21:07
TheLordOfTimeor try to explain it better.21:07
FlowRiserTheLordOfTime, ok then, i'll give it a show21:07
=== Guest14673 is now known as mh0
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: Looks fine to me21:07
kid22anyone here redhat certified21:07
vnrmhi everybody, can anyone answer me, why (x)ubuntu 12.10 its without ascii armor address mapping and aslr in libc?21:07
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: you have a swap on sda3 and 521:07
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85:  thanks21:07
Jordan_Ulkj: If you run "palimpsest" (*not* "gksudo palimpsest" ) from a terminal does it tell you what package to install to get it?21:07
MirPooBuntuViaNocturna85: correct21:07
=== mh0 is now known as Guest90095
ThinkT510kid22: this is a ubuntu support channel21:08
lkjJordan_U, no, it is just 'not found'21:08
ViaNocturna85MirPooBuntu: but yes, looks fine21:08
lkjJordan_U, I already have the gnome-disk-utility installed though21:08
=== Guest90095 is now known as mh0
maxbIt's 'gnome-disks' not 'palimpsest' these days21:08
ViaNocturna85anyway, Im off...happy holidays all21:09
Jordan_Umaxb: Thanks :)21:09
|UzI|ikonia :  My video card drivers are installed (i had to look up the nvida driver on this pc to tell you.  That's why I said I couldn't recall.   "Note that this option is sometimes needed for nVidia cards when using the default "nouveau" drivers. Installing proprietary nvidia drivers usually makes this option no longer necessary, so it may not be needed to make this option permanent, just for one boot until you installed the nvidia driv21:09
|UzI|ers."    My question for this is why will this help if my video is setup and the gfx drivers properly installed ?21:09
ikonia|UzI|: I may not have the full picture here, what point do you get the image you posted ?21:10
|UzI|Right before my login screen.21:10
dr_willis|UzI|:  if you are refering to the nomodeset option. ive often had to use it to install. and use it untill i get the nvidia drivers going.  but ive not had to do so with the 12.10 release and my nvidia systems. Older ssytems i did.21:11
|UzI|I'd say during post(im not a total noob - uses freebsd)21:11
ikonia|UzI|: so do you get all the boot splash stuff, and then the actual login prompt just loads like that21:11
lkji still cant see where to change the pass in that interface21:11
lkjit's not the same as the askubuntu link pic21:11
|UzI|I don't get a bootsplash at all that's the odd part.21:11
|UzI|it's not showing post but my drivers are installed21:12
ikonia|UzI|: ok, so try the option ubottu just gave you21:12
ikonia|UzI|: lets see how that improves/or not thing21:12
dr_willisthe nvidia drivers often break/fight with/mess up   plymouth so you dont get the lovely ubuntu.... boot animation.21:12
madinc this is my first time here i saw so many different questions that i thought i could ask anything ubuntu related21:12
hjubalhi, what is the right way to install a Python module from PyPI without messing things up with apt?21:12
lkjthanks for the help Jordan_U21:12
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest89313
|UzI|looks like i need to edit this :   gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub21:14
ikonia|UzI|: yes,21:15
|UzI|ok good glad im on the right path21:15
kevo_Can someone help me out here I want to remove Pulseaudio from my Ubuntu 12.10 and only use Alsa.21:17
kevo_Can anyone guide me in the right direction?21:17
usr13kevo_: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio21:17
Jordan_Ukevo_: Why do you want to remove pulseaudio?21:17
kevo_usr13: If I do that will Alsa work automatically or is there something I need to install.21:17
dr_willisevery time ive seen someone want to remove pulse audio. they break their whole system21:18
kevo_Jordan_U: I get too much static and the audio just sounds like crap.21:18
Jordan_Ukevo_: Do you have any reason to believe that pulseaudio is at fault rather than ALSA?21:18
usr13kevo_: alsa will just work.21:18
kevo_Jordan_U: Well I'm running an Nvidia GTX 670 FTW 2GB HDMI out audio and it just seems that everything I run causes audio problems like movies, games, anything.21:19
Jordan_Ukevo_: HDMI audio out is not very mature yet in GNU/Linux. I doubt that pulseaudio is at fault here.21:20
|UzI|how do i use pastebin to link you guys?  I used to use this when they first started and all you did was paste the text and then  copy the link21:20
TheLordOfTime!pastebin | |UzI|21:21
ubottu|UzI|: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:21
TheLordOfTime!pastebinit > |UzI|21:21
ubottu|UzI|, please see my private message21:21
bambuJordan_U, The first HD (120GB) is nearly full. I'd like to continue on a second.21:21
usr13kevo_: I'm inclined to agree with Jordan_U, but, nothing beats a try but a failure.21:21
TheLordOfTime|UzI|, to paste from command line you can use pastebinit21:21
TheLordOfTimei told ubottu to send you the factoid dat21:21
kevo_Do I need to reboot after removing pulseaudio?21:23
|UzI|thats my grub21:23
kevo_My audio isn't working now haha.21:23
usr13kevo_: nope21:23
usr13kevo_: Well, I guess I could be wrong....  But are you sure?  play  /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*21:24
usr13kevo_:                                              Test  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^21:24
xibalbahey folks, trying to install ipplan here. getting some issues was wondering if someone could look at my pastebin link21:25
usr13kevo_: (sudo apt-get install sox #If need be...21:25
kevo_usr13: I'm new to Linux, how do I go about doing that?21:25
kevo_Open Terminal and run...?21:25
usr13kevo_: Open a terminal ... Yes21:25
usr13play  /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*21:26
|UzI|usr13:  I fixed my issue with my printer last night.  All I had to do was install the LDP (cant recall if im using correct name)  driver and then the CUPS driver..  the cups printer shows up on the printers list.   I had to edit the USB port and change it to samba and everything worked.21:26
|UzI|typing that out took longer than it took to do it .21:26
xibalbai dont get why it's in the apt-repo but has unmet dependencies?21:26
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xibalbashouldn't it just grab the deps and install em?21:26
usr13|UzI|: Awesome!21:26
kevo_Says The program"play" is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install sox21:27
xibalbaE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.21:27
usr13kevo_: You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install sox21:27
darkhalo117Tried installing alsa audio drivers for ubuntu 12.04 because it was stated it works better with wine emulation. Now my PA daemon doesn't run. Now my audio doesn't work at all. Any way I could just reinstall pulse audio?21:27
kevo_Yay okay that worked but only through my headphones.21:27
usr13darkhalo117: Yes21:27
kevo_Now how do I configure the sound to output through HDMI21:28
usr13kevo_: alsamixer21:28
usr13kevo_: Well, there you go...21:28
|UzI|Ikonia :  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"  added on to the quiet splash  ?21:29
kevo_I'm in alsamixer...21:29
xibalbashould i take a number?21:29
kevo_What do I need to change?21:29
xibalbai'm sure someone http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1468166/ knows how to resolve this easily21:29
lesshastehow can you tell if your hard drive is ide or sata without opening the case?21:29
usr13kevo_: Turn up master, PCM  etc....21:30
usr13kevo_: Make sure it's not muted21:30
gaclesshaste: use the disk utility? i think it tells you what interface21:30
gaclesshaste: or, use it to find the model number and google it21:30
usr13kevo_: (m to toggle mute on or off)21:30
lesshastegac, what is the disk utility called from the command line?21:30
gacpass, it's a GUI tool21:30
gachdparm -I /dev/sda or something should work from a command line21:31
|UzI|nm stuoidquestion21:31
usr13I have to go for now. Cach you all later...21:31
lesshastegac, ATA device, with non-removable media21:31
lesshasteModel Number:       SAMSUNG SP2004C21:31
lesshastegac, thanks!21:31
xibalbahmm stupid apt21:32
|UzI|Ikonia :  BRB checking to see if I fixed it.21:33
* |UzI| rebooting21:33
fedorhey there, I want to install windows game on my Ubuntu 12.10. I have installed Wine and AcetoneIso. I have mounted the iso-image. And now I do not know what should I do to get started. Could anyone help me?21:34
ThinkT510fedor: best ask in #winehq21:35
UziDidn't work21:36
UziI mean it didn't solve the issue21:36
himurogerman speaking people here?21:36
b14d3!de | himuro21:37
ubottuhimuro: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!21:37
seoushi-tempHi, I just got a macbook air and installed ubuntu 12.10 on it except it doesn't detect the os on load (no boot loader). I tried using boot-repair and it detected efi but it still didn't work.  Any ideas on how to get the efi bootloader recognized?21:40
himuroI need some help on installing kubuntu to my usb stick.21:41
seoushi-temphimuro, what os are you coming from?21:41
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seoushi-tempit would probably be easiest to us unetbootin21:42
DJHenjinHello, I have a question, and its going to take me a couple minutes to type it all up21:42
himuroI ve go unetbootin but I dont understand that21:43
Uziis Ikonia still here ?21:43
Uzihe was helping me21:43
steven_Anyone here program C++ by any chance?21:44
seoushi-temphimuro, whats the issue? select the distro or the iso if you have already downloaded it then select the usb stick at the bottom reboot and select the usb stick from the drive select.21:44
seoushi-tempsteven_, yes I do21:44
DJHenjinI set up a new user on my ubuntu 12 server for SSH and SFTP access, and I am trying to restrict the SFTP access to only the users home directory, I followed this tut http://www.ericstockwell.com/?p=54 to try and do it. but when i log in with SFTP i get "Error, Server unexpectedly closed network connection" Before I followed that tutorial, I made sure that the user could log into SFTP, but since adding the Math User ... part i can no longer log int21:45
MonkeyDuststeven_  #c++21:45
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Uziusr13 you there ?21:47
Renehi guys! i have a quick question. When doing a dist-upgrade, do i have to upgrade to every release, or can i skip releases in between?21:47
MonkeyDust!update > Rene21:49
ubottuRene, please see my private message21:49
Uziso after changing my grub to  nomodeset  i still have :  http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/Roguewardom/2012-12-2614-46-43774.jpg21:50
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Uzii had it on the reboot saw it then and then saw it before the login screen21:50
Uzi"reboot now"   then bam http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/Roguewardom/2012-12-2614-46-43774.jpg   then rebooting black screen where post should show and then http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/Roguewardom/2012-12-2614-46-43774.jpg21:51
rats__nick ratseyesoup21:51
ikoniaUzi: ok, so that's fine, one change done, lets move to another one21:51
ikoniaUzi: can you login to this system at all, eg: maybe using ssh21:51
Uzii'm using it NOW21:51
DJHenjincan anyone help me with my SFTP issue please?21:52
Uzilike im on the system talking to you21:52
Uzieverything else is fine21:52
ikoniaUzi: just the login box that's a problem then21:52
Uzinot the login box  ..  before21:52
Uzisec i'll take a video of this lol21:52
ikoniaUzi: no need21:52
DJHenjini am trying to jail a specific user into their home directory with SFTP, but since using this tutorial, http://www.ericstockwell.com/?p=54 that user cannot log into SFTp anymore21:53
ikoniaUzi: lets just chat and work this through21:53
ikoniaUzi: so do you actually get a valid login prompt ?21:53